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Posted March 16, 2014 by Brett Rutecky in Training Articles


    Sean Atkisson

    Thanks for your enlightening post. I wish I would have added before I bought the other WSO. There are many differences indeed, one very important one that you pointed out. On the other hand, the other WSO has several “prebuilt” type of pages that can be I framed into a tab that in turn will be mobile. I can see reasons to hold on to both of your applications. I am grateful for the software that you have supplied and I certainly look forward to using it. Thanks, Sean


    Thanks again Brett for another great post. I too am guilty as charged for not using the software to it’s fullest potential until now… but for a good reason 🙂 I just launched my mobile marketing service this week & Tab Engine is going to be a main component of it.

    I’ll be using my SC developer acct to build the mobile sites/apps & Tab Engine apps to add extra functionality.

    I’ll keep you posted on my progress 🙂


    That’s all great! Question is: How to get massive eye balls to that giveaway or anything online for that matter?


      Hey Jose, these types of contests are a very good way to turn a ‘few eyeballs’ into ‘massive eyeballs’. Have a look at the contest up top. As of me writing this there are 84 entries. Each person was given the chance to earn ‘extra entries’ for sharing a link to this page on Facebook. Almost everyone did. Thats a lot of free shares and links to our site that we just got. Also you might consider social promotion. I actually recently launched a social posting platform that people are using with great success to get traffic. I will be adding it to the ‘Products’ section of this site soon.


    I like nothing better than to see someone using the very product they are selling, it is the best way to market a product in my opinion. This is the first time I have seen a live example of the giveaway used on a website (not Facebook) and now I see how it is supposed to work. Thank you! BTW, it’s even easier than using a page on WordPress, because I think WordPress is good if you have a website for more than just doing a giveaway. But, for pure simplicity, all you really need to do is use Notepad for the code and save it as an index html file and presto, you have a website.

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