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2.5/ 5

Creator: Simon Warner
Type: Desktop Software


The software works well and as intended


Does not offer much more than what free services offer

Today I am doing a review of  Instant Domain Sniper by Simon Warner.           Ok so what is Instant Domain Sniper? Well its an Adobe Air software that lets people search for domain names. Now anyone can search for domain names by just going to GoDaddy or something and randomly enter […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I am doing a review of  Instant Domain Sniper by Simon Warner.







Ok so what is Instant Domain Sniper? Well its an Adobe Air software that lets people search for domain names. Now anyone can search for domain names by just going to GoDaddy or something and randomly enter in domain names but there are two big problems with doing it this way.

The first is obvouse that its super time consuming and quite frankly a real pain in the rear. Ten years ago it wasn’t so hard to find a good domain name but that was then. Today it seems like almost everything good is taken. If you try just randomly checking domain names you will see what I mean. You can spend an hour typing in word combinations and still not find a domain name that is available (especially as a .com).

The second problem is that you get no information on the domain names. Normally your just told if they are available or not.

So what kind of information would you want to know about a domain name you are considering buying? Well first you have to understand that domain names get recycled. You see when someone lets a domain name expire this domain name normally, after a period of time, becomes available for purchase again. Some of these domain names are going to already have page rank in Google, back links, and Alexa ratings. By buying a domain name that is already ranked and has back links you can get a jump on building your site.

Instant Domain Sniper is designed to search all available domain names and give you important data on its existing page rank, back links, and other ratings.

I was given a review copy and I ran a couple of searches. The way it works is that you enter keywords that you would like to see in your domain name and it will search for available domains. There are also filters you can enable to narrow down the results.

So how did it work? While I found the interface to be a little clunky at times it did work well. It certainly did not find ALL of the domain names available (more on that later) but it did find a decent number and it did provide me with the back linking , page ranking and other data. There are some other functions like keyword suggestion etc, but honestly I did not find these to be very useful at all. Overall I will say that this software reasonably does what it is designed to do.

Now I want to be clear. The developers of this software are tying to promote it as a ‘game changer’ in the IM / make money online business. In fact here is one of the email subjects that they suggest for people who want to promote this: “UNBEATABLE Domain Software Changes the World of Online Marketing FOREVER“. In truth I dont see this changing the world of online marketing at all. Sure you can get a bit of an advantage by buying a ranked page but its not some guaranteed way to success. Its a minor edge. Also its a minor edge that your going to have to pay for. You see the good domains, the ones that have page rank and back links etc are basically premium domains and come with a premium price. These prices normally range from $25-30 and typically reach $200-$300. An aged domain with a lot of back links or great page rank can cost in the thousands. So really unless your willing to actually pay for a premium domain this software is not very useful anyway.  Sure you might get lucky and find a good one at low cost but I would not count on it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the core functionality of this software can be had 100% for free without the need to pay for a software. There are tons of online services that will let you search for available domain names and get statistics on them. One that I like and which is totally free is


It lets you search for available, expired, and deleted domains. Its 100% free to use, and in a few my tests it returned more results than Instant Domain Sniper for the same key words.

So whats my final thoughts on Instant Domain Sniper? While it works like it should its really only going to be of major use to people who are willing to pay for a premium domain name. Getting these domain names might give you a slight head start but for sure is not a total game changer. Also the core services of Instant Domain Sniper can be had for free from online services.  While it does offer a little bit of additional functionality  I honestly dont see anything to justify paying $47 for this software. I wanted to love it , but just couldn’t. I’m going to have to say pass.



 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Daniel Bean

    Another one bites the dust!


    Thanks Brett for another honest review. I know marketing is imperative in making money online but the way some of these marketers market their products, it makes you think that they are the only geniuses and all the rest are fools.

    Sadly, I know many will buy this because of the tons of JVs promoting it and the hype that accompanies it. But your blog is a beacon of upfront honesty which I fully appreciate and will always look for your reviews before jumping in any purchase.

