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3.5/ 5

Creator: Cyril Jeet
Type: Web Software


Solid tool based on a sound concept


Slight bug in the scheduled time display

Watch the video below to see my full review of InstaViral Summery:ย  InstaViral is a web based software that is designed to allow you to quickly create social memes and share them on many social networks. Your post will also haveย  a link to your website, blog, or any other URL in it. The idea […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Watch the video below to see my full review of InstaViral


InstaViral is a web based software that is designed to allow you to quickly create social memes and share them on many social networks. Your post will also haveย  a link to your website, blog, or any other URL in it. The idea being that some of the people who view your meme will also click your link and visit your site, generating traffic for you. While not everyone will do this. Because you have seeded your post in many different networks, and because people often share and like these kinds of posts, a lot of people will see your meme and even if only a small percentage of people click, this can still be a decent amount of free traffic.

When I first tested this software it had a lot of bugs in it. There where onscreen errors and things that just did not work. I was about to write off the software and get ready to give it a big red rejected stamp. However the developers asked me if I would work with them and help them correct the issues I found. Because I felt this software had potential I agreed. Finally after a day and a half all of the bugs I noticed are corrected and the software is working well. In the interest of full disclosure though I want to point out that there is still one minor issue with the way the scheduled post time is reporting, but this is a GUI issue that does not effect the functionality of the software. I have reported this to the developers and they have assured me it will be corrected as well.

Over all I think InstaViral is a viable tool. Posting social memes is not some new gimmick or something they hope that will work. Its something people have been doing for a long time and that they continue to do because it is a viable way to get traffic. InstaViral is a software and good software is a tool. This is a good tool in that it makes a task that you would have to do manually much faster and more easy. While I don’t think for a moment that this is going to get you hundreds of thousands of free hits to your site a month, I do firmly believe that this will get you free traffic. Even just 50 or 100 hits per week is great and will make it easy to get a few extra sales with minimal work.

Update for version 2.0:

Version 2.0 of InstaViral is essentially the same functionality at its core. However it does add some very useful extra features that make it more powerful and specifically more easy to create interesting graphics that are likely to get likes and shares.

The first extra feature it added is the ability to search for graphics on Pixabay:


The second functionality is the ability to access a huge library of sayings, quotes, and fun facts that you can use in your images:


Both of these new functions are invaluable and makes it super easy to create viral graphics for social media. I liked InstaViral when it was first released and I like version 2.0 even better as its more powerful, more functional, and easier than ever to use.







BONUS: The product vendor has allowed me to give the following bonuses to anyone who purchases InstaViral 2.0 though my link. They will be instantly available right inside of the members area.




You will get instant access to all of these bonuses right inside of the InstaViral members area.



 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    There are STILL bugs that need to be remedied. Simply changing the text color is a nightmare. The selector will not move, after a few minutes I got it to move to white (black is default) BUT the text color never changed.

    I couldn’t find a way to delete the text so placed it in a black area and created new text that I changed to white before inserting. Again, took a long time to get to change the color selector it doesn’t want to move!

    Finally got white text inserted and the instant I touched it to move to where I wanted it, it reverted to black!

    Very frustrating, why launch a product that doesn’t work for the basic functions? I have yet to get further than the editing part…

    It’s a shame it’s not self-hosted, does it promote its own links (Insta-viral in the postings? I haven’t got that far yet…


      Sandra, as a developer I can say that the text color picker is JavaScript and JavaScript is downloaded when the page loads and runs in your browser. It sounds like this is an issue specific to your machine, since as I said JavaScript is something that runs on your machine. Also I know the ColorPicker library that they are using. Its quite popular among developers and works well. I had no issues at all like this, though I did not change the color in my review video, I did several tests and did test the color pickers. Can you try on a different browser or computer?

