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Posted February 24, 2015 by Brett Rutecky in Training Articles

So I have had several people email me about the new SEO software P1 RankMe by Peter Garety.

I can understand why because this software promises a lot. Peter claims that with the P1 RankMe plugin anyone can create up to 1200 back links to their website for free with just a push of a few buttons. Now having back links to your site is for sure a good thing. It can really increase traffic and it can really help you rank in Google. Because of this I really wanted to test this product. Unfortunately I couldn’t.

Let me explain:

I hit Peter up for a review copy of his plugin about a week ago, which he provided without any issue. However when I was looking at the plugin on my test site I noticed that the reporting only shows the number of back links created. It does not show what sites the back links are posted on:


I felt that knowing what sites your getting back links from is important because not all back links are the same. Back links from dead sitesΒ  (sites that get no traffic) are not going to be worth much at all because there is no traffic to funnel down to you. Sites from low ranked sites are not going to be much good because Google may not consider the back link of any value. Sites that are banned / deindexed from Google are going to be worthless and back links that are no follow are not going really going to be of much value either.

I was surprised that there seemed to be no reporting in the plugin as to what sites you where actually getting back links from. I mean even if you hired some low quality Fiverr guy to get you back links, they will at least give you a report. But from what I could see there was nothing in the plug in. It just told you the number of back links you got, not where they actually where.

So I asked Peter to send me some links to a few sites in his ‘network’ that P1 RankMe creates back links to. His one word answer was right to the point:


I could not understand this at all. I explained to him that I felt that the plugin was really just the ‘wrapping paper’ and that the real ‘product’ was the networks of sites that people where getting access to. I let him know that it seemed to me that he was refusing to show the real product and that it made it seem like he wanted to hide the network of sites from people.

Now Im not saying that they are bad sites. But lets be honest, why else would someone hide them? In fact if there is no reporting and he refuses to disclose them, how do we even know they exist? Websites are not some secret thing, they are public access, I just could not understand what reason he would have to not disclose what sites these back links where getting created from.

He did give me some less than convincing excuse about how because you would use it somewhere in your marketing and it would be exposed(whatever that is suppose to mean) and either you can sell it with what you ahve or you can’t“. I explained to him that my readers trust me because I go above and beyond to test and that I could not recommend something like this without seeing at least some of the sites in his network. However he refused to budge.

One thing I did notice that I found interesting though is that now that the sales page is up I can see his sales demo. In the video you can clearly see that he does not show the ‘reporting’ (perhaps because if he did people would see how much of a lack of accountability is in there) we can also see the website which he identifies as ‘my blog’ that he is using P1 RankMe on.


So I did a quick look in Alexa about that site which reports that the site has a rank of 926,705 and a total of 14 back links. Basically Alexa reports its a dead site.


Sure Alexa is not perfect, but its a pretty good indication of a sites popularity. Im not sure what site got those thousands of hits that Peter is saying he got from P1 RankeMe is, but it sure does not seem to be the site that is in the sales video.

So what do I think of P1 RankMe over all? Honestly, I dont know. In my mind the WordPress plugin is just the delivery system for P1 RankMe. The real product is the network of sites that you get back links from. Peter refuses to disclose any of the sites in this network and there does not seem to be any real accountability built into the reporting either. We cant know if they will be good back links that will help you or if they will just be useless links from dead / de-indexed sites.Β  Though I tried to convince Peter to give me some of the URLs that P1 RankMe will generate links from he flat out refused.

Personally this is to ‘closed’ for me to want to use it myself. However I wont cut down the product and say its bad without actually seeing it, and Peter would not let me see the ‘real’ product (the network). That’s why I did not do a full review. Instead I will just say be cautious when considering this one.

**If you do pick this up I would LOVE to hear your experience with it, please post in the comments or write your own personal experience review in the newly added ‘forum’ section of this site**



 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Brett (seoprofessor not Brett Rutecky)

    I don’t see how a plugin like this will have any SEO benefit. The simple way to get good links is to spend the time earning them with good content and building an audience who will find that content of value. Page one can easily be achieved with a combination of content marketing and getting the on-page SEO right.


      I do agree with the first part, however, your second part about good content and the links will magically appear is not completely accurate. Yes, good content will get some natural shares, but lets be totally honest here…

      If you want to compete in a competitive industry, you will have to build links period to rank. Anyone on page 1 in a competitive market, does SEO to rank sites period.

      Sean Daily

      Sorry, but that’s pretty pollyannaish rhetoric straight out of the Matt Cutts Disney playbook of SEO mythology.


    Thanks for the review and details. It’s always good to get your open and honest reviews. Your save me time because I can weed out the good from the bad quickly. Also appreciate your insights. Keep up the good work. Thx.


    Thanks for the honest information Brett…My suspicion is that this product is complete garbage but no one wants to cross Peter because he is a so called “Super Affiliate” so hopefully someone can share their experience because I may be wrong but I highly doubt it.

