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Easy to set up, quickly build a niche store, no inventory required

Today Im doing a review of a new WordPress plugin called Xpress Store Ecommerce is taking off in a really big way. More than ever you hear about people making big money selling physical product online. It started a while back with t-spring where people where selling clever / niche related t-shirts on Facebook. It […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im doing a review of a new WordPress plugin called Xpress Store

Ecommerce is taking off in a really big way. More than ever you hear about people making big money selling physical product online. It started a while back with t-spring where people where selling clever / niche related t-shirts on Facebook. It then expanded to full blow niche stores where people where buying inventory and running their own e-com business with things like Shopify.

There is however one real issue for people who want to start a full blow web store. What is it? Well in a word, its inventory. If your going to have your own web store you of course need to have something to sell. You need to buy, stock, and ship inventory. While this might not be a big issue if you are only going to sell one product on your store, what if you want to sell 10 products, or 20, or 50 of them? I mean lets face it, its not much of a store if you only have one or two products and if you only have one or two products your really limiting yourself.

One thing that a lot of people have done in order to get around the inventory problem is to build affiliate stores. An affiliate store looks just like a traditional store except when someone clicks the buy button they are taken to the actual store, via your affiliate link, and you earn a commission on anything they buy.

People have been doing this for years with Amazon. But there are problems with Amazon. First of all Amazons affiliate program is not available to everyone. For example if you live in the USA depending on the state you live in, you may be ineligible to be an Amazon affiliate. Also Amazon pays very low commissions. Generally they range from between 4% and 6%. What this means is if you send a customer that purchases an $10 product, you earn between 40 and 60 cents. Not bad because they are doing all of the work, but not exactly awesome either.

Xpress Store is designed to fix the problems with people building Amazon affiliate stores by allowing you to quickly and easily build niche stores for another super popular physical product platform, AliExpress. On AliExpress people can buy just about anything. There are hundreds of thousands of products in any niche you can think of. Also unlike Amazon the vendors on AliExpress pay much better commissions to their affiliates. In fact commissions can be as high as 50% of the product price, with the average being around 25%. What this means is that if you send a sale as an AliExpress affiliate for $10, you can earn on average $2.50. That’s a lot better than the 40 cents Amazon wants to pay you. Also something that is interesting, but that many people might not realize. Many of the products on Amazon actually come from the AliExpress vendors, since the AliExpress vendors are the manufacturers and not the retailers. So you get a better commission while giving your traffic a value in that your sending them direct to the manufacturer where they can get a better price.

Setting up your Express Store plugin is very easy. You will need two things to get started. First you will need the WooCommerce plugin. Second you will need, of course, to be an AliExpress affiliate. Both of these things are free.

Once you have these things you can then enter your affiliate details in the plugin and use the bulk importer to quickly search for products to add to your store.


When searching for products you can filter by keyword, price, commission, or number of sales. I really like the fact that they put in these filters. Searching by keyword is something that is obviously needed because you want to build your store around a specific theme / topic. However by having the price and commission filter you can ensure that your store does not get over populated by low cost products and that it will only show products that pay a commission level that you are comfortable with.

After you search for products in your niche that conform to your filters. Simply enter the number you want to add to your store, press a button, and within a few minutes your web store is created.


Besides the overview page (which does have buy buttons under each product, but are cut off in the graphic above) each product will also have a details page with product graphics, title, keywords, description and of course another buy button, which is your affiliate link.


All of this is pulled from AliExpress and added to your site for you, for each product, instantly without you needing to do anything manually. Setting up an affiliate store really does not get any easier than this.

Ok so what do I think of Xpress Stores? Well as I said, eCom is hot. Now more than ever people are making big money with eCom. If you have the ability to purchase inventory in bulk, stock it, ship it (or pay someone to do it for you). Then running your own store with your own products and your own markup is going to be ideal. However if that’s just not practical for you than building a affiliate store is a great option. With affiliate stores you can tap into the inventory of other big name company’s and let them handle all of the dirty work for you.

In the past Amazon was the only option But Amazon is limited in who it approves as an affiliate and the commissions are low. With Xpress Stores you can tap into the huge AliExpress inventory and build niche stores while earning a much higher commission than you would get with Amazon.

