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4.5/ 5

Creator: Sean Donahoe
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Awesome software that lets anyone create articles on demand fast and super easy.


None really

Today I’m taking a look at Rapid Content Wizard (lightning edition)  by Sean Donahoe. Ok so this software has a cool sounding name but what is it exactly? Well its an automated content creator and spinner.  It the newest upgraded version of the original Rapid Content Wizard . Sean set out to make the newest […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m taking a look at Rapid Content Wizard (lightning edition)  by Sean Donahoe.

Ok so this software has a cool sounding name but what is it exactly? Well its an automated content creator and spinner.  It the newest upgraded version of the original Rapid Content Wizard . Sean set out to make the newest version even better and I can honestly say that I believe he succeed.

The newest version has been totally redesigned and has been rewritten from the ground up. With it anyone can automatically create content for their site or blog automatically just by entering a few keywords. You also get total control over the content and how it is created. This really is some cool stuff.


It really is that simple. Set the keywords you are targeting, pick the number of words long you want the article, press a button and boom this thing is spitting out relevant , keyword rich, and perhaps  most important sensible articles. If you want more control its there for you. This software will let you customize it in all sorts of ways. You can pick article size, paragraph minimum and maximum size, it will even find relevant graphics , thumbnails and videos for you to include in your article! But this does not stop there. It will even let you find affiliate, Amazon and other way to monetize the content you create automatically.

There are very few software products out there that actually get me excited. Normally I either like it, or I dont like it. But every once in a while something comes across my desk that I just love and that I genuinely get excited about. Well this is one of them. Having this thing is like having your very own writer (that works for free). Sweet!

Here are just a few of the dozens of features that Rapid Content Wizard (lightning edition) has:

Create Unlimited High-Quality Content on Autopilot for ANY Site You Own

Post Directly to Your WordPress Sites, Facebook Pages Automatically

Drag and Drop Interface Allows Instant Selection of Quality Content

Create PDFs From Any Article for Submission to Doc Share Sites…

Generate Unlimited Affiliate Incomes with Instant Monetization of Content

Easily Generate Compelling Content in just a Few Simple Clicks

Add Articles, Videos, Amazon Products, ClickBank Products, InfoGraphics, Images and More…

Full Campaign Manager Works in the Background Posting Content 24/7

Instantly Check Content Against CopyScape for Uniqueness

…and so much more (to much to list actually)

So how can you make money with this? Well first off you make money by saving money and not having to pay writers. You also save time by not having to write your own articles. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can make money by writing quality SEO optimized content and getting free traffic to your site or blog. You can make money with its instant monitization integration.

Also something I thought of, you can make money by SELLING articles. Yep you can start your own site / service (or even do Fiverr gigs) where you sell articles to people. Heck even with Fiverr. Given that it takes about 2 minutes to make a article with this, at $5 an article you could make some BIG money. If you sold article writing service from a website you could make even more.

Finally you can make high quality PLR / e-books on demand with this thing super fast. Then sell the PLR (think Warrior forum WSO). The thing I like about using this that way is that you can get sales, earn income, and build a list all on one.

Thats one of the things thats great about this. If you have a site (or are thinking of having one) you can use this to get content on demand at no cost. But even if you dont need or want content for yourself you can still use this to resell the articles and make some good income. Really it has something for everyone.

Honestly this one is a winner and I’m not only going to give it a big thumbs up, I’m going to say for the first time that this one is a must have. Click the link below to check out the full demo and see exactly why I’m so impressed.


 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    So this basically steals other people’s content so users can post it as there own?


    Do you have to buy separate spinner or other software to work with it? Are there OTO’s and can you tell me what they are? Single site, multi site, or developer licenses?


      This has a spinner included. As for the OTO. I dont review the OTO’s. I honestly dont give any consideration to the sales funnel. This is because I believe that the purchase decision should be based on the value / quality of the front end product itself.


    Thank you Brett for the review 🙂 I will buy my copy from you this friday


    Is there an OTO and if so, what are your thoughts on it?


      Hey Rod.. I normally dont review the OTO (if there is one) because I very firmly believe that the decision to purchase a product should be based on the product itself and the offer presented to you, not on what else you may or may not get offered.

    wai kei

    Brett, here is the link for Likepagebuilder which I asked you to review yesterday..

    It is also listed on JVzoo if you want to look it up there, thanks.


    Hi Brett how are you? Hope fine. We must have a copyscape paid account to ensure the content is original?

    To add more info, the OTO´s aren´t related to the product, are different products and so the front end offer is complete, which is great.

    Have a nice day 🙂


      Well there is an OTO that is related to the front end product which is to have a multiple user license. Which basically lets you give this software to other people to install on their computers. That actually is very reasonable since every person you give it to is one person Sean knows for sure wont buy it from him. But you are correct the other OTO’s are specials on different products and the front end software is ‘full featured’.

