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2.5/ 5

Creator: Andrew Darius
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Almost no functionality without OTO

Today Im doing a review of a new desktop software called VydeoGram One of the hardest things about being a product reviewer as well as a product vendor is that often I’m put in a situation where I have to decide between being totally honest and potentially ruining a business relationship and ignoring what I […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im doing a review of a new desktop software called VydeoGram

One of the hardest things about being a product reviewer as well as a product vendor is that often I’m put in a situation where I have to decide between being totally honest and potentially ruining a business relationship and ignoring what I know to be a bad product which would mean I let down my readers, subscribers, and the people who trust me to he 100% honest.

Today I’m put in such a situation. Andrew Darius has asked me to review his new Vydeogram software. He has promoted my products in the past. In fact not much more than a week ago he promoted my Profit Canvas launch and sent me around $1500 in sales. The problem is that after testing Vydeogram I am not even close to being impressed. So now I have to ask myself, do I be totally honest in this review and risk my relationship with Andrew? Do I pretend I never even heard of this product? Or do I stick to my morals and tell the truth about what I think of this new software?

Well anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows the answer already. My loyalty is to being honest with the people who put their trust in my reviews. So sorry Andrew,  I have to say what I think:  and before you get mad, remember, you knew how I did my reviews before you asked me to check out Vydeogram after all.

So what is Vydeogram? Well its a desktop software that takes your videos and makes them into an animated .gif graphic that you can then post to social networks. After selecting your video, either from your desktop machine or from YouTube (the YouTube download functionality requires an OTO purchase). You then select the portion of the video that you want to make your animated .gif from and are presented with a screen that looks like this:


Now up until this point there where already a couple of problems. First there is no help built into the software and no way to get support. But that is not a huge deal since the software is easy to use. Still I do think its lazy not to have something built in. Second the YouTube download function requires an OTO purchase, but thats not the end of the world. Finally when selecting the portion of your video to turn into your graphic the video preview does not show you the portion you selected. This is a pain.

Unfortunately from that point on the real annoyances begin. In the screen above you can see all of the functionality of the software. You can add things like text, call to action images, custom play buttons, share on social networks and a bunch more things. As usual when testing, I had the front end version, and I wanted to see what each function does in detail. So I started with the “Add Text” button and got this:


It seems like the YouTube download functionality the add text functionality was only available to the people who buy the OTO / upgrade. I thought that was a bit strange. Adding text seems like a fairly basic functionality that I would expect to be included in the FE purchase. But whatever, lets move on to the next thing.

But no matter what I clicked, I kept getting told I needed to upgrade. Add a call to action: need to upgrade. Create Card Format: need to upgrade. Create VydeoGram Intro: need to ugrade. Now when I clicked on the Share button I got a nice list of social networks I can share my animated .gif on:


and I actually felt a bit of relief that finally I found some functionality that was included without requiring an OTO / upgrade. But they fooled me, because when I clicked one of the network icons to test the sharing ability of this software I got hit with the same old message.


In fact the only button that worked was the two randomize buttons. You might have noticed that the animated .gif graphics that VydeoGram makes has a large animated section up top and then 4 smaller static single frames under in a grid. The randomize buttons well randomize the frames that are in each section. Woopie!

Besides making your animated gid. Randomizing the frames in each section, and saving the graphic to your computer, every single other functionality in this software requires the OTO / Upgrade to be purchased. Not to cool.

So I started thinking to myself, what exactly could people use these images for after they save them on their computer. Well what about posting to the social networks manually? Thats kind of the point anyway. To post these images to social networks and try to draw more clicks with the animated graphic as opposed to what you would get with a non animated graphic.

I tested on the two networks I personally use in my business. Google + and Facebook. If you watch the complete review video at the beginning of this post you can see me testing but the basic summery is as follows.

When posting to Google + you must upload the image via the image uploader. If you dont the image wont be large and in a good format.

When posting to Facebook you must not use the image uploader they provide. Doing that will remove the animation and make it a static graphic. Instead you have to host the image on your site, or on a file sharing service and link to it.

In either case the image will not be clickable. You have to post the URL that you want people to click as text along with the image.

So the question then becomes, will the animated .gif grab peoples attention and make them want to click the text link you include along with the image post? Well I believe its likely that the animation will grab their attention but Im not so sure that this will make them want to click the link.

Also I have to ask myself, at least for these two networks, why not just post your video. I mean both Facebook and G+ can play videos, and since you have to put the link URL as text in the post. Why even make a animated graphic, why not just post your entire video, impress them with the video, and perhaps even have a call to action in the video telling them to click the link in the post for more information?  What is the advantage of using a emanated graphic instead of a real video? Honestly, for the two networks I tested at least, I cant think of any.

There where two things that kept bugging me about this software.

A) Why is the animated .gif it makes in this strange format, with an animated upper half and the lower half broken into 4 static images frames?


B) Why did the intentionally misspell the word ‘video’ in VydeoGram?

It turns out they are both related. You see it occurred to me that the only real reason they would misspell the name VydeoGram is because they had to. A reason they would have to is because there already exists a software , website or service called VideoGram, spelled the correct way. So I did some research and sure enough I found a service called VideoGram, that recently got a few million dollars in funding and that is starting to get some attention.

The real VideoGram uses preview images that are in this same format, large animated image up top, static lower frames.


That however is where the similarities end. The correctly spelled VideoGram system is much more than just animated .gif’s. In fact the animated graphics are just previews. This system is a YouTube video aggregation service, a way for people with popular channels to bring their videos together and make them more social. Animated graphics are not even a real part of its functionality, its just how you browser for things that look interesting. Clicking will bring up that users YouTube videos so you can watch their channel.

Since its so different why would the creators of Vydeogram make their software such a similar name? Why would they use the same graphic format? Could it be because the vendors are hoping to capitalize on the hype of the real service in order to sell more of their own , very different , software? I cant be sure, but it sounds reasonable.

But putting aside the fact that the name and the format is a rip off of someone else what do I think of Vydeogram over all? Well testing this was super fast, since you dont get any actual functionality without buying the OTO / Upsell. That alone is enough to make me not like it, but add to it the fact that Im not convinced that its going to result in more clicks and engagement and I have just one final word:







A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Tom McGaughan

    Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…Brett
    You have saved me more money once again…
    I was really hoping you would review this one…I had heard
    about it and thought it might be a good addition to my email
    I am going to go get a Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee now
    and not hang around my office for the 11:00 AM launch…I Am Free…!!

    Thanks again Brett,

      Tom McGaughan

      I just read your ‘interaction’ with Andrew Darius…
      What a schmuck…I never thought much of him anyway.
      But the ‘losing money’ comments speak volumes on how
      and why there is no value within the front end of the product.
      It’s apparently ‘all’ about him and how many people he can fool
      into buying…
      Thank you Brett for your honesty and integrity…


    I was really interested in this product, so I am dissapointed about what they did with this release of Vydiogram. I’m glad I read your review before I bought. But what I really hate is the fact that I thought I could trust these boys of Explandio to bring a functional product, and they don’t. It is only ‘functional’ when I buy the OTO. But what stuck me te most is the way Darius responded on to your review.


    I like the way you call it Brett…be it good, bad or ugly you always give it the way you see it! On this occasion offering a software that requires upgrading on virtually all of the functionality is bullshit and deserves to be called out man!

    Ben Yost

    Thanks for the review Brett. You are always right on and FAIR with your reviews! Keep it up!


    Thank you Brett!

    I did look at it then I looked at the pricing, I had initially thought the $37 lifetime early bird was the pro version but that comes in the OTO for another $67.

    Your comments make total sense. I too HATE products that don’t work on their own. The OTO is supposed to enhance the FE not be all the functionality of the product…

    Also thanks for posting the conversation, just goes to show some people don’t give a damn about the product providing value.. just how it hurts they bank account.

    And as far as Andrew’s threat to wreak havoc on your next launch… well for me I will NEVER buy another one of his products. He has shown his true colors, shame on you Andrew.

    Thanks again Brett.


    “quit being deliberately obtuse” — this is my new phrase of the day!

    Thanks for an honest review, Brett!


    Wow, you know I was wondering if you were the real deal or not, but honesty is something that is rare to find these days. I think the problems that Darius has here is that his business model is lacking…

    I know there are some vendors out there that are at times possibly selling what would be better described as share ware or ad ware, (complete with nag screens) as a premium product not saying that is the case here but it sure seems like the business model is somewhat thin.

    I know I purchased the explaindio thing and now its a yearly price and the version that I have now which is 1.0 does not function as one might expect, so basically I ended up purchasing a product which one year after buying is useless to me.

