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Today I’m doing a review of a new training by Ray (the video guy) called FB Live Wire.     So the question is: What exactly is FB Live Wire? Well its a e-Book that teaches people how to do live videos on Facebook. Now live videos on Facebook are not new. We have all […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new training by Ray (the video guy) called FB Live Wire.



So the question is: What exactly is FB Live Wire? Well its a e-Book that teaches people how to do live videos on Facebook.

Now live videos on Facebook are not new. We have all seen people doing them. My friend and fellow marketer Huw often has them. So do others such as Chris and Ricky. But their streaming videos all have one thing in common. They are done with your mobile device. This is a problem for a couple of reasons.

First of all live streaming for a mobile is only 100% integrated for Apple (iOS) devices. Its still not fully integrated for Droids (like I have).

Second of all streaming live from your mobile device is cool if you want to do a mediocre quality, shaky, talking head video. But what if you want to do a higher quality video with your web cam? What if you want do share your screen or do a slide show presentation? Well I guess you can hold your phone up to your computer screen, but that’s kind of lame. So really your out of luck.

In the FB Live Wire training Ray explains how to use a free open source software along with his special methods to steam live video from your computer, desktop or webcam right into Facebook.

So why is this important?

Well first of all you have to understand the evolution of online content. First it was text (think late 80’s / early 90’s). Then it was graphical (think the mid 90’s to early 2000’s) from there the proffered content of choice evolved to video. In fact video has been king for quite a while now. I mean on YouTube alone there is something like 6 billion hours of video watched every month. With hundreds of millions more hours being watched on Facebook.

Well guess what the next evolution in online content is? Its live video. The technology is finally here and its also what people want. I mean ask yourself honestly. What would you prefer to watch, a recorded event, or a live event? If your like 90% of the people online you would prefer a live event. Also Facebook knows that people prefer it and because of that they show live videos in more news-feeds than any other content type. Live videos are more personal, entertaining, and engaging.

But it goes beyond just giving the people what they want. It also has very practical application for the online marketer and frankly can be a huge opportunity. The most obvouse use is for branding and building a relationship, which is what people use the phone live events for. But by following Rays teaching you can learn how to do screen shares live videos which opens up an ton of new potential. Now you can do live presentations, reviews, and demos and have them right inside of Facebook. Just think if the possibilities!

We all know that webinars convert well and are a great way to make money. But the problem for new people is that they have no list or other way to get people to come to their webinar. Well with FB Live Wire you can do a live webinar right inside of Facebook and reach dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people without ever even having a list.

Normally I only speak about the FE of a product I am writing about however this time I’m going to make an exception because I believe that the OTO is something you should for sure consider picking up. The price of FB Live Wire is going to start at $7 (yea it surprised me to that it was so low) and is going to slowly increase to $9. This training is going to teach you how to run live desktop, screenshare, webcam videos from your fan page. The OTO is $17 and in this Ray is going to teach you how to run these same kinds of videos on your Facebook group or in your own timeline. He is also going to give you a script to make this work.  Im a huge fan of Facebook groups and because of this I really think the OTO is something worth upgrading to.

I guess that I don’t have to tell you that I really like this product so to close I will just say this. Even if you decide that FB Live Wire is not for you I urge you to accept one important thing. Live video is the future of internet content. Its going to be massive on Facebook very soon and its going to totally change the game. This is the future, and it is something that I fully believe serous marketers are going to be embracing one way or another.








BONUS: Hey isn’t this the part where I’m suppose to tantalize you with a whole bunch of PLR stuff to clutter your hard drive and get you to buy FB Live Wire though my link? Well sorry to say that I’m not going to be doing that today. Instead I’m going to urge you take action on the training should you decide to purchase it. I will however give you my FB Link Post WordPress plugin totally free with no strings attached just for taking the time to visit my site and check out my review. This is the plugin that I personally use to post clickable call to action graphics to Facebook (most often in my group). You can download it here as my thanks for stopping by.

(If you decide to grab my free plugin feel free to click one of the social share buttons on the left side of this site .. hint hint .. lol)

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Thanks Brett, a very informative review and love the technique of offering a gift just for dropping in. To reciprocate I have liked it on FB and also sent a Tweet. Wishing you and Ray Lane great success with this.


