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2.5/ 5

Creator: Dan Hollings
Type: Video Training


Gives a general outline, videos are high quality


Does not give anywhere near enough detail to take action

Today I’m doing a review of a new Amazon training called Amazo-X I did an interview with the creator of this product Dan. I spent an hour talking to him and he seemed like really nice guy however  after the interview I asked for review access so I could check the training out for myself. […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new Amazon training called Amazo-X

I did an interview with the creator of this product Dan. I spent an hour talking to him and he seemed like really nice guy however  after the interview I asked for review access so I could check the training out for myself. That’s when things went down hill. After going over the training I really wish I would have asked for the review access before I did the interview. It would have saved myself a lot of time. Well I cant do anything about that, but I can save an hour of your time by posting the review video instead of the interview video. (the interview is public on you YouTube channel for anyone who really wants to see it)


So what exactly is Amazo-X?

Its a video training that teaches people how to make money by selling physical products on Amazon. The basic concept is this. You find people who are selling a product on Amazon but not doing well (or find a local product creator who is not even using Amazon). Contact them and then offer to sell their product for them on Amazon. You present yourself as an Amazon expert and tell them you can get them ranked high in the Amazon search results, that you can get them more sales, and offer to do this for them at a fee. (the creator Dan Hollings suggests a fee of 25% of the net sales as a fee)

While I found this to be an interesting concept that might be worth exploring my excitement for the idea started to deflate after I asked for review access to the training. First of all just a little disclaimer: I had access to the front end only I did not review the OTO’s.

Ok so what was it about the training videos that quickly made my excitement fade away? Well it was not the quality of the videos. The videos were high quality both in the audio and in the visual. The problem I had was with the content. Well more precisely the lack of content.

The videos are extremely general. In fact they are so general that they lack basic information people will need to take action. Let me give you an example:

In one of the videos Dan talks about finding people on Amazon who are selling a product but not making a lot of sales. He does give a very basic outline of how to find these people (about 3 minutes worh of instruction) and then says you should Google the product name and try to find the vendors website and contact them in order to offer them your expert Amazon services.

Thats really all he says about contacting vendors. Well that leaves a lot to be desired as for as instruction goes.

For example:

How should I contact them? Email, Phone, Snail Mail? What works best in your experience Dan? He does not say.
What should I say when I contact them Dan? Surely you don’t just expect me to call a company up cold and say .. hey I noticed you suck at selling on Amazon, how about you let me take over your account and do it for you (and take 25% of your sales)? That would be idiotic. There must be some kind of sales pitch or something at least? Some kind of template you can follow or proposal blue print, something? Well if there is Dan is not telling. As I said the only thing he says is: Google the company’s website and then contact them. Sorry Dan but that’s far to general and not nearly enough for people to take action.

The one thing he says to do get credibility is to ‘find local people’ with a product that are not selling on Amazon in order to build up some case studies for when you approach larger company’s. Unfortunately thats really all he says. Find local product vendors. Well how? Do I put an ad in the newspaper? Do I make a CraigsList ad? Do I just drive around town? What do I say to these people? Do I need a contract with them? What about when the local vendors product runs out? Once again the training leaves out so much and I found myself with more questions than when I started.

Another example is getting paid:

Dan suggests that you do not use your Amazon account for your clients. That you instead use there account. So lets assume you somehow managed to get a complete stranger to give you access to their Amazon account and somehow got them to agree to let you do everything for them in exchange for 25% of the sales price.  Lets assume you somehow manage to do that even though there is no details on how to do that provided.

How do you get paid?

I asked Dan this when  was interviewing him. His answer: “invoice your customers’? Ok .. great.. how? Do I send them a paper bill? Do I use PayPal? Do you have a sample invoice or a template that I can use? Of course not! That would be .. you know .. giving actual usable content. Something this training does not like to do.

These are just two examples. I could go on and on. The point is that this training, at least the front end version I had, is full of general information (and sales pitch to get you to upgrade) with very little real actionable content. After watching the videos I did not feel empowered and ready to start making money with this method. Instead I felt confused and full of questions.



A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Barry McCoy


    All I can say is Wow! Thanks for being very honest with your review…

    I am getting bombarded with several emails about this product launch – seems like just another money grab (commission at 100% for affiliates).

    There are tons of Amazon products out there, but this one does not look like a winner at all…


      I like the concept, its the execution that is the problem. The training is no where detailed enough. You cant watch the training and then take action. Instead you watch the training and then have only very general information. Now I know its only like $9-12 or something like that, but really why waste even that much on a training that is not actionable. I think it would have been much better if they made it an all inclusive training that explained step by step what you need to do (even if they had to charge more)


      I have no clue what to do our where to start


    Another excellent review, thanks Brett.

    Hope Dan won’t hate you because of your review. On the other hand, Webinar Income System seems to be way better….

