FB Profit Button [REVIEW]

Today Im reviewing a new Facebook script called Facebook Profit Button that promises to increase your sites sales, conversions, and visitors with a simple PHP script.


I was drawn to this product for a couple of reasons. First because Im a very experienced PHP developer myself who has done a ton of Facebook development. Second because Facebook marketing is super hot right now. Third because I knew that many of my readers might be interested in purchasing it and I wanted to give them the inside scoop before it launches.

Ok so I was asked to review this product by its creator, Ridho Gustian and accepted for the reasons above  without even knowing exactly what it does. My review copy came as access to a membership portal. Behind the members log in I was able to download a single PHP script and an instillation guide.


I downloaded both the script and the guide. The guide itself was actually well written and very easy to read despite the fact that Ridho obviously has a little trouble with the English language. I was able to get my script set up very easy and I feel that anyone without an extensive tech background would have also been able to without much more trouble. Things got very interesting however when I actually tested what this script does.

Ok so now are you ready to find out what it does? Well, it creates a share button. Thats it.

Ok to be fair it creates a share button that lets you use a non standard Facebook button graphic and that lets you dictate the image and default share text where as the standard Facebook share button will use the websites meta tags to set the image and the default text. So it is a little more customizable but it for sure is just a share button.

It for sure did not earn its name “Facebook Profit Button” and it for sure is not going to increase your traffic, visitors or sales any more than the normal Facebook share will that you can get for free right here:


This is not just over hyped. Its lazy over hype. I could write this script in under an hour. But I wouldn’t because it would be a waste of my time since this, at its core, does nothing more than what you can get from Facebook for free.

While this might increase your sites visitors, its not going to do it any more than a normal share button will. While it might increase your sales (because of the few extra visitors) it is not going to do it any more than a normal share button will. So right there is two claims that are a little misleading (to be kind). But this also claims that it will increase your conversions. Now how in the world is a share button going to increase conversions? This claim is so outlandish I almost think that the guy who made it might not know what a conversion rate is.

What we have here is a classic example of a junior developer (the code was not very good either) who is trying to jump into marketing his own products but is faced with a real fundamental issue. He has no marketing experience, so he can’t create a real useful tool, so instead he is trying to use hype and his pitch to sell what is essentially a useless script.

My suggestion to Ridho is for him to spend some time learning the ins and outs of online marketing, then create a product that solves a real issue that people have, and not one that just emulates an existing free widget.

My suggestion to my readers: Stay away from FB Profit Button.

While you may be tempted to think that being able to use a non standard button graphic to trigger the Facebook share would be worth paying some money for trust me when I say it is not. I have actually done a lot of testing on this in the past and the normal Facebook share icon actually gets more clicks because it is easily recognized by your site visitors. As I said this product is an example of the result of someone who has a little programming experience and no marketing background. 

Trust me when I say if you buy it you will be disappointed twice. Once because it was a waste of your money and a second time because you where warned and didn’t listen.

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  1. Darryl H, 14 April, 2014

    Good review Brett as usual thank you for your great insight.

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