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Hello everyone today Im taking a look at Fan BOOM


So when you first check out the Fan Boom sales video it claims that its going to give you an explosion of cash and leads. It also claims that its a ‘cash and lead magnet’. Well I have one thing to say about that. What a bunch of total horse sh*t!  Honestly Im so sick of dirty marketers using hype to suck money out of good honest people who are just trying to make it. It really pisses me off.

Ok so what is Fan Boom? Its a WordPress plugin that lets you make tabs on your fan pages. Now that in itself is not a horrible thing. I myself have sold fan page app creators (Tab Engine). However I have recently fully admitted that these kinds of apps are loosing their viability in the Facebook platform. In fact I canceled the WSO on my own Tab Engine quite a while ago and I dont actively promote it anymore (even though it does a lot more than make just page tabs)

But that’s not the big thing that really drives be crazy about this product. The big thing that is all the pure garbage that spews forth from the narrator of the demo video. From the very start to the very end just about everything  he says (except when he explains the plug in itself) is total nonsense.

He starts off saying that its going to give you an explosion of cash and leads, really from a app on a fan page? Well  I guess he forgot about the fact that well over 90% of your Facebook fans will never actually visit your fan page let alone a tab on the fan page. What this means is that they are not going to know about your app unless you run a Facebook ad that points to it. Oops forgot to mention that little (very important) fact eh?

The app itself seems poorly done. You can see the scroll bars on the right side of the tab on Facebook. This is a good sign that it was made by people that dont know what they are doing (since Facebooks own API provides functions to auto resize the page and eliminate the scroll bars). Also it includes a ‘share gate’ feature which requires people to share in order to enter contests or to continue. Sounds great right? Wrong! Requiring people to share is against Facebooks TOS. Here is an idea Fan Boom, actually do a little research before you make a product. Brilliant concept huh!

Towards the end of the video the narrator claims that you can get Fan Boom at a huge discount for the next 7 days. They claim that the normal price is $197 but are giving a 7 day special.  The problem is that the video was made about 10 months ago. Sure the price has gone up to $37, but it was a dime sale originally (starting at $27) so basically the price didn’t change at all and this 7 day special was false scarcity. I have said it before and I will say it again. Lying to your potential customers is not a good way to earn their trust. If you have to lie to your customers to get them to buy your stuff then you need to start building better stuff.

So to sum up: FanBoom is a software that has little real value anymore, which makes outrageous claims, and has a sales video that is deliberately misleading. Oh and I almost forgot some of its functions break Facebooks TOS.  Does this one earn my approval? NO WAY! Sorry Fan Boom your to little, to late, to hype, and to poorly done.


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  1. Byrt, 01 June, 2014

    Scammers come and they go and new ones take their place! What a great review.
    What will do we without a Brett Rutecky looking out for us!! Brett I thank you so much for calling out a bad product that’s trying to disguise as a good product.
    Much thanks!

  2. Seann, 28 November, 2014

    Thanks for another honest review! I got an email for Fan Boom today selling it for $29.95 for the Pro version lifetime license. No telling what the Elite version is going for. I couldn’t find anything on it. So, after looking it over, my BS alarm went off and I thought I should see if you gave a review on it and voila! I dumped the email. Next! I have Tab Engine, Squeezematic and Fancy Forms. I love the last two and never really used Tab Engine so I can’t comment.
    Thanks again!

  3. Keith, 15 January, 2016

    Have you done away with Tab Engine Brett??? Tab Engine is one heck of a software!


    Keith Mac

  4. Brett Rutecky, 15 January, 2016

    Tab Engine became outdated with Facebooks last API change. I kept it running for 2 years after I stopped selling it, but it hit its EOL (end of life)

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