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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms in the world. An estimated 60 million sites use WordPress. What started as a simple blogging platform is now one of the most preferred ways to quickly set up a website. Users love it because of its massive flexibility, thousands of free themes and plugins, and easy to use content management system. Developers love it because of it’s open source code and the fact that they can create a plugin for WordPress knowing that anyone using it will be able to run their software.

Unfortunately one of WordPress’s greatest strengths, its open source code, is also its greatest weakness. You see WordPress like every other system has basic security. Users must log in to get to the admin area, there are basic bot and security features included in the standard WordPress install. However because WordPress is an open source software hackers can study the WordPress code to actively look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It does not matter how much WordPress is updated, this will always be a problem, since hackers can always just look at the updated code and find new security holes. Its kind of like building a safe and then taping the blue prints to the safe to the side of it. Sure the safe offers some security, but anyone who can read blue prints can always find how to get around it.

When I was freelancing I had quite a few jobs where people wanted me to fix their hacked WordPress sites. The type of hack varied.  Some times the site was completely taken down or the owner was locked out. These types of hacks believe it or not where the least destructive. Sometimes a clever hacker would insert malicious code into the site or its posts. These little code devils would do all sorts of harmful things like stuff the hackers affiliate cookies into your site visitors computers, or cause virus downloads to happen in the background, infecting your site visitors and eventually getting the site black listed from Google. I have seen all sorts of really nasty things. Also to be quite frank I made thousands of dollars in profit correcting these issues.

Today I took a look at BlogDefender. A WordPress security training that identifies and explains how to prevent some of the biggest holes in WordPress security. What really interested me about this training is that there is a genuine need for it. WordPress security (or lack of it) can be a huge problem. Its every site owners nightmare to wake up and find they have been locked out of there own site. Its a total disaster to wake up and find out that a hacker had secretly put a viral code on your site months ago and all this time you have been unwittingly infecting your site visitors with a virus and now your black listed from the search engines.

BlogDefender does an excellent job of explaining how to stop these hackers in their tracks. It only takes about 10 minutes with this training to lock up your site and prevent a disaster. If your using WordPress, investing your time, and possibly your money in the site, you would be insane not to protect your investment. Do yourself a favor and click the link below to find out more about BlogDefender before it is to late.

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