The one thing I would suggest if you decide to build a niche store is that you don’t limit yourself. Don’t build just one store. With such a huge number of products that you can sell, and the fact that its so easy to set up a store, there is no reason not to have multiple stores in multiple niches each earning you some monthly passive income, which can potentially add up to quite a bit.







UPDATE: One of my readers sent me a link to a web page that says AliExpress now gives an 8% commission across the board for products. I’m not sure if this is a minimum commission or a new commission structure because other pages on their site still say ‘up to 50%’ and that the commission varies by the product. I just wanted to clarify that the commissions for AliExpress may be 8% now. Even if they are though, that is still double what Amazon pays.A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Sorry, I bought this before I saw your email…definitely worth having this plugin, in case someone wants to have a different income stream..
    many thanks for the review


    If your looking for a good theme that works well with this plugin, click the link below, the first one is the one I tested with and its free.


    Barry McCoy

    Hey Brett,

    I saw this plugin and will get it. However, I did look at AliExpress and most of the products have delivery times that are anywhere from 20 – 60 days guaranteed.

    The prices on AliExpress are great – just a little concern about people purchasing and waiting 3 weeks for purchase delivery (even though most products have free delivery.)

    Dave Sweney

    Ali-Express is a good eCom site that can make a lot more money for you than Amazon. This plug-in can make that a lot easier to do…I am an affiliate already, but was interested in the automation feature this adds to my sites, so bought it on Brett’s recommendatipn…

    FYI I have personally met the founder of Alibaba and this eCom business Ali-Express. Jack Ma is his name, and we met in Hangzhou years ago (prior to the huge growth he has experienced to now), and he is truly a genius and a pretty nice guy!

    Brett is spot on with his recommendation of this product! Good luck to all who get this, I am pretty sure you will like it (as in more commissions) better than some of the other programs put there! Thanks for clueing us in on this!



    Hi Brett,
    Unfortunately you are out of date because Ali Express altered there commission structure and it is now 8% throughout .At the time they altered the commission the also reduced the cookie from 30 days to one session.Bad news for those of us that had already built sites.


      Im believe that is minimum commission, I might be mistaken though but Im pretty sure 8% is the new minimum.


        Brett, I would have liked that to be the case but unfortunately it is not.If you get your volume over $50K then you can get extra one percent topping at an extra 4% for volumes in excess of $1,000,000 .Not easy now they do not employ cookies ! You get one hit to make commission.


    I always appreciate your reviews, what a great information source for us. This plugin looks like it would make it easy to setup an aliexpress store. Thanks for the review

    Mike Smith

    Jim Burney

    Hi Brett
    Favorable review and the purchase price is good.
    Where are the products shipped from?


    ?? video dont work


    How do you sign up with alibaba? All I found was to sign up as a supplier or buyer and you needed to be a legal registered company.


    Anyone care to comment about their experience with AliExpress affiliate program? I have read that they are slow to pay the commissions and that their customer service is bad.


    Got your email.
    Good concept but I’m confused and I still don’t get the benefit of this.
    Why would someone go to my website and not strait to AliExpress?


      Because your going to build links to your website, going to try ranking in Google, going to use Facebook ads .. ie your going to get the people who dont go direct to Ali.. to end up there anyway, thats in essence all affiliate marketing is.

    karen corey

    Thanks, Brett. Questions: Where are there ‘up to 50%’ commissions? I see that as of Oct 2015 it shows a straight 8% commission across the board.
    And do you know if you can use /combine other product populating plugins with this one? Not sure about Amazon ones with their TOS and all. Just curious given you know.
    Thanks again.


      Ill be 100% honest, Im not an AliExpress affiliate, the information I have is based on my research, however I believe the way it works is that these are minimum commissions and vendors on Ali can offer larger commissions, just not smaller.

    Cathy G

    Brett – how has the support been for you? Does the software have any glitches that have been difficult to resolve?


      I cant test support. The reason I cant is because vendors know who I am, they now I write reviews, if I ask as support question they will for sure answer me super fast because they dont want me to write a bad review. This does not indicate how they will be to customers. Because of this I dont rate products on support since I cant truly test it. I did not have an errors in the software, if I had I would have spoken about them in my review.