    Steve Chase

    Hey Brett,
    Yes, this is typical of a lot of Amazon trainings that are selling concepts more than systems.

    They will sell you the 30,000 foot view, which sounds great, but when your feet hit the ground, you have no clue what to do.

    It DOES sound like a real good concept, but I agree with your review that it’s a great idea, but when the rubber hits the road, what is a guy supposed to do?

    Well, I guess upgrade to the OTO where the real magic happens? I don’t know.

    I’ve been selling on Amazon for more than 3 years, done FBA, retail arbitrage, wholesale purchases, dropshipping, and even sourcing products from China. In the end, it involves a good amount of WORK and a little bit of LUCK.

    I’ve know people who have hit it BIG on their first private label product by sheer luck and then they case study the heck out of it like EVERYONE can get that good of results no matter what. Not true.

    I vaguely remember the sales video where they talk about how this is a system that is “new and very unique”, and maybe it is. But, unless they really give you a workflow to get from beginning to end (which maybe they do in the OTOs), this is just another idea that will just sit on your hard drive as you move onto the next amazon “sparkle”.

    Steve Chase


      Hi steve,

      I saw that you are already doing FBA for 3 years now. Do you have an idea if FBA will work in the philippines?



    Brett, you have literally saved me thousands of dollars over the past few years! I just had to comment and say THANK-YOU or being probably the only honest review blogger in the IM/MMO niche! It is so damn hard to find an honest review when it comes to online income/marketing products. Instead you have a bunch of punters with free websites writing glowing reviews about products they do not own and have no intention of buying.

    I’ve been doing this for around 8 years now, and I know enough to know that you aren’t making too many friends in this industry by writing painfully honest reviews. I have to give you major kudos for being brave enough to go against the grain and say what needs to be said. The fact is that I NEVER buy a product without coming to your site to see if there is review. Thanks for keeping it real.


      Thanks for the kind words Chris .. and your 100% correct, I have burned a LOT of bridges by being so honest. Thats not going to stop me though 🙂

        Teri Helms

        You may have burned a bridge or two, Brett, but you’ve built countless other bridges with your honesty. You have helped many consumers of IM products know which products and vendors are reliable and trustworthy. I believe that a number of those same consumers (myself included) will one day become product creators and vendors ourselves, and your blog and reviews are like tutorials of what to do and what not to do if you want to succeed in IM.

    Don Killough

    This video and others like it are exactly why I subscribe to your list. You tell it like it is and don’t care what the product vendors think. There are others hyping this up because of the 100% commissions. I am on some of their lists. I won’t be for long however. I’m fairly new to the online marketing game but have learned quite a bit both good & bad by subscribing to various email lists. Probably the most valuable lessons learned are don’t promote every new product that comes out just to make a buck. If the list owner wouldn’t buy it then why should they expect their subscribers to? That is not giving value to your subscribers which I believe anyone who has a list should do. Thsnks again Brett. Now if you will pardon me, I have some unsubscribing to do.



    Thanks again for such an honest review. Yesterday I unsubscribed from everyone that had me on their lists and constantly send me sales pitches for every launch there is. All except for 3 people and you were one of those three. I appreciate the time you take to review these products and then give us some real, honest feedback. Keep up the great work.


    Where’s the link to buy?
    (Just kidding…)

    I too had high hopes after reading and seeing another interview.


    Thank you Brett for you honest review. You are the man. Every time i must check your review if is exist, before i buy something. 🙂

    Fred Ferguson

    I’m going to level with you Brett I wouldn’t have found out about this product except through you. I have chased so many light bulbs in IM I almost went blind and broke from it. I’ve bought some awesome trainings but never even got into them before buying more… just to have everything reside on the hard drives. For a long time I was paralyzed with regard to doing anything but still spending.

    Finally about ten weeks ago I unsubscribed from everybody and went to work on actually consuming content. I’ve done some keyword work, built some landing pages, started a forward momentum… then I went back to get on just three lists – yours being one of those three!

    Like I said at the top I wouldn’t have learned about this product except through you, it’s because I only hear from people I trust now and they do not promote stuff you wouldn’t buy themselves.

    Life for me is better. In fact I have made a little money from a few trainings and software I bought as far back as a year ago. As I get my little business to grow it’s my intention to get into the stuff that I have of yours that I haven’t touched yet. I loved this review and

    Brett I cannot impress upon you how impressed I am with you! You got my respect and attention from the first time I heard you speak but your work just continually wow me. Best of the day to you.

    When I get some more of my ducks lined up and discover what I really want to do in my IM business I expect I’ll be coming to you at least for some software and maybe training!!


    Do you know something Brett? Lately, before I purchase a product, I have started to look to see if you have given a favorable review of it or not! The due diligence you carry out for us is just phenominal!!