      I made you a personal video, I hope it helps, if you still have issues let me know:


        Thank you! I had tried it in all 3 browsers, maybe a reboot was what it needed, it works fine now. I appreciate your kind help. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hey Brett

    Always read your reviews and agree with most. A few things I found annoying with this software after trying it out. Specifically needing to create an app for every social network rather than allowing connection via login. Nowadays most software seems to allow linking via login, for example with Facebook, which then sucks in all the related FB pages associated with the account. This doesn’t so you need to go create an app and start cutting and pasting. Did that for Twitter, created a test post, sent the post and it didn’t send the test meme. The system did not let me know whether or not the meme was posted. The only way to tell, by the looks of it, is to go to the analytics window and see zero clicks. That does tell you if the post was successfully necessarily. Last grip is background and graphics available are limited and basic so you have to invest time going out to find graphics etc to bring back to the software – that’s not a time saver but a time sink. The only real benefit I can see is the network aspects once you’ve gone through and created apps for the network. And the core product only allows one page per network account by the looks of it.

    Had considered the whitelabel but will probably hold off from that investment.


      You don’t have to make an app for every social network. For example in the video I show how you connect with G+ using your log in credentials, no app needed. Also I totally understand why they make you use your own app for things like Facebook. Lets say they did not, lets say that they had their own app and you just had to authorize it .. now they dont know what people are going to be posting and have no control over that .. lets now say that someone decides to be a jerk and post some kind of very inappropriate thing and the app gets banned from Facebook. Everyone is screwed. By having the system use your own app for Facebook it is insulating you and making sure you wont have a problem because of what other people do.

      As soon as you make your post to the netweorks it gives you a report showing you where it was post. I show this in the review video. Perhaps Im not understanding what you are saying?


    Please are you considering doing a review on social funnel?


    How does the back link works? Will this help SEO?


      You put a link in the body of your post with your meme. Check out the review video where I show this. As for help with SEO. Social ques and social links do for sure help SEO but as to how much value this will have I cant say for sure. I believe the majority of potential traffic will be from people clicking the links they see in your meme posts.


        Thanks. Does it give you fresh content posting on your wordpress blog? Basically does it post on your blog?


          No Dan it does not post ‘fresh content’ to your blog. While Im glad to answer questions, I can tell from your questions that you did not watch the review video. Please take a moment to watch it, I think it will give you a much more clear understanding of what this software does and is used for.


    Hi Brett, this is a general comment about IM products but can be applied to InstaViral as well. I wish the creators/sellers of products would stop with the ‘upsell’ sales model as it exists. Most sellers these days are just not clear about what you get with the basic version of something verses what the OTOs are. Peeps used to be able to go over to the warrior forum and get honest feedback on a product from people who have just bought, and find out what the upsells are exactly. Not so much any more, (sometimes maybe). I understand that a lot of people trash a product because they are not knowledgeable, or they have technical problems, but one could get a basic objective idea of the worth of a product… if some people were loving it, and others having certain inevitable problems, one could suss out an objective determination of the products worth and effectiveness.

    Why can’t sellers just be upfront about what versions/upsells they have, what are the differences in each and what each one costs!? Some folks do this and I appreciate it to no end! Others advertise benefits in the first sales copy that… wait for it… oops! sorry you can’t get those extra features we mentioned after all unless you buy the upgrade. But wait, I had to buy the intro level version to qualify for being able to buy an upgrade. Well I probably won’t be using the intro level version since I bought the upgrade so I just wasted some money – I mean, that’s what it seems like right?

    I have bought quite a few IM products I am somewhat ashamed to admit, and I buy fewer these days because I absolutely dread the ‘upsell’ page that I know will be coming. Thank God some sellers/developers do put all versions/features/prices on the salespage, no dreaded upsell page needed…kudos to them.

    So sad the WF changed, at least there are a few (more blackhat) forums out there that one can, at least sometimes, find some real customer reviews on stuff. Other than that, googling an IM product mostly results in pages of “product reviews” by ‘fly by night’ sellers of said product.

    It would be great if some savvy marketer created a forum where peeps could visit to get feedback from other buyers again, (slight hint) ๐Ÿ˜›

    Rant over.


