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Creator: James Knight
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Very poor execution

Boy sometimes these reviews are so hard to do. YouTube Traffic Grabber is one of them. You see I have worked with James Knight. He promoted my last launch and even further than that he is just a nice guy and I like him. The problem all started when he sent me a review copy […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Boy sometimes these reviews are so hard to do. YouTube Traffic Grabber is one of them. You see I have worked with James Knight. He promoted my last launch and even further than that he is just a nice guy and I like him. The problem all started when he sent me a review copy of his latest product YouTube Traffic Grabber which is about to be released today (in about 2 hours actually). Its cases like this where a product is being  released by someone I personally like that doing these reviews becomes so hard. There is such a inner personal conflict. Do I stick the the concept I had when I started this site and tell the 100% truth no matter what? Do I lie and promote it anyway because James and I are friends? Do I just forget about this plug in and say nothing (something James asked me to do)?

Well any of you reading this who know me already also know the answer. When I started this site I decided on a very simple process for doing the reviews. I pick a product to review, examine it and then tell the 100% truth no matter what. Well that’s what Im going to do. Sorry James but my 1st loyalty, as ever is to my readers. That trumps friendship. If you get mad well its really your fault anyway (I did offer to fix these bugs for you after all)

This WordPress plug in is full of bugs and done to a very low standard. Below is a video that I originally made just for James that pointed out some of the problems with this plug in. Im addressing him directly in the video and I originally intended it only to be viewed by him as I thought he would thank me for the feedback and fix the issues.

(warning I do swear a little in the video, again this video was intended to be just between James and I originally so please done be offended)

The really big problem and what disappointed me more than anything is James refusal to fix these bugs. Even after I offered to do it for him! I for the life of me just can’t understand why someone would be so unwilling to provide a quality product for their customers. It just boggles my mind. Here is a bit of the chat I had with James on Facebook about this plug in and my feedback for it.


Here you can see where I let James know about these bugs.  I also sent him the exact video that is above in this review. Also below you can see some really key things about this conversation where he agreed that the bugs where there. Also notice that I offered to fix them for him (an offer he ignored) and also pointed out that there was time for him to do it himself since his own coder should be able to do it in like 2 hours or so.


I never heard back from him. Nothing about my offer to fix this (I never asked for nor did I expect money to fix it) and nothing about his coder fixing them so I decided to hit James up a few hours later and see the status.


Though he never actually says in words that he is refusing to fix the bugs he does strongly imply it. He also implys that he has a thousand other things to do that are much more important than actually providing a quality product to his customers. Honestly what can be more important than providing quality to your customers? I would think that this is the top priority 100% of the time. You will also note that he tries to sway my opinion on this plug in by hinting that he will promo my offer again with the new customer emails he collects from this launch. Sorry not going to work. My morals are not that cheap.

There where two more messages that James and I had. One where I very clearly told him that I was going to write a truthful review. His response was to ask me to just forget about this plugin saying that he makes his lively hood from this.


My answer to this was quick and to the point. Honestly at this point I was a little mad. I mean really James. There is no reason why these bugs just cant be fixed. This is a good quality concept just bad execution. It does not have to be your fault. It could be just that the developers you hired took advantage of you. But your acceptance of these bugs is your decision and your willingness to screw people out of their money by selling them something of such low quality is your decision.


This was 44 minutes ago and I have not heard anything back from James. So that’s the end of the conversation. You will notice one last time I reminded him that he has a friend who is a skilled software developer (me) and who can fix these bugs so that he has a good product for his customers to match its good concept. But once again he ignored that even though I never asked for payment.

As I said I really like James as a person. But I honestly feel that releasing something that you know is buggy is very uncool. Even worse is releasing something that you know is buggy when you can get those bugs fixed for free. It makes no sense to want to deliver poor quality to your customers. It makes you look bad, it hurts your customer, it makes the IM business look bad and there is just no reason for it. Its just bad business James.