    Mike Milez

    Sounds like a scam to me. This is why I try to steer clear of most of these one-click solutions to problems that require real concentrated effort. Even if he revealed where the back links came from, it still wouldn’t make it a good product. Unless they are from sites with good page rank that are relevant to your niche, you will get punished by Google. In fact, a bunch of bad backlinks is worse than no backlinks. I have a new affiliate site ranking 13 on Google for my keywords (not great, but not bad) with no backlinks. This whole jvzoo industry is similar to the health industry. People want extreme results with little to no effort. If someone is selling that to you, then you are buying snake oil. If you want results, you need to put in the effort.


    As a new subscriber, I was getting ready to unsubscribe because your last several reviews sounded just like the hype of all the other IMers… and your emails also were a little hokey – teaser with link – like all the other IMers.

    Finally, a good review that tells it like it is… other recent reviews do usually have 1-2 negatives thrown in for good measure, but still sounded hyped. Not that all reviews have to be negative, but it is nice to see an “honest” review when we a bombarded by hype everyday about the next “game changer”.

    Thank you.


      All my reviews are honest Bob .. and Ill honestly tell you that when I really like something I hope you buy it through me (though I will still point out anything I dont like in the things I approve) When I don’t like something or when I have concerns about something .. I will for sure say it πŸ™‚

        Brooke Meyers

        Totally agree Brett rocks the honesty niche for sure! He has saved me tons of purchases and I am thankful for that. As a result, when he is “hokey” I know it’s real and that’s usually when I hit the buy button.
        Thanks Brett! You rock.


    Brett, it was truly refreshing to read your article on P1 RankMe. My takeaways from your experience are that 1.) You have the utmost integrity in this very sketchy IM world and 2.) My opinion of P1’s integrity has just plummeted ten-fold! It is just this kind of smoke and mirrors stuff that really preys on the desperate cash-strapped IM’er who is trying to make a go of it and needs every dollar he has when it’s time to make the right buying decisions. I’ve learned a lot from P1 over the past several months and have purchased quite a few of his products (some good, some ehh). I hope this isn’t the beginning of a trend. Hey, I have an ideas why don’t you create a similar plugin, but with real reporting and transparency with quality pbn sites. I think it would be a hit! Keep up the work!


      Well I dont have a network of thousands of sites to get you guys good back links to πŸ™‚ Also this is not the first one of the P1 products I have reviewed, I reviewed Video Magnet a while back and thought it looked good. http://brettrutecky.com/Wordpress-detail/p1-video-magnet-review/ For this one though, I just could not get past the lack of accountability to feel comfortable with it..

        sharon cosgrove martin

        great review and nice too see an honest marketer, you could have blindly set people on this trail and made a lot of money ( like most are trying to)…….I have a few of Peters products, I think the last one P1 vid magnet was only after reading your review, however I am glad I took the time out to read this review, like I tend to when sent by yourself………Thanks, I dont think I will be purchasing much more from Peter though after reading this….. Keep up the good work …


          To be clear Sharon, Im not saying this is a bad product (or a good product). Im simply saying that the lack of transparency is to much for me to be comfortable with. If anyone does pick this up I would be very interested in their experience with it.


            Hello Brett
            Unfortunately I saw your interview slight delay about 2 minutes after I bought the product P1 and now I do not know whether to try to use it or try to get the money back, if it helps even a little ranking site then that’s fine but I fear the worst case it will lead to Google of punishment if the links are directed dead or restricted sites, so what do we do?
            I would be happy to send you product key to check it but I understand that the problem is the effect of the product rather than the product itself .. anyway if it will help then just tell me, thanks


              I have the plugin and a product key Simon, the problem is neither the plugin nor Peter tell you what sites P1 RankMe is getting you back links from.


                I just wanted to note that I asked for a refund on a plug-in that I bought, to my surprise, the same day I got my money back from them, I did it when I saw the extension package to 100 sites does not include any rights to the sale or transfer to customers and is intended only for personal use .. [100 sites for personal use? Who has time for a hundred sites? ..]Anyway, I’m learning a little more than check the reviews for each product before buying it as fast without thinking ..tank’s mr.Brett

    Nc Local L3C

    I have had many unaccountability issues with many of his products for not delivering what is shown, showcased and explained in his sales copies, period. Mostly technical issues and timeliness from support in resolving product functionality so that they work like claimed.before the 30 day guarantee. Meaning the product problems are not in execution of steps, directions, but in the product itself with many just plainly ‘unresolved’ and cannot be used. That being said, your review as such makes total sense to me. I so prefer this type of honest review – Thank you Brett!