      Up-sells are a good thing, they allow people to buy just as much as they need. For example .. lets say I write a software and it has a whole bunch of features, lets just say it has 20 features for this discussion and I spent 6 months writing it. Now lets say to earn a decent return for my time investment I would have to sell it for $197 because I did spend 6 months of my life writing it after all. But what if you only need 3 of the features? Is it fair to charge you $197 or is it not more reasonable to give you a limited version for a reduced cost that only has the features you need? Or perhaps I should just lose you as a customer all together because its to costly of a purchase given that you dont need all of the features included with it?

      Upsells fix this problem, they allow you to buy just as much as you require for your needs and not pay more. As for having to buy ‘through the funnel’ that is taken into consideration. For example when I sold my SqueezeMatic software initially as a launch, the OTO was extra templates, it cost $15. Does this mean this upgraded version was $15? No it was not the actual price was $42 for the upgraded version, but I charged $15 because I know that the buyer already bought the FE for $27. $27+$15=$42 which is the correct price.

      What people as buyers need to start doing is totally discounting upsells. There are a couple of reasons I dont review upsells but one of the main ones is because they do not matter. Your decision to buy the FE offer should ONLY be based on the value of the FE offer. There is NO other consideration that should be taken into account. If you decide the FE offer is a good value buy it, if not dont. Should you buy it you then need to consider the upsell as a totally separate purchase decision and buy or not buy the OTO based on its own merit.

      Now marketers love to say things like ‘to get the most value’ .. or ‘to get the best results’ .. etc on their OTO pages. But thats expected, they are marketers after all, that is, they are sales men, so they are trying to sell you. But any kind of hype or pitch they give to try to get you to buy the OTO should not effect you in any way since you already judged the FE offer on what was offered and nothing else. Since you decided the FE was a good purchase decision nothing that is said after that should effect your decision. If it was a good purchase decision worth the price before you saw the OTO, it should still be one after you see the OTO regardless of the marketers natural tendency to want to get you to buy more.


        Trying to simplify here… put all info about a product on one salespage or site, upgrades, additional products that help the primary product… Everything on one page. Don’t make the buyer purchase something to find out the entirety of what is really available.

        What other niches or businesses or industries hide some aspects of their products and features via ‘upsells’ forcing the customer to purchase something first in order to get the whole scoop? Just in IM. I just hope that model doesn’t spread.

        If I buy a car, I can find out what extras and add-ons are available without buying anything first… Sunroof is an extra $700? Ok, but you can keep your whitewalls.


            This is indeed true. It is being dishonest. If I am being told a product a product does xyz on a sales page; I am expecting the initial or FE offer to do what was advertised on the sales page.

            I shouldn’t have to pay for a Back End offer to get what was advertised initially. This is deceptive and dishonest advertising and will eventually stop many people from buying.


          Paul Wooten

          Great post here, I have run into these problems constantly. I just bought (and refunded immediately) a product called Pindrill, which promised SEVERAL things in the sales page. But after buying, the immediate “WAIT! DON’T LEAVE THIS PAGE!” b.s started, and I found out three of the benefits promised AS INCLUDED on the original sales page had to be purchased as OTO’s. Two of the English Speaking marketers of this Far East software informed me there was no “Bait and Switch” in Pindrill, so I copied and pasted the part of the sales page which proved they were flat out LIARS, FRAUDS, and whatever you want to call them.

          This goes on and on more times than I can recall, and has made me consider starting a site dedicated to giving honest-to-god REAL reviews of these scam, fraudulent bait-and-switch, deceitful marketers. There is no need for half the marketers giving the whole industry a bad name


            What where the 3 features you where referring to, can you link to a screenshot of them? Also Im not quite sure where the developers location matters at all or why you chose to mention that in your comment.


        Why do I have to purchase both the front and OTO???
        It’s like making me pay twice for the same product.

        It would make sense to provide all the choices upfront and let me decide which version to buy.

        I have spent thousand of dollars on IM products and about to pull the plug on the whole idea of IM….


