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Well written software that is based on a proven concept.



So the other day I was on the Warrior forum answering some peoples questions and I came across a thread with someone asking about the OptinLinks WordPress plugin. I had never heard of it so I sent the creators a PM and asked for a review copy. They quickly replied with one and told me […]

by Brett Rutecky
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    Thanks for the review 🙂

    BTW… It’s “obvious” not “obvouse”


    This is a no-brainer. Some of us were paying $37 per month to Leadpages.net for very similar functionality. Another affiliate commission for Brett 🙂


      Well its more about letting people know what is good and what is not good out there then it is about making money. Though I will admit that the sales commissions from the products that get my stamp of approval do help compensate me for the time I spend doing the reviews. Since I actually test everything my reviews do take a while. Still affiliate commissions from this site are only about 1/8th of my monthly income.


    I hadn’t heard of this product, but it sounds like just what I’m looking for. It looks like the squeeze pages that you can create with Leadpages. As Eric said, Leadpages is monthly & I don’t want to pay ongoing just to put up a squeeze page – especially for a short term or one-time event.


      Yeppers its quite similar to LeadPages and I also agree a monthly fee for something like LeadPages is not something I would want to pay myself. You can buy LeadPages and pay $37 – $67 a month ($67 is whats really needed since you should have the slit testing) or you can pay a one time fee for this plugin. Really is a simple choice when you think about it.


    I have bought loads of, of the shelf plugins, only to find six months down the road there don’t work or end up in some sort of fault ..

    Brett I’m pleased to be associated with you, you have giving what I do believe is a genuine review here, and one I could look at has been at least gone have a look at this ..

    Thank you very much

    Colin Jefrey



    Thanks for these reviews, all of them as a matter of fact…!! You just saved me a ton of money and am pretty sure that will continue based on the integrity you exude through your reviews…

    I especially liked that you saved me the $50 bucks on the flawed launch of Rent-a-Serp…you really took the shine off that whole push to reach into my addiction of the ‘shiny object syndrome’…(Nice touch with the burning $50.00 bill…;) )

    I appreciate your reviews…and let me know what products are worth purchasing.

    Thanks again Brett,


    Joe Rowlands

    I bought Optinlinks and when the latest download became available I naturally downloaded it. That is where my problems started because Optinlinks ceased to work.
    I tried it on two other WordPress blogs with the same results.
    Naturally I wrote to their support and waited and waited and waited!
    In spite of numerous attempts to make contact after a whole week they still haven’t bothered to even acknowledge my request for support.
    The product (when it works) may well be excellent but the support is completely nonexistent. I have now demanded a refund but no doubt they will ignore that also


      Just revert back to the previous version. Your complaining that what you got for free (the update) does not work. What you paid for (the origional version works fine) I try to look out for the buyers but in this case I have to disagree. You got what you paid for and are complaining about a free update and now are ‘demanding’ a refund months later.


        No need to be so condescending, though. And of course he is complaining. Why wouldn’t he? He bought a product, then was probably prompted to upgrade the plugin (as is always the case) and that’s when he got screwed.

        That’s why I hate doing updates. 95% of the time they don’t fix anything, just make them wors.e


          I dont believe Im being condescending, though I do for sure speak my mind 100% honestly though. I understand that being this way can make me seem harsh but thats not the intent. Most people learn to appreciate the fact that Im never false.

          Anyway I dont believe this guy got screwed at all. He did not get prompted to upgrade after he bought it was quite a while later. Also as I said, the new version was free. Hes not even complaining about what he bought. Hes complaining that the free update had some bugs. So as I said he should just go back to the version he paid for, which he said works well.

          I will say though that not getting a response or help from support is totally unacceptable and should not happen.


    Unfortunately, I have to add my 2 cents because I bought the paid version and have not been able to get it to work. I contacted support several times and never heard anything back from them. Then I searched online and found many other people complaining about the same thing. I think it is a legitimate complaint and reasonable to expect a product to work or else to get a response when it doesn’t. I don’t care about the money lost as much as the time lost and disappointment from getting excited about something that didn’t live up to the hype.


      Thanks for the comment. However please limit your comments to your experience not what some unknown others supposedly said when you searched Google. Just a FYI: I just searched Google and did not see any complains. Either way though Im sorry that you have had issues with this product. In my testing it worked very well. One thing that I cant test though of course is a vendors support.


    Hey Brett,

    I’m going to give my two cents about this plugin too because I’m at my whits end with it now.

    I’ve been using it for about five months and I’ve had nothing but problems with it. Just right now I created a new list in Aweber yet it’s not showing up. I created a new campaign for that list and it’s not showing up either. Yes, the obvious things I’ve done like clear my cache and I even cleaned my computer, shut it off and rebooted only for nothing. Support never responds, I’ve had a ticket in now for two weeks and they are of absolutely NO help whatsoever.

    I went with this particular plugin for the pop-up option and I could easily ask for a phone number. I can see though all of this is in vein when it doesn’t work not even 75% of the time.

    So much for buying yet another product that doesn’t stand up to what I purchased.



      Im sorry to hear you had issues. It worked well for me. Of course I reviewed it just under 2 years ago though and I have no idea what changes they may have made on that time or what bugs those changes may have introduced. I have not spoken to the vendors in a while, but I will see if I can find their contact info and try to reach out to them and let them know your waiting a long time for support.


    I was about to get on this bandwagon due to a Nick Stephenson recommend in one of his books – however, his affiliate link failed to work and I contacted everyone (Warriorplus, Nick, and Optinlinks) but no one is responding. It’s starting to feel like this company has slipped and stopped supporting this product. Does anyone have any RECENT (last 2-3 months) success stories? I’m anxious to get my email signups going, but not if I’m heading down the wrong road. I was very interested due to the one-time-fee aspect vs. a monthly charge.

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