    The one down side with Aliexpress is that it takes so long for customers to get their product.
    Unless you want to pay extra for shipping, it can take as long as 45-60 days.

      Dave Sweney

      There are options on shipping and that length of time you mention is definitely on the outside…

      Here is a screenshot of an explanation on shipping, provided direct from the Ali-Express page…

      {link removed}

      In general this order ship time is longer than what lots of US online buyers are now used to, but for many of the rest of the world, they are the norm…

    Penny Prechtl

    Thanks for the review! Just curious though, I recently purchased the AliEngine plugin which also creates AliExpress e-commerce stores. So what’s the difference between Xpress Stores versus AliEngine? Is there more options and functionality or is there really no difference? I can’t see buying Xpress Stores if I already have a plugin that basically does the same thing.


      Hey Penny, I get these kids of questions a lot and while I wish I can help with them often I cant. There reason is because the question assumes that I tested the other software your asking in comparison. Many times I have not, such as in this case, I have never used AliEngine.

    reinier montesant

    hi brett

    me again. sorry to come back to you but i am grass green in the e-commerce area. did i heard it right, am i going to hear back from alibaba that i am accepted as an affiliate? i obviously was not a member of alibaba. i filed a form a few minutes ago. i got a confirmation of my email address. that’s it. no further correspondence. but they show an access link but i could not get into the area it is supposed to take me. could you please shed some light on this?

    sorry for this but your help is being appreciated.

    thanks and regards

    reinier monesant

    Pier Luigi

    Hi Brett, and congratulations for your helpful reviews. I wanted to know, please, if with this plugin can download the products in Italian

    thanks for the reply

    Best regards

    Pier Luigi from Italy


    Brett I wonder if you noticed anything about the delivery times for these Ali express products. I suppose they come from China and that takes a while …


    Seems easy enough but as always driving traffic to the store is that hard part. I see on Ali that max commissions all round is set to only 8%, so not sure where you got up to 50% from?


      When researching AliExpress I came across several articles from them that say commissions are as high as 50% and a couple of reports that the average is as high is 25%, Im not sure if they changed things, or if the 8% commission is a minimum amount.

      Dave Sweney

      They do have exceptions on the standard 8% rate from time to time and per their new guidance they will be announced as applicable.

      I have been an affiliate for a few months, and this change to a standard commission rate just happened, and did make the rate closer to AZON or other online stores…

      When they do this temporary % increase, not sure if the sales volume incentive (additional 1-4%) would come into play or not…I read nothing to the contrary, so this likely still applies…

      Even at 8%, this is a pretty handsome commission compared to other eCom stores…Also let’s not forget the volume of sales they have compared to the competition…


        Thanks for the info Dave, I only researched their affiliate program as part of this review. I appreciate getting input from someone who has been an affiliate for a while. Also your right, even at 8% its considerably better than what Amazon and other programs pay.


          I ask them about the sales copy that states up to 50% on the support site.
          This is the total response I received 3 days later.


          Maximum Commissions are given during special festive promotions & special campaigns.”

          At the 8% it is acceptable. Just do not understand the exaggeration.


    Regarding commissions, a Google search for ‘Aliexpress commissions’ took me to the FAQ which has a detailed explanation with 8% commission across the board with incentive commissions up to 4% additional depending on how much you sell. They say the new commission structure went into effect Oct 12.

    Still sounds interesting to me as an alternative to Amazon.


      Yes I made an ammendment to the review, I found that page this evening, I also found others that say ‘as high as 50%’ still, depending on the product, Im not sure if the 8% is a minimum and the vendor can agree to a higher commission or what .. either way though I will say this, even if it is flat 8% now, that’s still double Amazons 4% so I still think its a good value.

    Ainsley M

    Brett – good review.

    It looks identical to Aliffiliate in every way, shape and form which I own. Is this a rebranding? Would you be good enough to inquire with the developers. I tend to recollect Jai Sharma being connected to Aliffilate as well. Is this a 2.0 of that product? A rebranding? Is it an improvement – better or worse?