          Thats a good question. Why do you have to buy the FE and the OTO? Is there someone with a gun standing over your head forcing you to do it? If not , then you probably don’t have to buy them both. As for ‘buying thousands of dollars in products’ and about to quit the while IM idea. Well what action have you taken? Where is your site that you post to regularly? Where are your squeeze pages for list building? Where are your ads running? Where is your Facebook group? Where is you .. anything? Every day I hear people saying that they are not making money online, and those same people can never show me anything they have actually done. Are you one of those people, or are you an action taker?


      Hey Mark this might make me one of the “Hated Men of Internet Marketing”, but have you ever thought of going to the JV page for product launches? On the JV pages for the products the product creators usually share with their JV partners the full sales funnel including the OTO items. You will not get a product review from a user of the product, but you will see what you can potentially get from the product. Hope that helps.


        Ha! You are not allowed to be more hated than I am ๐Ÿ™‚ .. but really thats a good idea. I use to have a launch list here on my blog so customers could see what was coming up but my site visitors never really visited it much. An easy way to find the JVPage for products though is to use Google .. search “” + {product name}

        Patricia Sphar

        I use “product name + jv page” without the quotes on Google search all the time to research EXACTLY what the entire product funnel contains. I don’t mind upsells, but I absolutely hate having them hidden from the main sales page. The internet is not McDonalds, where you can SEE the price of the fries before you ever order the hamburger. While muncheye doesn’t cover every single product on the net, using the jv page takes you to the 90% of internet products that do show up on the muncheye site. While I agree with Brett that you should evaluate the product on its own merits, for budget reasons, it really helps to see the entire price structure. This only helps with the price issue, not with the quality/or not issue.


          What does ‘budget reasons’ matter? If the FE is a good value for your money and you can afford it, the OTO’s make no difference. I really wish I could make people understand that this whole feeling of “I have to buy the OTO” is exactly the kind of mentality that the vendors want you to have as it makes you spend more than you intend to. Really its simple. Either the FE is a good value or its not. Thats all that you should be considering.

            Patricia Sphar

            To me (and millions of middle-class consumers), budget reasons do matter–a great deal. Knowing the entire price structure helps me to decide exactly what FE product I can really use and how to match it with otos. To get the best price, you have to buy during launch week, and not knowing the entire price structure is a serious handicap to those of us who have to rearrange our budgets to get the most benefit from internet products without wrecking our grocery bill, lol.


      Brett, I too wondered what upsells I would have to buy when I bought the initial product, most upsells these days are for unlimited domains which most of us will require.

      What I do now is search Google for product name and jv, so instaviral jv and I can find and see the whole funnel and decide whether I want to go through the funnel or not. Oftentimes I don’t ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Brett, What is the possibility of one having their account stolen by the operators of the cloud based aspect of this program?, I lost a twitter account by storing it for login purposes and was unable to get it back no matter what I tried.

    Greg Stowe

    It is my opinion, that OTOs hurt both the vendor and the consumer.
    First, If i’m interested in a product thats selling for say $97 and I think i’m getting every benefit that the product offers, but then the OTO tells me oh, no if you want all the benifets of this product you need to buy the $147 gismotron upgrade to really make this worth your while.
    Well sometimes that is fine, but what if I just bought another product and now I don’t have the money in my account to get the upgrade. If i had known in advance I could have waited on the other product and bought the upgrade. Now I’m really upset because I bought a product that will never live up to its full potential. This has happened to me many times, and it really gets my goat! And then its refund time, and it all could have been easily avoided, just by showing me the options in the first place.


      If the full price was charged on the FE you would not have had enough money anyway. Since the FE full price would have been the FE+OTO. Not being able to get the OTO should not matter though as I said, because you should have judged the FE offer on its own value so regardless of if you can get ‘more’ value from the OTO it does not matter.

      I do agree though that features should not be listed on the FE sales page that require an OTO purchase. Thats lame.


    I purchased this software but personally I think they have a HORRIBLE refund policy. To me it’s a BIG RED FLAG that they have issues in the past with people not liking their products and asking for refunds.

    ” If you have any technical issues while using Instaviral and we fail to help you resolve the issue, weโ€™ll give you 100% of your money back. Our money back guarantee applies to technical issues only โ€“ other than that, all sales are final.

