P1 Video Magnet [review]

When I first came across P1 Video Magnet I thought it was just a Word Press theme. Not that it would be a bad thing if it was just a theme since its great looking and being sold at a cost that is less than what other themes are sold for at places like ThemeFrost.


However as I began to look into P1 Video Magnet I realized that it is much more than a simple theme. Its actually an entire system designed to to not only rank well in the search engines but to also be a platform for generating leads and making sales. It actually comes with the theme itself as well as the plugin add on which adds a ton of functionality. Its also important to note that the plugin and the theme can be used independently. So if you have your own site already or want to use a different theme you can use the plugin to add the extra functionality to it.

So what kind of functionality are we talking about? Well honestly this does so many things that I simply cant list them all. The article would be huge. However I am going to go over a couple of my favorite things.

Content Generation:  Creating content for your site or blog is one of the most time consuming tasks you can have. I know I spend hours a day on it and I only have one site. If you have multiple niche sites it can turn into a real chore. Especially if you want to keep adding content. This system takes care of that for you. Simply get a list of keywords that you want to target from the Googles Adwords (or other) keyword tool upload it to in the sites admin area and boom you have instant content pulled from EZine Articles and other sources. All with keyword rich content and a relevant video. What I really like about how P1 Video Magnet does this is that it allows you to set the system to automatically create a set number of posts per day. So it can be set to add 2-3 articles each day. This gives the illusion that the site is being constantly updated with fresh new content, which makes your site visitors and Google happy.

Spinning and Copy Check: This has an option to enable content spinning and copy check so it can automatically make sure that the content you post is unique to your site. Its a great feature and I was glad to see they had it.

Social Buttons and Pop Up:  Normally if you want to add social buttons or a pop up to your site you need to use yet another 3rd party plugin. However this has it built in.

Not only that but the integration is done very well. For example with the Facebook share, when people use it the post that is made is a large f0rmat, automatically generated image and not the normal boring link that Facebook normally uses. This makes it much more likely that people are actually going to click the link inside of Facebook.

It adds signup forms to your pages so that people can optin to your list (see graphic above)  and it also adds on exit popups so you can capture people before they try to leave your site. These as I said are features you would normally only get if you bought a separate plugin but they are included with this system.

Multiple Layouts / Mobile Responsive:  Up until now the things I have been listing where related to the plugin side. As I said you can actually use this plugin with any site or theme you have. But I also wanted to take a look at the actual theme itself. First impression it really does looks sharp. But they did not stop with just making a good looking theme. The theme comes with 3 layout designs that you can choose from and it is fully mobile responsive. Very cool.

These are just some of the things about this system that I really liked. It actually has a lot more features that quite simply would take me a long time to list. However it is very clear that this is not only a top quality theme its also a very functional plugin. In fact is more than that. Its a entire marketing system. Its also being sold at an extremely good price. Honestly you can get a 100 site license (with rights to use it on your clients site) for the price of one theme on ThemeFrost. But with this you not only get a great looking theme, you get the plugin and all the extra functionality as well.  In fact the 100% honest truth is I paid more for the theme that Im using on this site than what P1 Video Magnet is currently selling for, and that was just for a theme no plugin or advanced functionality. Seems like an easy decision to me:

Click the link below to learn more.


A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.
  1. Patrick, 18 November, 2014

    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for the review. It answered a number of questions I had about the theme and plugin. I assume I would need to purchase spinner software and Copyscape separately to work with P1 Video Magnet?

    Also, did you get a chance to look at the OTO, which is about driving traffic and helping with SEO rankings? Do these tactics really work like they claim on their sales page. Thanks, Patrick

  2. Brett Rutecky, 19 November, 2014

    This has built in spinning capability and copy check. You will need memberships to the services that provide that though I believe.(I just sent Peter a Facebook message to confirm this)

    Sorry Patrick the only time I review an OTO is when it adds extra functionality to the front end offer, for this as I understand it, its a different software, Honestly Im not even sure what it does exactly. For P1 Video Magnet I would suggest that you base your purchase decision on that alone not on the OTO.

  3. Mark, 18 November, 2014

    Hey Brett,

    Thanks for the review, been sent many emails on this product. Always wait to see what you have to say on new launches. Not sure how I could use this for off-line though, for example a dentist, I realise we could put together a site with YT videos on dentist related Videos but not sure how a local dentist would see the end result being like a Video info site. I get it for IM but the off-line bricks and mortar businesses might not, what do you think?



    p.s. any bonuses?

  4. Brett Rutecky, 19 November, 2014

    Ill be honest Mark (I always try to be). For a dentist, no I dont think this is something you would need. If your doing WordPress sites for offline brick and mortar businesses then this is probably not suited to your needs. Its more suited to IM and online business. No I did not add a bonus to this one (I couldn’t think of anything to add since the included plugin does most everything already)

  5. Mark, 19 November, 2014

    Hi Brett,

    Thanks – I appreciate your honesty that’s why I always check and try to buy through your links if available. It’s a shame can’t be used as I’m sure it’s a great traffic puller and I need something to quickly rank sites in competitive off-line business, just re-read the sales copy which is what appealed but appreciate your honesty.. I couldn’t figure how to integrate this into a Dentist or Lawyers page for example ..

    “Are you an offline business consultant? Perfect. Create a UNIQUE, high converting website and start generating leads for your local clients from every single page or post in minutes”

  6. Brett Rutecky, 19 November, 2014

    Actually after giving it some thought I can think of ways to use this for a local dentist or professional.
    For example: If you had it makes posts / videos about oral care (proper brushing, flossing etc) and then used the capture / pop up functionality you could capture leads for potential customers. Its fairly safe to say that people looking for oral care tips are interested in a dentist.

