VidSnatcher Review

Today I am doing a review of a new software called VidSnatcher.

If you have not yet heard of VidSnatcher dont worry you soon will. Lots of affiliates are going to be promoting it, and lots of affiliates are going to be telling you how it is the newest greatest video editing software. How it is a replacement for ‘Camtasia’  Well guess what. Unlike most affiliates I actually spent some time testing it out personally and I can say without a doubt that its not.

VidSnatcher is a cloud based video editing platform. Its useful, its functional, its practical, what it is not is a replacement for a high end video production tool like Camtasia, and you know what, thats ok. Camtasia is a high end, professional tool with a ton of functionality that the average person will never actually use. VidSnatcher is something totally different. Its a cloud based tool with practical functionality, the kind that is most often used, which is sold at a very reasonable price.

This does not mean that VidSnatcher is without its bells and whistles. It has some very cool features. One of my favorite is that it has a built in screen recorder. I personally pay $20 a year for my screen recorder so this feature alone makes VidSnatcher worth considering. It also has a text to speech engine that also allows you to automatically translate your text into up to 60 spoken languages. This is also a very useful tool because it allows you to make marketing videos for people that do not speak your native language.

When I tested I did not bother to watch any of the tutorial videos. Frankly I am lazy. Also in my experience I know most users will not watch them either. Still I had no problems at all with the system. The interface is well designed, intuitive and easy to use. I fully believe that anyone will be able to jump right into the software and start using it without any issues.

My copy of VidSnatcher had a bunch of stock graphics and audio included that I was able to use in my video projects. However I do not believe these come with the basic (front end) version of the software. It looks like I had a upgraded (OTO) version of VidSnatcher which costs an extra $47. While this is a totally optional upgrade it is also one I would strongly suggest. Its a fair upgrade because it is fair to charge more for more and its also a reasonably priced upgrade for all that you get.

Over all I think VidSnatcher is well worth the low one time asking price. It is going to be useful for anyone who needs a basic, easy to use video editor and who does not want to pay a super high price for all kinds of complicated professional level functionality that they will most likely never use anyway.








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  1. Gregg Andely, 15 January, 2020

    I thought there would have been a video? Is there one or am I missing something?

  2. Brett Rutecky, 15 January, 2020

    Not sure why you would think that 😛

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