    Brett, your the man. Really appreciate your candid reviews. I purchased the FE for $9 after watching the webinar earlier today. I started to bookmark the OTOs in case I was interested later, but now will be asking for a refund after reading your review and actually going thru the members area to verify. I also agree that the content isn’t as actionable as the the hype has eluded to.

    Will be wating for your reviews first going forward and saving me the hasle of asking for a refunds.


      Since you already have it, please go through the training and let us all know if you felt the same way about the training as I did. A second perspective is invaluable and since you have the training already it costs nothing to get it.


    Another excellent review, thanks Brett.


    Thank you, Mr Brett, you’ve saved me some valuable time…


    Thank you Brett I saw the software offer on Jvzoo and thought about getting that, but you save me some time and money since it is only a check list.


    This is why your still on my top shelf not in the bottom draw like so many others. Dan has been hawking around a $600 to a $997 course covering the same strategy. So I wondered what the stripped down version would contain without getting the other buyers to far offside- obviously just a teaser! Thanks again.


    Hi Brett,

    Mate, what would we do without your honest reviews, it’s really appreciated. (:



    Is this just an intro to AmazoPartnering? I believe this is the same guys product. That training may give you the in depth info. Have you reviewed this?


    Hey Brett,

    Your email was under the one that I clicked through to purchase the product. Bugga! I have paid less for a PDF training that has a whole bunch more actionable training than this drivel! It is full of vague ideas, and NOTHING that you can actually work on. Very glad I did not purchase the OTO or OTO downsell – I won’t be wasting any time thinking about this. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing!!!! Just reference to the advanced training (upgrade) but this is so bad why would you want to get more! Seriously, paid less for more many times over! Don’t ask for refunds very often, but this will be an exception. I think it’s time I unsubscribed from a few lists that promoted this! Shows me their ethics!


      Thanks for the feedback Lynda, something a lot of people dont realize is that I always worry that Im being to harsh when I review a product and mark it as rejected. In fact I have lost sleep over thinking if I was fair or not. I was really sure I was being fair in this review, but even so I watched the videos multiple times before I actually published it (and was up until 4am last night doing it). Its good to have some peace of mind knowing that people who have bought this agree with my assessment.


    I think you are spot-on with your assessment. You were right to be excited initially because this can be an effective business model. And right to be critical of the content because for most people encountering this for the first time, the success in implementing this model is totally dependent on the details. A LOT of details. And this course lacks virtually all of them.

    There are some courses that DO go into depth on this model and they do go into all the appropriate issues and they also cost many times more than this but … again, exactly as you point out, low cost + missing crucial ingredients = no value and wasted time.


    To Lynda too, on her comments re: relief over the OTO’s, determination to return the product despite a reluctance to do so in principle, and her unhappiness with the people who mindlessly promoted this to their lists. Couldn’t agree more.


    Brett, we need honest review like this. I agree with the issues you raised in the review.There’re just too many low quality products in the IM niche. Unfortunately, many so called gurus continue to promote them without checking thoroughly like you do.
    Brett, keep it up. We really appreciate to have your contributions in the IM marketplace.


    Thank You, bud!

    Rob G

    Thanks for the review as always Brett, and confirming the feeling I had when I looked through the JV page on Muncheye for the product to see what else is in the funnel that the FE was just an intro and the real content if anything would be in the OTOs – which is a sh1te sales strategy if you have to buy the car engine after you’ve bought the ‘car’.

    And the likelihood is that if the engine is in the first OTO, the gearbox will be in the 2nd, and the wheels ‘an optional extra’ in the $97 / $197 or whatever OTO3 – and if that’s the sales ‘strategy’ then probably the OTOs will also not contain something else you really need (maybe a fuel tank, ‘fer instance’), and probably won’t even tell you – so I don’t buy when that’s the case.



    Thanks again for your honest review. I already have two Amazon products so I was not
    looking for another. In a way I am happy that this was not the FINAL word on Amazon store setups.

    Bernard Moye

    Thanks for your review, Brett. I wish I had seen it before I purchased it. But it has a 30 day money back guarantee, so I can still back out. I, too, was very disappointed with the content of the program. Everything was very general and extremely vague. My first gripe was found when I followed the intro video and clicked on the webinar registration link…and got a notice that the webinar replay had been moved. So I sent an email to support. Got a response with a link…to the sales page! I responded back saying I had already purchased but needed the link to the training webinar. This generated another response. I had been away from my office for a couple of hours, so when I opened the email and clicked the link…I was greeted with ‘The webinar has ended’. I was rather perturbed.
    Anyway, your review is exactly in line with mine. I will be refunding this (which is quite rare for me) as I just don’t see that it is worth my time without much more in depth training…which I doubt will be forthcoming.
    Thanks again and have a great day!


