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Hey everyone today I’m doing what is possibly the hardest review I have ever done. The thing that makes it had is that I have a real and true moral conflict. You see the product Im reviewing is by Mehdi Tihani. I have worked with this guy before. Promoting his products and him promoting mine. Also I feel like continuing to work with him might lead to some really good exposure for myself and the products I create. The problem is his latest WP Plugin which Im about to review is total junk. Even worse he knows it, but is going to release it anyway!

Its scheduled for release on April 24th and he gave me a review copy to look at. I had a lot of internal conflict on what to do. To be 100% honest I considered promoting it for a second to further advance myself. But that thought only lasted a second. No matter how much it will benefit me I just can’t bring myself to promote a product that is not good. Then I thought well I could compromise and just ignore it and pretend like he never gave me a review copy. But that goes against the heart of what I’m doing with this blog. I know of a bad product that’s going to soon be released with much hype and fan fair. I know people are going to waste their money on this one. How can I just sit here and do nothing when I have the opportunity to tell people the truth? The answer is I cant! So Mehdi, Im sorry if this one makes you mad, I’m sorry if it ruins any chance of a future business relationship between us. But I have to be loyal to the people who trust me to be honest.

Here is a 100% totally honest review of Social Trap: Being released by Mehdi Tihani on April 24th 2014

Ok so the basic idea of this plug in is that it puts a pop up over your website that forces people to like your fan page our website before they can continue to the site. You can optionally have a countdown time that will cause it to auto close and also have a manually close button if yu choose. The sales page preview I was shown goes on to say things like this pop up will “turn visitors into fans and traffic generating magnets!” 



This entire thing is full of problems. First let my start with the concept. The sales page is very misleading about what happens when someone likes your fan page or website. They want you to believe that every time a person clicks the like button it shows in all their friends timelines and everyone else is going to see this and suddenly go to your website themselves. Well sorry to say. That’s NOT going to happen. In fact you dont have to take my word for it. Go to your Facebook home page right now and look at your timeline. What do you see? You see things your friends have posted and shared. What dont you see? You dont see the fan pages and websites that your friends have liked! Facebook does not show this. Why? Because people like so many things every day if they did the entire timeline would be nothing but like notices. So right from the jump this plugin’s entire concept is flawed and the sales copy is deliberately misleading you.

Lets continue and see what else this is suppose to do. The sales page I was shown also says that this will allow you to “market to and connect with on demand”. They are talking about the fans. Saying you can market to them and connect to them on demand for free. They even go on to say that this is better than an email list because auto responders charge more when your list gets bigger. Are they kidding! Market to and connect to your fans for free? I guess they never heard of ‘edge rank’ eh? I guess they forgot about the fact that Facebook is only going to show  your posts to 10% or so of you fans unless you pay to boost the post? I guess they forgot that even out of those 10% there is no guarantee that people actually read the post, it just means that Facebook put the post on 10% of your fans timelines. If you actually want to connect with and market to your Facebook fans you have  to pay to boost the post. That is pay every single time you have a message to tell them. The sales copy flat out deceives you.

The plug in itself is not very well written. Features dont work correctly and lots of features that should be in it are missing. There is no stats. It would have been great to see how many people choose to let the time run out, or how many people click the close button instead of the like button (if you have the close button option on) etc. But there is no stats at all. Also there could have been other cool features like Share to continue. This would actually have had some value since share’s do show on your friends timelines unlike likes. But the creator of this plug in opted not to add any of this. Why you wonder? Well he told me why. He said its because he didn’t want to spend the money to add features. He just wanted to develop something quick and simple that he thought people would still buy. Here is a conversation I had with him on Skype.

I hit Mehdi up on Skype and pointed out all of the missing features and flaws with this plug in. Including the fact that likes have little value:



I also suggested that since he was a while away from launch he still had time to improve it. I Even though he agreed that this was lacking he had no interest in creating a quality product. Instead wanting to sell this poor quality version first and then do a second version later, I even offered to fix it for him, so that it would then be a quality product I could feel comfortable promoting. Notice I didn’t even ask him to pay me to make the plug in a good one and he still declined without even a thought.

In the sales page he claims that he has gotten thousands of new likes from this plug in. Well I wanted to see if this was true or not. I wanted to see if the creator of this plug in felt confident enough in it that he was actually using it himself. So I asked him to link me to his WordPress site that he is using it on. His response was even more shocking than I expected!


Ok whats so shocking? He says he removed the plugin from his website because he wants to focus on growing his Facebook page. But I thought this plugin was going to “convert traffic to the site into life long Facebook fan page fans”? I thought this plug in DID grow your fan page? If so why would he remove it from his site if he wants to grow his fan page? The only answer can be because he knows this plug in is total garbage. Its so bad he wont even use it himself! Even when he is doing what the plug in is suppose to do for you.

The final nail in this plugins coffin happened when I decided to look at the actual plugin code. This is something that most people will not do but that I often do. What I found blew me away!


