Video Promo Pages [review]

Today I’m doing a review of the new Video Promo Pages WordPress plugin.

 (watch the video below for the full review)

Summery: While Video Promo Pages is not a bad concept the execution is very poor. Video products are hot right now because video is the content choice of the internet. However you cant just take an amateur quality product put the word “video” in its name and expect it to magically turn into something great. What you need to do is actually make a quality product from the start. Unfortunately with its lack of tutorials, clunky interface,  lack of tracking – split testing (or any other kind of real features) as well as an over all feel of low quality Video Promo Pages is just not up to par.








A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.
  1. Brett, 11 September, 2015

    Between rejecting this product and choosing not to review the product a couple days ago, your honesty and integrity in the IM arena continues to grow!

    Thank you for your continued mission of providing insightful and helpful reviews.

  2. Peter, 11 September, 2015

    Cool! Straight, to the point, didn’t waste your time or mine. When it’s plainly lacking, don’t stay up until 4am, Brett. Just call it and move on, just like you did here.

  3. Dennis Rosenberg, 11 September, 2015

    Thank you once again Brett for the clarity, detail and objectivity of your product reviews.

  4. Damielle, 11 September, 2015

    Brett, thanks again for your honest feedback. The truth is I looked at the demo for this on the JV page about a week ago and thought this is absolute GARBAGE. I can’t believe they are launching this.

    I’m happy there are people like you around with some integrity, because right now my inbox is full of a lot of marketers promoting this. Clearly they don’t care about their customers.

  5. Robert Hebel, 11 September, 2015


    Love your honesty and as always straight to the point

  6. Wayne, 11 September, 2015

    Hi Brett I appreciate your honesty and integrity in your reviews
    Its very rare these days

  7. Rio, 11 September, 2015

    And I was ready to buy this!…Thanks Brett, I truly value your opinion, one of very few I might add. That plugin has potential if someone could do it right.
    It would definitely come in handy. Keep the reviews coming!

  8. Sadie, 12 September, 2015

    Exactly! If a competent and ethical programmer like Brett would do this right, he would hit it out of the park!

    I was interested in this product – until I saw the demo. There were two things that automatically made it a no-go for me, but Brett pointed out even more. Brett didn’t mention a big issue I had with this product, but I figure he found so many that he just didn’t bother to mention any others.

    C’mon, Brett, do us fans a favor and take this project on! There is serious need for it if done much, much better.

    You’re boss, Brett, keep being you. Obviously, we love what you bring, so bring it again!


  9. kami, 11 September, 2015

    oops…I’ve already got it earlier on, I thought it was a good concept and I didn’t expect Radu to dish out something like this..
    I wish I read your review before I’ve purchased…
    I didn’t get a chance to test it myself, but I can see from your testing that the product is not up to standard.
    Oh well you win some and you lose some…
    thanks for the review Brett….I hope Radu will realize the damage this can cause to his business and rectify it very quickly, at least fire his developer and get someone who can repair the damage.

  10. Brett Rutecky, 11 September, 2015

    Hey Kami, when you test it out let me know what you think then. A second opinion is always welcome.

  11. Chris, 11 September, 2015

    Brett – your integrity and honesty are the values I appreciate. Your choice to not compromise or waiver from them does you credit. I suggest your sound reputation has not been easily earned and, were it to be lost, would be hard to regain.

    Perhaps replace “hated” with “most revered, and possibly reviled”?

  12. andrew h., 11 September, 2015

    Hey Brett Like Your Reviews.You Know You said Sometimes its Hard giving a Bad Product Review to Someone You Know or have done Business With in The IM Space but You Know,,,,,,Good Friends for Instance ‘Get honest” with One another,and in Business You Are Doing Them a Favor if They How To Take Full advantage of The Information They Improve The Product and Take More Time and Effort in The Future Before Releasing a Product on The Market.
    A Bad Product can Cause a Buyer to NEVER BUY AGAIN!! From That Person.Soft Soaping Your JV’S Will Not Help Their Future Success They Can Learn from Your Honesty or Set Them Selves Up for Future Failure by Running out Of People of Haven’t Heard Yet How bad Their Products are,,,,,Mean While You are Protecting Us “YOUR CUSTOMERS”