    Its buggy, so to get version 2 I have to upgrade to a yearly payment, then shortly there will be version 3, yet another upgrade fee, I really wish product vendors would focus more on creating better products and less on making money at the expense of the buyer.

      Ainsley M

      His responses to you are just confounding and clearly from someone that thinks they are above review, reproach or being held to account for shortfalls. It makes him look bad.
      The funny thing is I was always planning to buy the upsell but his response to you has made me hold off…. NOT your review. I am a grown up and don’t have to take your advice – despite the esteem I hold it in.
      I would be interested Brett if you get a takedown letter from his lawyers. I have some fabulous rebuttals precedents should you require them. At no point did you attempt to defame the man or threaten his sales/business. You just told it like it is. He on the other hand demonstrated behaviour that does impute malice by threatening revenge.
      Andrew Darius needs to tread very carefully from hereon in.


        You made a good point Ainsley, about being a grown up, I want everyone to realize that I do reviews not to force people to buy or not buy, but to instead give them my opinion and experience so they can make an informed buying decision.


    GOOD STUFF Brett.

    This is the price you have to pay for being HONEST in this world of today – Specially in the I M world.

    I am proud to say that I am associated with your Brand/Name.

    Keep bringing us the truth and leave the Fake behind.

    Well Done, carry on what you doing and stay true to yourself at all times brother.


    Brett, you proved your loyalty to us all, and no matter what he says, he’s the one that is ruining his launch. By being honest and truthful about what you see and feel as a successful reviewer and software expert, is what everyone expects, but few deliver on that promise. This is an opportunity for him to make corrections and save the products reputation, every mistake is a step towards success of any product. That’s the way to handle stuff like this, not start to threatening a law suit (which is never going anywhere). Good for you Brett, you’re one of the very few that have the guts to do what’s right, and you’ll continue to be successful at whatever you do, because of that! Reader loyalty is what you get in return, and that’s what you earned! You earned it the hard way, being honest, congratulations.


    The conversation really wowed me away…nice one Brett, can’t thank you enough to scare off these “jackers”…

    alan Mack

    Hi Brett
    I have to say…I applaud you for taking the stance you have….I have bought products off of Andrew in the past and because of that I was prepared to get this one.
    I was at the stage of waiting to see who gave the best appropriate bonus and I saw your email.

    In the past I have wondered why sometimes you are late getting your review out and after I have already made a purchase….but not this time.

    You have given an honest review and have saved me some cash..

    I can’t thank you enough…Alan.

    elizabeth arrott

    Anybody who knows you, Brett, is not surprised. Tough call initially, for sure–but a
    big one to be even more sure. This is why people trust you–and it’s so important in
    this industry in particular to have a clear voice of truth.

    This benefits everybody–including the developer. He’ll move through this and be much
    the better for it.

    Thanks so much for your integrity as well as your dedication to an industry.



    Awesome. Andrew Darius has gone over to the “dark side” after Explandio 2.0…. more than 10 OTO. The Greed force is strong in this one.

    Art Derfall

    Thank you for an honest review amongst all the others that would give positive reviews for anything that they sell. These product launches are slicker than they used to be, and generally the concept has value. The 4 levels of OTOs are getting annoying, but to have simple functions that are really necessary (typically a text or link overlay) is getting way too common.

    Richard Farley

    As a sometime novelist who has been rejected more times than I care to admit, I certainly understand Andrew’s emotional reaction.

    But it seems to me it would have been far better to calm himself and then reassure you and others that he is going to address the problems you mentioned, and then do so.

    That’s would have been the professional response.

    In any case, thanks for the review, Brett.


    Thanks Brett for saving me more money.

    Keep your HONEST reviews coming and don’t sweat it if the developer doesn’t like your HONEST review. If Andrew thought your review was false, then he should have told you what was false about it. His only concern is losing money in his launch. Oh Well, so be it…

    Gives me one more person to block.


    Rob G.

    Thanks Brett, and please continue the unbiased, honest reviews..
    It does seem like adding motion in an email is an attention getting plus.. So..

    If I recall correctly, there was a similar product done a while ago called click magnet. You liked that one, right?

    Do you use it, or follow click magnet to see if it is updated and supported? Do you still recommend Click Magnet, or another similar product? Thanks!


      I liked Click Magnet, it had the ability to post the images in an email. It hosted everything for you, and it did not require buying an OTO to have what amounts to basic functionality. In short, it had almost everything that this product is lacking.

    Dave Sweney

    Hi Brett,

    I think that Andrew could have handled this better, facts are facts and it is pretty obvious that without the additional capability the OTO provides, the FE itself is almost useless and not worth the money…

    When I buy a FE product, I would expect it to have full functionality of what it is intended for, and the OTOs should enhance that basic service… What is kind of disturbing to me, is that nowadays when I think to add something to my arsenal of tools, I always expect to have to buy the OTO! (Why?)

    I guess we get trained that way, based on funnels etc., but sometimes it can be taken too far, and this seems to be such a case…This is what happens when you forget what opportunity seekers (buyers of your product) go after…

    As you have pointed out in other reviews of some rather well known IM folks, sloppiness in your products will not be covered by your name…Thanks Brett, and I hope that you and Andrew work it out…He has come up with some good products in the past, this one…not so good maybe…


    Art Derfall

    I purchased another product a few weeks back called Click Magnet. It also produces an animated gif that can be sent within emails.

    Darryl H

    Thank you…Brett
    Once again you have saved me some money, everybody and their brother is pushing this software and not one of them said anything how this software works without the upgrade only saying if you purchase the OTO you can get my bonus and most of their bonuses is trash too. so thank you for your review.

    Darryl H.

    Bill Douglas

    Thanks Brett. Very well put.


    That was a bold move, Brett! We all really appreaciate your unbiased reviews. That way to are wiing our hearts and wallets. Keep on going! Wish you more loyal customers and big dollars!


    Saved by the bell [Brett]! Thank you.

    …and Andrews immature reaction to your review
    has placed him on my “do not do business with” list.

    Thanks again.


      Leon Calhoun

      I’m with you Ian. I have a list of these types I will no longer purchase products from, and because of the way he responded to Brett’s honest review, he is now on it. It’s obvious Andrew only cares about making money and not about those who purchase.



    Hi Brett,
    There are a lot of good products out in the marketplace but many are suffering one problem.
    In fact I would go as far to say that 80% of products are no longer offering value for money.

    There are too many products that have front ends requiring upgrades in order to have the basic functionality.
    It’s all down to money and I commend you on your honest review and not ‘buttoning up’ in order to appease a fellow marketer.
    I for one am fed up of purchasing software only to find I have to upgrade because of a lack of functionality at the front end of a product and have requested many a refund because of this.
    Well done Brett and keep the reviews coming 🙂


    Thank you once again Brett,
    you are the one that I trust on digital products reviews


    Many thanks for the honest review. I really appreciate you helping me save $$$.

    Best regards,


    Shawn Pringle

    I know both Brett and Andrew, and I know both to be stand up guys and marketers. I know how much work goes into these products Andrew makes and how hard he works to bring cutting edge stuff.

    And yes, this is cutting edge and he should be commended for bringing this to the market, not bashed publicly,

    A “rip off” Brett, really? His Vydeogram does so much more than Videogram does, and is geared towards marketers and the ability to drive traffic to OUR web properties, not Videogram’s.

    You can’t honestly expect that you’d post this and not upset the man that worked so hard on this project. Yes, I agree the real meat is in the Pro version, but the Standard version has its value too in the animated gifs it creates and the randomization. That alone is worth the price of admission, in my opinion.

    Anyway, you certainly have the right to your opinion, of course. But you can’t be surprised when this scathing public review upsets the man that worked his ass off to create this. I feel his pain, as this seems trollish dude.


      I dont think its possible to ‘troll’ my own website 🙂
      Im not so sure its ‘cutting edge’ since software that turns a video into a animated .gif is nothing new
      The randomization does not impress me at all (but that of course is my opinion)
      I feel his pain to, I know what its like to put a lot of work into a product. In fact unlike many in the IM business I actually personally write my software. However I review the product not the person. I have given bad reviews to products by many top marketers: Todd, Neil, Devan, Radu ,and others .. and I have also won leaderboards for every one of them as well.
      We seem to disagree about the value of this product, and that is perfectly fine. I do really appreciate you taking the time to post your perspective. Thank you 🙂

        Shawn Pringle

        I said “trollish”…you’re right though, you can’t troll your own site of course.

        Do you think, maybe, you took it too far by posting a private conversation publicly and trying to make Andrew personally look bad? You say you review the product, not the person, but that clearly isn’t the case here Brett.