My final word on this plug in is to recommend to all of my readers that you give it a big pass. Sorry James, I tried to help you make this a good one you refused.


 **I actually offered to fix these bugs on more time.. just before I sent out this review. I suggested if James would delay his launch for a day .. or even for a few hours I could fix the bugs and he would then have a quality product to go with the good concept. He never answered, so I sent the review.

** One last update. James has blocked me from Facebook and kicked me out of his Facebook IM group. I guess he would prefer to be mad at me for his lack of desire to deliver value to his customers. Its such a shame. A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Bad day for everybody, I hope James takes a lesson from it and changes course ’cause I hate to see any family lose their livelihood… that said, I appreciate the heads up and your honest review. I have come to appreciate your timely and helpful support on many products and you’ve earned my trust, thank you Brett.


    Awesome Brett. I’ve bought off James before and he looks genuine until you unearth the thick layer of skin he’s hiding under.

    You did it for all of us, Brett. Thank you and God Bless.

    Wish they were more marketers like you.


    Thanks Brett,
    I think this sort of thing is happening way to much, and as you said it is making it harder for all of us including himself! it just does not make any common sense.


    Appreciate your honesty as always Brett, Hopefully he will clean it up. I have bought numerous shiny objects in the past and am far more discriminate in what I buy. Lots of people out there looking for a quick buck.


    Not easy article to write. Well done.


    Wow Brett,

    You are the real deal. To be so transparent with associate just to take care of your readers. I really appreciate it. I have to say that the “lively hood” comment is a joke if James really does make the money he says he does. I just watched him the other day reviewing a product and he said he’s on track to do 1 million this year. Thanks for keeping it real 🙂


    Brett, thanks for this incredible review. I say “incredible” both because you did a fantastic job reviewing the product as well as giving us a truthful behind the scenes look into software development, product launches, and how some have their priorities misaligned. I get a lot of emails from James and others associated closely with him. This will be a good opportunity to cut down my incoming emails. On the other hand, I am very impressed with your integrity. I look forward to more reviews from you. Thank you for “keeping it real”!


    You had a tough choice to make; create a truthful review and maintain your integrity or support a friend at the expense of those who trust you. It looks like you honestly tried to support and help James, even though he didn’t want it. It is unfortunate to see another person taking advantage of those who are striving to improve themselves. I do really appreciate how you were not afraid to be honest in your reviews and understands how that helps support the IM community.


    Brett, I get bombarded with new offers everyday and don’t know what I would do without your honest reviews. Thanks Mate!

    wai kei

    There is a strong rumor that James Knight steals other people’s creations and rename or rejig them to sell them as his own.

    Marketers have run foul of him when they point out the numerous errors of his ways.

    Buyer beware, indeed.

    Daniel Bean

    Wow! That’s a bit of a doozy. It’s kind of funny how there was something in James rough edge (lack of finish) that always bothered me since I got on one of his lists. I always ended up cringing when watching/listening to him on his broadcast/interviews. This episode confirms my own impression.

    Thank you for the “brutal” truth. I’m not sure I would have had the “balls” to shed a light like you did. I probably would have refrained from reviewing it but you are right that either you or him would do a disservice to the combined audiences otherwise.

    It’s a crying shame that with the explicit offer you made he elected to simply ignore it. In the end, it just might spell is own demise.



    Good on you Brett for speaking up and telling the truth.

    Unfortunately James isn’t the caring guy he makes out in all his videos. In fact he is quite the opposite as you have just discovered. A person who genuinely cared about his customers would have fixed the problems and delayed the launch, which as you pointed out was an easy fix anyway.

    You have just joined a long list of people who have been unfriended and blocked by James on Facebook when they dare to say anything even slightly negative about him or any of his products. He can’t even handle constructive criticism.