    Hey Brett.

    Awesome thanks for the freebie but before installing do you happen to have a demo or screenshot of what the, “FB Link Post WordPress plugin” looks like in action? The reason why I ask is because with all the social integration I’m very selective of what I install on my site and try to avoid plugin conflicts where I can.


      So you want me to give you a screenshot etc for something I give you for free because your ‘selective’ with what you install? Interesting response. Most people just thank me for giving them a freebie.


        Sorry, I didn’t mean any disrespect and totally appreciate the valuable freebie. I’ll just try it out and contact you if I have any questions.

    John Lach

    Brett, Thank You, for your Gifts…
    First I want to tell you I had lost my internet for going on 2 weeks, glad to get it back up!
    Second I wish all who see this to remember what the True Meaning of this Weekend is about… What is not important, the weather, picnics, travel, summer..
    What makes this most important is remembering all the sacrifices, men and women have made for us. Memorial Day is to remember Our Armed Service Personnel, Our Police and Fire Services, and I want to include all the world people that lived during World Crisis during the 1930 – 1946… Those were the Dark Years. Our Countries gave much for the price of FREEDOM… Not just those that gave their lives, but those here on the home fronts.. For years I have been trying to get support to Honor the “Average Citizen” by placing a Flag on their grave site… This is to recognize what they went through… If it was not for them, Our Fighting Forces would not have had the Equipment, Money, Food, Resources, to give us Today.. They knew what sacrifice means. They planted Victory Gardens, Food and Fuel Rationing, Black Outs, “Loose Lips Sink Ships” Buying War Bonds… Working in the factories building Air Planes, Ships and Tanks… Everything needed to end World War…
    Let us give Thanks to those still alive, and those that have now gone to graves, Our Every Day Heroes !
    I want to wish you all a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Week, God Bless us all!

    Sincerely, John Lach

    Mark Armstrong?

    Brett have you tried this? Wouldn’t this also work for Snapchat and all the others?

    Phillip Lopez

    I didn’t even read your review. I just saw that you liked it, I loved that you gave away a free plugin and I immediately saw that this would help me with stuff I’m trying to do on FB anyways. Thanks Brett.

    Lore Trujillo

    Thanks for the present Brett, seems to be very helpful

    Carlos Targon

    How does FB Link Post WordPress works? do you have a link for demo?

    George Dianderas

    Hey Brett
    Back again. Thanks for your valuable review. Also thanks for the FB Link Post Plug in. Speaking of Plugins can you share the name of the “prove your human” post filter?
    Thanks George


    This is interesting. One problem this could alleviate if you do goto webinar is that their mobile app sucks and mobile users get no chat.


      I think it will be great for people who dont have a big huge list to get people into a webinar, since you can put it right on Facebook where people already are.

        Martyn Brown

        That very point is what sells it for me, Brett. I have a lot of clients who don’t have massive lists to perform to and so, Facebook is where the people they do have, already are. So why not do it there?

        Looking forward to the launch. Any idea of the time of launch for UK residents, Brett?


    Thanks Brett, appreciate it.

    gil baller


    Thank you for the free plugin,you are the best!!!!!!

    Debbie Brooks

    Awesome, thanks for the goodie, You always have the best goodies ? I’m excited to try this one!

    Ronnie Rokk Smith

    Great interview Brett, seems like a cool product Ray has there.


    Thanks Brett. This is probably the most unique product I’ve seen presented in IM in years. I own quite a few of these broadcast softwares: OBS, XSPLIT, WireCast, VMix, and others. While broadcasting live to FB is relatively new, streaming live internet has been around for quite some time. The live video adoption in IM has been slow in my opinion due to the complexity of setup and the clear confusion many have about when to use webinars versus live broadcasts.



    Thanks so much for your generosity!

    You and Mike Thomas are two marketers I strive to emulate in my own business!

    Thanks for your service by the way!


    i would like to ask what are the tools needed for the product?

    do i have to upload video to youtube / video ranking

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