        I think you need to look at it from Andrew’s perspective. You really should have given him the chance to explain before bashing his product (and then him personally), since he was kind of enough to give you an advance copy. My opinion is that he maybe was stressed right before going live and didn’t have the time to answer you in detail at that very moment.

        I’ve been there, so have you.

        I know you have given me, personally, that courtesy with Email Click Magnet before you posted your review of that (you allowed me to fix some last-minute bugs and answer your concerns prior to posting a much-appreciated favourable review), so why not give Andrew the same courtesy, I wonder?


          I had thought about that .. if posting my conversation with Andrew was ‘to far’ .. what many people dont realize is that I agonize over publishing an negative review. In fact I often loose sleep on it. Im always afraid that Im being to harsh. As for posting our conversation you have to understand WHY I did that. It was not to ;hurt him’ in fact it was to protect myself. He threatened to sue me (and has again several times through out the day) for making a ‘false review’. Because of this I felt the need to protect myself by making it publicly known that I asked him to point out what was ‘false’ in my review several times, and that he refused.

          FYI: I always give people a ‘chance to explain’ in fact as you can see in the conversation, I asked him several times to explain. Also I have (more than once) published updates correcting things I said which where in error, and twice I even wrote a ‘retraction’ article when I made a big mistake. I post my reviews based on my optinion, and like any human I occasional make mistakes. Though I gave Andrew the chance to point out any mistake he felt I made, he refused, and instead kept saying he didnt have time to tell me what I said which was not true (though he had lots of time to threaten me over and over throughout the day)

          You and I have spoken a few times Shawn, and you know I respect you as a developer and as a marketer, but in this case I dont believe I made an error, and I gave Andrew several opportunities to show me if I did.


          Shawn, I heard you on a webinar co-promoting this guys stuff, so your opinion means nothing, sorry but you are biased.

          That’s the first point of contention with your shill statement.

          Secondly…did you sell this product?

          Because if you did that’s another shill count.

          Lastly, According to public information I saw on facebook recently, there are many people talking about the idea that this guy is not who he says he is.

          A well known marketer named Darren Monroe has commented about this issue publicly.

          So I ask you, if this guy is going to sue brett…under what name will he bring the suit?

          Now back to YOU telling me why I should believe YOUR biased review of the person selling vydeogram hmmmmm?

          Better yet
          let me ask you a simple question

          how long you known this guy?

          calling him stand up guy are we?

          on exactly what information are you stating this?

          (still interested in your financial interests here too!)


          one more thing, I am sick and tired of BS like this,

          I HIGHLY commend people like brett who speak their mind and give honest reviews, I do NOT recommend affiliates who have a financial interest in their actions and words such as you may very well have here

          UNLESS of course you can state that you have never made a dime with this guy andrew?

          in my opinion if you have?…then your support on this thread is offensive and GUARANTEES you have now lost ME as a potential client as well

          good job guy

            Shawn Pringle

            Wow. It honestly makes me shake my head when I see such negativity and seemingly unfounded distaste. The world is not out to get you “Victoria”.

            You don’t know me or Andrew or our motivations. And I don’t think I care to know you and yours.

            You really would do yourself a favour by printing this and posting it to your wall: http://cdn.24.co.za/files/Cms/General/d/2484/f8fe4f27011e4ea485e88dfa0ad70e5c.jpg



              let me get this correctly.

              you don’t know the guy for very long either right?

              Seems your avoidance of that question could be interpreted that way…so how long?

              You have avoided the most important question, regarding your financial interests in this topic.

              NOW your idea of a perfect marketing world is to reply with the following?

              “Wow. It honestly makes me shake my head when I see such negativity and seemingly unfounded distaste. The world is not out to get you “Victoria”.

              You don’t know me or Andrew or our motivations. And I don’t think I care to know you and yours.”

              well now, thank you for showing your true colors pal, obviously you have little to NO idea about how social media works,

              thats a problem you will have to face soon enough, but if it is your preference to accelerate the coming disaster by posting as if you do?

              Listen guy, you just lost the battle and the argument hasn’t even began, nice work.

              You might think you do not know me, think again, and heres a freebie

              i know more about your “tribe” than you might want to accept. NOW we all will know a lot more about YOU as a result of your reluctance to listen to the ground for the sound of the train.

              YOU made this bed, I hope you find it comfortable.

              I believe brett has done a solid to the world, by exposing this darius conversation,

              It’s my opinion and also the opinion of the entire thread for the most part EXCEPT YOU

              so tell me again oh wise one, what exactly is your financial interest?

              lets hear it tough guy, then you can try and sweep this immaturity under whatever rug you like, you are losing all of this debate, look around at the thread

              by the by, my ex husband bought your product a year ago. When I asked him how he liked it, he would only say, “never again”

              recently i had a conversation with a few of your clients, that resulted from your webinar with your “friend”

              they started the conversation pal…not me, don’t think you want to know about it either if your response is of any indication.

              NOT GOOD you keep on keepin on shawn, you might want to ask darren munroe who andrew darius really is, from what he posted, it doesn’t sound like you even know his real name.

              yet he is a stand up guy is he?

              go on, tell us how well you know him, and for how long.

              Do you always fight his battles for him?

              I anxiously await your answers, too bad, I don’t think you have the cajones to answer them.

              I expect more mindless blather.

              Good luck with that, the whole world will be watching!


                Guys, this discussion between you two is starting to enter the realm of ‘argument’. I dont want people arguing or posting based on emotions. Thats no good for anyone. Lets let this one go please.

          Stephen Gilbert

          For the record Shawn, the software may be cool but it’s very easy to take videos and make GIFs out of them using already free tools on the Internet.

    A. Costa

    Incredible seller reaction. When he should try to figure out how to make his product better, he treats you with a lawsuit… I guess he will not also like you have published the private skype talk – maybe that shouldn’t be posted – it is private.
    I congrats you for being so “front-end”. If someone had doubts about your reviews… there you have it. You could lose some $$ in the short term, but I’m sure it is a small “opportunity cost” comparing with long term results and credibility of being assertive. Well done!


    Downloading a gif to your computer, and uploading manually to your social site, can be done for free without the need to buy the damn thing, just google:make gif out of video.
    If I bought it to discover that, i will ask for a refund immediately.
    Thank you Brett for your HONEST, functional and educational reviews.

    Keep up the great work.


    Kai Braekke

    Thank you for this, Brett. This business needs more people like you. Keep it up!

    Oh – and I don’t consider you an IM bulldog. More like a Great Dane or a Doberman.

    Jeff Ether

    Thanks for the review. Unfortunately: 1) I had to change my perception about a particular marketer. I cannot support marketers with a certain, unabashed conduct. 2) It’s said that every funnel now have a FE that has 20% of the functionality. Thanks for your honest review.


    OMG, Thank you so much Bret, what a pile of dog manure, leaves a very bad snell that never goes away.Guess who just got deleted from my list.Thanks again Bret


    Brett–thanks for the great review, Andrew usually put’s out better products than this.
    I was thinking about buying it, but after watching your review I say “rejected!”
    I’m sure he’ll sell a ton of this product, but how many refund request will he get when
    people see that they don’t get anything from the front end offer. This certainly won’t help
    his reputation for future projects.
    Thanks again, and keep up with your “honest” reviews.


    two thumbs up for the review!

    Charles Ormsbee

    Hi Brett,
    Thanks so much for the review. I wasn’t going to buy this product anyway, it looked like a lame idea when there are lots of free web sites to create Gif files from video. I just use Camtasia or Photoshop to do the same and have for years.

    I am thrilled that you are taking some of these product creators and telling the truth instead of hyping these products just to get an affiliate commission. I must have got ten emails hyping this. How sad is that. I have to conclude is that all they think about is money.

    I can’t believe Andrew is threatening to bring a lawsuit. What a joke.
    I bought a product last week that was highly promoted that I refunded and told the vendor it was false advertising. Huge page of stuff it could do but all in the OTO version. Not in the FE. Talk about bait and switch – which is illegal by the way.

    When are these product creators going to wake up and know that a customer is a customer for life if treated well and fairly. That is why I buy your products. I know you will treat me right and not play games with bait and switch or false advertising. So I here for the duration. You are the man!

    Sorry for the rant but you made my day with this review.


    Thanks for the review Brett, as usual you were honest. I hate when you have to buy the upgrade to get the real product. Don’t think that is being forthright (Zig called it “lying by omission”). I wasn’t too interested in this product any way but was hoping for a review on Shoplicate. Any plans to do so?


    Brett, You dah man!

    Ginger Coleen

    Thanks Brett. I was not going to buy but was curious about this product. I know I can always trust you to be up front about products and I appreciate your honesty.