    Wow, I’m new to Brett’s blog! I need to be on his mailing list. I wish I could have read some of his reviews before making some of the other purchases I have made. I will be reading this site daily.

    Also, I do FBA and Merchant-Fulfilled sales on Amazon. This program is nothing but a rehash of the Amazon Partnering program. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize my own Amazon selling account by trying to manage someone elses. You can only have access to one amazon selling account from your IP address unless otherwise approved. People who don’t know this could lose their own Amazon selling accounts.


    I really wish I had read this review before I spent my $10.00. After going through the available training, I had the same questions. They tell you what to do. not how to do it. In order to make this work I would imagine you need to buy the upgrade- further training. ( not sure if the upgrade is any better.) and the software that goes with it. They don’t really explain what the software does – if they do – I missed it. Anyway – I am not going to further pursue this. You are buying an idea on how to make money with Amazon – not how to implement it. I am going to ask for a refund – at least they have a 30 day guarantee.


      I asked for a refund and they generously offered to upgrade the OTO which is further videos and the software?. The software turns out to be a Timeline- not sure what to do with this. Will be going through the other videos and see if they offer any insight into what this is all about. You still do not get Video 9 – which you have to upgrade to get. This is what Video 9 is about:

      Upgrade now to gain access to Roger’s exclusive Social Formula and training sessions.
      What you get:

      Exclusive access to Roger’s Social formula training

      Not sure what that in tails or how much.


        Yea I mentioned that in the review, the software is just a checklist. They made it into a software though so they can say its a ‘software’ since that sounds more valuable than saying its a ‘checklist’


    He had another course just recently on the same product called “The Amazon Partnering Programme” which was $997 so he obviously values his info much more than what he was selling it for, which is probably why he withheld all the juicy stuff in his front end product


    Hi Brett,
    Thanks for your review. I was in two minds about this and you answered all my fears.


    Great revue Brett – I too purchased and then it started – Barry and Roger!!!
    These guys only have 2 pricepoints – $697 and $997, they have done some good products over the last 2 years, but I have badly tired of the strident, pressured sales pitches they do!

    I will be passing my FE version back to the owner!


    I agree with you 100%. I actually bought the program plus an OTO and a few minutes into the videos I was thoroughly disappointed. So much fluff and nowhere near enough content. Hours of videos to learn very little. They even said the main training would be in their webinars.. more time wasted when people just want actionable steps to follow! Sorry my time is valuable this was a complete waste of my time.


    Hello Bret,

    I bought this product before seeing your review. Trust me its exactly as you said. Its so shallow. I found myself looking for the email of the product creator so I could ask some questions as to what to do. I was left to think for myself on what to do next.

    I have resorted to check your reviews before buying anything henceforth

    Pat Ryan

    I purchased the initial $10 product then the $47 product because they hyped it very well. I was in love with it. Later I found the software was available for free and their videos glossed over the What To Do, BUT NOT how to do it. Then to access the how to do stuff I was asked to pay more.
    Finding a struggling Amazon seller would not be hard, but taking 25-30% off the top of their sales is a really hard thing to make an agreement on.
    The so called millionaire who figured this out was not present in the videos.
    Please don’t waste your time. I was also asked to stop my Paypal refund request and then they would refund me. Red flags wet up immediately! To my amazement they did refund shortly after I stopped the Paypal refund.


      You might have saved yourself the trouble if you had read my review first 🙂 Thats why I started this blog, in order to help people make better buying decisions. Now to be fair about the refund request. There is no such thing as a “PayPal refund request” .. its a “PayPal complaint” once you file the complaint PayPal takes the payment and puts it on hold. Filing a PayPal complaint is not the way to request a refund. Its very reasonable for them to ask you to stop the complaint (not refund request) you made so they can refund you, since at that point they did not have your money. You also have to keep in mind that they paid a commission to the affiliate who recommended you, so they cant just tell PayPal to refund you because then they cant charge back the affiliate.


    Finally an Honest review, Thanks Brett, I trust you brother!


    Whats annoying is these guys just launched Video Vibe pro too, it’s still hot, but it turned out to be glitchy with nonfunctioning features


    Thank you, you are a ray of sunshine in a troubled world. Please put me on your e-mail list.


      Thank you so much for the kind words. I cant add you, you have top opt in. You can click that banner on the top of all the pages and it will take you to a form to opt in to get my future reviews.


    Brett, I am soooo happy that I came across this site. I almost bought in on AmazoX, and now I am so grateful I haven’t! I bought in on the Proven Amazon Course of Jim Cockrum… but I haven’t started with the training as yet. Any comments on the Proven Amazon Course?

    Thank you so much for the good job you are doing Brett, I appreciate you!



    Why are these comments dated August, 2015, when it is now February 2017?

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