  13. Romuald, 11 September, 2015

    Hi, Brett,

    I usually enjoy reading/watching your reviews but this time, truth be told, I am very disappointed. What you have shown us is really a piece of cr…, not an IM product. Not finished, full of bugs, ugly looking, outdated, the list goes on and on.
    What I cannot understand is why this piece of garbage could score 2,5 in your review. It is clearly ZERO!!! or 1 star at the most if this is your lowest grade.
    Why did you give this thing 3 stars for the PRICE if you yourself are recommending burning 15 bucks or hanging them on the wall instead of buying this? Even 1 buck would be too much and the whole thing is actually a huge waste of time and energy, let alone money.
    Why did you give this thing 3 stars for the CONCEPT??? To put out something this horrible on the market should actually be …legally forbidden (kinda joking here).
    So, Brett, don’t be afraid to score the products according to your own reviews.
    Btw. I bought something from Mr Radu in the past and had to ask for a refund. Was not easy but after some seriuos email exchanges the purchase was refunded. Obviously, I would never recommend anyone to buy anything from Radu.
    Lastly, I have just seen at least 2 favorable reviews of this product on the internet. The quick buck mentality prevails. What a pity!

    All the best to you Brett, and keep up the good work!
    Romuald (Poland)

  14. Brett Rutecky, 11 September, 2015

    The price rating takes into account ONLY the price point not the quality. The concept takes into account ONLY the idea of the product not the quality. Your looking at an individual ratings when you should be looking at the over all one.

  15. Helen, 11 September, 2015

    Thanks for this honest review as well as the many others you have provided. You have saved me a lot of heartache and money.
    These days, with so much email coming in, I watch for your review and then sort my email by which marketer(s) is/are promoting those useless products.
    I then unsubscribe from their lists as I believe they can no longer be trusted to provide honesty.
    This world could use a little more ‘honesty and honor’ so thanks again for being part of that movement. 🙂

  16. alan Mack, 12 September, 2015

    Helen I totally agree with you…Brett is one of the finest marketers there is and his software is great…I also like your idea of un-subscribing from those that promote without properly reviewing…I will start doing that myself….Thanks 🙂

  17. alan Mack, 12 September, 2015

    Hey Brett

    While I’m awaiting moderation could you check out my site and let me know if it’s good enough for doing reviews and any other suggestions you think might help me to do reviews….Thanks 🙂

  18. Brett Rutecky, 12 September, 2015

    Your site looks good 🙂 Nice and clean / professional looking, I like it!

  19. John Young, 11 September, 2015

    Hi Brett…

    Thanks for your honest review…it looked like a winner but I think it turned out to be a wenner from your video. I’m looking for a good solid squeeze page product, doesn’t have to be great, just work. I’ll be asking for a refund.


  20. Freddie, 11 September, 2015

    Thank you once again for the honest review, I should have known better and waited for you to review before buying it. After using it for a few hours I finally gave up, although it is a great concept; this is not worth it. I thought this plugin was the answer I was looking for (I was going to have a freelancer create something similar on upwork.) This plugin defiantly needs much improvement. Now I just hope my refund request goes through after reading someones comment above.

    Thanks once again Brett!

  21. Mark, 11 September, 2015

    I looked at this and was not all that impressed and was sucked in by a bonus another marketer was offering that might make it worth the investment. So far that other marketer has not responded with my promised bonus so that makes me feel twice as icky. I have to say I kinda like Helen’s so many strikes and your out rule. i know better when I do such things. Sooner or later I will become smarter. Thanks Brett for telling it like it is. Product creators should be striving to meet your standards not peddling crap.

  22. Brett Rutecky, 11 September, 2015

    What I found interesting is their sales page. In the sales page / video they said they earned $850K or something like that with this system. Well if thats the case then why did they not use it to build the sales page they used to sell this?

