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Posted February 2, 2014 by Brett Rutecky in Training Articles


WSO Crash and Burn:

Warrior Special Offers, on the Warrior Forum (commonly called WSO’s) are a great way to build a email list, generate sales, and drive traffic to your product or website. However they need to be done the right way.

Recently I noticed a WSO that at first looked great. It was for a Facebook product that offered real and true value. It was well thought out and had a nicely designed sales page. However this WSO ended in disaster getting tons of poor feedback and ending in the WSO being closed and the seller being banned from the Warrior Forum.

So what happened?

Well first let me give you some feedback. This particular WSO was for a product called FB Graph Smasher and was offered by Atilla Dolinsky. It had a great sales page, a nice video, and at first looked to be a very sound product. However very quickly it went down the drain. Interestingly enough it didnt crash and burn becuase of the product. It was because of Mr. Dolinsky himself, his attitude and posts that killed his WSO.

It all happened when a couple of people first purchased and there was a problem with the download link. They did what most anyone would do and they posted a note on the WSO thread indicating that the download link was not working.

So how did Atilla respond? Did he quickly check and fix the link? Did he apologize for the inconvenience? Did he even do a thing to help the people having problems accessing there download? Nope. What he did was become very defensive , rude and condescending. He ostracized and insulted his customers and then blamed them for ‘destroying his WSO’ Its such a shame to because a simple broken download links is normally not a big deal. Its not something that would get many people angry so long as you take the time to help them out. In fact generally if there is a small problem like this and you respond quickly to help them they end up thanking you for your great support and thinking well of you.

Here are just a few of the WSO killing messages that Atilla posted which killed his WSO before it even got rolling.

“next person that says a negative comment on this thread will force me to take the thread down and sell it elsewhere for $197 if you cant copy and paste a LInk do not buy the product to give you an idea this software took me over 70 hours to make the sales letter took me 8 hours so far it has had two sales both who have left bad comments all they needed to do is copy and paste the link this will be my last wso as it is a huge waste of my time to spend over a week full time making you guys a product”

Threatening your customers and acting like your doing them a favor by letting them purchase your product is never a good idea.

“I emailed you from my personal as you purchased I watched the paypal data come in so you have no reason to complain but its dogs like you who want to ruin my thread!”

I have no idea what got into this guys head here. But insulting a customer by calling him a ‘dog’ is not exactly a good business strategy.


“I’m not here to suck up to people the software is worth 10 times what you paid for it please kill my thread so I can not ever waste a week of my life on this forum again”

Again acting like hes doing people a favor by letting them buy something from him. Its such a shame. This guy cant seem to understand that this probably would have been a lucrative WSO if only he had a different attitude.


“no refund you came and ruined my thread live with it mate”

After one buyer got so frustrated with still not having a working download link and the attitude of the seller he asked for a refund. This was the response he got and was the final nail in this WSO’s coffin.


Given that this WSO was for a sound product and had a good sales page and nice demo video it probably would have been quite lucrative. I myself have sold over 1000+ WSO’s and I can say from experience that this one would have been successful if not for the sellers attitude. Quite simply the seller needs to learn customer support and how to treat people with respect.

 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Since then I have made thousand of dollars in sales direct to business owners the Warrior forum is a waste of time I have talked to many people who sell wso’s and all they do is double their advertising spend same as the results I got from three of my wso’s and if you don’t want a negative publicity war don’t go publicising my name in any negative way honestly Wso’s are a waste of time! and paypal refunded me for the wso’s listing fee and two buyers who put a refund request in paypal denied their refund so even paypal knows how the warrior forum is 🙂


    hmm lets see the dirt on you would you like me to start a website like you did with other peoples comments about what they think about you and rank it to the number 1 position in Google for your name {Atilla links here to a rip off report made against me a couple of years ago, I removed the link but wanted to be upfront as to what it was}


      Well first of all Atilla I did not make a ‘website about you’ I used you as an example of how not to do a WSO. I have no doubt at all that the WSO was a total wasted of time for you. You acted poorly and did things like degrade your customers and didnt follow through with your own refund policy. Basically you did everything that any profession WOULD NEVER do. Paypal didn’t give those 2 buyers a refund because PayPal does not give refunds for software. It had nothing to do with PayPal knowing WSO’s are bad. Dont be silly. Normally however WSO’s are quite good. I have done WSO’s that have generated over $10,000 in sales from all happy customers more than once. Its all about how you act though and unfortunately you acted very poorly which is why I used you as an example of what not to do.

      You are correct there was a rip off report made about me a few years ago. However what you have to note is that I have sold thousands of copies of my software’s. 1 unhappy customer (who unlike you I refunded) out of several thousand, honestly I think that’s quite good.