    My background is IT and for many years, I supported software and hardware and even helped with software launches (before IM software existed). Most (not all) of these IM guru software launches are good ideas but so many of these folks don’t maintain and support the product long term. For that reason, I’ve stopped buying from a lot of them. And, now that they are doing monthly payments after the launch, it’s gotten even more ridiculous to buy a lot of this software.

    It’s really a shame because a well coded maintained product (like Photoshop or MS Office) is a gold mine over time and they would not have to continue to create products and do launches. Just maintain a few really good products over the long term and focus on excellent customer service. Noble Samurai is one of the IM companies that really gets that concept. I thought Andrew was smarter than that as Explaindio is a great product that appears to be getting good upgrades.

    I hope he will be smart enough to turn this lemon into lemonade.


    Hey Bret !! just to say , thanks for the great review ..and I know how you feel about about posting this can of reviews , against your partners .

    Nay Aung

    So poor old Andrew Darius does it again, eh? The last time I heard of him shooting himself in the foot was when he made people PAY for an Explaindio update. Has he never heard of “customer service”?

    Thanks, Brett, for telling it like it is.


    Thank you Brett for your honesty and GREAT reviews.
    I always watch for your reviews on new product ….you have saved me money and time if I did not have your reviews I would have purchased a product that has little to no upfront value and would have to take time to ask for a refund after finding no value in product I purchased.
    I was hoping for a review from you on Sociocaster as I’m still on the fence with it.
    Thanks again for GREAT REVIEWS!


    Thanks again Brett, for the professional and honest review of Vydeogram, it seems to me that some of the vendors in the IM space are only concern in fill their pockets instead of really give a valuable product to the consumer.Threatening you and then continued by claiming that your review miss represented the facts, that is absurd. I must say that we need someone to be honest and ethical to review any type of Digital product and to my knowledge you are the best qualify person to do that. I will continued to listen to your reviews and be smart enough to make a good sound quality decision based on the reviews. Thanks and continued to bring awesome reviews….You Rock my friend!!!!

    Robson Mastermindswins


    Brett is the only one I rely on when I’m looking for a specific product or need info on what’s out there.

    Thanks bud….enjoy your haters. Lol


    I bought both the basic product and the OTO1. The products look to be pretty good stuff, actually, but I completely agree with Brett about the deceptive marketing. You have to get the OTO1 in order to do anything decent with the basic product. Every basic product should be stand alone and Vydeogram really doesn’t qualify for that. I also think that comparing Vydeogram to Videogram is the apples and oranges thing, so yes, Darius should have chosen a different name for clarity’s sake. I do agree with Darius that people don’t click on videos as much these days because they don’t want to sit through a one-minute to ten-minute video just to see what it’s about. Our internet culture is totally instant gratification, unfortunately. Darius has created some good products in the past, but his marketing is always the same–deceptive. We are long overdue for transparent marketing, folks. For Darius to threaten to sue Brett is completely childish. If you play games with customers, Darius then expect to get nailed for it. Thanks for everything, Brett! And thank heavens for the First Amendment!!

    Adam Valentine

    Wow. Andrew is more of a douche than I realized. I love your reviews Brett. They’re always honest and it helps me know whose email lists to unsubscribe from. 🙂 Anyone touting a piece of crap as something that you can’t be successful without gets me to unsubscribe.


    Brett, thank you for another honest review.
    the FE product should have full functionality, the oto is there to enhance the FE product. I rarely buy OTOs unless if the OTO is about getting more licences, dev or white label versions of the FE but not to make the FE work properly…
    I’m shocked to see such a response from the product vendor, we are all one big family in the IM space, they should see the review as an opportunity to make the software better and please the buyers…I understand that there may not be enough time/money to develop the software further but at least take the criticism on board and promise the buyers to enhance the software further in the near future. Good luck to the vendor during the launch, and thank you Brett for your efforts helping your blog readers to make some buying decisions.


    He probably thought that since he promoted your product,
    you would reciprocate by providing a favorable review.
    He obviously wasn’t paying attention to the type of
    totally honest reviews you do. I for one really appreciate
    this, and buy through your inks BECAUSE of this. I’ve
    been burned enough times, when there is a launch for
    something I might be interested in, I first check to see
    if you have reviewed it. There are a few other marketers
    whose reviews and opinions I also respect, but your
    integrity trumps all.

    He will learn the hard way. Wait until he has to deal with
    the many refund requests he will surely get. And losing
    many customers for future projects. And burning bridges
    with his fellow marketers- you Brett. Maybe he will learn
    something and relent. I will buy OTOs if they provide real
    ADDITIONAL value. If I had bought this product, I would
    have been outraged and refunded it promptly. And I would
    be gone as a customer. I’ve done this already with another
    few marketers who pulled the same stunt.

    Reputation is SO important.

    I also appreciate the observation that really what is the point
    of the software at all? Better to post real videos.

    Many thanks again for your great reviews.

      Steven Bell

      I think that the Skype conversation is 100X more damaging to Andrew Darius than the product review was.

      How many stories have we heard on this blog where a developer got called on something and improved their product?

      I’m marginally more likely, in the long term, to buy from someone like that than someone who’s product Brett just happened to like out of the gate. This was a missed opportunity.

      That having been said, I did get one explanation of what the concept is about in an e-mail this morning. It’s not to create a single GIF to promote your video, it’s to create hundreds of unique / randomized GIFs to promote your video.

      You can’t post the same video over and over and over again in most Facebook groups or you’ll get banned.



    I totally agree with how you handled this review. No one should be above anyone as to obviously deceive their target audience. It just goes to show how desperate online marketers just slop something up and hope to capitalize on newbies and intermediate marketers. I don’t see the real benefit of animated images anywhere for marketing my services. I believe in the fundamentals of marketing, giving true value in an ethical way.

    Just wish that more marketers out there don’t wait with baited breath for the next new shiny object to be their salvation to profits.

    I will just bet that over 90 per cent of all online marketers out there already know enough to carve their own path to business success. Marketing online is not rocket science. Just use the sound principles of the past and tweak them online. Key is to try something on your own. Emails or social posts with animated gifs are not the answer.

    Well done review Brett.


    Not mentioned in your review was it’s value to email campaigns. It does have considerable value there don’t you think? Beyond that I think your review is spot on.


      If you have your own hosting and dont mind the lack of functionality, perhaps. If you want to do animated .gif’s inside of an email check out Email Click Magnet, its designed for that specific use, and does it pretty well.


    Thanks Brett,
    You don’t need to apologize so much for your courage to tell the truth to us your subscribers. Congrats to Darius for asking you for a review his product knowing your honesty. Not everybody reads your reviews so he will get sales no matter what ! Yet the truth should be said and this industry should start changing thanks to the courage of people like you! Unless he is completely dishonest, Darius should admit that one should bring on the market good and finished products that would help others and not just one that is snatching the hard gained money of poor newbies (he had good products in the past) ! He would know that it’s good to test a product with people like you long before bringing it to the marketplace. Products Standards should be raised otherwise JVZoo will become a market of thieves and thus your courage is rewarding all of us including the product vendors. You are doing the work of the owners of JV who should change if they want to see it growing like Google ! They should bring out Pandas because sometimes some products are just a shame for JVZoo and they take sometimes the last savings of people putting them in misery !!! Brett we can build a better platform for honest and patient product developers that take time to finish well their products!

    Dean Hart


    Just as your email stated, you have saved me money, frustration and most importantly, TIME —

    Thank you for being real and to the point.

    My Best,

    Dean Hart


    Hi, Brett,

    I bought Profit Canvass and I really like it. Well, over the last few days Ive been getting emails from Andrew regarding the VydeoGram software. Ive been pondering a whole lot how would those animated snippets help me improve my business or give me value. Well, I felt the same exact things as you did, without ever having to open the software or buy it. I just don’t see the value it brings to us customers. Then, I read your review up here, and I agree %100 with you. I appreciate your HONEST BOLD review. People like you are very hard to come by these days. Thanks. Keep posting honest reviews even if it means loosing someone you are acquainted with. Look forward to your other reviews.


    I was beginning to lose respect for Andrew after the last relaunch of Explaindio. It had like a 10 product upsell funnel, and yeah… if you didn’t upgrade, version 1 was pretty useless… so I reluctantly upgraded but felt I was being held hostage in the process. My inner alarm bells have been going off ever since.This seals the deal… not buying any more of his products and not promoting for him either…

    Nay Aung

    I’ve just watched Amin Motin’s review of Vydeogram. He purchased (yes – purchased!) the expensive version, and then put it to the test. For anyone still unsure, his over-the-shoulder video review is here:

    {sorry .. links are not allowed, especially links to a affilaites bonus page}

    Personally, I’m not going to bother with it.


