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Posted May 16, 2014 by Brett Rutecky in Training Articles

I have been a Facebook developer for a long time. One of my most popular software products in fact is the Tab Engine suite of Facebook fan page apps. Well now Im going to tell you something that no other Facebook developer or marketer is going to admit. Its tough for me to say it, but its the truth. The Fanpage is DEAD. Yep that’s right Facebook killed them. Here are some stats for you to consider:

1) Over 97% of your Facebook fans has never, and will never actually visit your fan page (they like, and engage from their timeline, not from your fan page itself). You see now its all about the timeline. No one actually visits your fan page unless you run an ad that directs them to it. Even then once they do that first visit the vast majority will never come back. This is a harsh stat but its the truth.

2) Building huge amounts of fans is good for very little more than stroking your ego. Why? Because Facebook has killed the edge rank of a fan page. Only about 15% at most (and often less) of your fans will ever see your fan page posts unless you pay Facebook for each post. Really do you want to pay a bunch of money on ads to get fans, spend a bunch of time posting content, only to have to pay Facebook again every time you want more than a few percent of your fans to see your posts? I sure dont. In fact you can look at the Tab Engine fan page, with over 15,000 likes, and I dont even post to it anymore. Its not an effective use of my time.

3) Facebook fan pages have very poor mobile support. More than half of all the users on Facebook use Facebook on mobile devices. But fan pages dont support mobile devices very well. Worse yet Facebook has indicated that they have little interest in making fan pages mobile compliant.

So does this mean that people should just forget about fan pages? Not at all. Fortunately there is a way to breath new life into fan pages and recapture their former glory. The secret is in the timeline. Think about this. What if you could run viral contests and sweepstakes inside of your timeline and then use these timeline contests to collect peoples emails which are then automatically added to your autoresponder?

It solves all of our problems.

1) The timeline is where your fans are interacting so putting the contest in the timeline is just common sense. Instead of trying to divert traffic from the timeline to your contest or sweepstake app on your fan page you are putting it smack in the middle of all that traffic, where it is.

2) By collecting the emails of your fans and those who enter the contests you can then message them at will without needing to pay Facebook to boost the post each time.

3) The timeline is 100% mobile ready. It works on all mobile devices and it works on the Facebook app. By making compliant apps that work in the timeline you are solving all mobile device issues and your not just wasting 50% of more of the Facebook traffic.

Being that I have made a good living selling Facebook fan page apps, the fact that the fan page and specifically fan page apps are quickly outliving their usefulness has been a very tough pill for me to swallow.

For months I didn’t want to admit it, even to myself. But the facts are irrefutable. The future of Facebook marketing is the timeline, and using the timeline to build email lists through contests and sweepstakes. Period. The upside is that since most people still have not accepted this simple fact we can all get a huge jump on capitalizing on this evolution.

The problem is that I’m just one person, a single developer. Tab Engine took me 6 months to write. If I where to start on a new system to capitalize on the time line right now it would not even be ready for testing for months. By that time we would have missed  the opportunity to get in on this first.

Fortunately I know another developer who has resources I simply do not have. He has an entire team of developers and designers and he had the foresight to start developing Facebook timeline apps early. After months of development and spending a six figure budget the new timeline app system “ZoSocial” is about to be released. I have been testing it and all I can say is this is awesome. I’m honest enough to admit that this is at least as good, and likely better, than anything I could have done myself. In fact because it was developed by a team of programmers with a huge budget its probably better than anything any single developer could do on their own.

Because of this I have decided that instead of being late in the game by starting development of my own system that’s likely to end up less powerful (simply because I’m not a team with a six figure development budget), I’m instead going to support the ZoSocial software. The way I’m going to do this is not only by promoting the software but by also offering my extensive Facebook experience to ZoSocial users. I’m going to do this by giving personal training to the people who get their copy through me.

I’m doing this because I 100% believe that this is the future of Facebook marketing and that this is a HUGE opportunity for everyone who takes advantage of it.

Check your email tomorrow or stop back here for my complete review of the ZoSocial platform and also to find out how you can get personal expert training. Honestly this is so huge and revolutionary that I’m not even going to try to compete with it, instead I’m going to put my support and weight behind it.A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hi Brett, Zosocial sounds interesting!


      Oh yea it really is very cool. As I said its the future of Facebook marketing. But I wanted to add the training because the best tool in the world is useless unless its in the hands of a skilled operator. I have 6 years of experience on Facebook, so given a great tool and the backing of a experienced FB marketer, and I would say its going to be a big win. (Im going to set up a mastermind group and weekly live group training for this)


    Brett, I want to congratulate you on this desicion. If I buy the Zosocial system after seeing your review I will surely do it trough your link. You are not a selfish marketer, and I like that. You don’t see that often from other online marketers / developers.


    Thanks for the update and your honest feedback. I value your opinion and am looking forward to learning more about the product and the support system.

