EZ Magic Video [review]

Today Im taking a look at a new software called EZ Magic Video To start with check out the video below, I made… 30

You can do it: I believe in you

Time for some motivation: Don’t let the idea of ‘this is a bunch of work hold you back. Chances are you are going… 3

Traffic Trigger [review]

Today I’m doing a review of a new software called Traffic Trigger   Traffic Trigger is actually a system that comes in two… 22

Insider look at Bretts MyMailIt platform

Today I wanted to share the interview I did with Mike From Maine regarding my upcoming myMailIt platform:     myMailit is my… 39

Why you will never be rich

Want to be rich? The truth is that most people never will be, because they are doing things all wrong.   Even the… 7

SiteContact [review]

Today I am taking a look at a new cloud based, Facebook integrated software called SiteContact   Ok before I get to much… 17

Ad Buddy [review]

Today I’m taking a look at a new web based software called AdBuddy   So what is AdBuddy? Well in a single sentence:… 8

Deal Count [review]

Today Im taking a look at a new software called Deal Count   These guys stole my idea!¬†Ok perhaps they didn’t, but they… 7

Get Bretts WordPress database backup plugin 100% for free

My free WordPress database backup plugin:   Probably the most sensitive part of any WordPress site is the database. Plugins can be added… 3

LetSpin [review]

Today I am taking a look at a new software called “LetSpin”   LetSpin is a way to ‘gamify’ list building list building… 2

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