    “We do not offer a no-questions asked refund and you need to provide a valid reason for requesting one. Our team has a 99%proven record of solving customer problems and helping them through any issues they have so youโ€™re extremely safe & your purchase is protected. ”

    …….wish I had seen this before purchase…I would have thought twice


      This is a perfectly acceptable refund policy. They are saying if it does not work, and they cant fix it, they will give you your money back. If you are a legitimate buyer who actually wants to use your purchase and is not trying to steal bonuses or who is not flaky then you should have no problem with this very reasonable policy.

      As for seeing this before .. would have thought twice .. your not complaining about the software, your not saying it does not work, your not saying any problem at all other than you now know you will actually need a valid reason (such as a technical issue) to request a refund. Honestly I have to wonder why you purchased anyway? People like to talk about vendors being scammers etc .. and for sure some are, but the truth is there are also hundreds and hundreds of scam buyers No real, honest, decent buyer should be afraid of a refund policy that says “If it does not work as we say and we cant fix it we will be glad to give your money back”


        Honestly I didn’t even think about a bonus scam…even though I can see that happening. I’m planing on using the software as I do along with many other applications. However, Only thing I’m saying is it sounds a little defensive (that’s my opinion) when I usually just see a 30 day money back guarantee. It tells me in my opinion that they have had some troubles in the past. I know this to be true with their email software ๐Ÿ™‚


          It is defensive. But its a defense that is required because of all of the nonsense that happens. Besides the bonus scam which happens a lot. There is also the buy, distribute all over the black hat sites, then ask for a refund (this one happens a lot with plugins). There is the buy use like crazy for 30 days .. then refund (a common one on SaaS / cloud based software). And lets not forget there is the customers who buy, never use it at all, then ask for a refund. Which then leads to PayPal wanting to know why a vendor has refunds and why their customers are unhappy through no fault of the vendors since the customer never even used their purchase. (PayPal can and will make life quite difficult for vendors)

          As for the ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee .. that in itself should be a big red flag. Think about it, the vendor knows your unhappy enough to want a refund and they are not even going to ask you what made you unhappy or try to work with you to resolve any issue you have? That sounds pretty terrible to me.


            Thanks Brett…
            I had not considered a lot of these things? A lot of what you say makes sense. I do think some people will feel the way I do but maybe this will help them see a different perspective.

            I have other image software that mainly does what this does, however, the big seller for me was that it’s web based. Most of the other software like this was desktop software and I get tired of trying to keep up with updates and access keys.

            I hope sometime in the future they will include an image search in the software though…royalty free images…that would be a great addition.

            Ainsley M

            IM is like door to door sales in many ways. High pressure selling and tactics. Often, legitimacy of the business is built on money back guarantees with no questions asked to give the pressured seller the option to return the item if they change their mind when hype has left the picture. I realise many don’t – as Cyril has done here.
            If an IM vendor wants to apply pressure and marketing tactics to make a quick sale, then they (in my mind) should also be subjected to ‘cooling off legislation’ or if not, they should have the decency to offer it to a buyer. Many marketers do use the no questions asked money back guarantee as a marketing tool to relax the customer by removing the risk. Most buyers won’t return if they make a mistake in IM anyway.
            I accept what Brett says – he should and does know that many will scam the affiliate or vendor and steal the bonuses. But it’s a well known fact that many more will not return the product at all having close to never used it or return a product legitimately with honest intentions.
            I for one just last week purchased Live Leap in all the hype. My bonuses have been delivered but should this preclude me now from returning the product that I now no longer feel is for me? It does not make me or anyone else dishonest – that is unless of course I continue to make use of the bonuses. Perhaps if I had set out from the start with the intention of returning the product and keeping the bonuses, but what if changed my mind mid-stream? Would you hold it against me for example, Brett? How do you determine if someone is being disingenuous with you or not? Should I contact you and say – thanks Brett but I have changed my mind – please delete me from your bonuses offer and your list? What is the etiquette here and what would suit you here in such a situation, Brett? Seeking your friendly guidance with the best of intentions
            Wishing you well.


