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Today I want to show you my WP Embed plugin. A software I wrote to solve a common problem with other vendors products.

Watch the video below to see why I made this and a demo of how it works.



I origionally got the idea for the WP Emebed plugin when I was writing my review for Omni-Xpress. Omni-Xpress is a web store builder for people who want to do my favorite thing to make money online (selling their own digital product).ย  It was a good software and it even came with several done for you digital products (you can read my full review by clicking here). However there was a bit of a problem with it. The problem was that the stores you build where hosted on their domain. They where in fact sub domains on their hosting.

I have seen a lot of SaaS vendors do this. Page builders, store builders, survey builders, all kinds of online software vendors often have the output of their product hosted on their servers. Now to be fair to them they do this to make it as easy as possible for their customers. So they can say to their customers “no hosting required”.

However often people want things like this on their domain. In this case normally the only solution is to edit your domains DNS settings to point to thier hosting. But this is a pain, requires some tech ability, and also commits the entire domain to that one thing since the entire domain is now pointed at that SaaS Well I figured there must be a better way. There must be an easy way to allow people to pull in the output of other services (such as a store from Omni-Xpress) into their own website.

My first thought was to use an IFRAME, but this would not be very good because Google cant crawl and IFRAME so any SEO value from the content would be lost. My second thought was to use the same tech as my Jack Jacker software. But this to would not be ideal because any link clicks would take the user back to the services domain and break the illusion that its actually hosted on your domain. After some thought I realized the solution was to combine both of these methods into one.

So thats what I did. WP Embed allows you to pull and 3rd party service output / website into your domain without any link clicks breaking the illusion of the hosting actually being on your site yet while still retaining the SEO value, meta tags, Facebook tags etc. from the target website.

If you feel this is something that you can use in your business. Please feel free to click the link below and download it for free with my compliments.

Click here to download now.


A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.
  1. Arden, 31 January, 2017

    Damn… you think of everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Barry McKillip, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks for the plugin Brett. I am sure it will come in handy.

  3. James Reilly, 31 January, 2017

    Hi Brett

    This is PERFECT, our program offers a store and I had the dilema of redirect etc like you mentioned. Now I can put the store link on the site and keep people inside my domain.

    This is perfect and Thank You for taking the time in your “SINGLE” life lol to create this.


  4. John Thomas, 31 January, 2017

    thanks a lot Brett, appreciate the gift…


  5. Mike Winston, 31 January, 2017

    You must really get tired of being called “Awesome!!!” Thanks Brett

  6. ColIN KOH, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks Brett, for your generosity ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ed, 31 January, 2017

    WWWWWWOOOOOWWWW! This is massive Brett… Thanks for this great gift…. Amazing!!!!

  8. Christer, 31 January, 2017

    Thank,s a lot Brett, i get the Omni-Xpress from your link, that plugin will be handy

  9. Elizabeth, 31 January, 2017

    Brilliant! Only thing is I am still too green to make use of it. ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Mike, 31 January, 2017

    Amazing stuff Brett, I was looking for something just like this about three months ago. Thanks!

  11. Charles, 31 January, 2017

    Hi Brett

    Simply thank you very, very much!

  12. Mike Winston, 31 January, 2017

    Is one of your freebies we’re allowed to give away?

  13. Brett Rutecky, 31 January, 2017

    Sure why not.

  14. Les, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks, Brett you’ve just solved a massive problem for me, as we say in Australia your blood’s worth bottling

  15. steve, 31 January, 2017

    This looks EXTREMELY useful. I’m astonished that you’re making this freely available – thank you. I greatly appreciate it.

  16. nicolas, 31 January, 2017

    Thank you Brett. Well done. Developers minds are unique. I appreciate this. Great idea.



  17. Godwin, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks Brett!

  18. Stephen Thomas, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks for the plugin Brett.

  19. Barbara Dowling, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks for the awesome plugin Brett! I got OmniXpress and will definitely use your wp-embed with it!

