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4/ 5

Creator: Martin Crumlish
Type: Hosted Software


Great value because you can embed the deals, super low price


They focused on Facebook in the sales page, but the real value I think is in the embed option

I was actually given access to Social Mobi Deals several days ago however I knew that this one would get a lot of attention so I really wanted to put it through its paces. So what exactly is Social Mobi Deals? Well its a software that lets you put deals / opt ins on your […]

by Brett Rutecky
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I was actually given access to Social Mobi Deals several days ago however I knew that this one would get a lot of attention so I really wanted to put it through its paces.

So what exactly is Social Mobi Deals? Well its a software that lets you put deals / opt ins on your Facebook fan page. The idea being that you can then direct your ads to that app and Facebook will give you a lower CPC since your not directing your ad off of Facebook.

So as most of you probably know (and are already thinking). I do not believe that in themselves fan pages on Facebook have much value anymore. Also I have never seen any case study or split testing that clearly shows that Facebook will give a lower CPC when you link to a fan page instead of your website.

I actually spoke with Martin about this. He assured me that based on his results with spending tens of thousands of dollars on Facebook ads he can clearly see a lower CPC when he links to a in Facebook landing pages. Well Ill be honest. I still was not convinced. Not that I did not believe Martin or his results. I have know Martin for a while, even before I was doing IM I knew Martin, having met him back when I was a freelance programmer full time. I have never known him to be intentionally deceptive or misleading. I have done freelance work for him and he was always straight up and fair. So Im not saying I do not believe his reports. I just think that perhaps his lower CPS may have been attributed to something other than linking to a fan page app. (or I just may be totally wrong and you do get a lower CPC, again as I said I have never solid numbers from a split test).

However thats not the end of the story. Normally at this point I would have just said that apps on Facebook fan pages are not very good and would have not recommended this product. However while Martin and I where talking I started asking him about some of its other features. Well something that was left out of the sales page but I really think is one of the best features of this software is the ability to create these deals and embed them on any website. Now that got my interest so I asked him for review access so I could check it out myself.

From the moment I logged in I was able to see that this software was well written. The interface is intuitive and I had no problems at all figuring out how to use it. In fact I did not even need to use the help section or tutorials at all.

The second thing I noticed was how flexible this system is. It works with virtually any autoresponder and it comes with tons of deal templates.


Each of these templates can be easily customized with the editor as well or you can make your own deal from scratch if you like.

Now as I said this is being promoted as a Facebook software and while I will say that its value in that aspect is limited I can see huge value here with it being able to be embed into any website or blog. Just think of the contacts you can get or the list you can build when your giving people a ‘deal’ instead of just begging them to signup for your mailing list.

But it gets even better than that. You see membership is only $17 one time price and for that price you can create up to 25 campaigns. Thats about 50 cents each and because you can embed the deal anywhere I can see people using this to put deals on their customers websites and charging them for it. The price is so low that it costs you almost nothing to make a campaign so anything you charge a customer is basically 100% profit.

So in summery while this is being marketed as a Facebook software I personally think that that is just a nice extra feature, the real value that I can see is being able to embed this in any website or blog. That is just awesome. If it did not have that feature I would have a very different opinion of this software. But it does so, and given its remarkably low price, its a winner.

Click the link below to grab your copy. Be warned that the sales page focuses on the Facebook aspect, so feel free to just skip the sales content and scroll right down to the buy button. I totally believe that this is a great value just for the embed feature and well worth investing in based on that aspect.






*UPDATE: Looks like I made a mistake in the original review. I got a Skype message from Martin this morning. Its NOT 25 campaigns that you get for the one time  $17 price. Its actually 100 campaigns!  So you can make 100 deals apps and embed them in any website, including a customers website without ever paying a monthly fee!
A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hi Brett,

    From what I see these deals are just banner images. Am I right? If so, is it normally difficult to place images like this on a website or blog? If so, why?

    There’s no accounting application integrated with these images, is there?



      Well this is an app, and as I said in the review, you for sure can put them on any website or blog, via the deal apps embed code. Im not sure what you mean by ‘accounting application’ though.


        It is just that word “app” which prompted my question about “accounting” (not taxes, but tracking, which is also accounting).

        But I think I understand now, that the app can be placed on a website (WordPress too I presume?) to be produced, edited and embedded. Is that correct?