    Meghan Furst


    Thank you for another great review! I am starting to depend on your honest reviews. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate having an Internet Marketer that calls it like it is. I hope that I can be just like you when I grow up (as a Marketer).


    Thanks Brett,

    Well… Simon Warner…I got some bad experience with his previous stuff which was introduced in the same tag line!

    I like your big “REJECTED” stamp.


    Brett…I just gotta say…your reviews are the only ones I trust…..! I know of nobody else in the IM arena that actually publishes negative reviews… the other honest guys (and yes, folks, there are lots 🙂 ), simply just don’t publish a review at all (and refuse to promote), when they encounter a poorly done product…….while the dishonest ones……well we all know what they do! (LOL!)

    Michael Rytter


      Yea a lot of product creators get really mad about that. The fact that I say what I think, even if its bad. When I decided to start doing reviews I came up with a simple process. I select the product to review, test it (if possible) and say exactly what I think, even if what I think is negative. I decided that this was the best way to help people because if I just ignored a bad product that still does not tell people its a bad product, for all people know I just didnt review it. This way people can always get a 100% honest opinion. In truth being totally honest costs be a lot of money as well. For example this offer right now is converting well for other marketers who dont mind pushing hype. Had I done the same I could have made $500 easy Im sure. However I cant bring myself to push something that I dont believe in. To me money is not everything, it certainly is not worth misleading people. Also it helps that I genuinely want to help people and not just squeeze every dollar I can out of them.


    hi Brett
    i’m considering getting instant domain sniper not so much for the product but for the bonus package that one particular affiliate is giving because it contains some stuff that very specific to my interest right now…. but one thing i really want to know is if instant domain sniper has upsells?

    i assume it does. Can you tell me what they and how many there are and how much they cost?

    thanks so much, i’ve just found your blog and love your style, i’ve subscribed 🙂


      Steve as a general rule I dont review up-sells. Now sometimes I do but never on a product that I dont recommend since Im not even going to recommend that people buy the front end. So I did not see the up sells for this product, sorry.

      If you feel that one of the bonus products is wroth paying the price of Instant Domain Sniper then that might be a good deal for you, but aside from that there really isn’t much that it offers (in my opinion) that cant be had for free from the URL I mentioned in the article. Still if the bonus is worth it for you then it could be a good value.


      If you’re just buying to get a bonus offered by an affiliate, who cares if it has upsells? Who cares anyway? You do know you aren’t required to buy them right?


        Your totally correct Pigeon, you should always judge the product on what value it brings in itself. Not on what other offer you will be presented with after you purchase.


    Thanks Brett –

    You just saved me ~$60. The old adage continues to be true. If it sounds too good to be true…..



    I’m new here Brett, and boy am I glad our paths have crossed! Thank you very much for your honest review of this product and helping me to save my hard-earned money! I look forward to seeing more of what you’re doing! Take care my friend!


    Hi Brett,

    Just come across your review of instant sniper and although can purchase for $19 I shall pass after reading your honest review.

    Same the rest of the so called gurus do not have the integrity to do the same and they know who they are.

    Keep up the good work


    I brought this but it is very poor. tried to get help sent a ticket (4inall) but you need a ticket ID to see the ticket reply and they don`t give out tick IDs so you can not get throgh to anyone BUT the good news I have put this person in my black list folder which I have set up so not to buy from him again.


      Well I did recommend that people not buy this. My suggestion bookmark my site and always make sure you check if I did a review. It would have saved you the frustration that you experienced and probably saved you some money.

    Whitney Segura


    I am looking for a software/tool that will allow me to enter in a specific domain name, and track the expiration dates & notify me in advance say 7 days to 24-48 hours before the domain expires, so that I can jump on it & be the first to buy it, does your website do this or do you know of any software/tools that will accommodate my needs?

    If so, I will likely buy this software. I really appreciate your time and help, thank you.

    – Whitney Segura

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