    Keep warm and keep creating! Appreciate you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Atli Jonsson, 31 January, 2017

    Thank you for the plugin.

  21. tai, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks for the free plugin…cheers

  22. kami ilmane, 31 January, 2017

    That is cool Brett…clever man..
    there are so many uses for this plugin..I have foe example an About page that is hosted externally, that can now be on my site…Also those SqueezeMatic pages can now provide some SEO benefits too to my sites.
    Thank you man.

  23. Raj, 31 January, 2017

    Awesome Brett. Thanks a ton.

  24. Gary Stenzel, 31 January, 2017

    Hey Brett,
    Will this work where there is a login required?

  25. James, 31 January, 2017

    thanks Brett!

  26. Amanda Richter, 31 January, 2017

    Really useful plugin, Thank you so much

  27. Colin Glover, 31 January, 2017


    Great idea, however you’ve stopped others from making a bucket load of money!! Love the way your always rewarding us for staying around.

    Thanks and Cheers

  28. Sandra, 31 January, 2017

    Wow, what an amazing and very handy plugin, I can see lots of uses for this and what a time saver. You are amazing and very generous Brett, you’ve just made a new best friend:-)

    Big thank you for this:-)

  29. Anise Parker, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks Brett, I will certainly use this plugin because I have a few domains where I use an iFrame to pull information to my domain as well. Great timing!


  30. Richard Atkins, 31 January, 2017

    Hey Brett,

    I like it, many thanks..


  31. Noel Ferguson, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks Brett – much obliged ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Alan, 31 January, 2017

    Hi Brett,
    Thank You,
    Question does there exist 2 domains with the same content, titles, meta description now.
    Meaning my domain and the subdomain on the other server?

  33. Brett Rutecky, 31 January, 2017

    Yes, naturally

  34. WILLIAM MANUEL, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks Brett,

    This plugin will benefit me greatly buddy!

    William Manuel

  35. WILLIAM MANUEL, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks Brett,

    You were definetly thinking of me when you created this! This plugin will help me very much.

    William Manuel

  36. Maria C, 31 January, 2017

    Nice one Brett, thanks.

  37. Rafael Pardo, 31 January, 2017

    Gracias Brett, por como nos cuidas y por tu nuevo Regalo.

    Un Abrazo

  38. Robin Hudson, 31 January, 2017

    Thank you Brett! This will surely come in handy. Much appreciated, Robin

  39. Archie Bower, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks Brett. This will come in handy.

  40. Evaristo, 31 January, 2017

    Thankyou for the plugin – really appreciate your reviews and products >> that is why I always open your mail!


  41. AMIR KHAN, 31 January, 2017

    Amazing Plugin and that too for free, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Gene Pimentel, 31 January, 2017

    Brilliant! Thank you Brett.

  43. Chris Garvey, 31 January, 2017

    Looks cool Brett. I want to try it out on an Amazon site I’m working on. Thanks!


  44. Chris Garvey, 31 January, 2017

    Hey Brett, I know it’s not related to the plugin, but your captcha below, is that one of your plugins as well? Thanks.


  45. Brett Rutecky, 31 January, 2017

    No thats a plugin I downloaded from the WP Repository.

  46. Chris Garvey, 31 January, 2017

    Ok. I’ll go find that one! Thanks

  47. Roddy, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  48. David, 31 January, 2017

    Brett, much appreciated for creating this plugin. So I understand correctly, I will have an OmnoXpress site pointing to their SaaS host and my own WP site with your plugin mirroring this site on my domain? Thanks.

  49. Brett Rutecky, 31 January, 2017

    Not sure what the question is there.

  50. David, 31 January, 2017

    My question is will I have two websites that are the same. Hopefully, this makes sense.

  51. Brett Rutecky, 31 January, 2017

    Yes you will

  52. James Farrar, 31 January, 2017

    Brett, You are full of value all of the time including when we pay for something you created or you give it to us as a gift, Thank You!!