    Jake Steinbrenner

    Thanks Brett for your very prudent review. Peter Garety used to be very transparent & approachable. He was very helpful in the early days and his training today is still thorough. But he flogs products like a machine, which leads to his current demeanor. Several months ago couple of us asked on Google+ for testimonials from those with actual results, not just comments from raving fans. Initially, he said he would get them, then came back with an excuse to the effect that he didn’t need to prove himself. He’s created an array of products most cannot keep straight under various brands – WP, PG, P1 – which leads to confusion & goes against his best training, which used to be ‘do you think you can build a real business or website by pushing a button?’ His partner Andy Fletcher also used to build quality products but he pretty much abandoned all his ‘Digi’ line, which I understand some solutions don’t last forever. But to this day I’ve never rec’d notice that he has moved on or what the status of his products is now.


    thanks Brett, its become a habit with me to wait for your review before i even think of looking at any product…


    As always….. thanks for the review. It did seem too good to be true…. or possibly very “black hat”.


    In this case, I can see where PG is coming from. If you run a PBN your biggest single worry is exposure/footprints which can lead to de-indexation by Google.

    In the (not so recent) past some really big name SEOs seemed to lose their minds and started revealing their PBNs. (Pride goeth before the Fall?) Disaster inevitably followed and some very expensive “property” went down the tube.

    As far as traffic goes, that’s not really the purpose, the purpose of a PBN is primarily to rank for tougher terms and reap the search engine traffic that that implies.

    However, despite PG’s good name I share your discomfort with the blind nature of the offer.
    e.g.- 3000 site network isn’t very big at all if he’s promising (up to) 1200 backlinks per site per day!

    Another thing that (really) bothers me about this type of offer is the Formulaic Sales Machine.
    (It’s the same damn time.)

    1) Time-limited scarcity pricing scarcity ***before*** the method is fully disclosed via webinars.
    2) Various experts warning of “dangerous pitfalls” to this otherwise “brilliant approach” (that somehow PG didn’t catch). And only their ***BONUS*** can save you from yourself. Right!… ;-0

    Can you say “Selling shovels to goldminers.”?
    The real money to be made in SEO is selling “The Dream” to an unending supply of suckers.

    I’ll pass….


      Thanks for the feedback, this is why I did not do a full review of the software, for me it makes me uncomfortable not knowing what people would be getting, though I was given inadequate reasoning for the failure to disclose, if there is a good reason, then perhaps these kinds of products are fundamentally flawed, how can anyone sell someone something and say “I promise you that its good, but I wont show you”.


        Big names like Joshua Zamora (Linkdexr) and John Pearce (SEO Breakthrough), as well as Brad Callen (Backlink Beast) hide their backlinks.

        Initially, Lindexr showed their links when I initially purchased the product and I was pleased, having something palpable to show to my clients, but it didn’t last. He went ahead and hid them.

        John Pearce a highly respected IMer, as you know, did the same , then he had to resort to the same hiding action a couple of months ago. I guess there’s either some abuse from people if they expose them or they become easy google targets. Or both.

        Brad, the same.

        I suppose the proof is in the pudding and only testing (as I’m about to engage on) will tell us if these guys are genuine or just going for a quick buck from you and me, promising the moon.

        Conclusion: TRUST is a HUGE lacking factor in the IM community, with so much snake oil being sold nowadays..

        That’s why your honest comments are so valuable, Brett. Thanks for your help.


        yes, it requires an awful lot of trust
        especially if there’s no ongoing payment plan, where’s the incentive to keep the PBN from crashing and burning?


    Hi Brett.
    I used to follow and own a couple of Peter’s products. I ha some issue with support. That is not what bugs me about his systems. I know the guys sells a lot of products.

    I agree with your take on backlinks. A single bad one can kill all your work.

    I can understand he wants to ‘hide’ his PBN. But then he should not sell the service that blatantly. I guarantee that it will be found by the big G.

    I have buil some and they keep sailing under the radar. I learned form the best there. Keep it contained and controlled.

    Thanks for sharing,


    Hey Brett

    I can totally understand why they don’t want to provide link reports. Many SEO people nowadays don’t provide any details. The idea that they are public is not totally accurate. They maybe be public to the spider bots, but not to you and I if done correctly. There are many ways to prevent spying eyes from seeing your network.

    That being said, getting 1200 high quality links per day as advertised is simply outrageous. There is no bloody way you can get 1200 truly high quality links a day, even from the biggest networks out there and say they are high quality.

    Perhaps the SAPE network that numbers in the tens or if not hundreds of thousands of sites around the globe, but that is a totally different beast of a network that does cost a lot of money per month.


      Thanks for the feedback Darrell!!


      Darrell, please elaborate a little to help me understand what your saying here,”The idea that they are public is not totally accurate. They maybe be public to the spider bots, but not to you and I if done correctly. There are many ways to prevent spying eyes from seeing your network.”

      I understand what you’re saying about SEO companies not sharing certain info to make it harder for others to rip off what they’re doing but I don’t understand what you’re saying in the paragraph I quoted above. The purpose of bots (search engine variety) is to crawl the web and catalog what they find. If a bot finds a link, anyone can see it (link:domain name). Even if you could prevent your network of backlinks from being seen publicly, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of getting backlinks?