    Pat P

    Hi Brett, this sounds both interesting and exciting. Looking forward to your email tomorrow. By the way, you were rather generous in your comment on FB reach. I barely get 2% and I post multiple times a day.


    Brett – I understand the gathering of emails to contact later, but if the fans are not seeing you posts without having to pay Facebook, how are they going to see a contest without paying also?


    With a front-end price of $197.00 I understand your interest in promoting such product!

    But as Facebook change as often as WordPress update, people start to get tired of new products not guaranteed to work in the long run.

    We’ve seen many product dropped just because of that and the result is always the same, the buyer is the loser, because the seller made the sales and picked up the money.

    And yes they all said they were going to support their products and provide lifetime updates…

    Not sure, but may be another one of those.

    I wont buy, and i’m not going to promote it, that’s for sure.


      The price has nothing to do with why I chose to promote this product. Honestly I’m a little insulted that you would imply that Im so shallow as to only promote things based on their price. If money was all I was interested in I could spend 5 or 6 months, write my own version and make a LOT more money (like I did with Tab Engine which earned me 6 figures). In fact from a marketing perspective you generally make MORE money from promoting the lower cost products then the higher cost ones. Simply because it is more easy to convince people to spend $17 than it is to convince them to spend $100, so you earn more on the low cost ones due to volume.

      As for Facebook changing, this is indeed true, Facebook is a volatile platform. Let me ask you a question though, what is lifetime in your eyes? Is it YOUR lifetime? Do you expect people to provide updates for 40 years until you die (assuming your 30 now). Do you think of lifetime as 20 years, 10? What do you consider to be lifetime. In reality the lifetime of a online software / system is 2 years, online marketing and the internet in general is FAST paced.. But honestly it would not matter if it was only 6 months. If you can spend $200 now and earn $1000 from it over a couple of months and then the system just vanished, who cares, you got 5X your money. Only a fool would think thats a bad investment.

      This is why Im adding the training / coaching. This is a tool, and yes like all tools it will eventually go obsolete, however also like most tools if you use it correctly it can bring you rewards (profit). Im adding the coaching because I DONT want this to be something you buy and let sit on the shelf for 3 months. I want to make sure everyone who buys it makes money with it, and Im going to show you how to do it.


        Hi Brett,

        Sorry if you felt insulted, this was not my intention at all, we all are here to make money and it’s true that promoting lower cost products could be easier and/or more profitable.

        I just wanted to underline that the product could not work quiet quickly due the volatile facebook platform as you call it.

        Also, right now Facebook is closing down the access of a lot of apps and accounts to protect their advertising system and fb users privacy. They change their TOS constantly to protect their advertising revenue.

        I know that sofware have a short lifetime expectation, but what I don’t like is the lack of support of many software developers or vendors.
        When you don’t know them it’s a bit like betting on a new horse.

        I’m sure your training/coaching is a fantastic add-on for people who want not only purchase this product but also use it at it’s full extend.

        If I read your emails and blog posts, it’s because I like your product(s), your non-aggressive marketing and I do respect you and the quality of your work.

        I hope this clarifies my vue and sorry again if you felt insulted…



          No problem Marc. It really isn’t all about the money for me though. While I do make money from affiliate marketing in total its only about 1/4th of my income, and what I get from this blog is only about 1/2 of that. My real income is from developing and selling my own software. I started this blog because I noticed a real lack of actual review sites that dont just pitch everything. I have the affiliate links on the ones that I approve of to earn some revenue to give fair compensation for my time spend doing the reviews, but believe me I’m not getting rich from these posts đŸ™‚

          Facebook does change a lot that’s for sure. But so does the internet and business in general. Fan pages and apps on fan pages where a big thing for 4 years. Thats quite a while. I would say Facebook, and online business is ‘fast paced’ but not so sure if I should have used the word ‘volatile’ that might have been a little harsh of me. Anyway if this one is not for you then that’s cool. Not everything is for everyone. We all have to make decisions based on our own goals and perceptions and it would be very silly of me to think that everything I like is perfect for everyone who reads my blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts though!



            I really love your style and this make me respect you even more!

            Your products are great but what makes you stand out are the quality of your products, your support, updates, creativity and most importantly you are a real person who really think, listen, communicate and cares!

            I’ve been in business since 2007 and you are part of the few people I follow and that’s right, from time to time I like to give my opinion and warn people about what I think they should consider, evaluate or analyse. (sorry, English is not my mother primary language but you get the point)

            I know for a fact that being opened to talk and listen, being able to exchange, explain, train, advise, analyse, follow has helped me build a second growing income. It was not easy, but it works and grows.

            So. my advice for everyone would be:

            – Buy if you are going to use the product
            – Get Brett’s training because you will get the best results as he knows FB better than most of the marketer out there.
            – Keep reading Brett’s blog posts and emails.
            – Focus on one strategy at the time and make sure you master it to get the most of it.