    Hi Brett,

    You are my hero man. I freak’in love it. This is a piece of junk software thrown together for one reason only, to make money for the creator. I have Explaindio from Andrew and I really like it, but I noticed since the launch/upgrade to the latest version (which he made us pay to upgrade), he seems to be all about the money. There are tons of add-ons that cost quite a bit plus there’s a yearly subscription now. Anyway, thanks for your awesome honesty. There’s a lot of marketers that just expect reviewers to be money hungry drones that spit out favorable reviews so they can make money. I’m glad you’re not one of them.

    Cheers to you!


    Brett you were right to protect yourself by publishing the conversation. Nothing is hidden that way and it is transparency!!!
    Sharolyn you are right and I suffered the same hostage process with Explaindio!

    It is time for us “ruined buyers” to have an association to sue those who are doing false claims for products too ! There is a federal office to sue those who are fooling others in the digital market not well known but that sued some crooks in the past ! In every country in the world now governments are looking for ways to make the New Economy as safe as possible with laws to discourage and punish those who are trying to deceive others! Those efforts are backing you Brett and those threatening honesty and truth will be surprised !!!
    Keep it up Brett !!!!


    Great honest review! All affiliate product reviewers should be honest like you to uncover crappy products.


    Thanks Brett,
    I buy a lot of IM products & 80% are just a bunch of C%&P!
    They are supposed to make running a business easier…but seems to me I’m spending all day trying to make something work! Infuriating!
    Then people like Darius keep dumping “not ready for market products” by the boatload. I’m sincerely appreciate & value your opinion!
    Keep doing what your doing!


    Thanks for the review Brett, a little late for me thought, maybe I’ll get me investment back if nothing works as you say.


    Harold Nusbaum

    Spot-on Brett! Your honesty and objectivity is “what you are known for!”.


    As always thanks for the candid and helpful review Brett!

    Tom McGaughan


    I just opened up an email from the Andrew Darius entitled…

    ‘Correction of VydeoGram info spred by beta tester posting review from in-production version’

    which started out…

    ‘Hey Guys and Gal,

    It came to my attention that one of our beta
    testers made review from in-production version
    to beat others, and sound important.

    I would be nice enough to not mention his name,
    although he did even posted our chat where
    I was not happy about it.

    Here is correction….’

    He then proceeds to blame this ‘beta-tester’ for doing a review and not mentioning a few things…

    I really would wish he’d use a grammar checker…He might even increase his sales..;-)



    There is damage control going on as I just received an email from Andrew addressing his “issues” with this review without mentioning Brett by name.
    I greatly appreciate the contents of this review on every level including that fact that it has saved my business dollars spent.


    Hey Brett ,

    Well Played my Friend , I have been online 4 years with Nothing to show for but That has been
    my Fault , Not Focusing , Information Overload , and Well the regular Internet Marketing Crap
    we All go thru , so I have come to Know who is who in this Business and I love the Fact that things are Turning around for Consumers with Guys like You and a Bunch of other Marketers
    that are coming Together to Team ” Honesty , Value , Overdeliver and Transparency ” That
    Greedy and Sneaky dude Got what was coming to Him , He handle everything Like a Child
    and Brett you handle everything like a Business Man ,You just earned my Trust and Respect .

    David Gruder

    Brett, as the psychologist who Radio & TV Reports named “America’s Integrity Expert” in 2008, I want to add here my public support to your decision about what you made public. I am also going to backchannel you with an idea for elevating the integrity of the Internet marketing products and WordPress add-ons industries. Blessings, David

    Robert Githens


    I have come to respect you and your opinions. Thanks to you I have both saved money and purchased great products based on your recommendations.

    In this case, I was not interested in purchasing, but again, you have shown the honesty lacking with many the the IMer’s out there today.

    If you need any support from me, don’t hesitate to ask…

    Lee Summers

    Well Brett seems you got Andrew Darius’ attention with your review see email he sent out below:

    Subj: Correction of VydeoGram info spred by beta tester posting review from in-production version

    Hey Guys and Gal,

    It came to my attention that one of our beta
    testers made review from in-production version
    to beat others, and sound important.

    I would be nice enough to not mention his name,
    although he did even posted our chat where
    I was not happy about it.

    Here is correction.

    During beta testing we originally had less features
    in standard that first retail version 1.003 has.

    Based on feedback from beta testers we decided to
    add key extra features to version standard which
    include following:

    – video VideoGram in MP4 format (this is really
    big on social networks like facebook).

    – Call To Action pulsating button to allow to
    point into direction of the link above the gif.

    – Color Tint to make image look cooler

    The beta tester just went ahead, and made review
    from in-production beta version misleading ton
    of people hence this correction email.

    Also, beta tester/reviewer did not talk about
    MP4 video VydeoGram at all, which made
    that review even more misleading, since that
    is critical feature.

    Vydeogram in MP4 format allows you to:

    – have video VydeoGram to post on FB
    which autoplay on mobile
    – add as intro to the video
    – make VydeoGram with audio
    – make Instagram add
    – make facebook add
    – a lot more

    So now you are better informed what is really in
    VydeoGram standard, which are all those powefull
    features I mentioned above on top of already
    powerful VideoGram in GIF format.

    Watch the demo now to see it for yourself.

    Talk Soon
    Andrew Darius

    Hey Guys and Gal,

    It came to my attention that one of our beta
    testers made review from in-production version
    to beat others, and sound important.

    I would be nice enough to not mention his name,
    although he did even posted our chat where
    I was not happy about it.

    Here is correction.

    During beta testing we originally had less features
    in standard that first retail version 1.003 has.

    Based on feedback from beta testers we decided to
    add key extra features to version standard which
    include following:

    – video VideoGram in MP4 format (this is really
    big on social networks like facebook).

    – Call To Action pulsating button to allow to
    point into direction of the link above the gif.

    – Color Tint to make image look cooler

    The beta tester just went ahead, and made review
    from in-production beta version misleading ton
    of people hence this correction email.

    Also, beta tester/reviewer did not talk about
    MP4 video VydeoGram at all, which made
    that review even more misleading, since that
    is critical feature.

    Vydeogram in MP4 format allows you to:

    – have video VydeoGram to post on FB
    which autoplay on mobile
    – add as intro to the video
    – make VydeoGram with audio
    – make Instagram add
    – make facebook add
    – a lot more

    So now you are better informed what is really in
    VydeoGram standard, which are all those powefull
    features I mentioned above on top of already
    powerful VideoGram in GIF format.

    Watch the demo now to see it for yourself.

    Talk Soon
    Andrew Darius


      Yea I have seen this.

      Andrew is making a really bad play here. Instead of just saying ‘thanks for the feedback’ he is pretending I was a beta tester (I was not, I never agreed to be one, he never asked me to be one, and the access he gave me was ‘review access’). He is also specifically avoiding the faults I pointed out by talking about things I did not review, none of which changes anything I said.

      This is a bad move on his part that is likely to harm his reputation more than help it.



      > Based on feedback from beta testers we decided to
      add key extra features to version standard which
      include following:

      The KVSocial webinar for VydeoGram stated all of the features Andrew enumerated following the above comment were in the upgrade, not the standard version.

      During the KVSocial demo I noticed one of the problems Brett mentioned in his review: that when the animated GIF is loaded with the FB image loader the animation is removed. I asked about the lack of animation in that example three times and was ignored each time.

    Mike Quinn

    Lol! That’s awesome!
    You nailed it Brett!
    A million thanks for exposing the truth 😉


    Hi Brett,

    I looked at Vydeogram but couldn’t really see how it would improve things for me. But, I thought to myself that for the $37.00…well…maybe. It’s not a lot of money. But I had a sneaky suspicion about the OTOs, so I didn’t buy it right away. Thank you for confirming my suspicions! 🙂

    And, you also revealed how little responsibility Andrew is willing to take for making a mistake with the product. And that tells me all I need to know about Andrew. Instead of getting in to a dialogue with you, he starts out with threatening you?? I am not willing to contribute to and enrich someone like that, so just like someone else said in an earlier post, Andrew will see no more business from me….

    Thanks again Brett, and keep up the good work!


    Hi Brett thx for the review and saving me dollars. You said that you mentioed about click magnet. Can you please give me the link and does it need any hosting or any other expense ? I need it for email promotion Thx ????

    Seann Valen

    Thanks, Brett! Wow, Andrew of Explandio fame (which I love, btw) appears to be greedy AND a serious butthead!

    I saw his sales page before you sent your review and I thought to myself “Is this a mistake or do I really have to get the OTO ($67) to get any real funcionality?” Turns out that you do have to grab the OTO! He should leave his marketing up to someone who knows how to do it right. It turned me off immediately and I deleted the tsunami of emails pitching it.