    I own Aliffiliate and I can’t fault it. I have developed some great AliExpress niche stores depending on the eCommerce theme I have chosen. But the best themes do not always work straight out of the box and people have to remember they have to play a fair bit with them to get the look and feel just right.
    Some of my stores do quite well – others tank. I am trying to work out how to integrate content and articles in such a way to improve its unique value and therefore improve it in the search engine rankings.

    I will say though they have done better than most of my Amazon stores.
    My greatest fear with AliExpress however is that unbeknownst to many, is that they may be inadvertently infringing intellectual property by selling products copied from originals and not in any way sanctioned by the true owner of that original work.
    For example if I have a store which sells super hero products, I am not allowed to sell knock off superman tshirts which are not licensed officially by DC comics. I am therefore aiding and abetting a copyright/design infringement.

    I also had another website selling womens apparel. I did not know however that the photos feeding from the program/aliexpress where connected to and licensed to only the original work, not the copied product or sub store within aliexpress. Therefore not only was I aiding and abetting the knock-off product and thereby infringing the design, but I was also using a photo not sanctioned for use in any other way than it was originally intended. A double intellectual property infringement.
    Unlike these Chinese stores, your web store is probably hosted inside a country which does cede to international intellectual property treaties of which the USA is a signatory and probably your country. You better believe you can and will be sued by very big companies with very large legal budgets if your store carries something belonging to them. One can’t plead ignorance either. Itโ€™s not a far flung US court which will get you โ€“ these big companies will institute proceedings in your local jurisdiction. So should you dice with this savage legal beast, make sure your assets are well protected and your liability limited.

    So while I recommend this product whole-heartedly, ๐Ÿ™‚ It is not as easy as setting up and importing products willy nilly. You have to give it thought and stick to sub store suppliers you trust. Being an Aliexpress affiliate is very attractive. Particularly if you have had limited success with Amazon over the years. However, because Amazon is a US company, it carries quality and compliance levels long ignored in China – so be weary dealing with Chinese suppliers.

    I also get very concerned that products such as toys may be using carcinogenic paints and materials. Or materials that a child could choke on โ€“ sure this can happen anywhere but US, British or Australasian standards are much higher and police this.
    If only someone could come up with a plugin like this where we could choose from multiple platforms such as Ali, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart etc

    I would be interested to hear from anyone who has not only set this up but also managed to make an Amazon plugin work with it seamlessly.

    Wishing everybody well.



      It might be a rebranding, Im not totally sure. I will say this though, if you already have a plugin that does what this does, you really dont have much need to buy another though.

      Also thanks for mentioning your concerns, but honestly they are largely based on speculation. For example the concern you have about the ‘quality of toys’. I 100% guarantee you that 80% of everything the average American owns is made in China.

      There are other negative assumptions about ‘knock offs’ and ‘aiding copyright infringement’ as well as some ad-hoc legal warnings (are you a legal professional)? While its great to have a discussion and to say to people ‘be careful’ we need to do it in a way that does not make negative assumptions about 3rd parties (the AliExpress vendors in this case) who are not here to defend themselves.

        Ainsley M

        I am a legal professional, Brett but my comments should not be constituted as legal advice of course and your comments likewise should not be considered enough to warrant dismissing legitimate legal issues. People should be wary and ignorance of the law, or willful blindness is never an excuse.

        I can only speak from an Australian perspective but I do know that many Chinese imports get knocked back every day by our standards authorities. It’s a fact. I do know that much of what gets through is Chinese. They make some excellent product – no doubt. However, product recalls are issued all the time on Chinese goods (amongst others). I also guarantee a superman t-shirt made in China bought from Walmart will be officially licensed too(usually). It is not speculation, an assumption or indeed overstated. These are common legalities that an average American (or Australian) company will comply with.

        I do not point a finger at any one supplier but I have seen wrong being done by some. I have seen product sales being withdrawn because Aliexpress has cracked down on them. There are tens of thousands of suppliers and if there are dodgy ones here in Western countries, it goes without saying that unregulated Chinese stores are equally susceptible if not moreso to vendors not doing the right thing or doing the right thing as far as Chinese law goes but not by your countries standards.

