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Creator: Austin E Anthony and Heimir Arnfinnsson
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Very cool concept!

Today I’m taking a look at Fanpage Sniper. As I have said reviewing training is one of the hardest things to do for me because unlike a software product I cant demo it or anything. Because of this I asked Heimir Arnfinnsson one of the creator of this training to come on and tell us […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m taking a look at Fanpage Sniper. As I have said reviewing training is one of the hardest things to do for me because unlike a software product I cant demo it or anything. Because of this I asked Heimir Arnfinnsson one of the creator of this training to come on and tell us a little about what it is. I also asked him to show me his income proof and some of his Facebook fan pages that he makes money from. Watch the interview below.

I normally try to be as neutral as possible in my reviews. But for this one Im just going to come out and say it. Fanpage Sniper has me really excited. Im a big fan of niche marketing. Im also very well aware that its much more easy to build a fan base and a following on Facebook than it is to build up regular visitors to a website.

When you get followers on Facebook you can have a decent amount of them see your posts regularly (about 10%) and you can also boost a post once in a while to get them re-interested if you need to. Facebook is a social platform. Its designed to make it more easy for you to engage with followers. Websites are not. When someone visits your site and leaves you really have no way of contacting them again. Unless of course you get them to optin to an email list. Believe me its 100X easier to get people to click a like button then it is to get them to optin via a squeeze page.

I like that Heimir is using white hat methods and that he is building multiple niche fan pages. Honestly the concept is great. By building multiple fan pages you can hedge your bets. Some will really take off, some wont. The ones that dont you just let fade away and you just focus your attention on the ones that do. Also unlike a website its 100% free to build a fan page. You can have as many as you like. Where with a website you have to pay for hosting, for domain name registration etc. So really there is almost no risk involved.

Fanpage Sniper really is over the shoulder training. It starts from the very beginning and assumes you know nothing. While its good that Heimir did not assume his students will know anything, if your already experienced with Facebook and fan pages the first module or two of Fanpage Sniper might be a bit slow and more of a review. Fortunately though it quickly gets into the good stuff, covering everything from niche selection, to how to quickly build up fans, to monitization of your fan page.

The honest truth is that I myself am planning on using this training. As I said I like niche marketing, I love the concept of doing it with fan pages, and I can see this as a nice additional income stream for myself, or as a main income stream for someone just getting started. As such Im calling this one a big win and a solid investment.





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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hi Brett,

    I bought this almost without watching the sales video as I want the Bonus as the potential with that for me is amazing. I keep saying not going to buy anything else but this one too good to pass and I know I will kick myself later if I didn’t buy with the bonus, I’m paying too much for FB ads so even if I reduce my ad-spend the product will pay for itself quickly, although would be good to achieve even 10% of the earnings that’s claimed.

    Thanks for the bonus …



    What I like about the idea of using niche fan pages is that unlike a web sites you can make a niche fan page at no cost. There is no hosting, no domain etc to pay for. So you can make 1, 5, 10, 100 if you want. Its totally free. I for sure think you would have to be doing it for a while to start making $30K a month, but I can see making a couple thousand before to long.

      Pablo Marrero

      Hi Brett,

      I’ve purchased this product because of your recommendation but also because I would like to get the bonus. I’ve sent you two emails with purchase details in order to get the bonus but I have not received a reply.

      Please, is there an specific email address that needs to be used to send the purchase details in order to get the bonus?

      Thank you.

    wai kei

    will Fb allow the video post to be used in paid ads?


    This is a no-brainer. Just bought and excitedly going through the course now. Thanks for throwing in the bonus, Brett. Very cool of you.

    Dean Hall

    Nice interview Brett, I like how you not only interview him but that your video followed up with researching the fan pages he talks about. I picked it up and love your upcoming software in January, look forward to the release, thanks for such a great bonus!!


    Hi Brett,

    With a review and bonus like that coming from you, it was an absolute no brainer to immediately purchase this through you. I’m really looking forward to Heimir’s training, and to using your bonus.

    Thanks, again,


    Hi Brett,
    I purchased Fanpage Sniper using the link from your web site.
    Now how do I claim the bonus that you offered?


    How can I turn this down?? I am a “newbe” but the pieces of the puzzle of earning a great online income are coming together. I think I ‘bother’ Brett with questions – but he always helps me!!


      Nate dont ever think your bothering me. The day one of my customers, blog readers, or anyone trying to get going in this market bothers me Im going to quite IM and get a job (eeek)!!


    any upsells, side sells, oto, down sells or “other” on this one?



      The UpSell that Im aware of is a additional training module on how to build an email list with fan pages. I believe its $37 and given that building a list is a great way to get additional sales, its worth the price.

    Pat P

    Hi Brett,

    Your upcoming product has AMAZING potential. Purchasing just to get my hands on your bonus. Thanks.


    I bought Fanpage sniper early but really want your software.
    Please tell me what price your software will sell for. I may buy
    again just to get your software ;-(


    Is your bonus still available with the purchase of Fanpage Sniper through your link??


    If this product is still for sale, please email with a working link.



    Hey Brett

    I was getting 1c likes to Fan pages with Heimir Arnfinnsson method but that was years ago,
    was US UK likes as well…

    Can you can recommend a current course 2017 for building FB fanpages ?

    Is Heimir still out their in FB market ?


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