Viral Loop 2.0 [review]

Tonight I’m writing my review of the new Viral Loop 2.0 WordPress theme.


I interviewed Cindy about her new Viral Loop 2.0 however unfortunately it looks like there was a bit of a tech issue and at times her audio faded and got a little low. Still the interview is worth watching so I put it up anyway. However if you don’t want to watch the video I’m just going to dive right into my review of this product.

The first and most obvouse question is what exactly is Viral Loop? Well its a WordPress theme and I became interested in for two specific reasons. First of all WordPress is the most popular blog / site builder in the world and every site that uses WordPress needs a theme. Second of all one of the most asked questions I get from people is about which theme they should use. For these reasons I decided to check out  Viral Loop.

Now one thing I have said many times is that software is a tool, and good software is a tool that makes your life easier. While a theme technically is not a software, it can be a tool. Most people think of WordPress themes as just a thing that dictates how your site will look, and while that is a definite part of what a theme does, the really good ones can also add functionality to your site as well. In essence becoming a tool.

On the front Viral Loop is a very functional theme. It comes with many different pre-made designs, has a lot of flexibility, and is super easy to customize (no tech skill required). Here is a look at a site made with Viral Loop (click the graphic to view the actual demo site in a new browser tab).



Frankly the fact that it is a great layout, with pre-made designs to quickly select from, and is super easy to customize would be enough for me to like Viral Loop 2.0. However this theme actually goes way beyond design by providing a lot of additional functionality. First of all it comes with an automatic slider that builds slides based on your existing posts. This is really cool because I have seen WordPress plugins that do just this that cost $25+ just for that functionality. But Viral Loop does not stop there, it has a built in banner system for anyone doing any kind of affiliate or product marketing. Want to do physical product? Well Viral Loop 2.0 has its own Amazon search and auto post functionality that creates niche relevant posts to your site automatically with Amazon affiliate products you can promote. It has a ton of social / share functionality. It even has its own built in membership functionality (with autoresponder integration so you can capture emails). Still thats not all Viral Loop does and quite frankly if I listed all the functionality it provides along with being a great looking theme this would be a very long review. In fact when I was interviewing Cindy she was showing off the functionality that Viral Loop 2.0 has and at one point I had to cut her off and have her stop explaining all the things this thing does because the interview was getting to long. So just suffice it to say that this is not only a great looking theme, it is an extreamly robust theme that is going to suit the needs of all kinds of websites from Amazon sites, to affiliate sites, niche sites, and authority sites.

After seeing all the pre-made designs, built in functionality and ease of customization I started to wonder about the price. I figured it would almost have to be a bit on the high side because there was obviously a ton of work putting into the development of this theme. However Cindy shocked me when she told me what it is. Its in fact much lower than just about all the themes you will find on sites like Theme Forest (even less powerful ones). She then shocked me again when she let me know that Viral Loop 2.o comes with an unlimited site license and full developer rights on the front end. No upgrade required. What this means is that you can use this theme on as many sites as you like, on clients and customers sites, and you can even sell the sites that you build with this theme.

Anyone who does not understand how much value this is for the low price she is asking should take a moment to head over the Theme Forest and see what kid of prices they charge, and often for themes that are not as good as Viral Loop 2.0. Here is an actual example of what an ‘extended’ license (which is basically the same as the developers license you get with Viral Loop) costs for a theme on Theme Forest.



Yea, that’s right almost three grand for the theme itself and then you have to pay almost an additional nine hundred dollars just to get a year of support. But dont worry, Viral Loop is priced very much less than that (and you don’t have to buy support). I just wanted everyone to get a fair understanding of what kind of value Cindy is giving away when she is including the unlimited site license and the developer rights on the front end purchase instead of as an expensive up-sell.

So what do I think of Viral Loop 2.0? Well you probably guessed that I really like it. I was excited enough about it that I did not even try to hide that fact in this review. This theme is great looking, comes with pre-made layouts you can select with the click of a button, is super flexible, and has tons of functionality built into it (things that you would normally have to buy plugins to get). Add to that the amazing value that you get with the unlimited site license and the free developer rights and this is really a no brainer win. In fact I can honestly give this the best approval  possible which is: While I got my copy for free as a respected product reviewer, if I did not get a free copy I would 100% for sure buy this myself. This is a solid investment and an amazing value.








Bonus: Even though Viral Loop 2.o is a fantastic value on its own, I asked Cindy for a little extra for my readers, as usual she over delivered there and provided me with a huge bonus pack for anyone who picks up Viral Loop though my link.



I have added access instructions to these bonuses right inside of JVZoo. Click here to get Viral Loop 2.p and the bonuses listed above.



A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.
  1. Kayol Hope, 27 October, 2016

    I’m interested but just bought a developer license for some themes and some domains to use in some niche sites the other day. How long is the early-bird price available?

  2. Brett Rutecky, 27 October, 2016

    I think the price is going up tonight actually, to the full launch price, (which is still discounted but just not as much) .. The launch is 5 days I believe.

  3. Kayol Hope, 28 October, 2016

    So yeah, bought my copy (just kind of wished I had clicked the buy now button at the early bird price of $27 instead of waiting a bit (got it for $29 USD which exchange rate from CAD is really starting to hurt) …oh well. Flip 1 site and it will more than pay for itself 😉

  4. Nigel, 27 October, 2016

    Dammit Brett,This is the second item today that I’ve bought through you but I have immediate uses for both ( more for your bonus with my other purchase) so I am sure they will pay for themselves in the near future :).

  5. Tim, 27 October, 2016

    Cindy is a wonderful and kind person. I’ve had great products from her before.
    This product also looks very promising.
    Thanks for the review Brett.

