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3.5/ 5

Creator: Fergal Downes
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Low cost, solid training, no hype


No text version, video only

Hello everyone Brett here and at reader request I’m taking a look at Cray-Z E-Z Profits by Fergal Downes. So what is Cray-Z E-Z Profits (besides a product with a funny name). Well its a video training course meant to take you through the process of being an affiliate marketer. The course is not super […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Hello everyone Brett here and at reader request I’m taking a look at Cray-Z E-Z Profits by Fergal Downes.

So what is Cray-Z E-Z Profits (besides a product with a funny name). Well its a video training course meant to take you through the process of being an affiliate marketer. The course is not super long, its 7 main videos each one being about 5-7 minutes long. The videos cover what I know to be very sound principles and ways to get started with affiliate marketing.

The videos themselves are clear and to the point. Fergal has a bit of an accent but not so much that he was difficult to understand in any way. Unlike some video training I have seen I found the videos to be of good quality. They area easy to follow and not drawn out and boring. Also unlike some I have seen there are no barking dogs in the background.


What I really like about this product is that there is no super hype. The goal of these videos is to take the newbie and get them to the point where they have a solid action plan to make $70 a day with little work. I can say from personal experience that this is a very realistic goal and I was glad to see that Fergal didn’t use crazy hype claiming people are going to make a thousand dollars in 30 seconds while they sleep. I personally dont like people who make those crazy claims. This is solid training that sets an achievable goal.

While I still do (and always will) advocate product creation as the #1 way to make money online I fully understand that a lot of people dont have the initial time investment that product creation requires. Also some people just want some side income (which is fine). For these people affiliate marketing can be a viable choice. One thing I will say as a person who does both product creation and affiliate marketing is that while I make lots more from selling my own products there is a certain satisfaction in getting an affiliate sale and realizing that you just made some money selling something that you did not have to even create.

$70 a day does not sound like to much at first but when you think about it that’s a nice bit of cash every month. $2100 a month is over $24,000 a year. That’s like having a second income for a lot of people. Heck even only half of that ($35) a day is good income for something your not putting hours and hours a day into.

There where only two things I did not like about this. The first is that the video’s have generic names like “Video 1″ , Video 2” etc. I would have preferred to see the videos have names that relate to there content. This way someone with a bit of knowledge could jump around and watch just the subjects they need to learn more about. The second thing is that the training is video only. While I prefer to watch videos myself I am aware that a lot of people like to read training. This would have been a nice addition. Neither of these things are bad enough to turn me off to this product however.

The price for this training is only $7 which is quite good. Where I live you cant get a decent lunch for $7 so I think this product is a good value for anyone who does not have the time or desire to get into product creation. I’m going to give this my stamp of approval for the following reasons: A) Solid training, B) No super hype or crazy promises B) Excellent price





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    Michael Rodd

    Happy Holidays Brett,

    Wow what a great bonus you are offering here. You have got me Gob smacked again!


    Thanks guys. I really want to help everyone I can to make money online. One of the biggest barriers in making money online is just getting the motivation to take action and get started. Im hoping that by giving 100% commissions to one of my products I can get people who buy this affiliate training motivated to use what it teaches and start making money as an affiliate.


    Hi Bret

    Lost your email so don’t know where to send receipt and aff details.



      Alan, you cant just email me your receipt ID to get set up as an affiliate. You need to go to JVZoo log into your affiliate account, search for “squeezematic” and then send me an affiliate request. Vendors cant just sign people up JVZoo does not allow that, affiliates must request to be affiliates. When you request to be an affiliate send me a message (there is a message section) with your receipt ID and I will upgrade you to 100% commission. Also Im sorry for not giving more clear instructions.

    Daniel Bean

    Bought on your recommendation. I’m contemplating getting my son to make his teeth on the project. I will have him go through both courses and then sign up as an affiliate.

    Thank you Brett.



    D comments show that if one buys this product you are going to give the person a 100% commission on your product, is this 100% commission offer still available now?

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