              Most IM vendors do offer a money back guarantee. In fact most IM vendors offer a money back guarantee that is MUCH better than what you would get in a retail environment. For example: Walmart, the largest retailer in the world only has a 14 day refund period for laptops, and NO refund period for any kind of opened media (movies, music, etc).

              What you say is correct, the vast majority of buyers dont use their purchases. IE. they are ripping themselves off by not taking action. There is nothing a vendor can do about that though. Its their choice.

              As for bonuses, I can guarantee you some buyers make purchase just to grab some bonuses knowing that they will refund after they get them. Also thats just one of the buyers scams. Frankly there are 100X as many scam buyers as there are scam sellers. The ratio of good people / bad people is about the same for buyers / sellers, but since there are so many more buyers there are many more scam buyers.

              I love when people say “returning the product”. With a SaaS your account can be turned off. But for anything that is downloaded, you cant return it. Also as a person who does his own support and speaks to thousands of buyers, I have to chuckle when I see reasons for a refund such as “No long feel its for me”. Really? Do you buy a shirt then take it back to the store because you “no longer feel its for you”? Did you do that with your car? With you computer? With your milk? 99% of the time reasons like this are the buyer saying “I realize that this requires some effort and I dont want to do it”. I still honor refund requests like this, and every seller should, but I really wish people would start to realize that they actually have to try, and put in some effort, if they want something to work. All the time I hear people saying “I just want something to work” .. but those same people never actually put in a reasonable effort. Just a tip: nothing is going to make money for you, software / training etc, are just tools. You need to choose to use those tools.

              All that being said, If you buy something, get a bonus, and then legitimately want to refund. Simply delete the bonuses you got.

                Ainsley M

                Brett. I think you are spot on with most if not all you say. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
                FYI, I do often return dresses and shoes after I bought them. Not disingenuously however. Hoping they go with a particular outfit I already own in my wardrobe and you get home and realise – they don’t go at all.
                I’ve done this with artwork as well. Think it will go on a particular wall but when you get home it doesn’t. My car salesman let me park the car in my garage before I bought it to see if its large size could be accommodated – lol. It didn’t so I didn’t go through with the sale, much to his chagrin.
                I’m not sure the human frailty (and sometimes sickness) of impulse buying can be equated with sensible shopping and putting effort in at the other end. Impulse buying is real, often without thought, devoid of any real rationalisation (however well intentioned at the time of purchase)and IM marketers know this and inject scarcity to play on it. Most would rather we buy it and use it, yes, but most (unlike you) would also rather us to buy it and never use it, than never buy it at all. It’s a sad fact that most will never admit to.
                Appreciate you and your efforts and honesty as always.


                  LOL I get more frustrated when people dont take action. I guess Im rare. I really want everyone to do well. Heck I practically beg people to just take action sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hey Brett!

    Stellar review and help as always ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m thinking another way to use this software conceptually is rather than a generic cute meme, make an attractive ad, that links to a related sales page. So the text could say for example “Click Here To Become A Marketing God!” or whatever and take you to the squeeze page, lol!

    Sure it might not be as “viral” as a meme but a fun and relevant ad just the same.



    Hey Brett, Great review as always. I picked up the software through your link on Friday.

    I’m glad to hear the developers were responsive to you when you pointed out the bugs in their software, I haven’t had nearly the same experience through their ‘support’ desk and all I’m trying to do is get access to their software’s member area.

    So far, the only response I received was from Jay, asking me if I received their ‘welcome email’ that contained my login info, which I originally told him that I did not receive.
    Nope… and it’s not in my spam folder either… lol!


      I just sent Jay a ‘nice’ reminder via Skype that he needs to take care of you and get you log in details. If you don’t hear from him in a reasonable amount of time let me know and I will remind him again (less nicely)

        Bill Meligari

        “When Brett speaks, developers listen.”

        Seriously, thanks for your help Brett, I appreciate it. I now have access. You’re the man!

        And thanks Jay for the access.


      jay venka

      Hi Bill.