    I have Easy Web Video which includes Click Magnet which was the first, as far as I know, to come out with a giff video for email. I’ve used it with success. But even Shawn Pringle of EWV is promoting this. Hey, cash in on the latest shiny video object, eh?

    Enough said on that. Boycott Andrew now!

    Thanks for all your honest reviews!


    John Naismith

    Wow Brett, you sure have ruffled some features big time.

    If it requires the purchase of an OTO to make the product work better, then that’s a con in my book.

    If an OTO is offered to automate tasks for instance, then that’s different.

    Having said that I am over OTOs. I really think that the promotion should say upfront that OTOs will be offered and for what reason.

    Your reaction was mature, Andrew’s was not.

    Thanks and keep up the honesty.


    Well thanks again Brett. I’ve just read all the comments above mine and they make interesting reading. Firstly Brett, you embody everything about myself when it comes to running my business. I would have done everything you have done exactly the same way. I have total integrity and it’s one of the reasons I’ve not yet fully launched my IM career – I have to be totally ethical and give value to my customers which is contibuting to my procrastination as I don’t want just be another ‘sycophantic affiliate’! Anyway, what’s interesting above is that you were reviewing the full product at Andrew’s request, only for him to back track and infer that you were a beta tester once he knew that his product was just not up to scratch. I’m sure he has worked tirelessly on the product but I’m afraid that doesn’t make it any good. And let’s be honest, to the general public it screams ‘rip off’ when compared to VideoGram, so much so that in the UK he could be sued for copyright infringement alone for quite plainly imitating someone elses product (I’m not a lawyer but it’s along those lines). If I was the Videogram deveoper, I would be more angry with him that he was with you!

    I would like to add one more thing that people have mentioned with regards to subscription products (referring in Andrew’s defence to Explaindio 2 for example and no, I’ve not purchased it – I did buy the first version though). I have come to realise that a subscription product is not ‘ripping people off’ if the developer is genuinely supporting the product and offering continual updates as at the end of the day they have a living to earn and developing costs time and money. The key is once again, adding genuine value (proves once again that Profit Canvas is actually outstanding value!).

    Just my opinion 🙂


      I agree many times there is nothing wrong with a monthly fee. I have products that are a monthly fee. Some things have to be a monthly fee because the incur a monthly expense to maintain.


        I heard one vendor explain that the reason he only sells his software as a monthly subscription is that there is a good chance Facebook will either change their Terms of Use or change the API and break it, and he doesn’t want the customers to pay for a year and only be able to use it for 3 months. I can’t argue with that reasoning.

    andrew h.

    Brett Thanks for Your Honest Review and Saving Me The Trouble and Expense of Buying it(to be Honest The Product didn’t Appeal to Me so I Might not Have Taken The Plunge Anyway)
    But in The Past Your Reviews have Definitely Saved Me.
    By Being Honest Brett You are doing The Right Thing for Your Customers and really for The Product Creators because any Business that doesn’t take a HONEST LOOK At Itself Long Term will Eventually Fail.
    To Andrew Darius I’am Sorry That You are Hurt and Upset,,,,Move on and Improve!!
    and Andrew Thank You for Creating Explaindio I’am a Owner of That Video Creation Product and It’s Great and you have Provided Great Value with it and Great Training and Support!
    I’am Sure You put a Lot of Effort into Vydeogram but I’d Prefer to See You Move on to Better Things and But Your Energy into either Improving The Product or Creating great Products in The Future Then Attacking and Wasting Energy on a Reviewer who Has Every Right to His Opinion ,,,,,,So Andrew Please Stop and Let Me Think of You has The Great Creator of Explaindio,,,,,instead of a Person who has Charactor Issues and Can’t Handle criticism and Goes Over Board,,,,I Don’t Think That Yet of You,because it can be Normal to get Upset at 1rst after putting a Lot of Work into to Something and Receiving Criticism,,,,but a Person in Control of Them Selves needs to Move on,,,Please continue to Let Me Think Well of You and I Will Continue to Enjoy Explaindio


    Brett, thanks for continuing to follow your principles for us, your customers. Sometimes you’re the bug, sometimes you’re the windshield…

    Art Derfall

    Since the products of vydeogram and videogram look so similar, I’m surprised the latter hasn’t had a cease and desist for the former. If Apple can sue Samsung for rounder corners, well….

    Art Derfall

    rounded corners


    Oh man, thanks!
    I started to wonder when I took the one month option and just noticed in the PayPal page that there were 9 more payments to make! Get lifetime for $38 and monthly will cost $170?
    I think not.
    If something stinks about it, something else is bound to too, so thanks for pointing out all the bad smells.
    There’s nothing much I can do about it, but thankfully you have.
    All I’m doing is to unsubscribe from all who are pushing it and if there’s the opportunity, telling them why.

    Thanks again.
    My new policy is not to buy anything until you have checked it out!


    Thanks Brett, Transparency goes a long way. I own your products and that is what you always provide. Thanks

    Basir Ecsam

    Good reviews and thanks Brett
    we must speak the truth even if it is bitter though


    Dear Brett,

    Thank you for your work and interest in getting the news out to the people. Dude sound like a solitary individual, not a conglomerate, legal actions very expensive.
    It also isn’t smart communicating threats because if anything happen we’ll know the 1st person of interest. Now getting to your review. I agree with you. I am unlike you in that, when I found something that lacked functionality, as in this case, like you it is very quick to determine this product is not the one.

    It’s interesting in this age of intellectual property and strict adherence to that law that this individual would be more worried about a bad review than a huge company going after him for theft of intellectual property, even if, the product is only similar to the real Videogram.

    It also sounds like you did not know you were “beta testing,” his clever play on facts about your review. If you talked to the guy, did he think you to be so devoid of critical analysis as to not notice his product was 98% non-functional? And upon learning that, after having given you permission to review, that would you not report the result of your analysis. This is very strange that he does not appear to understand the industry he is in, it makes you wonder if he is actually the one who designs and develops, very curious.

    I recently bought some software and come to find out some young dude in Asia is emailing me asking me to register the product because he forgot to ask before. Do you think I’m unzipping that bad boy program? No sir, I’ll chalk it up to a lesson learned and that is part of the reason I thank you because you can save people from making costly mistakes. Anyway, take it easy, watch your back, keep your head on a swivel, etc., etc.


    Hi Brett,

    You are great and the IM industry needs more like you. I have been in IM for approx. 2 years and have been sold products that were far from what was promised. We need more honest reviewers to flesh out the dishonest marketers. I am sick and tied of buying products and find out after purchase I need the OTO at twice or triple the price before it will do all the things they say in their Sales Pages.
    From an Aussie Brett you are a Bloody Beauty and keep up your great reviews.

    Mike Sullivan

    Although I made my decision before I read your review I always come here to see what you thought. In this case my concerns were justified and as I decided this is not the product for me. That being said I believe Andrew went overboard although I know sometimes anger at what might be perceived as unjust criticism can overwhelm us and cause rash decisions, not saying your review was unjust, just that the product creator could see it as such. Again thanks for the honest review and though some believe that its “only $37” I expect a lot for my $37 and don’t expect to throw it away on something that does not provide me value. As a side note Andrew’s response to you although extreme will not cause me to discount him in the future as some of his past and I assume future products have and will I hope be of great value

    Carl Kuhl

    Hi Brett. Thank you for being an Outstanding Internet Marketer and a decent human being. You are one of my favorite IM software developers. Thank you for creating awesome software that doesn’t take advantage of their clients.
    I read your review is right on the money.
    Darius sent me an email that indirectly talks about you as a Beta Tester which we all know is not true, enclosed is a copy of that email.

    Hey Guys and Gal,

    >>”It came to my attention that one of our beta
    testers made review from in-production version
    to beat others, and sound important.”<>”I would be nice enough to not mention his name,
    although he did even posted our chat where
    I was not happy about it.”<>”The beta tester just went ahead, and made review
    from in-production beta version misleading ton
    of people hence this correction email.”<>”Also, beta tester/reviewer did not talk about
    MP4 video VydeoGram at all, which made
    that review even more misleading, since that
    is critical feature.”<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    So as you can see you have a war in your hands with Darius.
    I will never purchase another item from Darius again.

    If he was a smarter marketer he should have kept his mouth shut about your review.

    By publicly talking about it, it gives your review credibility.

    Instead of hurting you by deflecting the flaws of his program, he made it more noticeable and he hurt himself in the process.

    You and Mike Thomas are the most honest people out there.
    Thank you again for all that you do for us.


