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Posted April 3, 2014 by Brett Rutecky in Reviews



    Hi Brett, once again great review, as always detailed and to the point, keep up the good work, I trust your reviews because I know you do Not make your primary income off reviews, so you are able to be honest, unlike affiliates who live or die by blasting out emails. Big props to Keith and Bronwyn for making an excellent product, if your customer service is as good as this review, then I am on this one. Thanks


      Your totally correct Brian, the fact that I dont make my primary income from doing reviews lets me be totally honest. For the bad ones I obviously earn nothing and for the good ones as long as I am able to cover the time I spend writing all the reviews Im happy. I do spend quite a bit of time on them since I actually test each product fully before I write the review. I notice that lots of so called ‘review sites’ dont even test the products. They just parrot what is on the sales page Really these are not even reviews. My primary goal is to give honest info to my readers and so long as I can cover my time from the few good ones I come across Im happy.


    I haven’t looked at Amazon affiliate income as an option for a long time because they had issues with States wanting them to collect and pay taxes so they cut off affiliates in those States. I have seen where they have been making agreements with some States to pay taxes, but honestly don’t know how or what they are doing now. So, I guess the question I have is does Amazon work with affiliates in all States now? And, if you set up a bunch of these websites all making a few bucks a month, don’t you also add up the costs with domain names and hosting? Not trying to be negative, just trying to understand if it is something that would work for me or not.


      Bill, your not being negitive at all. Your questions are very valid. Yes to the best of my knowledge you can now be an Amazon affiliate in all states. Yes you will have to pay the cost of the domain name and the hosting. Hosting can be shared, like a $14 per month HostGator unlimited plan. The domain names will be a yearly expense. Often you can get a discount on your domain name, registrars are always running specials. But probably you will spend between $5 and $10 on average per domain. As with any business there will be an investment, and thats exactly what you need to treat your online income as, a business. This however is a very low investment with a very high return. If you pay $5 per domain per year and get 25 domains then you have invested $125 If each domain makes you just $10 a month then your getting $3000 a year from that investment. Thats a 2400% RIO. Call your bank up and ask them what they have that will let you invest $125 and return $3000 after a year. They will laugh at you. Also keep in mind that unlike other business’s when you buy domains and put Amazon sites on them they increase in value with age. Other business’s you buy equipment that degrades or wears out etc. With Amazon affiliating the older your domains get, the more they are indexed, backlinked to, etc. Domains increase with value as they get older. So your not only investing to get Amazon income, your investing to age domains that you can always sell on flippa. Often for a couple hundred dollars each.


        As of the latest Amazon Associates Program these states are still on the outs with them, Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, and Rhode Island. And I live in RI with a bunch of Democrats that want to tax every penny that they can possibly get their hands on.


          Thanks for the update Rick! Just did some research it looks like your correct, I appreciate you pointing that out:
          Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, or Rhode Island are not permitted to be Amazon affiliates. Its such a shame really as well. These states where greedy and wanted to get in on the action and get taxes on these sales. So Amazon just made these states ineligible. So the greedy states didn’t get any taxes anyway. So they basically hurt their residence for no gain. Such a shame.


    Thank Brett.
    I always read your reviews for guidance. Appreciate the time.


    Or just buy one domain and create subdomains.

    knifes.azonation.com; fireplaces.azonation.com; camping.azonation.com; blenders.azonation.com; etc.

    P.S. – I just checked and azonation.com is already taken, but you get the idea.

    Sean Atkisson

    I happened to catch this review after I actually had bought the product. Your review was quite interesting and spot on. I submitted a question to their support desk which involved a rather technical feature that I was curious to see whether or not they may add in the future. Immediately, like within minutes, Keith at the support desk got right back to me and told me that he did not have the exact answer, but he would check with his programmer. He did check and followed up with me. He is very on the ball and willing to help out. This is very refreshing in today’s environment. I also wholeheartedly can offer my recommendation of this product.


    I just checked this out and I must say that I disagree. If you look at the code on their sample page domain ( http://firepittables.info/), you will see that there is NOT even an h1 tag or description ( meta tag ). SEO optimized ??


      Hey Nathan .. while your more then welcome to disagree your understand of SEO and how the header tags work for SEO is a little skewed. H1 tags are not super important to SEO. Now before you start thinking in your mind “this guy is insane” hear me out. Header tags ARE important to SEO, but not nessisarly H1 tags. H1 – H6 are the header tags, ranked in importance based on their number. h1 being he most important and h6 being the least important. But what confuses people is that the ‘most’ and ‘least’ is relevant to each other. That is if I have a site with a h1 tag, and a h2 tag, and a h3 tag. Im telling the browser whats in the h3 is important, the h2 is more important than that, and the h1 is more important than both of them. However if you just have one type of h no matter what it is 1 or 4 or 6 you are just saying to the search engine, whats in here is important. Your not saying more or less important, because there is no other h tags to me more or less important by comparison to. So having a site with a h1 tag and no other h tags is the same as having a site with a h6 tag and no other h tags. Ok now on to the pages this plugin creates.

      Your indeed correct, there is no h1 tags, however their ARE header tags (h2 and h4) with the most important keywords being in the h2 tags. Since their are no h1 tags to compare the h2 tags to you are still saying the the browsers “whats in here is the most important stuff”. Ie the effect is the same (just that you dont have the huge h1 text).

      Your misconception is very common. Just keep in mind the number value of the h tags are relative to each other.

      As for the description, you have to understand that not having a description in this case is the ‘best choice’. Here is why. Since the content is auto generated, the only content the theme has is what it pulls from Amazon. If this same content was used in the description AND in the site content, Google could actually penalize the site for that. When Google crawls a site if it does not find a description it tries to get it from the sites content. Since there is a lot of text content on the sites these generate its fine. Now if this same content (even a shortened version) was used for the description as well as the site content that would be a bad thing. In this case the best option is to do as this theme does, and leave out the description.

      If you view the source of my own site you can see that the description and content are the same, this is actually a bad thing that I have to address myself for this site. I would be better of actually not having a description (same as the SpeedAzon theme) The thing to take away from this is that you cant just put in some meta tags and call that SEO, you have to understand how the document is analyzed as a whole.

      Hope that helps, if you have any other questions about SEO or need some help understanding it please feel free to use the contact section to touche base with me.


    Hello All, I also purchased this and have already installed it. I had a few questions that I submitted to the support desk and Keith answered both within 2 hours. Very pleased with the product and the support.


    Hey Brett,
    Great review. I got jus one question. Will those website require extra back links to get indexed fast and to get well ranked?


      Fast and how well are relative terms. That is ‘fast’ could mean different things to different people and ‘how well is going to depend on so many factors its impossible to answer the question. The theme is designed to rank as high as possible though.


    Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely believe this website needs a lot more attention. I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the info!

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