    Terry Jones

    Hi Brett yeah this looks really dubious if im honest its a great idea though.
    I am loving your blog too very honest and I love the way you tell it as it is!!!! Keep up the good work



    Wow! Brett
    I continue to be impressed by you’re ability to do this much needed review to point out things and challenge the creators of these products… I think the issues you raised should have warranted a better response than the one you received…especially from someone like Peter Garety because i’ve
    purchased other products from him…yet having said that , I usually have to make the purchase only to discover things like that… I don’t have the technical background that you have to even think the of the issues you raised , however after reading you’re bolg review it clearly made sense why having tranparency as to where you are backing to would be very important if someone is serious about tracking and making real connections… ,especially if you are trying to link back to authority sites. I will now start to look at these software & plug in differently…I then can make a more informed decision about the purchases I make.
    I look forward to you’re next review brett.
    Thanks again!


    This is just another continuation of his P1 brand B.S which he’s been pimping since early 2013! It was astute for you to ask for some kind of proof cause hes been promoting his performance but ironically as you’ve shown, none of his affiliate sites ever get his magic P1 treatment!

    If his crap were as great as he claims, all of his sites would have takeover ranking and continue to sell well even after the affiliate smoke is gone. Not the case however. I opt-out from affiliates who promote his shite! As they are obviously not trying to offer any value.

    I was glad to see you challenge this Brett…


    Oh how I wish I would have gotten your review earlier. I jumped on the pitch during the early bird webinar. The 1st OTO is another $50 bucks hit, which I held off on. (Thank God). Even after saying no, it takes you to a 2nd OTO, which looked more interesting, but yet another $50. ANYWAY, I have been busy trying to get my money back from this guy. Kicking myself for jumping so soon…..


      Well Dean I want to be clear that Im not saying that this is a bad product, just saying that its not possible to know if it is or not because of the lack of transparency and that this lack of transparency for P1 RankMe, makes me uncomfortable. This is why I did not do a review with ‘star ratings’ like normal.


        Fully understand and respect that. No, I had some questions on this theme during the webinar, and they would not answer that question. Then when seeing the OTO1 & OTO2, etc, I knew I had made a mistake.


    It takes more than back links to rank , Social signals are a big part of the equation now & random links from some plugin aren’t going to help you rank anyway. The only “easy” way to get good back links is to buy them! πŸ™‚

    There are some good plugins for on page stuff & site structure but not for backlinks.

      Michael Gorman

      Give that man a cigar! Precisely, the ranking picture is a many headed beast and a result of doing many things the right way-not in the ‘Disney playbook of Matt Cutts’ of course but backlinks are only going to help you if they are directly relevant, have authority and if everything else you do is the highest quality also!


    Hey Brett, thanks for the review, kami here.
    I just want to add to these comments:
    P1 Traffic Machine, which was sold about a year ago, is still not delivering what it’s supposed to do.
    As customers of Peter, we are still waiting for promised improvements and training….and guess what? we are still waiting…
    The software is great for creating silos but nothing else….
    Based on my experience on P1 Traffic Machine, I will say Peter…you are out…


    Nice honest review and I would definitely like to know where my backlinks are coming from.


    Hey Brett,

    Thanks for the review.

    My inbox is getting flooded with promotions about this product but I wonder how many of these marketers have actually tested it like you have?

    Keep up the good work!



    Thanks AGAIN Brett. I really appreciate your honesty in your reviews and comments, and now just wait to hear from you before buying anything. Keep it up, it’s appreciated!


    Hi Brett,
    You are honest and your review is awesome. Continue your path Brett, you have that gift. Although you promote products, this is simply Normal and if people hates it they can simply unsubscribe/opt out. But for me and my family, i will always read your review. Your experience matters a lot. Well done, master Brett! I hope one day you come up with 1 product than can make a simple marketer $100/day because that’s most of the newbies need $100/day.


    there are a number of things that worry me apart from not knowing where the links come from. These are Tier 1 links. You do this manually to a page/post. It submits the video on the page/post – you need a video on each page for this to work (??) . You have to go to the post and change the Title keywords each day (??) and resubmit.

    The Enterprise version – 1,200 links per day – would be useless because nobody is going to 600 posts per day to add 2 links. Is there automation in an OTO?

    The sales pages says they have “P1 RankMe is connected to our own social bookmarking video website network, with over 2,000 sites (with more being added daily)” What’s a Video Website network?

    I see there’s the training webinar for 3 March, call me cynical, but all of the training webinars I’ve seen lately offer another more expensive must have product.

    This is supposed to be a one-time fee but I see you only get support for 1 year. I’ve been caught out with a couple of Alex Becker ‘one-time’ fees that need to be renewed annually. Buyer beware.

    The IM Dude

    I was just about to buy this. By fluke I found your review and I’ve dodged this bullet. It’s funny how no other affiliate is pointing out the problem here but they’ll gladly take your money.
    Thanx Brett.