  53. Nik Zainal, 31 January, 2017

    Brett, Thanks for your complimentary plugin. It is going to be very useful to me.

  54. Thomas Dye, 31 January, 2017

    Thomas Dye: Here !
    Brother Brett, You are the best for, ALL OF YOUR FOLLOWERS

  55. Marlene, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks Brett! Much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Jr, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks Brett! Very much appreciated and will be put to immediate use.

  57. Esteban M, 31 January, 2017

    Hello Brett

    Thank you for the free plugin ,Appreciate with all that you help us with.

  58. Kat Clore, 31 January, 2017

    Wow Brett, thanks for this! You’re a great solutions-provider ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Robert Hebel, 31 January, 2017

    Brett as always you come thru for your followers and I want to say thanks for all you do.

  60. Patrick Montgomery, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks, Brett!

    Quick question: If I make changes to the original site will they display on my WordPress website automatically, or will I need to re-enter the info in the plugin again to update the content?

  61. Brett Rutecky, 31 January, 2017

    They will change automatically.

  62. Paul Bass, 31 January, 2017

    I believe I have just made the leap to fan. Thank you. Is there any need to have the Jack Jacker plugin as well? I do a lot of reviews and I have been using embedly. However, I don’t have control over the image.

  63. Brett Rutecky, 31 January, 2017

    Jack Jacker is for a different use, its for marketing campaigns where you want someone to click a link.

  64. Josรจ Scafarelli, 31 January, 2017

    WOW, great gift, thank you Brett!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ <3

  65. John, 31 January, 2017

    Hi Brett,

    You are a life saver. I bought Omni Xpress and have been trying to get it to integrate with my site for the last couple of days. Even asked my hoster for help with the DNS settings.
    Nothing worked, apparently, you can’t have 2 DNS’ pointing to the same (sub)domain, that is until now! Fantastic.


  66. MSVCP140, 31 January, 2017

    ๐Ÿ™‚ OK !

  67. David Henderson, 31 January, 2017

    awesome many thanks Brett

  68. Michael Rytter, 31 January, 2017

    Very Cool! I will use this in so many ways! Thank you so much!!

    Michael Rytter

  69. Kasey, 31 January, 2017

    Thank you so much Brett! This is such a useful tool and I’ve been wanting something like this for quite some time.

  70. Daryl, 31 January, 2017

    Thank you, Brett. This is so simple, yet so ingenious.

  71. Adrian Owen, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks Brett
    This could not have come at a better time for me.

  72. Nick, 31 January, 2017

    You are awesome. .

    Thank you

  73. Kosta, 31 January, 2017

    Thank you Brett. Perfect timing. I know you have sufficient traffic, wanted to check with you if it is OK to share this plugin with other marketers? Would not do that without your permission.

    To Your Success!

  74. Brett Rutecky, 31 January, 2017

    I would prefer if you shared this page though, and not just give them the plugin.

  75. Hamant, 31 January, 2017

    Hi Brett
    That really is brilliant but then no surprises for a brilliant programmer!

    And thanks for your generosity. I can see many people would have charged for it
    Thanks again

  76. Niel, 31 January, 2017

    Amazing. I was just trying to figure out this exact problem this morning when your WP Embed plugin email arrived. Very cool.

    Thank you for sharing your coding talent. It is sincerely appreciated.

  77. Matt, 31 January, 2017

    This is valuable because the option to map the OmniExpress site to your domain requires upgrading to the Pro version – I’m glad I waited till you were inspired to create wp-embed!

  78. Brett Rutecky, 01 February, 2017

    You can use it for a lot more than OmniXpress dont limit yourself to just thinking about that.