Do you see it there? Its kind of small so I circled it for you.  This plug in is not even original. Its based off of a FREE software that was released 2 years ago under the GPL license. That is they didn’t even write this  themselves. Now its very common for programmers to use each other library’s but the fact that the copyright notice does not identify specific functions indicates that it applies to the entire thing, the whole plug in. All they did was take a free plug in, change it a little, write a bunch of misleading copy for a sales page, and now they are trying to sell it to people!

I have promoted products for Mehdi before. But unfortunately I have to say this one is no good for far to many reasons. It focuses more on misleading sales copy than on creating a quality product. I will not recommend this one at all. Its deceiving and it offers so little value that even the guy who made it does not want to use it. It really looks like the people promoting this are more interested in making a quick buck then in creating a quality usable product. Worse yet they have no problem using deceiving copy in order to get you to buy. Its such a shame.

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  1. Vince, 28 March, 2014

    Hi Brett,
    Thank you.
    I wish there were more people around like you, who have the balls to say it how it is.

  2. Irfantony, 29 March, 2014

    Thanks Brett for revealing this.
    I’m your customer and like reading your review here.

    Keep coming, pls

  3. Michael Ryter, 29 March, 2014

    Hey Brett!
    Thanks for the honesty! If you cease to do business with this guy, you won’t be missing out on anything other than a tarnished reputation! You made the right choice here….and again, thanks!

    Much Respect,
    Michael Rytter

  4. Kimberly, 29 March, 2014

    Once again, your honesty is admirable and I am thankful there is someone in the mad mad world of IM’g who actually has a conscious!

  5. Pearlie Cue, 30 March, 2014

    “Don’t buy this plugin, buy lunch instead .. thank you … & enjoy.” lmao! Thanks for this review Brett…you are the MAN! 🙂

  6. Scott, 31 March, 2014

    Thanks for the honesty, it’s refreshing to know that there are some honest people like you out there.

  7. Scott, 31 March, 2014

    Thanks for the heads up on this.

  8. Larry Fleckinger, 31 March, 2014

    Thanks for the honest review…I am sick and tired of these WSO developers selling us crap and not disclosing everything about their product. Then giving me a lame guarantee stating “if you plan on buying and then requesting a refund do not by my product…” I will not buy anymore without a 100% unconditional guarantee!

  9. Todd, 31 March, 2014

    Honorary Deputy Sheriff of the Internet Police

    Thank you for shining a light on this type of thing. Misleading and copyright infringement are serious offenses and they should be shamed more in public.

  10. Brett Rutecky, 31 March, 2014

    Misleading yes Todd, but there is no copyright infringement with this plugin that I am aware of. Not sure where you got that from.

  11. Brian F Adams, 31 March, 2014

    Appreciate the honest review. Saving my money.

  12. Joe, 31 March, 2014

    Brett, what can we say but thanks again! I don’t think I have said this before, but you are one of the main reasons I have learned to totally back off my “shiny object” buying pattern. It has taken me about 4 months to realize exactly what I was doing, but because of this blog and your honesty about products, I now have a list of about 5 or 6 internet marketeers I am willing to purchase from. I have said this before, but you are definitely on my list. I just wish you would have started this blog about two years ago so I could have saved a lot of money. Thank you again, we do appreciate what you are doing with this blog, as well as the quality products you put out.

  13. Jim, 31 March, 2014

    If you put an honest review like this in the Warrior Forum you’d be banned for life! Thanks again Brett
    for you genuine feedback and advice!

  14. John Lindsey, 31 March, 2014

    Thanks for the honest review, Brett. I’m so tired of hearing plugin pushers refer to their plugins as “traffic sucking magnets.” People need to realize, when they are reading the sales pages, plugins do whatever it is they do after the visitor is already on your site. The plugin didn’t get them there.

  15. Brett Rutecky, 31 March, 2014

    Well some plugins can help. For example share plugins help as they entice a viewer to share the site with friends. I actually suggested that there be a ‘share on Facebook’ to continue option for this plugin to its creator. Heck I even offered to add it for him. But he was not interested 🙁 Shares show in the Facebook timeline so this would have possibly brought new people. But you are correct it still would not have been a ‘traffic generating magnet’.

  16. John Lindsey, 31 March, 2014

    Do you have a plugin that will curate content and also create a silo structure?

  17. Brett Rutecky, 31 March, 2014

    Not sure exactly what your talking about John. Please use the contact section if you would like to contact me directly about a topic not related to the post and Ill be glad to help you however I can.

  18. Darryl H, 31 March, 2014

    Once again Brett you have came thru with another great review save us time and money, it’s great to have a programmer & a marketer look at some of this crap these guys are putting out on the market in hopes of making a quick dollar. One would think they your friend would have ask for suggestions on how to make his product better (You are a programmer you know) but he clearly didn’t want any suggestions on how to make his plugin better all he’s looking at is selling it and making a few bucks on something he got for free. (PLR Product) Thanks again Brett for another awesome review keep up the good work as I look forward to these weekly reviews.

  19. scott masse, 01 April, 2014

    Nice to see an honest review, thanks for the detailed explanation. I got suckered into a video product a few weeks ago and luckily they had so many issues paypal was issuing fast refunds. People forget that in order to have long term success in this game you need to build trust with your audience. Never ceases to amaze me how people can put out junk.

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