        Look up something like your favourite NFL teams jersey’s on Aliexpress. I’m a fan of the 49ers for example (I don’t know why sometimes) and there are hundreds of cheap knock off jersey stores not sanctioned by the NFL for one-third the price. I guarantee you most are not licensed. You could safely bet they aren’t. You’d have to be might naive to think they were above board.
        Sure purchase for yourself but you are robbing the true owner(and their shareholders) of those works many times over if you set up an NFL jersey store as one example. I have seen you champion intellectual property of authors rights so many times on your webpages. The blackhat forums which sell your works or give it away etc. How is a store on AliExpress so different? Becasue they are hosted by Ali? Ali are respectable – I love their setup and their money back guarantees, 30 day cookies etc but they can’t possibly regulate or keep a close eye on every single store. I can’t believe for a moment that you of all people Brett would set up an AliExpress store of say NFL jerseys without taking this into consideration. Surely you would. Please tell me you would.

        Your loyal subscriber

        Ellen C

        Your response to Ainsley was a bit facile. From a UK perspective I totally agree with his reply. Trading Standards here are very active in shutting down businesses who sell knock off copies of brand names – they do it on a daily basis. And where do the knock off copies come from? China almost every time these days – it used to be Taiwan.


          Knock offs do come from China, its incorrect to assume that everything from China is a nock off. Its inappropriate to make a general statement about Chinese vendors as well. Though I agree people should be careful. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.


    Hi Brett.

    A few years ago I bought a tablet from aliexpress, the seller gave me a tracking number that was coming to my country. By the time it was in the country. The tracking need changes to a national one which is normal the not normal thing was that the tracking number was for someone else and the address too. So I got scammed by the seller. When I went back to aliexpress they said I should have contacted them within 30 days however cause it is import and exporting it took more than 30 days to get into the country to fund out all this. So be careful of aliexpress there are too many scammers on that site. When I saw the plug in I though huummm this is interesting. But as soon as I saw where it pulls the products from. I backed off completely. Sorry Brett won’t be buying this time. But thanks for the review. Regards Pierre


      You dont have to be sorry, if its not for you then thats very cool. Though I do think it might be a little unfair to judge a entire website, with hundreds of vendors, based on the experience you had with a single vendor ‘a few years ago’.

    Jack Seegers

    Thanks for the review Brett , bought from your link. Bought several thinks of alixpress and alibaba. never had any problems. Looking forward to set up my shop.


    Hey Brett,

    I just brought xprees store through your link.

    The person who emailed you is right. All commissions paid on AliExpress is now a flat 8%, since October 15th.
    Disappointing for sure, but still with their 30 day cookie and double Amazon’s starting 4% commission that only increases through production, a lot better model for affiliates on AliExpress. Some people are making a heck of a living just moving products as a Amazon affiliate, so one can do okay if they built a bunch of stores with in demand products to make the effort worthwhile on AliExpress I think. Plus it solves for the lack of cash to buy inventory problem. I will sure find out. Thanks for your unbiased review.


    Would it be possible to integrate this into a blog? Say a Store tab on the Navigation bar.


    Your Bonus: Google Ranking training Is EXACTLY As Same As Ranking Training Inside Profit Canvas Member Area ???


      Yes it is. The thing is that not all of the 100,000 or so people who read my blog each month are members of Profit Canvas. Which is why its a great bonus for so many people.


    This is a fascinating thread where it discusses the legal aspects of selling goods from China, a nation which does not have any Trademark or Intellectual Property Rights legislation.

    It is easy for anyone to assess for themselves the magnitude of Chinese patent “blindness” and intellectual property “transgressions” by doing a simple web search. Please bear in mind that this sort of thing is not considered to be theft when selling in China as it isn’t illegal! But it is a problem for the rest of us. For example, on 23 November Forbes reported:

    “Why Alibaba’s Massive Counterfeit Problem Will Never Be Solved: The worldโ€™s biggest online retailer courses with an unprecedented torrent of counterfeit and sham goods, and neither the big brands, the Chinese government nor U.S. pressure can do much about it. Jack Ma, the most powerful businessman in Asia, can. But shutting down the fakes would undermine his Alibaba empire.”

    Later it suggests that Alibaba will need IN FUTURE to implement a trademark compliance system. (Note: This implies that there is no system at the moment.)