    Simply put? No tickie from you, no buy from me. Not surprised about PG. He has a bit of a rep on the net for selling more hype and hope rather than products that produce.


    Brett, it’s good to see you come back and do this review. I know you are working hard on your site and it shows. It’s clear that Peter has gotten a little too big for his britches. I always wonder about these $30k launch contests where everyone promotes.If the product doesn’t sell what happens? This one is selling but it’s not #1 maybe because of your review.

    Anyway, I can understand Peter not wanting to expose the links in his PBN but anyone using this will be able to lookup where their links are coming from and see them eventually anyway.

    Something is fishy here for sure. Maybe we are starting to see the bubble burst.


    Thx Brett for your honest call on this..
    It really irks me when other respectable SEO big names have
    jumped on this to promote and preach to us –
    be very careful where you get your links-
    They must be relative & from quality sites.
    Yet here is another classic case of ‘Show me the Money’
    Getting sick of it


    Hello Brett
    Thank you for your honest review.
    Makes a breath of fresh air, especially in the IM arena
    I am a previous buyer of Peters previous product and they have been very good
    When I received this latest product, I was of the same open conclusion regarding the nature of the backlinks and as I have come to respect your honest reviews, decided that this was a waste of time and money.
    It’s quite amazing how many marketers are busy thinking of the huge commissions when they promote products instead of actually trying to help their readers, to decide if the product is for them in taking their business to the next step.

    Thanks again Brett


    I used to like Peter and his products until I began to worry when he never delivered on a promised product in one of G+ chats – for that he did apologise to the complainents.
    I have bought a number of his products and even purchased his ludicrously expensive p1Port a year or so ago for a thousand dollars or so. In that he promised that only the very few in this one time launch would even have access to his private network of sites to protect the integrity of the network. Low and behold he opened it up again late last year, charged even more and now with this cheap product it seems he is opening up his network again.
    I feel by the day my investment to have access to his hidden untouchable network is getting watered down further with junk and duplicate content being added to his PBN of aged domains.
    The reason he doesn’t tell you the sited may be sold as ‘so Google doesn’t blacklist them’ but I suspect more so that people like me (a once loyal customer) who thought they were getting something unique.. aren’t actually because he clearly exposes many of his subsequent products to the same network. He or others may paint this as protecting it from blacklisting by Google but to me he is hiding it from his regular list of subscriber who keep buying his products – having been sold a dream of something new or groundbreaking every three months when in fact they are buying a repackaged version or a lite version or p1Port.
    I hope someone at Google has a darn good database which acts to track the fingerprints of this plugin and then analyses over time all the common/matching backlinks and destroys his network. Sounds mean spirited I know, but I now feel I was robbed because what was sold as unique by him now blatantly appears to be watered down to junk a little but more every day.
    Take Peter Garety with a big grain of salt folks. He may know his SEO theory but his products that deliver from his own PBN’s won’t actually deliver much in that way.


    I believe IM’rs should focus on building a brand and increasing trust and authority. These SEO products marketed are all LAME and really not necessary to be successful online, unless you are a marketer/creator of an SEO product(s) like Peter Garety. I try not to be overly critical of SEO, PBN, back-linking etc. but the reality is that 99% of these products fall way short of their promises and the remaining 1% won’t work at all. I am pretty sure that Brett doesn’t go out of his way on this site to point backlinks. His focus should (and is) about his reviews and product releases and last time I checked he has a marketing list. I am no expert, but I have had plenty of success online using CPA, selling tshirts, affiliate marketing, etc. and never once had to use a PBN and all these crazy and mostly useless SEO; back-linking; time-wasters that distract from the true focus which is building your brand, trust, and authority.


    The funny thing you will notice that the selling page of The Page 1 Rank Me

    Is not ranked well on Alexa

    This Page = > {link removed} Ranked as = > 20,825,691 Global Rank

    So before promising your buyers for ranking them on 1st page of Google

    Do the best with your site which is ranked badly on Alexa

    This is the best joke came across me today πŸ™‚


    Brett, I applaud your honesty and willingness to speak your mind, and your faithful following is a well-earned result of those same qualities. But your reviews of SEO-related products and services do a disservice to your readers and to the vendors. On this particular subject, you are out of your depth and the advice you offer is ill-founded. You missed the target on the recent Catalyst product by a country mile and you are doing so again on this product. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing when hundreds or perhaps even thousands of people rely on your opinion.

    The Catalyst product was/is superb, if used correctly. If used incorrectly it would be useless or worse. But on a scale of 1 – 10 of importance, the issue you raised (then announced later as corrected) — while a real issue — was relatively minor and easily dealt with, perhaps justifying at most a ‘1;’ while the ones you did not even acknowledge were at a level 9. Ditto the subject of today’s review.

