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2.5/ 5

Creator: Anwish Rath
Type: HTML Templates


Templates look nice, not great but not bad either


HTML errors in the templates, do not follow coding standards

Today I’m taking a look at Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates by Anwesh Rath. Normally this is not something I would look into since the entire product is just HTML templates but I was specifically requested to do so by one of my readers so I decided to at least check it out. Now that I […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m taking a look at Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates by Anwesh Rath. Normally this is not something I would look into since the entire product is just HTML templates but I was specifically requested to do so by one of my readers so I decided to at least check it out. Now that I have Im glad I did. However the reason Im glad is not because the product is so good unfortunately. Its because this product might actually do everything wrong.

It starts with the sales page. When you look at the page the very first thing you see is this:


There are so many problems with this headline I dont even know where to start. Forgetting how silly it is when product sellers say you can ‘steal’ their product Ill point out the two biggest issues with this heading.

1) “that convert between 64.4% and 73.8%”   Ok first off I want to make one thing very clear. NO sales page or squeeze page ‘converts’. Its the offer that converts. While a well made page will project professionalism and certainly help your conversion rate. In the end the offer is what is or is not converting. Given that fact, that the major factor is the offer how can anyone say that a page will convert between XXX and YYY? Answer: they cant. They cant know. The very first sentence in this sales page is total hype and nonsense. Hmm not off to a good start on this one Anwesh.

2) “makes at least $4,689.45”  Wow I dont even know where to start with this one. This statement is such nonsense it is approaching the level of being moronic. There are a couple of demo’s on here so I got to see what these templates are. These are squeeze page templates. Hmm. Squeeze pages are designed to collect emails (normally in exchange for a freebie). Squeeze pages dont make any money, they are not suppose to make money (at least not directly). In fact the only way to make money from a squeeze page is through a later offer that you send to the list. How much you make from that will depend on the offer, the list, the sales copy of that second offer etc. Here is Anwesh saying that his product, which is not designed to make you money directly will make you at least $4,689.45. Its pure stupidity and its not only total hype, its bad hype. Strike 2 for Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates.

This sales page has a video that auto plays. In the video during the first few seconds Anwesh says: “Im here to solve the biggest problem that most online entrepreneurs face, and that is … , traffic generation”. Now what in the world does a squeeze page template have to do with traffic generation? Nothing that’s what. There is no point to be talking about traffic generation other than to try to distract the potential buyer from the fact that in the end this product is just squeeze page templates.  In fact its over 7 minutes until the video even starts talking about the point of this product and over 11 minutes until he starts showing the product. I have seen some really bad sales videos, and this one is definitely in the top 10, perhaps even the top 5.

Oh so the sales page is full of total hype, total nonsense and just plain is bad. But what about the actual squeeze pages? How are they? Well there are some demo’s available that anyone can look at.


The squeeze pages are 2 step pages, so the user clicks the button and then is asked to opt in. How they look aesthetically is going to depend on each persons sense of style. But I personally think they are of an acceptable quality. Not awesome, but not bad either.

When I decided to take a look at the code however my opinion of these templates changed quickly. These templates are coded very bad. They use old style tables for their layout (what is this 1999 again) and I found a few very basic HTML errors such as unclosed tags. Also the templates themselves lack things such as description and keyword meta tags.  Basically they are not professionally coded. Not even close actually.

I pointed this out to David Kirby one of the products co-creators on Skype. He never responded to me. He did however block me from messaging him on Skype anymore. Outdated HTML standards, very basic errors in the templates code, well sorry Ultimate Squeeze Pages, thats strike 3. Your out!

Ok so to sum up: This whole product is a bunch of squeeze pages that are poorly written and are being  offered through a sales page that has so much hype that it would be laughable if it wasn’t so moronic. There is a PLR license available but honestly if you use these as PLR then your just giving your contacts badly designed  templates and why would you want to do that? So for my final word I’m going to have to give this product a big thumbs down.

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    I know I probably should not be surprised by David Kirby blocking you after you pointed out the problems, but it does amaze me just how many IM folks really don’t give a dam about what quality products they are putting out to the public. Your pointing out the design flaws that many of us will never be able to determine, helped me go from a “shiny object” purchaser, to a much more measured approach to what I do purchase. I have been in the insurance industry for about 40 years and we have a saying that is: due diligence, due diligence, due diligence…which basically means check everything out to make sure it is what it says it is. Give me an insurance policy, or almost anything to do with the back end of an insurance product, I can tear them apart and know exactly where they are coming from. Since I do not know the first thing about how to code a product, or how exactly the product is to be applied correctly, you have become my go-to-man for providing “due diligence” on all things IM. Thank you for being there and willing to share things with us!

    Mohd Iskandar

    Thanks Brett,

    Your comment is really true indeed. Most of the IM product that I’m thinking to buy, I will exactly get your review first.

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