    Thanks Brett for exposing these Vendors for what they are. Their tactics are high-handed, dubious and deceitful. I would rather have them put all the functionality of their product in the FE version and markup the price rather than them using this deceitful marketing tactic and extracting $$$ for every function via OTOs with a worthless FE version..
    There is an history of this guerilla and greedy tactics from these guys. Explaindio, Social Video Magic that metamorphosed into Social Video Spark, Annual payments, etc.. They use this same tactics, or wait after 3 months to re-launch the same product with some new found functionality and/or change the name and force early buyers to buy their products again either as a new product or upgrade on a monthly basis. SHAME!!!
    Anyone having the nerve to even defend or protect what clearly is a greed-driven move by these guy(s) is just unfortunate and only goes to show that they will do the same under similar circumstances.
    Thanks Brett for your courage. Its time we have a Consumer protection Agency or Body to clamp down on these unfortunate practices and rid this IM space of these gangster vendors. Their responses repeatedly exposes these vendors and their mindset. Pity!
    To all Product creators, Bring value, creativity and ingenuity to the market place and people will rightly acknowledge, reward and support your efforts. It can’t just be about you and your hardwork talk always, Put the customer first and watch the magic happen.

    David F

    One good thing that came out of this is that I discovered a product that over $1 million was invested into Videogram and Videogram does have ree access plan (they may also have paid, but I like the free version) and I like its functionality, look, usefulness and well organized channels.

    Nicholas LaPolla

    A few months ago, I posted publicly that I was no longer doing business with Andrew after Explaindio 1.0. Since then, I have seen numerous public posts by others voicing similar opinions on Facebook, in this thread and on other threads. I am not surprised.

    I will say this: you are always entitled to your opinion and obligated to tell the truth. Job well done on that count, Brett! No one can sue for an opinion and certainly not for telling the truth.

    As a seller, I have received critical comments in the past and I always use them as an opportunity to learn what my customers want — and I make changes whenever possible to improve my product. That’s the way it should be. Unfortunately, this seller chooses the bully method of reputation management, which CLEARLY does not work!

    Johnathon Norton

    Thanks, Brett for your honest review. People just don’t understand, the truth will really piss you off before it sets you free. Lol. People are tired of getting ripped off by marketers who don’t care about anything but getting your money. Thank you Brett for being who you are.

    Joachim Häfner

    Thank you Brett, this is a great review 🙂

    Roy Burgess

    Thank you Brett very useful and saved me some money.
    Best regards R.B.


    I love you and your reviews Brett. Nice honest review, hope others will find your review before they decide to buy VideoGr… oh sorry VydeoGram.

    Feeling sad for his buyers.

    Jacobus Lavooij

    Ha! Great review. Busted!

    Andy Brocklehurst

    I don’t always agree with Brett but I think he’s hit the nail on the head here.

    This is another case of a good marketing ploy (sell a standard version and offer an upsell) being taken so far that the front end product provides zero value to the users.

    10/10 for doing the right thing.


    Roger Hall

    Thanks for the honest review, Brett! Roger


    To be successful in internet marketing you generally have to be a BS artist, a spoofer ,a liar and promote products that you haven’t tested or even used. Just forward the pre-written hype onto the masses and count the affiliate dollars come in. That’s what people like Shawn Pringle do, in fact that’s what most successful internet marketers do. They are not much more than con-men. It’s a kind of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” cosy clique of JV buddies who tend to exploit newbies with any old garbage software that promises the world and breaks after 3 months when the refund has expired. To an extent everyone has to play this game to succeed and even Brett has had to suck up to other marketers and do the false pally-pally thing in order to generate more traffic and buyers, but at least Brett has maintained some degree of integrity and calls things as he sees them (unbelievably being honest in the IM sphere means Brett stands out from everyone else and indeed becomes a target). People like Shawn want to continue to exploit and maintain the cosy monopoly of overhyped undertested products that all affiliates can benefit from – thankfully Brett is taking some kind of stand against this all-pervading ethos and yes he’s taking heat for it but others would do well to learn from him. Eventually the truth catches up with all of us.


      To be successful in internet marketing you generally have to be a BS artist, a spoofer ,a liar and promote products that you haven’t tested or even used. Just forward the pre-written hype onto the masses and count the affiliate dollars come in.

      This is 100% NOT the truth. I am quite successful as an internet marketer and I don’t do any of these things.


      Nathan, that there is exactly why IM appears to be on a downward spiral.

      I’m an old-school marketer where “Internet marketing” and “making money online” isn’t the same thing. Where the Software Development Life Cycle still means something and products are properly tested before going to market.

      True Internet marketers understand the value of providing value to customers for long-term sustainability. It’s the bulk of the “making money online” bunch of IMers who actually don’t take the time to understand basic business principles and then teach others to follow the same unethical, bad practices.

      I’ve unsubscribed from all affiliates and product developers who constantly try to undermine my intelligence with their fake pitches and false promises. Brett, I’ll definitely be signing up with you instead. How about a review on Social Vidio?


    My first time here, and I must say I am super impressed with this review! I have spent lots on products and am disgusted that the front end pitch’s are misleading. I too really think that all promotions should say upfront that OTOs will be offered and for what reason. Simply put I am tired of the GOTCHAS! Don’t show me anything that is a OTO unless it is made clear in the pitch! If the product is really as good as it is made out to be, it should stand well on its clear and honest promotion. For all of the folks that I have been misled by,by promoting inferior product, beware that your longevity may be greatly limited. Take a stand and promote only what is really worth promoting, and our industry will benefit long term.
    Thanks Brett…I will be using your reviews in the future!

    Jase Bologna

    Hi Brett! You are so helpful. He should take a few pages out of your book, I personally have purchased your products and They have been fantastic, and on top of that when a minor issue came up, you responded immediately, problem solved. Thank you for all you do to help and provide key tools for success!


    Darius has just sent out this email (seems a little upset) I’m with you Brett, always respect your reviews.

    {I shortened this post since several people have already posted the email Andrew sent}


    From an internet marketing standpoint I think we need to seriously think about the concept of the OTO. If a product has to require OTO or an upsell to make the product whole, I think we should start doing away with these alltogether. Make the product whole from the start.

    I understand the concept, oto, upsell, cross-sell, down-sell, are all part of the “sales funnel” that overall increases profits to product makers, but as I see it, with the high frequency of products being released on a weekly basis now, products should just be released as one product with autoresponder emails to the buyers of upsells or cross-sells. Then it gives the buyer a choice to further buy products from the creator.

    It makes us all cautious that when we buy a low price product, we truly don’t know the complete price we have to dish out to buy complete functionality.


      OTO’s are not that bad in general, and also its important to note that OTO’s are not really about making more money for the vendor, its often about making ANY money. Affiliates are expensive, demanding at least 50% and often more of the sales price, then there is PayPal’s 2.2% and JVZoo’s 5%, not to mention the cost of the scam buyers (I wont get into that in detail, but they have cost me thousands on my launches). Then there is development fees, support fees, hosting fees etc. So really the only money to be made for the vendor is in the OTO’s.

      However an OTO needs to add extra functionality or features, this is fine, more costs more, but I firmly believe that the FE offer needs to have its own value in itself, not rely on the purchase of an upgrade.



    Thank you for your honesty as usual. You validated my own assessment of the product based on the reviews and videos I had already seen. I too, was not planning to buy this because I already own Click Ad 2.0., whucjh I love, BTW.

    What I don’t understand is why Shawn Pringle even stuck up for him (and I even sent Shawn an email asking why I should buy VydeoGram if I already own Click Ads). Seems almost like he ripped off Click Ads and Videogram and combined the two.

    A lot of people are still stinging from the 9 layer sales funnel that accompanied Explaindio Pro. I’m still a fan of Explaindio and I appreciate Andrew Darius for the hard work and dedication he put into the development and support for it. But his marketing tactics leave a lot to be desired and in the case ,of VideoGram, he has proven himself to have very thin skin when criticized. Like others here have pointed out… instead of becoming hostile and defensive, he could take your critique for what it is and use your review to fine tune his offering. Maybe even make his OTO be the FE and offer the upgrade retroactively to the people that bought it. Or at least add a little more functionality to the FE. I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of this saga.

    Thanks again for your own integrity.