    I suggest you consult with an unbiased SEO specialist — there are some, with demonstrated integrity and expertise, among the many charlatans who’ll promote anything that makes them a buck — before offering an opinion on SEO-related products and services. Better for you, better for your readers, and better for the merchants of genuinely worthwhile products.


      Thanks for your opinion however your missing a few things:

      1) I have said multiple times in this particular article: “I have no opinion of P1 RankMe” .. the only advice I offer people in considering this product is ‘caution’. So your saying tell people to be cautious when considering making a purchase is ‘ill founded’? I respectfully disagree. Caution when making a purchase, especially one that is not transparent about what it actually does, is always warranted.

      2) CEO Catalyst was pulling copyrighted images from Flickr .. perhaps you feel that is a ‘minor’ thing, but as a software developer I have a strong respect for copyrights (I know what it feels like to get your work stolen) .. so I dont think thats very minor. However you of course are free to think stealing other peoples work is minor if you like. Once again though, I respectfully disagree. (Though to be fair to them, they did correct it, here is the thing, WOULD they have corrected it if they did not read my article telling people about it?)

      While you may feel that telling people to use ‘caution’ is unwarranted, and you may feel that stealing from people is a ‘minor thing’, I tend to disagree. But thats ok, we can disagree and its fine I respect your opinion even if I dont agree with it.


    I did buy the product but wheni saw he ask me tobuy oto for scheduling and priority task say what i bought is useless tool especially no url reports
    Please Brett ask Mike Johnson to review his new PBN course it will launch soon so i can decide to buy it or not


    great review as always Brett. the”NO” tells me everything I need to know. Another shiny object of no value.


      Well to be fair I was not saying ‘no’, I was not saying ‘yes’ either though: I was saying ‘caution’ then explaining my reason for the saying caution πŸ™‚ Though I would admit, I would not buy this myself. I would love to hear some feedback from actual customers though if any are reading this article.

    John Lowe

    I’ve bpoght stuff from Peter Garety before and got it refunded almost right away, the guy is very good at creating hype but delivers very poorly, beware of this guy


    Something ventured, nothing gained

    not sure being first in is good or bad… but…

    I signed up for P1RankMe with the OTO’s for more daily backlinks and scheduling and video marketing module.

    The scheduling training video done by PG left me going… “uh oh” and sure enough scheduling doesn’t work – the video had a lot of excited ‘you can do this and do that’ but didn’t actually show how it works. support said they’d check on my question and get back to me…

    I did 3 test posts just to get familiar and when things didn’t look right I stopped to see what was going to happen – despite taking the time to install it on a bunch of sites, thankfully didn’t use it on them

    meanwhile… waiting patiently I just got some pingback notifications so been able to go look at sites

    several of my posts were the first content on the sites that have not even been indexed yet.

    the others are just sort of web spam blogging directories with many different categories – no legal pages, no about us etc, no optimization that I could see

    one feature allowed adding keywords to the posts “to improve the indexing of your backlink posts” “This inputs supports spin syntax” – what I got was { word|word } tags showing up in the footer of the post…

    luckily the queue and scheduling didn’t work so now I only need to go disavow a handful of links instead of hundreds…

    disavow and then refund request


    Seriously disgusting!!! Google will ban sites that gain 1,200 backlinks out of the blue because it is not natural so their algorithm will flag the website and stop indexing it. You’re worried about not knowing where the backlinks are coming from? Just wait until your site is no longer indexed by Google and you have to find each site that linked to you and try contacting them to request removal of each link to your site so you can then contact Google to show they were removed and plead with them to reverse their decision to remove you from their SERP’s! I had to do this 3 times for website owners that got sucked in by SEO businesses that sprung up offering cheap prices for their services by convincing the site owners that SEO was no longer a laborious task because of all their great new automation tools. The automation craze contributed to the Google zoo slaps that followed and because of the lessons I thought everyone learned from them i really didn’t expect to ever see another backlink creation product that didn’t include info about how the backlinks would be created over time so they appear organic/natural to Google and wouldn’t get your site banned.

    Opportunist’s like this need to quit destroying newbies dreams by creating products they know will destroy any website they’re used on. And, IM’s that know better need to help protect business owners that are just trying to find a way to get their product or service seen by potential customers. If we all ignore products like this entirely and quit writing about them, good or bad, they will never see the light of day.


      “If we all ignore products like this entirely and quit writing about them, good or bad, they will never see the light of day.”

      Nothing could be further from the truth. Affiliates will still email about these kids of products because they make money off of them.


        Bummed!!! I thought my comment would do the trick Brett.

        But seriously, I realize it will never happen obviously and that the only way to let potential buyers know is by honest feedback. But, in my (wishful thinking) comment, I was including everyone…. even affiliates. In the long run it would actually benefit them the most. What good is your list if you blow up all of your members sites?

          Jean van den Boogaart

          A long time ago the Warrior Forum could be trusted on reviews. Today you’ll only see reviews from friends or business partners. If you post a negative review the post will be deleted. It’s a shame! I listed to Brett’s info now! Keep up the good work!