  23. John, 11 September, 2015

    Ditto, you were the main squeeze today, but you survived! Thanks Brett!

  24. Charles Heineke, 11 September, 2015

    I have an advantage over you, Brett. I watched the demo video, where the speaker walks through using the product. They showed editing in the plugin view you were using, but then they also showed editing the page in the regular WordPress Pages/Posts editing area, like any other page on your blog. That’s where you have control over everything. Had you known about that, your review could have been a bit gentler but still call out the obvious problems.

    I believe I remember seeing the speaker deleting a graphic in the plugin editing area, but that may have been in the Page editor. I believe they clicked on the graphic and the usual WordPress toolbar appeared above the graphic, allowing you to modify the graphic.

    It’s obviously a lot easier to just pick the desired template, save it, and then edit it in the Page editor. But I agree that the plugin editing area should have been more robust in editing, even if the template can be edited in the Page editor.

    If one already has the product, try choosing a template, saving it, and then editing it in the Pages editor.

  25. Brett Rutecky, 12 September, 2015

    You should not have had an advantage over me. Because they should have had the sense to put tutorials in their software. Also you should not have to go out side of the page builder to edit the page your building with your page builder. Knowing how to edit the graphic now does not make me feel any better about this product. In fact it just makes me think its even more generic and poor quality. Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. But really now I like this thing even less (and I did not think that would be possible)

  26. Sadie, 12 September, 2015

    Funny because this editing issue is the negative one I mentioned in a comment above that Brett did not refer to in his review.

    Why in the world would you design a non-user-friendly way to edit? The product is already targeted towards people who want to use templates, do you really think they want to mess with HTML or CSS? What’s that? Exactly!

    Maybe I’m just spoiled by Brett’s greatness 😉 towards us, but I would appreciate quality from more marketers. Be nice if quality products were the norm rather than the exception.


  27. Allan, 12 September, 2015

    It is a Radu launch. Nothing else needs to be said LOL

  28. Herbert, 12 September, 2015

    Thanks Brett, great review! I’m planning to purchase this one because I’m not good on designing a sales page. The idea for this product is good but the quality is not good. I hope you can release your own product for this idea a software that can create a high converting and mobile responsive sale page creator 😉

  29. kami, 12 September, 2015

    Herbert, Brett has already his own product called “SqueezeMatic” which is a page builder hosted on his own server, then can be imported to WP using his own WP plugin. You can also publish it to Facebook. Hope this you success.

  30. Brett Rutecky, 12 September, 2015

    🙂 I deliberately did not mention that Kami because I did not want to seem like my review was a self promotion (which is not my intent). Thanks for doing it for me 🙂

  31. Sadie, 12 September, 2015

    Doh! Duh! Forgot…you did already do a better version!


  32. Dave Sweney, 12 September, 2015

    Thanks once again Brett for your forthright review of this product. As others have said, I appreciate you saving me time and money. I actually hadn’t seen anyone else kocking this to me, but of course I always have a look when you write something…

    The uptake from my perspective: Selling your own products through affiliates is really the best way to go with online business I think, long term. BUT, is you put out stuff that does not provide value you can burn that bridge quickly…

    This product provides a perfect example of that…The outcome: I and many others likely will be suspect of anything else offered by this person. It is hard to earn money anywhere, and I do not like to buy stuff that later I will look at and say “I got fooled.”

    Cheers and nice weekend!


  33. James, 12 September, 2015

    I think many people love you because you have help people to avoid the “no-bottom” holes.
    You helped me to save some money and lots of time. Thank you for your honest reviews.
    I don’t like the “blood” sucking OTOs.
    Two OTOs are the maximum they should do.
    They should upgrade their products and give free or minimum cost to the updates.
    They should not “play” their customers like a ” ? “.
    I think they will not last long.
    I will support your honest reviews and hope more people will support you too and use more of your products.
    I hope the unhealthy trend will be discovered by more people and get away from the unhealthy marketers for good.