  79. Kaaren Wilkins, 31 January, 2017

    Thank You Much… I really can really appreciate a plug in like this.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Heinz, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks very much Brett for such a generous gift! ๐Ÿ˜€

  81. Roy Grogan, 31 January, 2017

    Thanks for the gift… still trying to get my head around its potential use, however, the quicker the stream runs… the clearer the muddied waters will become.

  82. LaToya, 01 February, 2017

    Thank you Brett, well appreciated.

  83. Dan Hemenway, 01 February, 2017

    Muchas Gracias Brett. A quick question though and excuse my ignorance. Does this effect my ability to sell my store if I choose to do so? Thanks

  84. Brett Rutecky, 01 February, 2017


  85. Dan Hemenway, 01 February, 2017

    Just uploaded plugin and “moved” my omniexpress site to my wp site and it took less than 5 minutes lol. Great Plugin

  86. Mike, 01 February, 2017

    Thanks Brett, appreciate it.

  87. Brian Pattison, 01 February, 2017

    Thanks, yet again Brett. Looking at all these positive responses, maybe you wish you’d released this as a paid for product. May be in the future eh?
    Quick question. I saw in the video where you spoke off the SSL being required if you are embedding from a secure site, question is, if you have ssl on your wp site can you embed a non secure site on there?

  88. Brett Rutecky, 01 February, 2017

    Sure can. You cant pull a non secure site into a secure site, the browser will block it because the non secure site your pulling in will break the security of the main secure site. However you can pull in a secure site to a non secure site because thats just adding more security not breaking the existing security.

  89. Brian Pattison, 03 February, 2017

    Thanks Brett. Thats great.

  90. Christ, 01 February, 2017

    Thank Brett…you rock !!
    Is it also can masking long url from clickfunnel ?

  91. Brett Rutecky, 01 February, 2017

    I did not try with ClickFunnel I dont use it, but if you do you could have tested on your own in the time you spent asking this question and waiting for me to answer.

  92. Ian, 01 February, 2017

    Thanks Brett, you da man!

  93. Mark Hnatjuk, 01 February, 2017

    Thank you Brett!

    This plugin is simply ingenious.

  94. Gary Jenkins, 01 February, 2017

    Thanks, Brett.
    Awesome plugin, great idea.

  95. Renee Leach, 01 February, 2017

    Thank you Brett for this wonderful plugin!!! You saved me … lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. John G, 02 February, 2017

    Fantastic Brett! Thank you!!

    Whilst I have bought all of your own products I have also spent (invested?) a LOT more with other vendors since I first started trying to get an online business up and running, you are by far the best at giving something back in recognizing and acknowledging your customers.

    AANNNDDDD!!! … Your own products are always, uncomplicated, non/low “techie” easy to use and highly efficient providing real value.

    Much appreciated – thanks again.

  97. Fabian, 02 February, 2017

    Totally awesome Brett thanks a million! ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. ssegar, 02 February, 2017

    Hi Brett thanks for the plugin!!!

  99. Daniel Hemenway, 02 February, 2017

    He y Brett a heads up, this absolutely works with clickfunnel pages…just tried it

  100. Brett Rutecky, 02 February, 2017

    Nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. Aleksandr Ivanchin, 02 February, 2017

    Hi, Brett!
    Awesome stuff, thanks.
    But just got 1 question:

    If I embed the page with autoplayed video on it can I avoid autoplaying it twice once
    the page is loaded?
    Or I just do not have to embed pages with autoplay videos?

  102. Brett Rutecky, 02 February, 2017

    Yea that might be a problem actually.

  103. John, 03 February, 2017

    Thank you Brett for the awesome Gift.
    Just so I understand. WP Embed Plugin will enhance my on-page SEO by utilizing another’s website data. Is this correct?

  104. Brett Rutecky, 04 February, 2017

    Please watch the video to see what this is for,

  105. Rick, 04 February, 2017

    Wow, Thanks so much for the WP Embed Plugin
    and for letting me in the group.

  106. Joseph Blazej, 05 February, 2017

    Thank you very much Brett! ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. Marian, 07 February, 2017

    Thanks for the gift!

