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Posted April 28, 2014 by Brett Rutecky in Training Articles

Very often I hear people saying the same thing over and over. They dont know how to get started with making money online. They bought a bunch of training products. They bought a bunch of tools. But they just cant seem to understand what to do. Many times these people have said, or implied that there must be some kind of secret that people who make money online are leaving out.

Over and over I have told these people that there is no secret. That anyone can make money online if you follow some simple, proven steps. Over and over people have refused to accept what I have told them. Well I decided that action speaks louder than words so I’m going to do something like never before.

I have decided that Im going to take 1 person and personally teach them step by step from start to finish how to make money online. Not only that but Im going to do it 100% for free. I have said many times over that anyone can make money online, well now I’m going to prove it. To make it totally fair I decided to run a contest to see who I’m going to teach. The winner of the contest which will be randomly selected by the contest software (and not by me) will be the person I teach. When the contest is over and the winner is selected I will personally teach the winner  how to make money online step by step for free.

Requirements to be eligible:

1) You must be totally new to IM or at least never made any online income (a few dollars is fine but nothing significant).

2) You will need to have Skype and a mic so we can speak to each other.

3) You must speak the English language fluently (sorry but English is the only language I know).

4) You will need a few dollars for hosting, domain name etc. Lets call it $40 to be safe. This will not be paid to me, it will be for things you will need for your business.

5) You must be serous about making money online and about learning. If it seems like your not putting in effort when we are working together I will select a new winner.

How to enter:

Step 1: Like, Share or Tweet this article (you need only do one of them) using the social icons on the left of this website.

Step 2: Post a comment on this article

Step 3: Signup to the contest below

The random winner will be chosen on 5/25/2014. You must complete all 3 entry steps to qualify to win.


Signup below for your chance to win FREE personal one on one coaching

and learn step by step how to make money online.

Don’t miss out, this could change your life!


Steve Matsukawa !!!!


You are the contest winner and I look forward to working with you!

A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

About the Author

Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Awesome thing you are doing!


    Thanks Brett! This is great. Looking forward to working with you!


    “pick me pick me”


    Great idea, would be great if your pupil did the same eventually too. Maybe start a trend, who knows? Anyway, I am hoping I can be that pupil.


    Awesome Idea!! I always see that you offer straight up quality advise in many different threads. Who ever is chosen will not be disappointed with your training/coaching. It’s too bad that we don’t have more marketers step up and be willing to help another succeed. I’m ready willing and able to take advantage of your offer.

    Thanks again Brett for all you contribute to the WF!!


    You say people make it harder than it needs to be,well I must be one of those people. Seems like I just feed money into the internet slot machine and nothing comes out. Sad really.


    Absolutely love it! Anxiously waiting to see if I win.


    Hi Brett

    I seem to be getting more closer to you, I have not been a one to stick it out with people, IE I come and go and try out the products.

    We seem to be bumping into each other a lot lately, and maybe that’s telling me something, I do want to learn that’s for sure.


    Excellent … generous offer Brett!


    I totally agree Cobster.
    Hi Brett,
    And it’s one of the few emails I read fully. Brett, you already provide value with your info and this will take you to being an angel.
    Just a thought, but it would be good if this is recorded and maybe shared or sell it for $5 to $10. Just a thought so everyone can have a piece of your true brilliance.
    Also this is good karma and when ever someone shows this, it returns in unimaginable events in your life.

    Bless you with pure light and love, and Bless you with purified source energy, and carry on the awesome work.



    This sounds like the greatest opportunity!


    I’m always impressed with the advice you give on here, particularly the dissections of exaggerated claims by some marketeers. And yes, I am one who has bought ‘stuff’ and run into trouble in properly implementing them. So your help would be great, should your script choose me! But good on you, Brett. Power to ya elbow, as they say!


    Hi Brett. Not every people do this. I´m here to get this opportunity and if the script choose me it will be a pleasure working and learning from you. Thanks.


    So before I begin trying to make money online, I thought I was just as smart as the next guy. Internet Marketing has so far made me look like a chump. If there is one more thing in my life I am determined to accomplish, it’s learning how to make a living online. I am hard headed and determined enough to do it, but having a coach along the way sure would be a plus. So in other words….pick me, pick me, pick me!

    Kim Kilpatrick

    Hi Brett,

    Love your reviews. This is an excellent opportunity and excited at the possibilities. I was having some trouble with sharing from my mobile device so this may be a double post but wanted to make sure I get all items submitted.




    Would be great to have your help, Brett!


    Been waiting for you to do this for a long time, Brett. Hope luck’s gonna be with me 😉


    Sometimes I think I become lucky enough to find genuine product creators who do honest reviews about products and not have to do with the monetary gains. One such person is Brett, and I am grateful to be on his list.
    Thanks Brett, for the reviews and for telling it like it is to help us avoid buying inferior products that benefit us less.


    ummmmm… many times can we enter?


    What time is this contest drawn Brett?


    Hi Brett, can you put me on your mailing list please. I cant find a way to join it. I would have sent you a message another way, but dont seem to see a contact link (??) Thanks.


    Appreciate your effort 🙂 I have never come across a guy like you who doesnt upfront money when helping others

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