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4.5/ 5

Creator: Keith Mallinson
Type: Software


Takes your retargeting to a whole new level!


Interface is kind of bland looking (but thats just me being picky)

Today Im taking a look at FB Pixel Pro by Keith Mallinson. I always like looking at Keiths products because he totally understands and accepts that I’m completely honest and dont pull any punches in my reviews. I actually reviewed his last two product launches (and only gave my approval to one of them). Well […]

by Brett Rutecky
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    By the way the discount now states .50 cents off..looks like a good product regardless.


    Hi Brett – I’ve previously contacted JVZoo about this at least once or twice with NO result – perhaps you can shed some light on this issue or suggest where to go/who to talk to to resolve it?

    If you can, please take a minute to explain why the JVZoo FB share might not work for some people (due to FB settings, etc.?), how to fix it, and what we should see when it’s working properly.

    I’ve tried doing this several times on prior purchases, with the following result: I click the green button, NO discount is subtracted on either the JVZoo or PayPal payment page, and yet my “review” appears on my FB wall anyway – except I didn’t get paid for it! Never any rebate email from PayPal, JVZoo, or the vendor, either. Surely I cannot be the only one affected like this as I, my computer, and my FB account are simply not that special. 😉

    Obviously for this reason, I stopped doing it, but $8 is a nice chunk of change to save, should I finally be able to make this work.

    JVZoo may be a great network for vendors, but in my experience, they really don’t much care at all about end-buyers and any usability issues that may arise on *their* network. I find it an absolute travesty to have to ask a vendor/affiliate about a problem that their payment network SHOULD be resolving.

    Thanks again for these comprehensive, HONEST reviews and the fantastic job you’re doing.


      I cant say why this does not work for some people I have no inside knowledge of JVZoo’s system unfortunately. Their system is a bit buggy though. Something to keep in mind though, YOU are not JVZoo’s customer, the product vendor is. So you should be complaining to the vendor so that they can yell at JVZoo. That being said I will send Keith a message so he can complain to JVZoo.


        One issue about JVZoo is that they don’t care about the customers who spend their money, that’s why anyone can put up a product on JVZoo because after a purchase that’s the end of the game and a lot of vendors have taken advantage of this and have gotten away with it. Jvzoo is unlike clickbank…., at leas they should care about the customers too…, big names like you should suggest to them that they should not only care about their own money but also about the customer by providing support especially in refunds. This may scare away scammers. There are too much scams and rubbish on JVzoo….


          Nugget .. if YOU are buying a product. YOU are not a custom of JVZoo. The vendor is. The people who buy things ARE NOT their customers. They charge the product vendors a fee hence the product vendors are JVZoo’s customer. You are the vendors customer. Please try to understand this. Also please lets keep the comments on topic with the post. If you wish to chat about something off topic for the post please had over the the ‘chat with Brett section’.



    Your reviews are always honest, I bought the other 2 of Keiths products even though you didn’t rate one of them so highly, his after sales service is 2nd to none [except maybe yours 🙂 ] and his tutorials are easy to follow and the products work unlike so many other “buggy” releases.

    Keep the reviews coming as very much appreciated,




    Well; I bought.
    Looks good, although I never really understand re-targeting.
    Your bonus is that a plugin?
    Don’t see a manual.


      Yes as I have said in the article Im giving a bonus:
      “A WP plugin that I personally wrote (and use on this site) that will let you also easily add your retargeting code to your WordPress site.”
      Just a FYI when I make WP plugins I put the support right inside the plugin, simply install it and check out the help area.

      If you have any questions about retargeting head over to the chat with Brett section and feel free to ask away. Im always glad to help when I can.


    Hey Brett.. 🙂

    I´m skeptical regarding the OTO… and I also think the app violates FB TOS. Could be wrong, though
    Also the basic functionality has been featured in many previous “connect with FB” apps

    Please share your thoughts 🙂

    I´d also appreciate if I you could let us know about OTO´s in the future.

    ¡Gracias! 😀



      Normally I dont review OTO’s honestly. Why? Because you should make your purchase decision only on what is presented to you. Not on what else you are going to be offered. In fact up until a little bit ago I didn’t even know what the OTO was (which by the way does not violate any FB TOS). As for this product it has nothing to do with connect with FB, this software lets you retarget people who click your affiliate links, which will then increase your affiliate sales. It also lets you retarget to people who have clicked your Facebook ads and even create Facebook ads that lead to affiliate products. Honestly it has nothing to do with ‘connect with FB’ style software products. Sorry if I was not clear enough in the review.


    Hi Brett,

    I have a joomla website[I’m thinkign to migrate to wordpress,but I don’t know how]
    and I was thinking if can I use this software…or, is just for facebook retargeting.

    thanks in advance,Marinos Palamaris-Greece


    Hi again :),

    this software, can been used for website retargeting?

    thanks again,Marinos Palamaris


      This software is more for retargeting your affiliate links etc. However the WP plugin bonus I wrote and added IS for retargeting to your sites visitors so with my bonus you get both options!


    Hey Brett,

    Hoping you can help me understand more about the product as well as retargetting in general.

    You said:

    It allows you to send out affiliate links or run Facebook ads and then retarget people who have clicked your link or clicked your ad.

    A) When you say, send out, are you referring to email marketing?

    B) That sounds like you may be talking about sending people straight to affiliate sites. My experience is very limited but I keep reading gurus who say to never do that in the first. They say to always send to a capture page. If one were to follow that advice, would you still recommend this?

    C) Is retargetting exclusive to Google Adwords and Adsense? My only experience has been with clients in my offline biz. I do it with some of their Adwords campaigns and the ads show on on sites that run Adsense ads. So I’m unclear on how it can work with FB ads and links we send out (presumably via email).


    When you say it works on


    hi Brett, I’m newbie here and I just purchase from your link, how do I claim for your bonus



      It should be available in your JVZoo buyers area. If not please respond here with your purchase ID and your email and I will send it to you. (I will delete the comment after I read it so it does not show in public)


    Hi Brett, I just want to say I really enjoy reading your review! It really helps me to gain an insight of the products that I am interested to purchase. I would like to ask if I could purchase your WP redirecting plug in separately because I’ve got FB Pixel Pro from Keith last week. Or maybe is it possible that I can purchased another product from your link that u can attached the plug in as a bonus? Regards. Bill (Singapore)


    Wow! Yes I have received it & that you so much Brett for this wonderful gift!
    Never have expected it and I really do appreciate!

    Many thanks!

    Bill Giam


    Hi Brett… what plugin do you use as a exit popup on this page? Is something you created? Thank you.

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