    Thanks and Regards

  34. Brett Rutecky, 12 September, 2015

    OTO’s are required in this business for the vendor to be profitable. But I agree 1-2 is enough, no need for 5-8 of them. As for updates, well lets be fair, updates cost money / time and there is nothing wrong asking to be compensated for that. Though I agree the cost of the update should be set to just cover the expenses and a reasonable margin.

  35. alan Mack, 12 September, 2015

    Hey Brett

    To be completely transparent if there are oto’s etc to be considered then I think they should be mentioned on the sales page just to prepare people for the eventuality which is more than likely in this era….Thanks for all you do 🙂

  36. Brett Rutecky, 12 September, 2015

    I disagree (and its ok that we dont agree) .. the sales page is for the FE product. There is no need to talk about a second product offer on it. What people need to do is realize that the FE and the OTO are completely different purchases and should be considered for purchase completely independently.

  37. alan Mack, 12 September, 2015

    Thanks Brett

    I stand corrected…you are of course quite right !!

    Alan Mack.

  38. alan Mack, 12 September, 2015


    Will you be doing a review of ” Video Vibe Pro ” ??

  39. Brett Rutecky, 12 September, 2015

    Yes I will. I got a review copy yesterday and started making notes on it. Final review will be out late Sunday night or Monday morning. (weekend reviews sometimes take a bit longer because I have my 3 kids alone on the weekends)

  40. alan Mack, 12 September, 2015

    Okay Thanks Brett

    Will be watching out for that…
    BTW…I have mine all week….sob.

    Sob in UK means to cry lol

  41. Damon Greene, 12 September, 2015

    Appreciate the honesty. I was thinking to myself… I need to send a product out to my video marketing email list. Saw your email and figured I would take a look. I WONT BE sending this to my list. This seems to be a trend with half @ss products being thrown out because it’s easy quick money. Quality and INtegrity seems to be lacking in many products lately. There are only a few folks Ill even promote anymore and pay attention to their products.

    I appreciate your candid review… keep up the great work Brett

  42. Steve, 12 September, 2015

    Hi Brett, I always try to do is shy away from any plugin that would slow the performance of my wordpress site… I’m curious of your thoughts… Why would a software like this not be more centered around a wordpress theme vs a plugin?

  43. Brett Rutecky, 12 September, 2015

    A well written plugin is not likely to slow down the site. The key there is ‘well written’. A product like this is a plugin because if it was a theme your design would be the entire site, where as with a plugin it does not ‘take over’ the entire domain, it also allows you to have completely different pages on the same domain. If I where to write a page builder for WordPress I would make it a plugin also.

  44. Aleksandr, 12 September, 2015

    I am impressed!
    Thank U, Brett!

  45. alan Mack, 14 September, 2015

    Brett just to re-enforce the point I was trying to get over :

    {links are not allowed in comments}

    See frequently asked questions.



  46. Blaze, 14 September, 2015

    Thanks for letting us know. It makes me want to take a shower, a Radu launch?.. eww! I’ve had enough rip-off scam artists who care only about lining their own pockets with our money these days.

    I still never got that refund from Radu on a different product, even though I emailed his support desk many times. TOTALLY ignored. Oh well… life goes on 🙂

  47. Brett Rutecky, 14 September, 2015

    Was I the affiliate for the product you never got the refund for? If so send me an email with the receipt ID and I will bug Radu for you.

  48. Blaze, 15 September, 2015

    No, not on this product. But thanks!
    Keep up with the awesome work you are doing Brett! 🙂

  49. Nick Naggar, 20 September, 2015

    Thanks Brett, absolutely right, had similar experiences.

  50. Lisa, 15 May, 2019

    Brett, I realize that this is years after the publication of your post, but I want to add that it’s still relevant – and helping people!

    I just received the resell rights to this product as a bonus, and I was thinking about offering it to my list. That could have tarnished my reputation, at the very least!

    This is a really strong reminder to personally try everything I intend to recommend or offer.

    I appreciate this honest and straight-forward review sooo much! You just saved me a lot of time and embarrassment.

    Many thanks Brett.
    LionHeart SEO (.com)

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