      This is Jay. Thanks Brett for letting me know of the comment. I just replied to your support ticket. Sorry for the delay, I have no access to sales data like paypal transaction, since its done via my partners account. Since i do not have all info in the support ticket, i have to send your email to my partner’s assistant to get the full details and then identify your records. That caused delays.

      Sorry in my case, I personally take care majority of support tickets myself, so the solution doesn’t involve much of back and forth emails and customer is happy with replies, but over time, it is also causing some delays…Ill change my support desk approach.

      Please let me know if any questions, via email reply or reply to the support ticket

      Jay Venka
      (cyril and ankur)


    Brett, i like your clear patient style. you dont get easily aggravated in response to frank opinions. I can see a lot of fun in this system because i am the type of person who finds it easy to see the comedy in just about everything. I have a huge presence on Pinterest with constant re-pinning from my boards. However i dont think i have much benefited by all the pinning. at least i guess there is no way of measuring it. The problem seems to be the link between the funny happy stuff and the serious stuff of buying a piece of jewelry for someone. My most popular pins are the ‘wise sayings’ boards, a lot being of my own originality. Many from others. I have endless potential for memes (had to look up the dictionary to know what they are) I can see that Instaviral could be a lot of fun and i am sure people will click on my memes. But whether they will take the step of clicking on the opalmine site is questionable. But i guess its worth a try. Its not expensive. thanks again for your excellent summaries and responses, Peter


    Does anyone have a problem with adding in the wordpress blog information in the InstaViral networks settings area? I would input all the data and it just won’t save. I would press save and then a blank white page would show. I tried different browsers and same results. I emailed their support two days ago, and no answer yet. I am able to add in Facebook, Pinterest, etc so far.


      Im going to forward your name and email address to the vendors for you.

      jay venka

      Hi Blaze,

      This is Jay Venka, while i have asked my VA about your support ticket, i want to quickly answer you here.. Thanks Brett for sharing the details about this request…

      Please see video #7 How to Add WordPress Blog from the training/help video page

      Hope that helps you. Pls remember to add the trailer “/” end of your blog name in the URL field, so it should be like or

      Account name is nick name, its for your reference only. Username and password should be that of an ADMIN account.

      Is the above instructions help you? other than that the validations will tell you where is there error, so if you further face an error please share the error screenshot, it will tell you whether the error is in URL or username/password.

      Thanks again, ill respond the same via support desk ticket reply as well.

      Jay Venka


    Hi Brett,
    InstaViral offers support for unlimited social accounts when you buy OTO1. How does IV submit to all the accounts without getting the accounts deactivated due to your IP footprint?
    Does it use proxies, can you use proxies or are they not needed?

    steve Mullican

    I am a frustrated user.I have reached out to support and as of yet I have not heard a word.There is not enough instructions on how to post on EVERY 12 social sites.I am very disapointed.

    On facebook you can only post to your fan pages and NOT your wall..yes you can do it manually but this is what the software is for right?

    Blogger? I have found no instructions..


      There are instructions build right into the software, I showed them in my review video. As for posting to your wall, you are not permitted to use your wall for business reasons, thats Facebooks TOS. This app is not deficient , its compliant. I will pass your email to the vendors and let them know you are not getting timely answers to support requests.

    Felix Futuri


    I read your reviews a lot, and agree with most of them. Much the same as a lot of posters here. The reason is because it’s obvious you try hard to be fair.

    Myself, I have wpscope, and a few others on your page, and had similiar experiences as you mentioned in your reviews.

    However, InstaViral was a total nightmare. As soon as I signed up, I couldn’t even log into the system. They had a broken link, it was a typo. I tried to get support to fix it, and they denied it, saying it worked for them. Then I sent them a video screen cast of it NOT working, and they still claimed it worked for them lol. It was a simple issue, easy to fix. Basically some code was building the link wrong, where it was supposed to be something like it was building it or something, easy to fix right?

