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Its low cost so you wont be wasting much money


Not as easy as they make it sound, low quality software

A couple of days ago I was hit up out of the blue on Skype from a contact I had not spoken to in about a year. The message invited me to look at a new software Social Mobi Hotsites and also included affiliate / review access without me even having to ask for it. […]

by Brett Rutecky
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    It seems like everyday I am hit up with another latest and greatest push button process to get you rich quick scheme. When I had a brick and motor business, there were plenty of these “methods to have a million dollar practice” recommended by someone not in practice in my small niche of 30K practitioners. Now that I am in IM it’s like there is a whole world of con men out there ready to take your credit card number and send you down another rabbit hole.

    You have consistently been the most honest and level headed person I have met in the business which is why I look forward to your reviews and posts and will purchase through your affiliate offers vs all the other “deals” out there. It’s almost comical the personalities that appear online with internet marketing. On one of your most recent FREE Webinars (paraphrasing), “Top 9 Reasons People Don’t Make Money Online” this product falls under violation of the following reasons; #2 The shinny object syndrome, becoming a consumer only of marketing products and software in which I have myself fallen ill with for a short period of time down the rabbit hole, but following your advice of looking at every product being offered and measuring it to see where it would fit in my business plan #3 having a business plan vs continuing to “# 4 Chase a pipe dream” & #5 Looking for the Secret as well as staying focused and committed to the process in a realistic time frame I have seen things shaping up for the better with my business. In fact less then one min into the presentation on this app I deleted it and took myself off the mailing list of the person that sent it without even reading your review. I must be learning something. Thanks Brett for your review on the product and the others to come.


      Im glad you watched that training Mark and Im even more glad that you listened! There is nothing wrong with buying tools. Every business I have ever owned needed tools or equipment and the online business is no different. However you need to really ask yourself .. does this fit into my plan .. am I really going to benefit from this .. or is it just hype thats making me do an impulse buy?


    Just taking a long overdue minute to say thanks for these reviews. I almost always check in first to see what you have to say. I really like it when I have a negative instinct and you say the same thing or bring something even worse to light. I love that rating system with the stars. Is it a plugin? Thanks for the time you take to do these.


    Great review….sounds like my ” 30 years of offline sales MKTing ” experience. It’s hard knocks to sales…..nothing ” Passive ” to 97% of offline sales. As you mention, it’s not the 1st attempt to create and use ” local directories “.

    It appears that the ” cloud access ” application is still in the development side.

    This product launch has many ” known names ” as Primaries. Then some good Launch MKTing ” copy-writing “…..! Considering many who might purchase will just let it collect dust on their hard drives….it’s appears to be just a ” shinner “.

    My fishing tackle box has many different items with ” sparkles and spinners ”

    Thanks for your time for the review and detail description for those who seriously considered the possibly of a purchase of this application.


    I always check here before I buy. Thank you for saving me some money!!

    Doc Grayson

    They are using WordPress because they are just recycling the same product from two years ago. They are self hosting because I took the product and have been supporting and improving it. They didn’t want that happening again. Good Review by the way.

    Jeff Penchoff


    Foolishly I purchased this product before reading your (highly accurate I might add) review. Wow. This product not only fails on almost every level for me, the sales page is VERY misleading. The words “passive income” should be removed asap if these guys don’t want to get in serious trouble down the road.

    I watched their video tutorials and that was all I needed to see that you were right. I immediately requested a refund.

    I own 2 other SqueezeMobi products and they were both of very high quality and well worth the money. This product is neither.

    Thanks for your honesty. All of us fans of your reviews appreciate it.

    Kind Regards,



    This morning, I was about to purchase this product, but when I asked them on the chat how am I suppose to compete locally with heavy directory hitters like Yelp, YP, InfoSearch and many others, the response was lame unconvincing. I immediately suspected they wanted to avoid the actual answer, meaning, I’ll be on my own with this.

    Now. a few hours later, I’m reviewing your professional comments and I’m glad I didn’t go for it. I have wasted literally 1000’s of dollars that I’m tired of scams and shiny objects.

