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Posted September 25, 2016 by Brett Rutecky in Uncategorized

One thing I often say is that I really want to help people make money online.

But lets be honest, actions speak a lot louder than words and because I honestly do want to help people I decided its time to ‘put up, or shut up’ and give away one of my premium training packages 100% for free!

This training sells for $67 however because I honestly want to do what I can to help people just getting started Im giving it away 100% for free!

To get free access simply:

Enter your email below to download access instructions 100% for free!

A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

About the Author

Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Thanks Brett!
    How do you think? How much time average person with not much experience needed or should spend working on business like yours, I mean make money online and affiliate sales?
    Can it be done parttime? 2-3 hours a day? 8 hours a week? Or you suggest more? To get “ball rolling”? ON INITIAL STAGE!!!
    Sometime it’s feels so exhausted after 9-5 job…
    What is your thought?


    TY Brett – Quite pleased to have received this from you. Appreciated indeed!

    Dave Castle

    Brett thank you for this training. For those of us who are serious about being in business as opposed to those who like the sound of it but don’t want to commit to the work I say thank you.

    You have made following in you footsteps to online success so simple all one needs is the drive to do the work and the path is right before them.

    Keep up the great work you do man!


    Thanks Brett. Really appreciate you sharing and the fact that you always walk the walk and not just talk the talk like so many others out there. In the spirit of sharing I have shared your post on my Twitter and hope it brings in some more people for you to educate and liberate ;-p


    Thanks Brett, Great share! FYI: I don’t know about others trying to access the training, but the “log in” button in the upper right hand corner of the page did not work on my computer.
    However, the “members log in” at the very bottom of the page did work.
    Hope this info helps other.


    Really appreciate this Brett, thankyou

    Russell Tayler

    Hi Brett just watched the first video. Thanks for the info. This is just what I needed to get out of the rut I’m in. Breaking down the audience numbers really hit home with me. Thank You.


    Brett da Boss. You’re my favorite Guru.

    Beverly Frazier

    This is really for action takers who just simply need a correct plan of action, thanks Brett for such a helpful set of video training guidelines; I have seen a couple of these from you, but you know how it is you can never review again enough until it comes to you like breathing air.
    Learning is key!

    gabriel daalmans

    It is a great course enabling to look behind the curtains of making own or “look alike” own software products. It was the first time I saw such a blueprint and I discovered there is a similarity between plr infoproducts and several “look alike” own software products.
    Thanks for the insights

    John Annavi Olorire

    Such an awesome giveaway Brett.Well laid out actionable videos.I’m gonna take actions one after the other.

    Such an awesome giveaway.

    You rock!

    Harold Burch

    Hey Brett, how did you do that full screen exit popup that I just experienced. It looked like it may have been one of your creations?




    Hello, This is Fong. I just dropped in my email address and joined your facebook group. How do I claim your Free premium training ? or where can I find the download link ? Thank you.


      Hey Fong, when you join that group there is a sticky post that always shows up top with a big red graphic that says “STOP: READ ME FIRST”. Its there because you should read that post first. If you had followed that simple instruction you would not have had to ask this question.


    I can’t get program you gave us. Download would not work. Now what do I do?
    I gave you my email address so it should have worked.


      Well the download worked for hundreds of other people. Also not really sure how to answer since ‘would not work’ can mean almost anything so I have no idea what you are experiencing.

    Terry Russell

    Thank you, Brett! You show people how to do things and why you choose to do it that way. Looking forward to working on your training!

    Logan Badger

    Thanks again Brett! I changed computers and redownloaded some things!

    Sounds way easier that the other route. I have several 1 GB domains for lifetime, wondering if I could use them for this?


    Okay I must say this, I am the forever Skeptic! I followed the instructions after I entered my e-mail and clicked download, it took me to another video to join your face book group, that is now in pending status. Yes I know t is almost 0130 EST, so I will have a look see in the morning / mid day tomorrow 02/04/2017, I will be honest here, I have had my share of scams and or getting in to MLM BS, my own fault YES. I have search the Internet for a few days to find a better way to get sales on my T-Shirt sales, and there is only one reason I am trying this with your offering(s) is because I found my self watching your videos and more than once, so I’m taking a chance here, you now have e-mail address and my name, these things I do not freely just willy nilly give out.


      While I wish I could do nothing more than just sit on Facebook all day waiting for people to want to join my group the sad truth is that I actually have to work to, and take care of my kids, and eat, sleep and all that good stuff. A little patience will go a long way, especially when getting something for free.

    Douglas Melvin

    Thank you!


    Thank You Brett. Finally a honest Internet Marketer

    Cristiano Pereira

    Hello Brett,

    First thank you for the content,
    When i put the mail in the box for download de course iยดm redirect for the facebook page and after that i cant see where i can download the course, can you help please?