  6. Bill, 27 October, 2016

    Looks awesome !!. Is it mobile responsive?.

  7. Brett Rutecky, 27 October, 2016

    It is as you can easily tell if you look at the example I linked to on a mobile. Here is a tip to, if you want to see if something is mobile easily just resize the window on a desktop, if the site changes in a small window it will be mobile responsive 🙂

  8. Rolando, 27 October, 2016

    Hi Brett this is a really game booster theme and for all the value that Cindy provide as the unlimited licenses and develop right. Wow is really good. Thanks for your review

  9. Brett Rutecky, 27 October, 2016

    People in this space often expect things for free. As if developers should just keep giving them free upgrades for no other reason than they feel entitled to it. I am totally against that thought process. Everyone deserves to get paid for their work, regardless of what many customers in this space think.

  10. Mark, 27 October, 2016

    Hi Brett, I had every intention of purchasing 2.0, but given it was less than a year ago since the first version was released, I was only wanting to confirm what was required.

    The vendor has confirmed with me that version 1.0 does include future updates.

  11. Paul, 28 October, 2016

    Hi Brett, thank you for the review. I have watched your video and the videos on the site even though they were long because this sounds like another great product from Cindy and very useful!
    One can always come up with a boatload of features missing in new products that one wish were there but here’s a simple one I hope they will add to the signup of new members:
    “Prove you are human”. Like the one you use below or any form of captcha. Maybe it is there but when I checked the demos I could not see it. I have had to add it to several of my sites because they were bombarded with signups from “machines”. BUT I will be buying it.

  12. Brett Rutecky, 28 October, 2016

    I dont believe that is included with this theme, but the good news is that there are free plugins that do this, here is just one of them found with a quick Google search:

  13. Steve, 28 October, 2016

    How Do Brett,

    Say, could you kindly elaborate on what can be imported-Videos, Screen cast, other Themes?
    Thank You,


  14. Brett Rutecky, 28 October, 2016

    Not sure what you mean Steve.

  15. Dave, 28 October, 2016

    Hi Brett , Cindy mentioned training videos, purchased the product and there are no training videos to be found. Are these videos provided in the plugin itself as you always provide. You’ve spoiled me with that (lol)

  16. Dave, 28 October, 2016

    MY Bad !!!!!! I went back over everything in my purchase of Viral Loop and the training videos are located within the plugin as you always do. I hope everyone sees this and doesn’t be as dumb as myself!

  17. Brett Rutecky, 28 October, 2016

    Ha dont feel bad. The other day I went to a gas station and tried to pay with a debit card. After entering in my pin, zip code and waiting for like 2 minutes in the cold on a rainy day the pump told me I had to go inside and see the cashier. When I went in the owner, working at the desk told be that they dont take debit outside. I responded that he should put up a frigging sign or something so people are not standing outside in the cold going through the motions for no reason. His answer: Ummm .. there is one. I paid, went outside and sure enough, right under the keypad is a sign that says “Debt users please go inside to pay”. Point being, everyone is kind of dumb once in a while, and people generally dont notice things they are not expecting to see.

  18. Harold Burch, 29 October, 2016

    Brett, is this a relaunch of the same product from April of this year? I bought Viral Loop back then from Cindy. The theme doesn’t say 2.0, but the User’s Guide does.



  19. Brett Rutecky, 29 October, 2016

    Well its version 2 so yes at some point they launched version 1 I believe. Not sure if releasing a second version qualifies for the term ‘relaunch’ though.

  20. Paun Redzhev, 29 October, 2016

    Brett, I’ve bought Viral Loop trough your link, but for unknown reason the payment in JVzoo is marked as “refunded”. After many communication mails with support team, they told me to buy the theme again but with the higher price ($33). I’m quite dissapointed not still getting the theme and your bonuses.

  21. Brett Rutecky, 29 October, 2016

    Not sure what this has to do with me honestly. Nor can I say why you where refunded given that I am not the person you purchased from.

  22. Lani Lou, 29 October, 2016

    Hello Brett. Purchased this through your link. How do i access your special bonuses? Thanks.

  23. Brett Rutecky, 29 October, 2016

    Log into JVZoo, view your receipt for the purchase, click the button at the bottom for my bonus.

  24. David Robertson, 03 November, 2016

    Wondering Lani, did you ever get your bonuses? Or too busy setting it up?

    I had the same issue, Brett’s link goes to page (right id in address bar)
    but it has a buy button with a different id for the sale so NO bonuses…. not happy!
    Hovering over the BUY button still gives:



  25. David Robertson, 03 November, 2016

    FYI I bought on
    Friday 28th of October 2016 09:34:18 AM

  26. Brett Rutecky, 03 November, 2016

    No that is not my link, that is the buy button for this product, which has nothing to do with my link (or anyone’s for that matter).
    If your seeing that in the address bar it is correct, and buying will get you my bonuses. Which as I said are inside of JVZoo.

  27. Bas, 29 October, 2016

    It would be nice to publish an executive summary. That is a report in a few sentences that describe what it is all about.
    I do not want to watch videos and long descriptions to find out what it is all about. Maybe at the end it is clear what it is all about?

  28. Brett Rutecky, 29 October, 2016

    No disrespect but if you lack the motivation to read a 1100 word independent review of a product your considering buying, which would take about 5 1/2 minutes at the average reading speed, your probably beyond help anyway.

  29. Jake Steinbrenner, 01 November, 2016

    Hi Brett,

    Is this theme compatible with Fresh Store Builder or is it only for a new WP site from scratch?


  30. Brett Rutecky, 01 November, 2016

    Fresh Store Builder is not WordPress. Your going to need a WordPress site to use a WordPress theme of course 🙂

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