    After considering this I am not planning to set up my stores in the low end Amazon territory of fashion, domestic goods etc. I think that there is more risk when listing T-shirts, and fashion goods, that a web image copyright issue might be pursued by a fashion house.

    I am going to sell only high-end mechanical and electrical engineering equipment with units priced above about $5,000 each. My site(s) will contain a very prominent disclaimer, and require all buyers to carry out their duty of care not to import illegal goods (in their own countries) when buying. I think that this will be much lower risk of my being implicated in any legal action, due to the level of knowledge of a buyer purchasing goods of this type at these price levels. in other words, it is reasonable to assume that only an expert is going to spend that much, and at that level it is very much a case of “buyer beware”.


    If you purchase, hope you do not have to work with support on the xpress store.
    Ask a simple question.
    Three days later had a response to pay a guy to set up my store for $50.00. His link was attached. No other information enclosed.

    Store was all set up. Just had a simple question on tracking id.
    I responded back on the support thread as well as contact link on facebook.
    The waiting game has begun.


    I’ve always purchase from you Brett as you give great reviews of products for your subscribers. I am really interested with this xpress store plugin. Could you please give guidance on how to choose a domain name for a store. That is the bit I always get struck on so any advice on for example in setting up a Chandelier n lighting store. What name would I choose? Cheers


    Seems like a good opportunity,

    can the wordpress site be a free one , or do we need to buy hosting and domain names to be able to upload the plugin . I see wordpress.com offers free hosting but them go on to say you need to pay if its an ecommerce site . appreciate your thoughts,



    Just an FYI, I purchased about 6 days ago and stilling waiting for the approval from Aliiexpress so I can get started.


    Hey Brett

    I purchased the plugin through your link (mostly to get your bonus you mentioned) but I cannot seem to find your email where to send you the payment ID and get the ranking website bonus?

    Thank you

    Nishit Dave

    Hi Brett,

    Since, you extensively review IM products, could you confirm on the viability of earning commissions through Aliexpress by using these niche stores and plugins? Most IM vendors that market such products do stress on the user friendliness of the plugin however there is little or no info if someone is actually making money with these stores. I do agree that it primarily depends on how the store is marketed either through free or paid advertising mediums however, it would be great to know if anyone actually had any success earning commissions with them.

    Best Regards,
    Nishit Dave


    Hello where can i get this plugin ?
    i wanted to find it before and now i see it can’t be bought ?

    is it true that aliexpress moved to 8% commission ?


    Hi Brett,

    Please tell me where is the original vendor thread ? Where can i contact the vendor ? I’m asking a full refund because it is not work for me. I have contacted the vendor via vendor’s paypal email, vendor’s facebook & vendor’s website but i receive no response at all.

    Here are my concerns about their product Xpress Store.
    1.) It is very hard just to register their affiliate program http://portals.aliexpress.com, i tried more than 12 times but always fail. Once registered i realize that i’m just as aliexpress ordinary buyer member not as their affiliate member.
    2.) It is very hard to be accepted as their affiliate member, i read many difficulties from many peoples at aliexpress’ facebook fanpage.
    3.) I watched many videos on youtube, affiliate member is very hard to withdraw the sales commission money from aliexpress.
    4.) It is very hard to get replies & answers from aliexpress & alibaba when we contact them.

    Hi Brett, i suggest you to reregister again at http://portals.aliexpress.com now so you will understand my difficulties.


      Im not sure what difficulties your having with becoming an affiliate, there is an approval process though, its not instant. As for difficulties with getting support, or withdrawing funds etc, your not having any of those, in fact your not even an affiliate yet, your just imagining that you will have those based on some YouTube videos you have seen etc. Still if you are unhappy with your purchase you should request a refund , that does not change. Did you send in a support request to their support email? Its in your receipt email that you got from JVZoo.

    Joe Rowlands

    I bought this product and had it up an running quite quickly however it soon developed problems when I used the ‘Bulk upload’ facility. A fatal error showed up that I couldn’t resolve and which blocked the dashboard functions. I immediately sent in a ticket to support and now six days have gone past and an automated acknowledgement is all I have received so far.
    This means that I can’t use the program until this error is fixed and there is no sign of any help from the developers.
    I am definitely not impressed

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