    David Dwight

    I am sure google must have a team of folk who purchase software like this, then run it on “new” test sites without any links. Then track the incoming links to reveal the PBN’s and de-index them, oh yes and penalize any sites that are linked from them….


    For those that think you get 1200 links a day per a blog then your wrong – it’s 12 links a day per a blog and if you get the 100 site license then it’s 12 a day per a blog for -100 blogs which is the 1200

    I personally like the automation, ease of use and the simple fact that I don’t need to create accounts or run any submissions –

    Since installing it I have been promoting my posts just by loging in and configuring the p1 RankMe data –

    A one time fee – 12 links a day to a pbn – sounded like a winner to me especially with a money back guarantee

    Jean van den Boogaart


    Well…….. I guess I have to ask for a refund for P1RankMe as well as for the OTO P1RankMe Fast.

    As said by others support S**** The videos are not clear about the scheduling feature and to be honest I had my doubts about the 1200 quality links to be build each day as well.

    Thanks for the review Brett. It’s a real eye opener to me.

    How could I be so stupid to spend my $$ on this crap?

    Jim Cook

    Hello Brett
    Thank you for your honest review.
    I bought it and now I will ask for a refund there are too many people having problems I
    joined the master mind group and many people their are asking the same questions PR does not work can someone help me? I just got sucked into the sales page hype. you cannot get good backlinks taking shortcuts and if you don’t know where they are coming from you are asking for trouble, it is just that simple. I should have know better, I think the word caution is the right term maybe it will work for some people but I think you are right.
    and I would just like to say thank you again for the honest review I wished I had read your review before I bought, I have nobody to blame but myself, it was the shiny object thing that got me.

    Edith Bunker

    a) bought product +OTO1+OTO2
    b)painstakingly created backlink submission on deeplinks, where there are tons of natural legitimate links, so know risk
    c) waited nearly 4 days for submission to go thru the queue
    d) no results
    e) refunds requested

    Mark Lockley

    Thanks Brett for your comments about P1, and also some of the brilliant contributors in this thread.
    When I saw this upcoming product launch on Munch Eye, I had a personal ‘red flag’ pop up when I noted that they were offering a 100% commission on the front end product.
    In my experience, when I’m looking at software launches, any time I see the 100% of the F/E, it can on occasion, mean that you can expect to be ‘hammered really hard’ on the OTO’s, and possibly of more frustration, in order for the software to really fly (to it’s full potential), then the OTO’s are pretty much a required purchase…. πŸ™
    For anyone reading this thread, I can highly recommend doing a search before buying any product…
    Product name + Munch Eye + JV page
    At least that way, you can get a feel for what to expect if you buy a front end product!
    (You can also put in JVNotifyPro to get similar results..).
    I hope these comments are of use πŸ™‚


      OR .. you can just click “Launch List” in the navigation menu of this blog and see all the launches coming out right here πŸ™‚ There is also a space to comment on the launches and request a review.

    Mark Lockley

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ And now of course I see the tab entitled ‘Launch List’!!!

    I’ve only been to your site a few times Brett – which I intend to correct with more frequent visits, and had not seen that part of your site…..

    Now retreating to bathroom to wipe egg off face πŸ™‚


      Ha ha, not at all .. I just added it last week πŸ™‚ Most people dont realize its there.


        right in line with your other review/blog post about Bounce… Launch List would draw us to more pages… but few/none are going to even see the nav bar…

        becoming a regular reader.. thanks


    Thank you, Brett for your review.

    I wonder myself how I got into this product. I guess the sale pitch was quite good.

    After I purchased P1 RankMe and I saw that the links were seems submitted but no report to what sites , ets..

    This was like light came upon me. Also, you review supported my worries.

    1. Google is looking for quality links but not some kind of shady sites. With Peter Garety product we do not have any knowledge of the quality of his private network of sites/blog.

    2. There is a difference between Private Network Blogs and Personal Network Blogs. Private blog network is a gray hat/black hat tactic. Private blog network will get you penalized by Google.

    2. Personal blog network will reward you with traffic.

    In 2012 in Google began cracking down on private blog networks. Tens of thousands people were involved in the private blog networks.

    You remember the time when you can buy the link and you will see some crap on the top of google. Google finally decided to stop it.

    Do not buy links from the crappy sites. Do not buy links from the sites you do not know. This will hurt you ratings. Period.

    In some cases it may boost your traffic but this so shortsighted strategy. Eventually, you will suffer more than you gain.

    Peter does not show any of his sites. You do not know if those sites are quality sites or crappy sites.

    Here what you need to do:

    Build your Personal Blog Network (PBN).
    Build few links but quality links.
    Build long tail keyword.

    This will reward you more than 1000 links from unknown, dead, crappy sites if any.

    In P1 RankMe I was hoping that I could see any reporting after I submitted pages. The only thing is reported that it was accepted.