            Don’t buy a product if you are not going to use it.

            Sometimes, it’s best to wait and see if a product really does and delivers what it’s supposed to do, this allows you to get it when all the bugs are fixed so you don’t waste your time with issues, support tickets, and worries…even if it cost a little bit more because your time is money anyway!

            Thanks Brett for your products, your words and your advices. You are a great marketer and product developer. I have a lot of respect for people like you who cares about their customers and or readers,



    I’m confused by your terminology. I thought timelines replaced fan pages. It sounds like what you mean by timeline is newsfeed, but I’m not sure really. Can you clarify that?


      No the newsfeed is different. Its called the timeline, on your personal page and on your fan page. What your posting to is your timeline. The newfeed is on the users landing pages. Basically you post to your timeline and people see it in their newsfeed.


    So you are talking about apps not the facebook page itself right? There are a lot of apps that work in the news feed what makes this better or different?


    What Timeline are you talking about? As far as I know the personal profile page has a Timeline as well as a Fan page. So it looks to me that you should be specific in this case.


      Sorry Jose I thought it was obvouse that I was talking about the timeline on the fan page since the entire article was about fan pages. Ill be more specific next time however.

    Steve Hudek

    This sounds very interesting. Does this mean that TabEngine is more or less obsolete, or not as useful as it used to be?


      For Facebook it is rapidly becoming so. Though to be honest people will always make money reselling apps because the general person (local business owner) will always want cool tabs on their fan page. But really these kinds of apps are rapidly becoming less and less useful as real marketing tools. The exception to this is people who build contests with Tab Engine. These are still useful if you drive traffic to the tab with ads. You can collect emails that way. But they lack the viral ability that timeline apps have, so even then they are not that great anymore.

      Now the thing to keep in mind is that everything you build for Facebook with Tab Engine can also be put on your website. This is a much underused feature by Tab Engine members but it is a very valuable one.

      By the way no matter what Tab Engine is NOT going anywhere. That software is my ‘baby’ and I will always support it.


    Since you are so excited about it, I will definitely check this out as soon as it is available. Thanks Brett !!


    Thanks for all you input and reviews of the different products. You are the real deal. I’ve been watching you for the last six months. I’m impressed by the number of products that you won’t endorse after reviewing. I’m not an online marketer, just a guy who is learning to promote my coming soon membership platform. Keep up the good work that you do. My business is based on integrity, you follow the same principle.




    Brett is it true about the 70% discount?


      I have not heard about any 70% discount. The price is $197. Now I know this is a little costly for people and everyone who needs it will have to be sure they use it and make a profit from it. Its for this reason that Im going to give training to everyone who buys this through me. I want to make sure this is not something you buy and then let collect dust. The training is going to be in the form of a mastermind group AND weekly webinars, for between 4-6 weeks (depending on how long it takes to make sure everyone has a good understanding) where I actually teach you instead of trying to sell you stuff. Honestly the training is probably worth the purchase price , expert advice and tutoring is not cheap.


    I think that there are so many new FB softwares coming out everyday, its hard to keep up with it all. I bought Tab Engine because I was told it had everything I would need to market on FB.

    I think it would have been much better if you added the ZoSocial App to your Tab Engine, even if you charged a little more.

    I won’t be buying another new software @ $197.00 only to find out six months down the road that I should buy another software … LOL


      Well we all have to make business decisions based on what we think is best. Personally Ill use anything that brings me a profit. Even if it only did it for 6 days. Having a profit is always better than not having a profit. I mean really think about that.. “Im not going to buy something because it might only make me money for 6 months” .. instead I would prefer to not make any money at all. Kind of silly when you think about it. By the way, the reason that there are so many Facebook products coming out is because Facebook is a GOLD MINE for marketers.


    Hi Brett,

    Please contact me through the email used for this comment as I can’t seem to find a way to contact you via your blog. I’ve got a Fanpage with over 100,000 fans, but with all the changes FB is rolling out we are missing the boat with our Fanpage, despite having huge engagement (several thousand likes and sometimes hundreds of comments per post).

    I remember seeing an email for FB Inflitrator and after some research it appears that product is crap, but I *do* want to start getting as many emails as possible from our fan page before FB closes thing down totally. ZoSocial sounds like a method, but perhaps with all your FB experience you can offer some other ideas about how we can get more emails of our fans added to our small email list to market to in the future.


    Joe Hoppe


      ZoSocial will indeed help you breath new life into your fan page, and with 100,000 fans you are in a very good position from the start. Im offering training as a bonus to anyone who buys ZoSocial through my link.


        Hi Brett,

        Just purchased through your link and excited to get started with it next week. Let me know the best way to be in touch with you.

        Have a great weekend.




          Ill shoot you an email right now Joe. Also if you have any of my promo emails you can respond right to that. I use to have a contact form on this site but I had to take it down. To much spam.

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