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4/ 5

Creator: Keith Stringer
Type: Training / software upsell


Solid training on a sound method for getting people in your hangouts.


The OTO is a little pricy, but still a good value, the front end training is being sold at a great price though.

Of all the ways to make money online affiliate marketing is probably one with the biggest appeal. From the affiliates standpoint its really an awesome prospect. Sell something that someone else created, supports, and handles and get a large share of the sales price (normally 50-70%) without having to do any of the work of […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Of all the ways to make money online affiliate marketing is probably one with the biggest appeal. From the affiliates standpoint its really an awesome prospect. Sell something that someone else created, supports, and handles and get a large share of the sales price (normally 50-70%) without having to do any of the work of product creation, support or updates.

One of the best ways to get sales as an affiliate is through video marketing. Lots of people do video demos of products they are promoting or they do interviews with the product creator. These work well, but they are not very personal, the viewer cant ask questions, and its hard to build excitement with a prerecorded video. A growing trend is to use Google hangouts to do live demo’s and videos about products you are affiliating for. The reason that people are switching to this method is because it tends to get more sales which means more money in your pocket. Its also very cool because Google hangouts is free to use.

I know for a fact 100% that these can work for affiliate products because I have paid people (thousands of dollars sometimes) who have used these to promote my software products.

So Google hangouts is the key right? All you have to do is start a hangout, do a product demo, have a friendly chat with people and boom your going to start making affiliate commissions? Umm not really. First you have to get people into the hangout. A empty hangout is not going to get you any sales after all. So how do you get people into your Google hangout?


Well that’s why I agreed to take a look at Hangout Blaster for Keith Stringer. You see I have known Keith for quite a while. He was actually a client of mine back in the ‘old days’ when I was a freelance programmer. So I knew Keith was a good guy and I knew that if he had a way to really get people to come to a Google hangout it would be a huge tool for anyone wanting to do affiliate marketing.

So what is Hangout Blaster? Its a .PDF guide and video course. It comes with a very well written PDF that has clear, easy to follow instructions on how to get people into your Google hangout. It also has 8 training videos that complement the PDF. Though I didnt watch every video I did read the PDF and will agree that this is an effective tactic to get people into a hangout. I also liked the fact that it was easy to follow and not confusing.  So Im going to call the Hangout Blaster training a winner and say its a great value, especially at the ridiculously low price that Keith is selling it for.

As most of you know I dont normally review the OTO on a product however for this one I made an exception. Why? Well you see the OTO for this is a software that automates the process described in the training. That alone made me interested in it. Also to be quite honest I was interested because as I said Keith use to be a client of mine and I wanted to see what kind of stuff his new developer was producing.

So for these two reasons I decided to break away from my normal method and take a look at the OTO, which as I said is a software that automates the tactic described in the training and gets people into your hangout with very little effort. Unfortunately I was very disappointed. The software was full of bugs, it was very poorly done. It was not something I would recommend.

So I did what I always do. I made a list of all the things I found wrong with the software and sent them to Keith. I am happy to report that he was very receptive and had his developer fix everything on my list. So I looked at it again, and made another list of things  that I thought could be better. Once again Keith was receptive and had everything I listed corrected. We went back and forth like this for 2 days and each time Keith thanked for my feedback and made every correction and change I suggested. Good job Keith!

Now I can give my stamp of approval on the Hangout Blaster automation software. It went through my stringent beta testing and came out so much better than what it originally was. You know every time I find bugs or negative things about a product (especially software) I always report them to the product creator before I publish the  review. 95% of the time the creator has an excuse why they can’t improve it or they just get defensive and yell at me. Keith went through 2 full days of me beta testing this thing, and believe me Im thorough, and didn’t make a single excuse but instead showed a how dedicated he is to creating a good quality product for his customers. In fact I want to show you a quick except from our Skype chat.


I actually was being so picky with my testing that I started to think I might have been being to tough with Keith. But did he complain? Did he argue or tell me to piss off? Nope, he made a simple statement that really says it all: “it has to be right”. Good for you Keith!

So to sum up: Hangout Blaster is a very cool training thats going to teach you how to get tons of people into your Google hangouts. This is great for anyone who wants to sell their own products and is also fantastic for anyone who wants to jump into the lucrative affiliate marketing business. The OTO is a software that complements the training and automates the process. It has also been personally beta tested by me.

For anyone looking to sell products or get into making money as an affiliate I strongly suggest you take a look at Hangout Blaster. Its a solid concept and its priced so low that I think Keith might be underselling himself.

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 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hi Brett, great and thorough review. Is this only for google hangouts? How do you think a local business could use this software? Any thoughts?


      Yes this is training on how to get people to a Google Hangout. Honestly Im not sure how a local business would use it, I guess some business types might be able to but I dont think this is an ideal thing for a local business. What I think this is best for is affiliate marketing.

        George Georgiev

        Hi,Brett!Actually it is a very helpfull tool for every local niche.First as a SEO and second one can create local leads and trust by offering free advise,etc.


    Good points George 🙂 Thanks!


    From what I’ve seen, traffic to hangouts may be a valid issue, but I think a much bigger immediate problem than that – that I myself will need to get to the bottom of – is the video quality of the hangout itself. When I see low-resolution, choppy, lagging video that gives me a headache, I immediately lose interest and want to run screaming (another consideration is that such poor quality video is difficult to impossible to lip-read for those with poor hearing).
    I’ve seen Filsaime himself blunder with this on his own WebinarJam platform and was not impressed.


      The video quality of a Google hangout is going to be dependent on the users connection and computer.


        I’m on a good computer with a fast connection and I’ve seen a shockingly wide variance in hangout quality that I would think has more to do with the camera, etc. on the other end.


          Your correct CJ. Someone on the lowest end can slow you down. Just a FYI , for connection speed ‘fast’ is not as important as ‘reliable’. Data is sent in ‘packets’ if there is an error in one of the packets then the packet must be resent. A poor connection can be very fast, but also prone to packet / data loss. In which case all that speed is wasted because it constantly has to resend the same data over and over until it finally gets through correctly. Not saying thats your case, it may indeed be the other person, just saying this is an additional possibility.


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