    Also, how many templates are provided?


    Hi Brett, I purchased this and based on the sales page for the OTO, I believe the embed script is only available on the upgrade version as it is not mentioned on the initial sale page. Please correct me if I am wrong.



      Yea the sales page really focuses on the Facebook aspect. I honestly feel that the FB aspect is more of a side bar than a major feature, but thats what they chose to market this on. This is one of the reasons I chose to review this. Because I felt that they left out one of the best features by not mentioning the embed functionality. You can embed without upgrading to the pro version, its just that they chose to market this more as a Facebook software instead of a software that you can use on your site.


    Hi Brett…thank you for your usual clear and candid review. May I pass on a thought to you. I have found sometimes your reviews comments upon a product’s shortfalls are limited to the initial / main product….which is often very cheap. I have found that if one steps into OTO’s, the solutions / functions are often there for a further ‘consideration’. Obviously, ‘value for money’ is always a consideration. I’m just wondering, if one is to carry out product revews, should not one go into the OTO’s also to measure what the true / full product is? I love your reviews… I guess I’m just asking for more!!!…lol. Keep up the good work. Leon


      I normally dont review the OTO’s because they really should not be a factor in the purchase decision. You should always make a front end purchase decision based on the front end product alone, not what you will be offered later on. Think about it like this, if I was a restaurant critique, reviewing having diner at a fine dining establishment. Well the meal was dry. tasteless. and the service was horrid. But later they asked me if I wanted to have desert, which I did, and was quite good. Would you go to that restaurant and sit through and pay for a bad meal just so you can order the good desert later? Probably not (I sure wouldnt). In this case the desert is like the OTO, an extra you can optionally take or not. Just as its silly to buy a poor quality meal just so you can order a tasty desert its also silly to buy a poor quality front end product on the hopes that the upsell is something worth having. It is for this reason I normally only review the front end and I strongly suggest that the front product, and the decision to purchase it or not, be judged on its own merit.


        Your analogy if fine Brett….but for the ‘good’ products, (not the scams rubbish), its really about ‘more value for money’ and often a better product. I’m referring to good products where their true potential can often be found by paying a little bit more i.e via OTO’s. It’s like offering bronze / silver / gold / platinum product quality / advancement. My original point was that one may never know the true product potential / quality unless one digs a little deeper than the ‘starter’ price. Indeed, opportunities may be lost!


    Hi Brett…Just an FYI / Heads -Up……. Got an email from you mentioning that Martin had “sweetened the pot” by adding bonuses of 50 squeeze page templates as well as free access to his “FB ImageContest” app…..Well the 50 squeezes are a free bonus, but the FB Image Contest is just an advert…. it doesn’t appear to be free anywhere…it is on “special” (“to his customers only before he releases it to the public”), at 2 price points…$67 and $97….. 🙂

    Anyway, I purchased SocialMobiDeals (I’ll be sending you a receipt! LOL!), and it does look really useful/functional so far… (I always trust your reviews….you are rarely positive, and when you are, I BUY, as in the past it has always turned out to be a smokin’ great product!

    Michael Rytter


      Michael you should be able to access the FB Image Contest software via the members / buyers area for SocialMobiDeals. I have confirmed with Martin that this is a free bonus. If you are not seeing it then shoot SocialMobiDeals a support message because you should have free access to it (and the free access is the $97 developers version, I have also confirmed this with Martin).


        An addendum to my last email….Martin and Karthik’s support desk ROCK! There was a problem with that link on their end (the thank you page) for FBImage contest….it was kicking me to a regular sales page….it took a bit of back and forth to fix it, but they hung in there and were extremely patient and kind! That’s all good now too!
        Michael Rytter


    Hi, Brett

    I just purchased SocialMobiDeal through your link two days ago, I’ve sent you a receipt and still not get bonus you promised on email. I choose TabEngine as a bonus. How to get access to TabEngine ?


      I just did a search of my email inbox, I have no emails from your email address (that you entered here) or with your name in the content. Please take the following action. 1) Head over to and click the members log in. Approve all the app permissions and create a free account. Then send me the your receipt ID from SMD and your Facebook log in email address and I will upgrade your account. If you like you can use the Tab Engine HELP button to send me this info.

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