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3.5/ 5

Creator: Greg and Stefan
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Very in depth training that teaches real methods


Not for people who expect instant results with zero effort

Today I am taking a look at a new training that claims to teach people how to get free / unlimited traffic on demand (first take a moment to watch my interview with one of the product creators below)     Its been far to long since I wrote an actual review on this blog […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I am taking a look at a new training that claims to teach people how to get free / unlimited traffic on demand

(first take a moment to watch my interview with one of the product creators below)



Its been far to long since I wrote an actual review on this blog and because of that today I decided to take a look at a new training course called Evergreen Traffic Academy.

Given its name, I guess I do not need to explain to anyone what this is about. Its a training that teaches people how to get free, nearly unlimited traffic. However I do need to answer what is probably the most important question. Will this work? Well first I want to be clear about something, because I am always upfront and honest. This is a very large course with a lot of training videos in it, and quite frankly I did not have time to go though all of them. I did however go though several of them. Here is what I found.

The training videos in Evergreen Traffic Academy are short, but not in a bad way, they are short because they are to the point. They are clear, easy to follow and not full of fluff. I really like that. In my time as a product reviewer I have reviewed more training courses than I can remember and there is nothing worse than low quality training (like with a dog barking in the background) that is full of nonsense that really brings no value to the person watching it. Fortunately this is not the case with Evergreen Traffic Academy.

The training itself is broken up into several modules that cover three traffic methods. Each of these methods are free, are something that I know to be based on solid marketing strategy and teach things that I firmly believe that anyone willing to put in a bit of effort can do. But that might be the deal breaker for some people. The words ‘put in a little bit of effort’.

After being in this business for five years I have spoken to thousands of people in all walks of their internet marketing journey and I can firmly say that one of the biggest problems new people have is acceptance that you need to spend one of two things when you get started. You need to spend time or you need to spend money. If you want instant results with very little work then quite frankly Evergreen Traffic Academy is not for you. In that case what you really need is to focus on paid ads, which is fine, but its not what this training is about. This training is for people who do not have money to spend on paid ads. This training is for people who instead are willing to spend a bit of their time (30-60 minutes a day) to build up consistent, reliable free traffic.

Will it happen over night? Probably not, you will need to be a bit dedicated and understand that you are building a business not playing the lottery, and that building a business (especially when doing so without money to burn) takes a bit of dedication and a bit of time. If you are serous about building a real business and are willing to commit yourself just a bit, then Evergreen Traffic Academy is something I 100% believe can help you and something I think you should strongly consider investing in.







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    Edouard Askmo

    I very mich liked the video interview you did and believe that this is the real deal. There was nothing like an over-persuasive atmosphere. Learn and earn. Follow the instructions and get busy doing it right. That’s what I will do.

    Marc Gray

    Good review my friend!

    I used to read every single one of your reviews.

    Anyway saw you on the front page and wanted to drop by and say hi and that I hope that you are doing great!



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