    Bravo, bravo, bravo. Wish there were other folks who do reviews that actually tried to use the product to find out what it did or didn’t do. Your creds just went way up in my estimation. Keep on keeping on.


    well, there’s a sucker born every minute so he’ll find SOMEONE to sell it to..haha- thanks for the great review, but honestly their own sales copy did more harm that you did! I couldn’t find a reason to buy it after watching it, and just happened to see this review while looking to see if you reviewed videoengage..

    the professional thing would have been for him to ‘eat it’ a little, admit there were minor issues and offer everyone a ‘.1’ version with parts of OTO right after launch, but if you care more about quick cash than return customers, hey…good luck-

    (Ask Jeff Long how that’s going for him (quick cash over customer satisfaction), now that he sold out and quit supporting Social Video Magic…)


      by the way, here’s some info for your pending ‘legal action’ from Darius.. haha-
      Vydeogram was #1 for sales for JVzoo yesterday, so he’s gonna have a hard time proving you impacted sales much…hope he does the right thing and backs off those threats, that was just childish-


        I have not heard from him all day.

        Ray The Video Guy

        The threat was just that. When someone gives out a ‘review copy’, that implies that the person will be reviewing it (good or bad). If there was even an attempt at a lawsuit (there won’t be)… it would be tossed out.

        Courts have already ruled against companies that try to block reviews.


    In case anyone is missing it, I would advise you to scroll up to my conversation on this thread, with shawn, you will find it interesting I am sure. have a great day, every single one of your opinions matter. Do NOT ever let these marketers tell you otherwise.


    Ray The Video Guy


    That is a very interesting review. I also received a review copy, but got the Pro version. I made the assumption that the name VydeoGram was used, simply because the word ‘videogram’ is often used as a generic word. I did not know about the other service.

    As for the VydeoGram product itself… I actually liked the product… but that is because I have found great use of it in emails. It gives much more than a simple thumbnail, and I actually have seen quantifiable increases in click-throughs when I use it.

    As for on Facebook, I agree, but mostly because as I have tried to use the ImageShack service, it doesn’t recognize my account.

    As for why use it on Facebook, instead of just the full video… I agree, I don’t see the purpose. But for emails, I think it’s well worth the price.


      I appreciate your opinion Ray. You know your one of the few people in this business that I really respect. But for emails, I think there are better options, that do it better, and that dont require an OTO for any real functionality.

    Kim Celinder

    Great review Brett, appreciate your honesty.

    It’s funny how the known marketers don’t agree with you, while most customers do.

    My guess is it’s because the known marketers either got the pro version free, money is no problem or they have the “scratch my back I scratch yours” in mind.

    While for regular customers it’s not really worth it to pay $135 for the pro version, when you can just search for “ezgif video to gif” in google and do almost the same. And for that money you could get professional software like SEO Spyglass.

    What’s up with the yearly prices, I have never seen this type of software go for yearly, I think he got greedy after hes success with Explaindio.


    With the taste in the mud, I have just cancelled my annual subscription of Explaindio. Bye Andrew.


    FREE http://www.videogram.com/ 🙂

    what a douche, that Darius. He showed his ass for sure.

    Thanks for the review you just saved me some $$


    How internet marketers deal with adversity is very revealing about what to expect from them.

    You would hope that exposing faults would light a fire to address shortcomings rather than ignite an aggressive defensive position that is a complete and utter turnoff to anyone even considering recommending a product/provider in the future, let alone purchasing from them.

    A.D. you made a mistake.

    Alexa Casey

    So, this morning I started reading reviews and found myself quite involved reading many on here this morning…so much for getting “other tasks” completed. I just want to make a few points:

    1) Thanks Brett for your awesome review and I also appreciate your honesty.

    2) I’m sorry to read about the developers response to your reviews but maybe over time, he’ll recognize how to address differently.

    3) Many comments speak to our own reactions to such behavior and I noticed the need to take sides…which in some ways, increases the conflict. I believe that it is generally up to you and Andrew to work out….and hopefully it will happen.

    4) Bringing in others and trashing the entire IM world…seems quite counterproductive and I hope that we can elevate the conversation now that we are together. It’s easy to get upset..and much harder to find ways to collaborate and work together.

    5) Again, thank you Brett for your reviews and your dedication. I hope that we can all figure out ways to talk kindly with one another when we agree as well as when we disagree. I hope that you and Andrew can work through this issue….and learning can take place. But I know that is something quite personal between you both.

    6) Question to the rest of you…what are some other good review sites like Brett’s. I love reading his reviews and I’d love some recommendations on who else to read.

    Thanks all…and here’s to a kinder and gentler dialogue.


    Alexa Casey

    Just to clarify…I was not identifying ANYONE as “bringing in others”…just something that happens when conflict occurs…when I reread, it sounded as if I was suggesting that someone was “bringing in others”…that was not my intention….

    😉 Alexa


    Seriously Brett, I was looking for reviews (honest) reviews about this product. Everybody is pushing this software and all their “bonuses”.

    I appreciate a real honest reviews. I’m bookmarking your page for future.

    I won’t be wasting my money on this.

    Plus it tells you about the developers who are threatening to sue you.

    God Bless



    I hate when some Internet Marketers “worry” about their own “money loss” because of honest reviews, and selfishly lining their own pockets with greed with other people’s hard earned money. Many go into Internet Marketing, hoping to have extra cash in order to survive and pay bills.

    It’s simple, if you want a successful launch.. get out a QUALITY product that will HELP others succeed or make their tasks easier. Don’t be selfish for your own gain$. Sooner or later, people will find out who the honest marketers are, and who’s not.


    I just wanted to say thanks for your honest reviews. I had a similar business model in mind at one point, but my interests took me elsewhere. I just want to say that I think there is a very fine line between OTOs and the bait and switch tactic (which is illegal in the US). A lot of these IM products are more bait and switch than OTO. My personal policy is to never buy an OTO. If the original product can’t stand on it’s own and fulfill the sales letter promises I return it for a refund and never buy from that marketer again. Some of these “OTOs” are unethical, illegal and just bad business. I remember, not too long ago, purchasing a product that promised the moon. I was immediately presented with 9 OTOs! 9!!! How ridiculous is that?!?! By the 4th OTO I already knew I was asking for a refund. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. Keep up the good work.

    Your newest fan.


    Hi Brett

    Good work with the review and managing the “fallout” from it honorably.

    May this help to lead to more launches showing what OTO’s are offered (added features and price) in the sales copy BEFORE the FE purchase, which is already done in some cases.

    As many have said in this thread, OTO’s are not wrong, just that they should in fact add EXTRA functionality one can choose to buy, without needing to.

    Thanks also to Andrew Darius for contributing to the discussion and heightened level of awareness on the topic all around (-:

    cheers bro, keep it up please


    I am not sure how any of the reviewers or beta testers got anything to work.
    Purchased the Pro version, started out at 1.003.

    Could create animated gifs just fine. Had to purchase an annual ImageShack subscription to post to Facebook (to get animations to work. This is a FB issue).

    The Animations with Video had major issues from the beginning and just kept getting worse as they performed updates.

    First, the MP4’s were not saving to the designated folder. After searching your hard drive, you could find them. Problem was, when published, they didn’t work. Only the video played, no animation at all.

    After Andrew told us his developers didn’t work on weekends and would have to fix on Monday (how do you launch a new software then go on holiday!?), he posted “great news” the developers were working. lucky us.

    1.004 released. Supposedly fixed everything. It did not.
    Added a couple small issues that were fixed in subsequent updates (adding CTA image – the image size was enourmous — off of the screen huge)

    Adding text just plain didn’t work any longer.

    1.005 now MP4’s are no longer saved anywhere on the hard drive. A user posted a work around using a video editing software

    Up to V1.007 and MP4’s still nowhere to be found although with each update all fixes were announced.

    The OTO’s seemed endless. In my confusion about what I purchased I accidentally submitted a ticket requesting a refund for VydeoGram when (at the time) I really only intended to cancel Explaindio.

    When I realized what I had done and noticed my updated ticket had not been responded to (although it was assigned to an agent) I reached out for Andrew by private message. He replied that he didn’t do support, 26,000 customers an all.

    I have to say, I’ve hung in with products before that had launch issues but this is the first time there is a blatant and palpable disdain for the client.

    Not only does the product not work anywhere close to as advertised, Andrew has had the nerve to promote 2 separate affiliate offers inside the VydeoGram private group. How out of touch with your user base do you have to be to try to sell them more shit (not his own, he was promoting as an affiliate) while the product they just purchased doesn’t work!?

    Since I will likely be banned from the group I have gone ahead and taken dozens of snap shots of the issues being discussed in case I have any trouble getting my refund ….which I have not requested intentionally.

    I have been around IM for 8 years, know Ray from Stompernet days and am grateful to have now been introduced to Brett. This product and service are one of the worst I have seen and I have purchased a lot of junk over the years.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the concept and probably would have stuck around to give them a chance to fix if it were not for the actions and total disrespect of the creator. I searched for reviews and found this AFTER I had made my decision to refund.

    We are up to 1.007…no updates so far this morning.

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