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Hey everyone today I’m doing what is possibly the hardest review I have ever done. The thing that makes it had is that I have a real and true moral conflict. You see the product Im reviewing is by Mehdi Tihani. I have worked with this guy before. Promoting his products and him promoting mine. […]

by Brett Rutecky
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    That’s shocking. There is some garbage out there. Good on you for helping people avoid it!


    You might have lost a ‘business partner’, but what you’ve gained is priceless instead.

    MASSIVE credibility amongst those who have come to heed your words of advice in the shark infested IM world.



    Funny you moderated out my first comment considering I was sharing a real life experience with Mehdi. I took out my valuable time to put all that in, solely because I felt you are someone who speaks on behalf of those who fall victim to IM scams. But apparently not always the case, and just because of that you lost someone who doesn’t usually bother himself commenting on blogs. Anyhow, your blog your call, just needed to get this off my chest because I felt bad. On a sidenote, do continue with the reviews, they are great, so are some of your own products such as Squeezomatic, Profit Canvas etc. Thanks. (hoping you would moderate this out, this is meant only for you and wouldn’t feel bad at all if this one’s not approved lol)


      This is a product review blog. This is not a bash people and make personal attacks blog. We review, test, and talk about products here. Not about people. That is why I did not approve your previous comment.


        My apologies then, misunderstood based on the two comments prior to mine, but the expectation is clear now. Anyhow all I meant to say was that Mehdi is not to be trusted based on one of his products I bought called Profit Penguin, the site which was not accessible within first few months, after which I contacted him, the Profit Penguin provided support e-mail and got no response (let me know if you need screenshots because I can get them for you). And the product was good by the way, I for one liked it. So it does matter whom you deal with. Once again, my apologies, will keep in mind of what you said going forward.

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