    I am asking for refund.


    It’s funny, but Mark Attwood claims that there IS a reporting sytem that allows you to see where the links are coming from

    He says that the links come from “a network of video social sharing sites”

    You can check out his review here: {link removed}


      Well as I said and people comment here have said, there is not. Makes you wonder how some ‘reviewers’ can test a product and get something like totally wrong.

    Adam Kevin


    Can you please review the plugin SEO Pressor ?
    There is a free trial available and 60 Days “No Questions” Money Back Guarantee.

    It would be very great if you can post a real review about this plugin, and i will buy thought your affiliate link, if this plugin is useful.


    Rob Anderson

    Hi> I also love honest reviews and often use them as a guide before I buy a product. Don’t we all? that is why review marketing is so popular.
    I bought this plugin, had a few minor complaints and have been using it daily now for about a week.
    My site has been getting around a 100% increase in traffic.
    BUT, it could just be because I am building posts that Google loves anyway. IE on hangouts, through youtube to my sites, plus around a 400-word post, with cool SEO images etc, and I always share it on places like twitter with images etc.
    So, perhaps 7 decent posts in a row is why I have double the traffic.
    BUT, and here is another “but” I never expected to see a climb in my rankings from the first week.
    Links need to be indexed and added up by Google before we can decide.
    There is no way ever that I could give any of you a decent review personally until I have been doing this for around 3 to 4 weeks.

    Then I will see if I have hit those elusive buyer keywords I have been trying to go for over the last 6 months.

    All the complaints I have seen in all the comments above seem to be just smoke and air, without any real reason for bashing this exact plugin.
    “He is Good” “he used to be good” “it is a dead site” “what is a video site?”
    all comments and speculation for now.

    In fact, I have seen those supposedly “crappy” sites that I am getting links from, and while they are not brilliant, they have everything I would like.
    IE, spun descriptions, different titles, different ancor text.
    all things we need for rankings.

    Do you want to know what really worries me?

    One massive thing.

    All these links are coming in with a lovely variety of anchor text right?
    BUT now I am going to have a potentially dangerous shortage of incoming links with my full URL.
    This means that I am going to have to go and do about 10 blog comments a day to just try to keep up on this issue.

    If I can remember I will come back here in two weeks and tell you if I have seen more money in my Paypal or not.
    that is the real test is it not?

    Finally, If I am prepared to risk my main site with this after doing IM for 6 years full time, it tells me something.
    And that is this – the old way of great content etc is pure crap these days.
    I used to do that. not anymore.
    Now I am about to go full time into paid traffic.
    Might as well test some plugins first huh? why not?

    Rob Anderson

    My Bad.
    I meant to tell you that I bought this plugin for one reason only.
    (Ok, and then went and put it onto my main site anyway)
    It was for a PLR type site.
    A mini site.
    Hoping to get a small $500 a month income from it.
    I planned to add spun content, and other peoples videos etc, PLR products, affiliate links – everything they tell me I should not do. just to test an old dead domain – to see if I could get rankings from a site that get 5 visitors a day right now.

    I have not even started it yet.


    Here is one site I was linked to {link removed} others site are the same quality.
    I stopped using the plugin.

    Ranked Global Rank
    Global rank icon 5,046,970 on Alexa Traffic Ranks.



    I have to say that I love your honesty in your reviews which is a rarity in review sites. Most people are just giving any product they review high praise when its not due just because they want to make an affiliate sale so I respect you that you care more about your readers than just making the sale which says a lot about someone; you have integrity. So thank you for that. I am surprised that Peter isn’t being transparent about the plugin because he is someone that I definitely thought was top notch marketer. He does however, and I know this first hand, make a lot of money for his affiliates.

    It is refreshing to see someone that is being truthful in their reviews and I commend you for that. I wish there were a lot more marketers with better values and it’s a shame that there are a lot of people out there just looking to take advantage and fatten their own wallet.

    I myself genuinely care about my subscribers and it seems that you do also. I believe we are friends on Facebook so if you ever feel like chatting, send me a message and keep up the good work with these reviews.



    So far, nothing at all. I can’t really review the plugin as it has only been 3 days, but I can caution all on the deception of the sales page. The sales page announces $79.95 for what, on paper, sounds like a great time saver – but – when you get your paypal receipt…. WHAT? It’s a recurring $79.95 PER MONTH! I immediately pushed this issue out to support and was, immediately, offered a refund. Just heads up. NOT a one time purchase


    Brett Rutecky, I just came across to your site, WOW! you tell it as you see & believe it. I like that. Honest observations very hard to come by in this business. Thanks

    Al Adams, Super Super Affiliate

    I bought a Peter Garety P1 product, gave it a big 0000000000, full of upsells and bogus claims, and asked for a refund. Asked for 6 months, now 2+ years later still no refund. Super Affiliate or not, PG produces terrible garbage and should be avoided at any cost.

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