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3 great tools in one


Texts come from 'unknown'

Today I am doing a review of a new web based software called Sendiio   Sendiio 2 is the new, improved and updated version of Sendiio that allows you to build three kinds of lists and send out three kinds of broadcasts. Honestly, when I can across this software there was one aspect of it […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I am doing a review of a new web based software called Sendiio


Sendiio 2 is the new, improved and updated version of Sendiio that allows you to build three kinds of lists and send out three kinds of broadcasts. Honestly, when I can across this software there was one aspect of it I was not interested in at all, one aspect that I that was pretty interesting, and one aspect I was really excited about. I will go over each one individually.

The first is the email platform:  Sendiio has a built in email system that lets you collect emails, build a list, and send out broadcasts. It works very similar to a traditional autoresponder only you send with your own SMTP, either via your own domain or a 3rd party relay service. I am going to be super honest here, I did not test this aspect one bit. I had zero interest in it. Why? Two reasons. First I can almost guarantee you no one telling you to buy Sendiio will be doing so via emails sent with it. Second because I personally own a similar (though In my bias opinion much more refined and functional) platform, a platform which I as the vendor also personally use to send out all of my marketing emails.

So I was not interested in the email aspect of Sendiio partially because I was bias and think my system is better and partially because I honestly was not interested in it given that I personally own a well established email platform that has thousands of active users sending out millions of emails a month.

The second part of Sendiio is the Facebook bot: We have all seen those Facebook posts. Comment below for more info: then when you comment you get an automated response. People using Facebook like these systems because by forcing you to comment they are increasing the posts engagement, which in effect increases the posts ‘edge rank’ (a measure Facebook uses to judge the quality of a post) which in turn means even more people will see the post. Sendiio includes a bot like this, but it also takes it a step further and integrates as system that lets you send follow up broadcasts to people who engage with your posts. This is very similar to an autoresponder only instead of sending emails you are sending Facebook messages.

Neither of these things are totally new. There have been other systems that allow you to do this kind of stuff. However generally they cost a monthly fee and do not have any of the additional features that Sendiio has. The system that Sendiio has is intuitive, easy to use, and a nice tool to have in the platform.

Finally comes the SMS system: This is the one I was really excited about, but before I talk about it to much, just in case some readers do not know. SMS is texts, that is texts on your phone (or ‘mobile’ for my over sees friends). The SMS aspect of Sendiio will allow you to collect peoples phone numbers (or import them) and then send out mass text messages to the people on your list. This system works just like an autoresponder. You can have multiple lists. You can send ‘one time’ broadcast mass texts. You can schedule texts to go out at a later date. You can even set up a text follow up sequence.

In order to be totally upfront and transparent though I do need to point out that there is one thing I did not like about the SMS system. In my testing, when I was using it to send texts to my phone, they showed up in my phone as being sent from ‘unknown’. That is not the most ideal. Now Im not sure if it was just my phone that does that (I have a Galaxy Tab S9+) or my service provider, or if it will be like that for everyone, but it was something I noticed, that I did not particularity like so I have to point it out for honesty.

Even with that one limitation this frankly is a super powerful feature and my absolute favorite part of Sendiio. Its something that you really do not see being offered by vendors in this space often (actually I cant remember if I ever did) and is something that is normally only available from 3rd party services at a high monthly fee (the lowest cost one I found was $75 per month for a decent plan). Whats great about this is that its going to be something awesome for people in all kinds of internet marketing and even for people working with offline businesses. Perhaps especially for people working with offline businesses actually because Sendiio allows you to create phone lists for your offline customers and send mass texts for them, a service you can easily charge a couple hundred dollars a month for.

So what do I think over all? Well its really cool that Joshua included 3 different messaging systems in one, and I tip my hat to him for over delivering as he could easilly have made this 3 different products. While the email system, which again I did not test, is cool and all, the Facebook integration is in my mind more exciting and the SMS system is just awesome. Frankly in my mind, the SMS system alone makes Sendiio an amazing value and something well worth considering:







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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    George STARK

    Great review Brett. I always come to your review site to get the real scoop on a product. Your review has given me the green light to purchase this product. Thanks for the insights.


    Hey Brett I am in New Zealand so will I be able to use the text messaging? Is it easy to setup (read idiot proof!)?


      Its pretty easy .. as for ‘idiot proof’ well that depends on how much of an idiot you are .. lol 🙂 I tested with US numbers because that is all I have, but I do not see why it would not work in New Zealand, especially given that the country code is required (which makes me think it should work fine in most countries).


    Brett if I already have MyMailit agency, can I also give away MyMailit like you do?
    Sems that is the most fair if you give it for free.


      No you can not. Agents must sell agency. As for fair, I can give away my own stuff because I create it. You did not, so you must follow my licensing restrictions. If that is unacceptable to you feel free to spend 6 or 8 months and a 10 or 20k building your own system.

    Richard Dacker

    Hi Brett,

    Solid review of Sendio and having had some disappointments with SMTP email software, cant say it has been productive few weeks from that perspective. My mail it from your side would be completely different I can tell just from the short video. In any case 17 hours just now to take up the bonus offer, out of my reach presently, since starting session 1 in final year at University has meant funds for texts tapped me out.

    Good hones review , appreciate it.


    David Neblett

    Hi, Brett for some reason I am not getting emails from you, I always look forward to your reviews and recommend products I bought a host of products that way sometimes only to get your bonus . I have not had an email from you since November 2019.


    Does it work in all languages?

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