      The very first post (its sticky and always shows first) in that group has a big red graphic that says “STOP: READ ME FIRST” .. just a suggestion, but perhaps you should stop and read that ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hello Brett ๐Ÿ™‚

    May I ask you why my download button doesn’t work? I wanted to subscribe but I just saw a notice: “Required Fields Are Missing”. Can you help me to reach you course. I’m verry glad to know a person like you. So happy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Branko Popovic

    David W Mahoney

    Hi Brett!

    The first eMail address that I put in original produced an error message that read:

    “Different Address Needed
    You cannot subscribe to this list with the email address you entered.
    Please correct any mistakes in the address and try to subscribe again.
    If you see this message again, please use a different email address to subscribe.”

    Any idea why that is Brett?

    Regards: DAVID.



    Mary Altmann

    Thank you Brett! I have gone through the training and it taught me so much. You are amazing!


    You’re a psych and a huge lier about how you want us to make money!, In addition your products are awful. You even dare to delete what we produce with your softwares and cause a huge mess and time loss!

    I’ll get a review video about you and your products to show your real face to your customers!


      If my products are so awful why would you be using them to create things in the first place? Also why would you be upset if you lost things you made with my awful products? Finally why is it that you are willing to post a hateful comment on a blog but lack the moral fortitude to use your full name or even provide your real email address so I can contact you directly and see what the hell you are talking about? Im sorry, while I thank you for your feedback, it carries no weight given that you lack the moral integrity do identify yourself and is little more than a immature rant from someone with nothing better to do than troll. In this comment you unfortunately all you did was contradict yourself and make yourself look like a childish fool.

      PS) I have spoken to the majority of my customers and I have been on hundreds of videos, my customers for sure know my ‘real face’ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Art Skill

    Thanks Brett, I love your products. I only follow you and have learned a lot from you. Thank you so much for what you do to help others.
    Art Skill


    gracias sr brett .- Estoy en etapa de formacion y esto me servira muchisimo.-


    Hi, Brett.

    I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the tremendous value you give in leading others to discernment in their new (for many) affilliate marketing and internet careers and for the freebies and training! Amazing.

    I’ve watched a few of your videos now and seen one of your products. I stumbled upon a freebee package that is amazing. I took out the end and starter part of a link I saw from you to discover. Then, I also clicked to find your youtube channel and within the text, your site.

    I am seriously disabled with muscle-wasting from Nerve Gas in the Army and visual impairment. They covered it up, so I receive no benefits or pay. With no money for doctors, I couldn’t prove my disability to receive help. I never wanted “assistance” and held off, but sometimes you need it. I’ve been living off very skimpy food from church once a month, potatoes, etc.

    I stopped fatal autoimmune and am out of pain, still challenged but ready to work – only from home as only way – with no money. I used to be top in sales and am very outdated. Thanks to you, I have a solid way forward and with resources with free giveaway rights to help me stand out. I am starting rockbottom with no internet skills.

    But, I have a mind, and am truly blessed. I just kept searching and scoping out the scene, starting to form a strategy, frustrated how I could possibly break into profit. I have been given warning by my friend and landlord that I will be kicked out if can’t “catch up” back and pay. He has been wonderful. It wasn’t easy for him.

    So, YOU, have helped solve breaking through SO MUCH. I can’t wait to be trained and learn from you and put the giveaways to work. I surely will be following you and buying your products.

    Pardon the length. Your generosity and focus to truly deliver, giving so much of your talents and resources I know will be the leverage I was looking for and gaps of resources so I can start to make money and in time to keep a roof over my head.

    My dream is to help others. Beyond getting my security back, I have plans to help others who will have no place to live or survive when the World Market Crash happens. I’m buying land in low-populaton area. We will team to help build earthen and underground houses which are 80% energy free for cooling and heating.

    You are an answer to prayer. Your giving will go along way in me and will spread. I’m also committed to helping others in IM and giving value. First, I must learn myself, even figure out how to put up wordpress and site for the giveaways, capture names, etc. Step by step. ๐Ÿ™‚

    WOW! You are amazing. Thank you SO MUCH. I”m so happy that I am bursting with joy in finding you and all you have given. You will be in my prayers. God bless you.


    Great angle – I just came through profit canvas….If it’s been there for awhile I must have have clicked on the login button before it came up… but I just noticed it. I use profit canvas constantly!! People have even asked me to try other things but there’s always something I don’t like about it… With profit canvas I don’t ever have a problem setting up a page! As always – I sure appreciate you guys…

    Richard Seegers

    Hi Brett,

    Very generous gesture…thanks m8

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