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4/ 5

Creator: Josh Ratta
Type: Software


Solid concept, very well done software


None that I could see

So I have not been feeling very well today and I was not going to do any reviews. In fact I was not going to do anything but lay around and be a big baby whining that Im not feeling well. However early this afternoon my email inbox has been infused with tons of people […]

by Brett Rutecky
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    I was also waiting for your review. Thanks Brett, hope u feel better.

    Mike Winston


    Much thanks for the review Brett. Even though you haven’t been well you still managed to write up such insight into VidInfusion. Hope you get better soon!


    HI Brett,

    Do you know if it leaves their branding anywhere on it, as I like the look of this but hate it when I am being used to promote the product without being told before purchase that there is a “white label” version for an upgrade.. / OTO..


    p.s. get well soon


      I did not see any branding.


      Hi Mark,

      This is Rohit from the team of Vidinfusion. Instead of leaving our branding, you can actually put up your own logo and make the videos look like they are your own. So to answer your question, No, Vidinfusion does not leave any branding. You can use your own branding for all the videos you are creating.



    Thanks for another honest review. I’m getting to the point that I don’t want to buy something until you review it. For your information, is available.

    Other than the big price difference, do you know how VidInfusion stacks up against Simple Video Pro?

    Thanks again for the reviews.


      Sorry Tom I dont think I ever used Simple Video Pro. I did have a look at the website for Simple Video Pro just now though and honestly it looks like it has a few extra features. However Im no so sure that those couple of features are really needed badly enough to justify the huge price increase. Thats something that every will have to decide for themselves based on the needs of their business.


    Brett do you know what extra features the pro version of this software has?


    Hi Brett,

    Do you know if the videos work on mobile also? Or Maybe Rohit can chime in 🙂


    I did not test them on mobile Pearlie. On my phone (a DROID) the videos open in a new app / screen. There is no mention of mobile that I can see so I doubt the enhancements will work on mobile.

    Just a FYI though I would take that with a grain of salt. Most people dont really think of what the mobile stats really mean when they read something. They hear something like 57% of people access through the internet on a mobile device. Well you have to consider some things .. 1st this is ever, so 57% access the internet through a mobile at some point during the day. It does not mean that they never use a computer. Just that they sometimes use a mobile (mostly for Facebook by the way). Also since those stats mean ever, it also means that 43% of people dont use mobile devices to access the internet on a regular basis. What it all boils down to is that for the vast majority of websites the traffic they get is still non-mobile traffic, for example gets 85% of its hits from non mobile devices.


      Point well taken, thanks Brett. I did purchase this and It’s very easy to use like you said. I got my first video posted in about 5 minutes. I’m going to be using this a lot. :

      I was wishfully thinking … If this software was part of your Post Promotions suite … man, that would be OFF THE CHAIN! 🙂


    hi brett,

    I have Voo player and I think it has all the features of vidinfusion. What are your thoughts?

    Appreciate your reviews.




    I bought it – very nice (I have viewbix which has more options but for the price this is good)

    Raised a ticket though as it looks like it uses a .swf so no it doesn’t work on mobile (yet ?) –
    I posted to my site and nothing shows. And had an issue with watching a video posted to Facebook on mobile as well arrggghhhh



      Yea if its .swf then it wont work on most mobiles, especially iPhones. Something to keep in mind. Everyone keeps thinking about the 57% of people use Facebook on a mobile .. what they forget is that means that there are still over 400 million people who do not. Personally I wish iPhones would stop hating on Flash .. but I know that will never happen since they own QuickTime.


        Here is the link to Vooplayer Brett. Let me know your thoughts.


          Well it seems to have ‘some’ of the same features. One thing that jumps out though is that its about double the price.


            thanks Brett. Yep, more expensive now than when I purchased.

            I do appreciate all your feedback on new products that are constantly being launched.

            Always good to know there is someone doing honest reviews like you do.

            thanks again,



    Are there any similar solutions which are NOT Flash based, and therefore the enhanced videos in the Facebook timeline are viewable on Apple devices?

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