      You acted very poorly on the Warrior forum, didnt follow through with your own guarantee, insulted customers in public, and did many other unprofessional things that in the end got you banned. While I have allowed your comments here I very strongly suggest that dont repeat your mistake on the Warrior forum and start acting foolish again on this blog. You will only make yourself look worse than you all ready did.


    its on lets have a negative publicity war you dog


    Their was no guarantee idiot anyway if you page down just watch what will happen 🙂 p.s. I have a lot of friends that ride Harley’s exactly where you lice:)


    I very strongly suggest that don’t ****ing **** with me as you have not even purchased the product if you **** with me I will seriously get even and honestly you do not want this war you have started my final warning is take this content about me down or its on and I will ruin your reputation enough so you will have to change your name to ever sell a product online again! {edited to remove profanity}


    that also goes for your *** clown buddy who is promoting your products and wanted to promote mine as well as he is nothing but a **** around and probably has aids from you ****ing each other in the *** he always complained he was too sick to talk I deleted him from skype he showed me your crappy product in fact I might as well clone your product and give it away for free I will give you grief in everyday I can as you have not purchased my product and I feel your *** clown friend who wanted to promote my product put you up to this so Brett you have 2 days to remove this page or else I will make sure your reputation is shattered as I used to do rep management for a Lot of the Guru’s and used to outrank news sites that had negative publicity about my clients to outrank your crappy little name will be very easy you have 48 hours to remove this content or it is on. {edited to remove profanity}


    you are a lieing hunk of **** brett and if i ever come to the states I will nock your head off your shoulders {edited to remove profanity}


      1) I promote my own software not sure who you are referring to

      2) I left your comments but removed the profanity I did this because your behavior speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. Do you not realize that your entering your own name and entering your own website URL with these comments. Do you not realize that YOU right now are ruining your reputation and linking this behavior to your name and to your software / website? Do you really think people seeing you speak like this is going to make them want to buy off of you? You said lets have a ‘negative publicity war’ .. well I dont have to do anything.. I only have to let you speak. Everything you do and say is negative publicity for yourself. You are making yourself look so bad right now!

      3) You just dont seem to get it. You acted like this on the Warrior forum, got no sales, and ended up getting banned, but it was the Warrior forums fault right? You are responsible for your own behavior Attila Dolinsky, no one is making you speak on a public space like this, no one is making you act unprofessional or foolish, but everyone can see you doing it. I guarantee you that anyone who reads this will never be a customer of yours.


    That is what we call digging your own grave. Brett just keep on pumping out those good quality and affordable software solutions man.


    Hi Brett, enjoy reading your blog, but it will be better for reading if the fonts and the color of the wording change to something bigger and darker?


    maybe he should employ a PR to do all the selling stuffs and he himself on the technical side.


    Wow! Oooo! Biker friends. A real tough guy. I’m over here shaking. LOL!!! With an attitude like that, someone will come along and slap him into next year. It’s only a matter of time…

    Keep up the good work Bret and thank you for the post.


    God that’s funny! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I appreciate that, and giving this moron the rope to hang themselves.

    Say it and forget it. Post it and regret it.

    BTW – Over here in the States, we might do a little fighting amongst ourselves, but you outside people best leave us alone!

    Seriously one of the best posts I’ve ever read. Keep up the good work.



    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Wow…


    absolutely having a gutful of internet marketters. they are always onto their next launch or disappearing into thin air.

    facebook apps have been a big area recently and pkugins rargetting offline business and teespring. I bought four fb sofwares that have gone arse up including chros ramseys product (just shut the forum down and left).. fb gorilla (bans of people complaining on forum).. todd james’s product (didn deliver ongoing apps) .. joshua zamora.. gone.. never hear from him etc

    this whole area needs a good clean ip


      Thats why Im trying to do here Dave, help people sort their way through all the huge pitches and product launches and find the things that are really going to help them.

    Phillip Lopez

    Whoa Brett…

    This guy should be on Jerry Springer lol.

    Crazy J Rotnem

    That’s as bad as some of the hecklers I get, who are out to destroy my set or the show, and when they get put down they become irate and ugly, even to the point of the entire audience turning against them and booing them until they are removed from the room.
    Then they go on the event pages or forums and start posting lies about the show and performances.

    You handled it well and set a good example.

    I do notice who we still see around… YOU!
    Entegrity speaks volumes…

    Steven Lucas

    Hi Brett,

    Not only ‘How Not To Do A WSO’ but also ‘How Not To Handle The Aftermath’. I do hope that this is not Attila’s reaction on the street when faced with a mistake he made. Talk about over-reaction!

    I keep re-discovering this site and really ought to visit more often. So much good info here.


    Steven Lucas


    Morons like this seriously think the world revolves round them.
    I’ve seen similar with some guy giving serious shit to church going people by posting Anti-God messages (on their OWN Fb pages mind you!) and when I commented back to him about leaving people to “follow their own path” he also threatened to come and find me and “knock my #*!^%&$ head off” LOL as if… Naturally I just “blocked” him on Fb and believe it or not, he hasn’t traveled all the way from the US to Australia to find me and (try to) kick my ass LMAO
    Like you Brett, I too am one of those “quiet types” who, with a hair trigger for pain, have knocked every comer OUT that has ever tried lol
    Good to see a loser burying himself and a winner like you Brett coming out all stars, dollars and fireworks, keep up the good work creating good products and exposing idiots and bad products.

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