      Thats a great question about the CopyScape button. My understanding is that you do not need a premium membership to CopyScape for it to work.


    Sean’s link seems to be down, or maybe it’s another autoresponder glitch. I’ve been trying to access the page from here & then from a couple of emails I received & none work. Tried different browser also. Anyone else experiencing this?


    Hey Brett are you sure you reviewed this rcw software accordingly?

    you assure to have purchased the product fo give a test drive..

    are you 100% it includes the copyscape in it at not extra cost?

    I have read so so so so many bad reviews about it at Facebook.. none of more than 35 people left a bad negative personal review. A lot of Sean’s customers were really unhappy, clients, etc not talking nicely about Sean’s rcw .. his customer service sucks, they don’t refund customers money, excuses after excuses, many people asking and begging for refund etc..

    there is also a threat going on and on.. at warriors forum.

    Sean’s online reputation has decreased.. including trust and list unsubscribers..

    it also includes many Sean’s long term customers are not happy with him, his customer support, or products. They claim Sean don’t provide updates to his softwares, very low quality, also customers claim Sean’s product stop working right after a short term.. many ended up with disputes at PayPal..
    and good luck with refund.

    Any thoughts about the theat and from his long term clients?

    many will even will remove list subscription for all their affiliates promoting Sean’s products.


      Matt there are a lot of questions in here so Ill try to answer each one.
      1) Did I purchase this product. No I didnt. I get free copies of software I test from the product creators I dont have to buy them.
      2) Im 100% sure there is a copyscape button that checks for plagiarism.
      3) Now I want to point out that I review the product NOT the vendor normally. The rest of your message really is a lot of hearsay. Other people say: xxx, if you are going to attempt to put someone down you really should do it based on your own experience, in fact several of the things you are saying are obviously not true. For example that he does not give refunds on his products. I have just looked at a few of his past products and I see that he has indeed given refunds on them. Also saying blanket things about a person is never a good idea. Things like “Sean’s online reputation has decreased.. including trust and list unsubscribers” .. so you have personal knowledge of Seans email list? You know his exact unsubscribe rate? If you dont have exact knowledge then you really have no business making this statement. Other things such as “many ended up with disputes at PayPal” .. how many is many? What percentage of his sales? How many exactly? If you dont know then you are just spreading a rumor with no real data to back up what your saying. Basically you are being a gossip.

      Now Im not defending Sean, honestly I dont know him personally, as I said I review the products not the vendor. Im simply saying that making these blanket statements without any real knowledge or any personal experience is not only uncool its irresponsible and unprofessional.

      Also just a FYI, I did see a Warrior forum thread about the original RCW software. People where indeed complaining. But not about the software. They where complaining that during the early bird release his server got hit with so many people buying it that it crashed and by the time they got it back up they missed the early bird discount. Basically they where not complaining that the software was bad. They where complaining that they didn’t get the early bird discount because it got so many hits / sales during the special time frame that his server crashed.


    Brett. another reviewer advised that the content produced was garbage and typical of many auto article creators. What were you articles like-readable? When spun is the content still readable or does it require more time to edit and make sense of?


      While the content is not going to be as good as what a skilled professional writer will produce I did find it acceptable (as far as readability). Also what this produces is very SEO friendly, something that even a skilled writer may not be able to do. I guess it depends on what you mean by ‘good’ do you mean good as in , entertaining, or good as in SEO optimized.


      Hey Alex, from what I can see here on this thread there are 11 unique people saying they dont like this. They are also saying very vague things like “its crap”. Hmm not a very well thought out description of there problems now is it? RCW has sold over 4500 copies between the two versions. So 11 people making vague complaints does not change my opinion of it much. You simply cant please everyone. In fact some people are just never happy. and 11 out of 4500 is less than 1/2 of 1 percent. I was quite happy with my tests. As I said its always the very few impossible to please people making complaints. People who are happy almost never go out of their way to post on forums that they are. You especially need to be wary of neg reviews on a forum since you know nothing about these people posting anonymously. They might be trolls, they might have never even bought, they might be impossible to please customers, or they might have genuine grievances. We dont know. If you have suspicion about this product and wish to take the word of a few people who post vague complaints to a forum thread unanimously my suggestion would be that you dont buy it, we all have to make a purchase decision on our own. However my review and opinion has been unchanged. I tested it and I found it a good value.


    Hi Brett,

    I bought Rapid Content Wizard through your link (10 days ago). Where do I get your give away – a FREE copy of Scarcity Tornado. I asked 3 times (!) via e-mail. But didn´t get any response from you. Therefore: Sorry, that I am going this way to ask for the bonus 🙂


      Marco I dont think I got an email from you about this. I always respond to emails right away. I do see a couple support emails from you for my products which where all answered quickly but I dont see any sending me your purchase ID and asking for the bonus. I will send your copy right now to the email address you entered when you made this comment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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