    For lawyers it would be even better because you could make it search for and create posts on topics like DUI (driving under the influence) laws etc and target keywords with the geographic location of your client “Harrisburg Pennsylvania DUI lawyers” for example: While my first thought was that this is best for online marketing my thinking may be biased by the fact that Im an online marketer. When you use this to capture leads with the integrated signup form and the pop up form, combined with geo targeted keywords this might be ok for brick and mortar business. Provided of course your client is willing to send out emails as a follow up (or have you do it)

    Im sorry I did not think of that in the first place.

  7. Mark, 19 November, 2014

    Hi Brett,

    Thanks, I too have been trying to figure out how to use for off-line as I’m sure that some clients would be impressed with the concept rather than traditional pages of endless text.. People definitely prefer to watch videos than read. Just might give it a shot and see how it works out, maybe can do a site pointing back to a more traditional format.. will keep thinking before the offer expires.. just don’t want to end up with $200 of upsets which appear to be on offer… (been looking at the launch affiliate funnel) wish I had a list myself 🙂

    Thanks again,


  8. Brett Rutecky, 19 November, 2014

    Honestly I hardly ever look at the OTO’s. Most of the time I dont even know what they are 🙂 The only time I look at them is when the OTO adds some kind of awesome extra functionality. For example in my OptinGate review I looked at the OTO because the OTO added the texting functionality. In this one I had not even considered them. I think the FE product is in itself a value and my understanding is that the OTO is some other software not additional functionality.

  9. tony, 19 November, 2014

    Hi Brett,

    1.What is the licensing rights? Our there any developer rights, is it automatically included or is it a separate OTO.

    2.And if a OTO, how much does it cost?


    1. I also forgot to ask you. Can we change the header images to what ever we want?

    2.Cane I change the theme name to what ever I want. Or will P1 Video Magnet remain on the theme?. And for P1 Video Magnet to be removed from the theme, would I have to purchase a separate license?

    3.Lastly, will this theme work with Amazon Associate Goliath WP plugin?

    Look forward to your reply!

  10. Brett Rutecky, 19 November, 2014

    I combined both of your messages into one:
    1) You select your license when you purchase. There are 3 options. 1 site, 25 sites, 100 sites.
    2) I normally dont review OTO’s, I dont even know what the OTO is for this one. (you should make your decision to buy based on the offer not what other offer you may or may not get as well)

    1) Yes you can edit the theme.
    2) Honestly I dont think I ever tried to change a theme name so I cant answer this one. I dont see why you would want to do that.
    3) I have never used that plugin so I cant answer, sorry. I will send the vendor a email asking him. Keep in mind that this does come with a 30 day refund so if it does not work with plugins you must have you can always refund.

  11. John Lowe, 19 November, 2014

    Hi Brett

    I’m wondering if there’s an actual demo theme we can see?


  12. Brett Rutecky, 19 November, 2014

    I believe there is a video demo on the sales page isnt there? If your talking about a sample site. I dont think there is one. I had a test up on my testing blog but I took it down after the review as I was doing all kinds of weird stuff (I was trying to break it, I normally try to break software when I test it)

  13. C.J., 19 November, 2014

    The demo site visible in the video(s) is here (why they never just put these links in the sales page is beyond me, as it seems many would WANT to see real sites rather than just screenshots):


  14. Brett Rutecky, 19 November, 2014

    Awesome C.J thanks for the link! Also why they dont put the link. Probably because they dont want you to click away from the sales page and possibly get distracted.

  15. tony, 19 November, 2014

    I would like to see an actual demo theme as well!

  16. Jim, 19 November, 2014


    Does this also auto post “videos” from youtube based on topic?



  17. Brett Rutecky, 19 November, 2014

    Yes. It puts related videos to the post that it creates.

  18. Jim, 19 November, 2014

    Sounds good. thanks Brett. Also looked at video essence theme/plugin and comparing the two.

  19. Mike, 19 November, 2014

    Hi Jim,

    I would love to see your unbiased comparison/review between P1 Video and Video Essence.

    Does anyone know how reliable the developer of P1 Video Magnets is in supporting and updating prior products previouslyt?


  20. Brett Rutecky, 20 November, 2014

    So would I 🙂 Unfortunately I was unable to get a review copy of Video Essence 🙁

  21. Jim, 20 November, 2014

    I have not purchased P1 video yet but have had some initial problems/bugs with Video Essence.

    Having purchased more new products that I want to admit, many new plugins, etc.always seem to be start-up problems.

    As recent as yesterday, video essence responded back to one of my support tickets indicating a fix to a bug but after spending time today updating, the fix didn’t work so I am probably going to ask for a refund.

    Only have so much time in a day to spend tweaking products that may have been launched too soon.

    Not sure this info helped but was my experience.


  22. Patrick, 21 November, 2014

    Is thesite softwares suited to curate videos only in english ?
    How coukd we specify that it is for a site in french for example ?

  23. Brett Rutecky, 21 November, 2014

    Honestly Patrick Im not sure. I dont speak French and I dont have a French keyboard. I will send Peter a message on Facebook though and ask him.

  24. Patrick, 22 November, 2014

    Have you got some news from Peter about my question above ?

  25. Brett Rutecky, 22 November, 2014

    Yes Patrick, I sent you an email, sorry if it didn’t come through, Peter says this can not make French articles, English only. Sorry.

  26. mannu, 12 November, 2015

    how i can manage post grid layout in p1 video magnet themes, which have one column
    three post

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