      Yea honestly that’s kind of a good thing. Not so sure I want my name and reputation associated with someone like this. I still have such a hard time understanding it though. Why wouldn’t he just let me fix the bugs? I mean really, I was going to do it for free. Everyone would have won. I would have been able to promote a good plugin and would have made a couple of commissions. He would have had a bug free product to sell people. The customers would have gotten a quality purchase. I just dont get it. Why would anyone want to sell a bad product, especially when they could have sold a good one at no cost to them, time or money.


    You are to be commended for your integrity. James and Ken could learn a lot from you. They have shown their true colors in the CPA Mastermind group. They promised so many things and deliver on a few. There is not much real training going on there. We were promised 2 softwares that were going to be “Really Great!” only to get something that does not make sense in its use. You pop up on your own site!!! Someone in the group put up a post about this. She said she did not see the benefit of the software. When I went back to read her comment again, they had removed it. Several members in the group have made comments about their displeasure and they remove the comments. It has been 4 weeks of unfulfilled promises. James is using the group to promote his daily affiliate promotions for others. With 15,000 members in the group, he is the ONLY one making any money. It has been a disappointing time. They never train you and show you step by step how to anything. I am thankful to have the opportunity to post this here, as I know they would remove it if I posted it in the group. Thanks Brett – stay ethical, honest and genuine. Again, James and Ken could learn a lot from you!!!!!!


    I totally agree with Candace. The CPA Mastermind has been a complete disappointment. Frankly I don’t know what to do at this point. They speak of Karma and caring about people but it’s all a part of their game. Keep dangling “hope” and never deliver. The only comfort I find is knowing that their days of reaping are coming…
    Thank you for this site. I am bookmarking it. Blessings to you!


    I have also been kicked off his CPA Mastermind group after repeatedly asking for a refund. I never received my refund. I’m so glad you (Brett) have this page and gave an honest review, not just about James Knight’s products but also about his caracter.
    He is complaining about you taking money away from him and his family but what about the money he steals from us ! What about our families ? F@ck him.
    Thanks Brett


    I left his group months ago and unsubscribed from his list. Nothing but a pitch fest with no value. His products may be low cost but so is the quality. They seem to be rehashed, renamed and relaunched every few months. The best part is not watching any more of his videos where he and “who’s her face” always give “two thumbs up” for every piece of crappy IM garbage that comes out. Thanks Brett for caring about real people and not just trying to make a buck.

    paul vieau

    hi Brett, just found this site to check on optinlinks i already bought, also had it in my mind to get youtube grabber cause i was sold on knights pitch, i have cancer and have tried for 5 years to make money on the net, bought many products, many just wasted space on my computer, waiting for something inside my mind to click as to what way i want to go in this internet marketing game, there is so much to examine, but i feel closer to finding my path, but thank God to you Brett for your honesty and care for us the confused buyer trying to honestly find my way amongst the many sellers good and bad, i will definitely be bringing my business to you because you deserve it, i hate those who rip the little guy when james could have been different when the opportunity was offered, i don’t understand either, all i know is he needs a sh#t kicking as somewhere along the line he lost his morals and needs a readjustment, i’ve been ripped by a few over the years but i still hang in hoping for the light to come to my eyes, your the man brother, hang in there, i’m with you, hopefully sees his sleaziness and gets it together, that path has no glory. thanks again Brett.


    I’m thinking he assumed you were offering to do it for a fee, but if so, that’s still no excuse. He didn’t inquire as to your rate, nor go to his coder and demand it be done correctly.

    How dare you take food out of the mouths of his family members… heh heh. That was classic… as if the success or lack of success with that launch was going to effect what they eat, how much they can eat, or if they eat. But some of his customers might have gone without a meal or more to get a needlessly inferior product.

    I unsubscribed from him because I was constantly getting emails and every single one was a link to another shiny object. If they are all so good, why do I need to know about several more each week?

    I have to admit to liking his southern belle partner. I’m a sucker for most any accent from a female, especially coming from such a cutie. She was probably absolutely breathtaking 2 or 3 couple decades ago, and still attractive now, (neither of which I can say about myself… heh.)

    Anyway, I appreciate your honesty.

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