    But that was just the beginning. Once I was in side it just got worse. I am writing up a review on my own blog so I won’t go into details, but I eventually gave up and asked for a refund. So far they are refusing. I had to even dispute it on Paypal. They said they would refund me if I dropped the dispute, a classic move. Of course I dropped the dispute, trusting guy I am. They still haven’t refunded and I’m working with the credit card company and bank.

    I’d be really worried to recommend or even post this product on my own blog, except in the Hall of Shame.


      Im sorry you are having issues. It seems the developers made a very newbie mistake, they started making updates in the middle of the launch. Not good. I think they did not understand the traffic that a launch would bring. I really had no issues in my testing, but that does not matter, what matters is that you had a problem, and if you want a refund you deserve one. As soon as I finish this response Im getting on Skype with the vendors. If they promised to refund you then they need to do that, not keeping their word is not ok.


    Hi Brett,
    I am sorry to say we may have missed it on this one. I purchased the product and it has worked as described [so far]. However, I submitted 2 separate questions to support over 4 days ago with zero response at this point. If this is to be the benchmark of quality, this software will be dead useless very quickly imho.


      Well lets be honest, your talking about the ‘benchmark of quality’ but in your own words it works as described. So the benchmark that they are setting is that it works well and as they claimed. Sounds like a good ‘benchmark’ to me, one that a lot of vendors can not match.

      Your complaint is for slow support, which while I don’t condone it, is not something I review, I review software, not people, not support personnel.

    Harold Nusbaum

    “Truly stellar job in reviewing InstaViral Brett!” Just awesome!


    Hey Brett thanks for the comprehensive review. However, there’s a discrepancy with the InstaViral ELITE 3 Years pricing selection. After you select the “BEST OFFER! ONLY ONE TIME PAYMENT!” you’re taken to the order page that states:

    “InstaViral 2 : ELITE 3 Years AccessAmount: $27.00
    InstaViral creates viral images on the auto and shares them to 15 social media networks, on 100% autopilot. This is a single payment made in U.S. Dollars”

    Well which is it? One time single payment or a 3 year subscription? I find it little questionable to say the least. Can you clarify with them if it is a single one time lifetime payment or a 3 years subscription? Thank you.


    Sounds like an interesting and potentially useful software. The one thing about posting to some of these social sites using posting software such as this is that at least some of the social sites don’t like auto-posters like this and will shut down your account if they detect this type of activity (Instagram in particular can be tough on this). Has this been a problem with InstaViral? This is version 2, so I’ll assume that it hasn’t been a big problem, but is there anything they do with their software to avoid having accounts shut down?

    Also, the 1st OTO is the Pro version – I was curious what was added in this version, although I know that Brett doesn’t generally review the OTOs (so maybe someone that has bought it can provide that info).



    Hi Brett,

    Have a blog with my own IM info products. Looking to start building an initial free traffic.Would InstaViral be a good choice (thinking OTO1 – InstaViral Pro)?

    Are there a better softwares, products to create a free traffic fairly fast?

    George (member of Profit Canvas)

    David F

    Any reason why this review is not showing up under your Reviews category on your site?


    Hi, can anyone else, please tell me if this software is actually working?

    I’ve not been able to post anything for some time – I’ve checked my API’s etc, sent multiple requests for help and heard nothing back. Is this thing dead, or am just having a bad run? I purchased the PRO version, only a few months back, so i’m not impressed at moment! Thanks to anyone who could please let me know how they are going with it.


      Did you send the vendors a support ticket? As a person who sells software and does his own support I can say for sure that about 90% of the problems people have is that they dont follow instructions, and then they jump right to “oh this just does not work”


        Hi Brett, sorry for my slow reply and thank you, for taking the time to write back.

        Yes, I did send a number of support tickets. It’s all a bit weird, a FEW of the accounts worked, then stopped working. I’ve tried a few different things, with, at best, very limited success, I’ve followed the training videos. As far as I can see, the accounts are still active, but, for some reason the “lucky me bug” struck and I’m having trouble, my log-in details and API appear to all be entered too. I’ll keep on it, but their support has been rather poor. I’ve even asked them [giving them access details] to jump into my account and have a play around themselves…..not a word of reply! Makes you wonder…

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