Retargeting Rebellion [review]

Today Im taking a look at Retargeting Rebellion.


So what exactly is Retargeting Rebellion? Well its a very comprehensive training course that teaches you the ins and outs of retargeting. It explains everything from the ground up and covers each topic in exacting detail and clarity.

So what exactly is retargeting? Well its where you cookie a visitor on your website and then show them an ad on a different website later. You almost certainly experienced this even if you did not realize it. Ever go to Amazon , Ebay, or and search for a product but not buy anything? Then later on other websites, even ones not related to the product you where looking at, you suddenly see ads for similar products? Its like the new sites magically know that you where interested in that type of product. Well in truth they did know (though it was not magic). You see when you where searching on Amazon or Ebay or where ever they put a cookie on your computer that lets other sites know what kind of product you where interested in. Then the new site knows to show you ads relevant to that product. This increases the chance that your going to click on the ad and get them a commission. This is retargeting.

So does retargeting work? Well the short answer is a resounding yes. In fact almost every major e-comerce site uses retargeting.  Not only that, but smart product sellers and affiliates use retargeting as well. Why does it work? Well advertisers know that people in general need to be presented with an offer multiple times before they finally buy. When they see the same offer multiple times, in multiple locations it reinforces the products creditability in their minds. It also makes them much more likely to buy that product.

I know a lot of top IM product sellers who use retargeting very successfully. I also know of several affiliate marketers who use retargeting to increase their affiliate commissions. In fact I use retargeting when I sell my own products. I also use it when Im trying to attract top affiliates to promote my products. I can say 100% for sure that it works. So am I a fan of retargeting? For sure. I love it and specifically I love retargeting on Facebook because almost everyone goes to Facebook and because their ads are so low cost.

So what about Retargeting Rebellion specifically? Well its training that is going to teach you not only how to get set up with retargeting but its also going to teach you some really cool tricks to maximize your profit from it. I found it to be an extremely good product that is clear , comprehensive and well made. If your looking to take advantage of retargeting (and you should be) then this is a very good way to get started.

So in summery Im going to say that retargeting is a proven and very effective way to increase conversions for your own product sales as well as for your affiliate product sales. I use it and I know a lot of other successful people who do as well. If your not taking advantage of retargeting your leaving money on the table. Period. This is a solid investment in your business and well worth the modest cost.

Click the link below to learn more and to pick up your copy of Retargeting Rebellion, (unless of course you already make to much money in which case you dont need to learn how to make more)


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  1. Michael, 19 July, 2014

    First thing you’ve liked in a while Brett! 🙂 Looks really effective! Thanks…(Purchased both the frontend and the upsell).

  2. Brett Rutecky, 19 July, 2014

    Yea it takes a lot to get my endorsement and lately things have not been making the cut. This one is a winner though 🙂

  3. John, 10 October, 2014

    Is this product still available? I ask because when I click on the link it takes me to something else

  4. Brett Rutecky, 10 October, 2014

    Sorry it looks like its no longer for sale.

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