  108. Matt, 08 February, 2017

    Thanks Brett ๐Ÿ™‚ Simply Brilliant!
    Just one question though… will this alert Google as being duplicate content, since there will be 2 of the same sites/pages (except for the fact them having different domains)?

  109. Brett Rutecky, 08 February, 2017

    No because if you dont link the the site your embedding how will Google find it? Also, honestly, the double content penalty is not that important, not nearly as much as people seem to think it is.

  110. Matt, 09 February, 2017

    Thanks again Brett for all the value – could have easily sold this and made a killing ๐Ÿ™‚ U da man!

    p.s. keep up the good work bro!

  111. Dean Hall, 09 February, 2017

    Awesome Brett, thanks!

  112. Travis, 10 February, 2017

    Does this mean you can direct link aff offers from Facebook now? (JVZoo etc)

  113. Brett Rutecky, 10 February, 2017

    No you cant. Because you should always follow a platforms rules not try to find ways to hide yourself not following them.

  114. Robbine, 11 February, 2017

    Hi Brett,
    Thanks much for the software !
    I’m just wondering how I could apply Bounce Baby or my wordpress CTA plugin to show on these kind of pages. They don’t show in wp’s post or pages. Are these some kind of custom post ?
    Anyway, I just hope that I could use Bounce Baby or a CTA to these pages through some workaround/

  115. Brett Rutecky, 11 February, 2017

    Not sure I understand you sorry.

  116. Robbine, 11 February, 2017

    Sorry if I was not able to make my self clear. I hope I do better this time.
    I’ve embedded an external page using wp embed. My question is how could I apply my own call to action banner or even Bounce Baby (your own plugin offering) on those embedded pages ?

  117. Brett Rutecky, 11 February, 2017

    You cant thats not what WP Embed is for.

  118. G. Cooper, 11 February, 2017

    Thanks Dude! I appreciate your generosity.

  119. Beau Rausch, 14 February, 2017

    Once again Brett, after seeing your video and understanding what this snippet of software does, all I can say is Thank You.

    Thank You for your continued hard work to make our jobs easier!

    Have a greater than average day today!

  120. Jeff, 26 February, 2017

    This Wp Embed plugin is not working when i installed the Plugin yet: All 404 Redirect to Homepage

    Brett, Do you have any suggestion for this problem ?

  121. Brett Rutecky, 26 February, 2017

    Disable your other plugins.

  122. sahydian, 26 February, 2017

    thanks Brett, this is awesome plugin.

  123. Lee, 13 March, 2017

    Hey Brett…..cheers very much mate. Cool job and very generous of you. Refreshing that somebody does things like this still.

  124. Chris, 13 May, 2017

    Doesn’t look like there is a way to embed a site over my home page. Or is there?

  125. Brett Rutecky, 13 May, 2017

    No it does not work like that.

  126. Brett, 25 May, 2017

    Thank you Brett. This is truly a wonderful plugin that you could easily sell for $100 and it would be worth every cent. It make using a certain design site that offer “agency access” but no white-label much more appealing if it can appear to be managed on/in site.

    Super cool. Thanks

  127. jay, 28 July, 2017

    hi all

    are there any website where this trick does not work, i am struggling with 3 websites to display, can someone try and let me know maybe it is my computer givingtuesday.org is one

  128. Brett Rutecky, 28 July, 2017

    It is possible for a website to reject the HTTP requests that this uses. Also if your site is a SSL site (https) and your trying to pull in a non SSL site (http) it will not work.

  129. jay, 30 July, 2017

    thanks brett, best answer

  130. Anthony, 16 May, 2019

    Great Plugin!

    I would like to use the plugin to convert white label html sales pages into my wordpress site (tested and works perfectly). Please advise if there is a way to edit the buy buttons of the newly created sale pages. Thank you.

  131. Brett Rutecky, 17 May, 2019

    Thats not really what this is for.

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