    Thanks for your advice, everything you said on your review I found to be true.


    My main focus for traffic when I started out was seo. I think it’s easier and better to rank local, low competition, long tail keyword pages & sell or rent those to businesses. IE: dentists that accept abc insurance in costa mesa califonia.

    These type of phrases can rank on the first page wit no extra effort.. It’s easier to sell a first page ranking than a non ranked listing. 🙂


      I agree its more easy to rank for those very long tail keywords. But since the only way to monetize this product is to sell listings to a local business the more specific you get the more your just limiting your potential customers. Your also limiting the sites traffic as well. For example, in your example: How many dentists do you really think there will be in Costa Mesa California that accept ABC insurance? Costa Mesa has a population of about 109,000 people. It might have 50 dentists total. And if ABC insurance is something obscure then there might be 10-20 that accept it. This is a very small potential customer base.

      Since the only people who are likely to search for that term is people who have ABC insurance in Costa Mesa even though you rank well you wont get a large amount of traffic either.

      Also as I said those dentists are not going to start calling you up on their own trying to give you their money. Be assured you will have to proactively sell to them.

    Johnny G

    Thanks Brett for another on point review to help us steer clear of another time waster. I too joined in on not one but two webinars about this product and asked questions that mirrored your review weak points about this product. The moderators would respond to the questions with basically non-answers. It’s sad that these IM veterans who have large followings are willing to back these products and host webinars pushing them when they evidently have not even done their own homework to confirm that the premise is feasible. This one was way too easy to shoot holes in………


      Unfortunately a lot of marketers base their decision to promote on three things. 1) How good the sales page copy is and 2) What he commissions / prizes are for the product and 3) If they are friends with the vendor. If the product is a quality one and a value to the buyer is often not even considered.


    I always try to find your review first on a product I want to buy, and your honest, detailed opinion have helped me save lots of money already on some products I intended to buy.
    Thanks a lot Bret.


    Great review. I am about to buy this but as I am a junkie but lately frustrated with all these rubbish IM products and claims of making money etc; I plan to check this so called social mobi hotsites out, as I have a hunch looking at their vague sales page and grand claims. Looks like its another junk…
    Claims of getting traffic just by listing some sites on it is an irresponsible claim.


    Hey there! Do you know if they make any plugins to assist with Search Engine Optimization? I’m trying to get my blog
    to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good success.
    If you know of any please share. Kudos!

    Charles Cox



      Sorry you had a bad experience Charles. However hundreds of people who read my review where warned and saved their money by not purchasing this. Its always a good idea to check my blog before you purchase. I always tell how it is and I’m not afraid to say when a product is bad.


    just got an email on this recently from someone i thought had my best interest. not! thank you


    Hi Brett,
    Gee thanks for the great review. I received an email offering great bonuses to this product. When I got there the pay button was gone, so I couldn’t purchase with their link. So I got to wondering why they would do that. I thought maybe they realised the product wasn’t as it was being portrayed and stopped being an affiliate for it.

    The sales page seemed to not add up either and so I went looking for more information, I couldn’t find any info on jv zoo about how many they have sold either.

    I found your review and because I trust you I’m listening.

    From my own opinion I think they are not being fully upfront about their product and leaves the reader to wondering about certain aspects of the sales page.

    They tell you the 3 autoresponders you can use… they do not say and more, you are left to wonder if you have to go and get an aweber or get response or a mail chimp account. It turns out you can but it isn’t mentioned on the sales page that you can.

    I did wonder as well what exactly you could do if you activated the local marketing as they weren’t specific about it on the sales page and so I sent off an email which they were really quick to reply, but the reply was not as informative as I would like, so up until I read this review I was still wondering.

    I took a look at the url you mentioned in one of your replies and what the customer sees is absolutely not professional looking at all.

    I do have a local website where I intended to lease out subdomains to clients to generate leads for them and I thought this product might be something that I could use, but after this review and seeing that dammed ugly directory page that clients would be greeted with, I won’t be using it.

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