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Posted January 2, 2017 by Brett Rutecky in Bretts Products

Build a list with up to 50% optin conversions using Brett’s Content Lock plugin:


We have all heard the saying “the money is in the list’ and quite honestly a more true statement has probably never been made about the internet marketing business. One thing you should be doing constantly, that you should be focusing your efforts on, that you should always be looking for new ways to implement, it is list building. If you are looking to make money online you will very quickly learn that your email list is simply the most valuable asset you will ever have. Those who have a list make money. Sure those who do not might make some, but be assured they are making a lot less than those that have one.

I got the idea for the Content Lock plugin when I was on the website for my local newspaper. I wanted to read an article about something that was happening in my area but all the text of the article was blocked out and unreadable. There was also a form to subscribe to get the newspaper delivered to my house with a message that once I signed up for a newspaper subscription I would also get access to the online version.

Honestly subscribing to a physical newspaper is about the last thing I want to do (does anyone still read those) however I found myself almost doing it. Why? Because I wanted to read that article, and it was right there. It was right in front of me, I could see the text, it was just blanked out. It was in that moment that I realized the psychological trick they where playing on me:

Locking content is not new. There have been plenty of plugins and systems that let you do this. However most of them completely cover the web page with some kind of an overlay and then have a light box or pop up that tells you what you need to do in order to unlock the content. The problem with that is actually two fold. First it normally covers the entire site, which means people cant continue to browse around by clicking the other links on your site if they don’t want to actually optin. So they either optin or bounce away. The second is that people have no idea what they are going to get if they optin. Its totally hidden. However the trick that my local newspaper was using was to basically show me the great article that I wanted to read, but just make it so I cant read it. It was right there in front of me, I just could not quite reach it.

I realized that this tactic would be great for locking content on a site and using it to build an email list which requires people to optin in order to unlock that content. So I started working on my Content Lock plugin.

What Content Lock does is allow you to quickly and easily lock the text content on any page or post on your site. Now its important to note that the content is only locked for the site visitors. Google and the other search engines still see the unlocked content so doing this will not hurt your search engine rankings. In order to unlock the content the user must enter in their email address. Once they do the page refreshes and it is now fully readable. Also the plugin will set a cookie on the users computer so it knows not to ask them to unlock the content a second time should they leave your site and come back later (its counter productive to keep asking a user for their email who has already given it). Of course Content Lock also integrated with the major autoresponders to automatically add these optins to your list. The autoresponders it integrates with are my own MailIt plugin, Aweber, GetResponse and Mail Chimp, or you can download your list as a text file to upload to any other platform.

You can click here to see a live demo of the Content Lock plugin on my site.

In my live tests, getting traffic from both search engine results and Facebook ads this system is working quite well. Nearly 50% of the people coming to my locked page are entering their email and unlocking the page.

If you have a website Content Lock is going to be a great way to utilize your site content to add people to your list without hurting your SEO or chances of ranking in the search engine results. It’s also an excellent tactic to use Facebook ads to send people to your locked content since even of they don’t actually optin to unlock it, you still got them on your site (which is where you should want people).

Content Lock is available for the one time price listed below. I did make it a dime sale (for fun) but there are no OTO’s or upgrades. You do not need to buy an extended or developers license, you can feel free to use it on any site you own or manage. I’m not trying to gouge anyone here, I’m just trying to sell a very useful plugin at a fair price. It also comes with a 14 day refund period so you can pick it up with the confidence of knowing that if you are unhappy with the plugin you have a full two weeks to request a refund for any reason at all (making sure my customers are happy is my top priority).


Content Lock: WordPress plugin (Bretts Special)






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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Jonathan Moorhouse

    Once again You Over Deliver to your users. Thanks Brett Fantastic Plugin Very Useful Lots of High Value At A Very Low Cost.

    Ronnie Rokk Smith

    Great Plug In dude! You keep crankin em’ out!


    Hey Brett,i

    Does the plugin lock out audio content [i.e. audio players]on a post or will they show through like the images and videos do? I assume they’ll show through…


      I have not tested it on audio content and there are a number of ways to add audio content so its difficult to answer this. I will say its unlikely. As the video and text explains it is designed to lock text content.


        Right, just thought I’d ask about it. Trying to do a lot more with audio now so it was at the top of my mind. Thanks!

    Colin Glover

    Brett nice simple system. To cut down on the possibility of people putting in a “false email” could it be made to allow us to put in a small amount of our own text to offer them an incentive to open their email e.g. extra bit of info?


      Sorry Im not quite sure what your talking about “a small amount of our own text” .. where?

        Colin Glover

        You could have say 2 options when setting it up

        * Enter your email to unlock this page.
        * my own statement like – To receive expanded information enter your email to unlock this page.


          You can already do that. Though I did not show the settings in much detail in the demo I do show them a bit in the beginning of the video. In it you I show and say that you can enter your own custom text.

    Richard Seegers

    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for a neat piece of kit !
    Two thoughts;
    1. I use Constant Contact- any chance you can add CC and/or Sendlane? Sure, you mentioned the text file copy over to any other platform, but thought I’d mention the suggestion in the interest of keeping the awesomeness flowing !!
    (btw, a feature others may also have a need for.)
    Like you, I have had my downs with GR and AW……
    2. Also for an upgraded version, it would be neat to try and coax permission for sms alerts or desktop notifications from people interested in seeing the content, but I reallize there are a lot of solutions out in the wild so that may be more of a challenge, but personally I wouldn’t mind paying extra for those features..


      No I will not be implementing Constant Contact, and Ill tell you why with 100% honesty: Because I dont know their API. As for desktop notifications, no to that as well. This is a list building software. Remember something that has served me personally very well in my business. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), by the way Im not calling you stupid, thats just how the saying goes 🙂

    Mike Maloney

    Brett Does it Again! Dude, You constantly crank out these “No Brainers”.
    Always keeping it simple and always providing VALUE to your customers.
    Value and Volume= Cash flow.
    Thanks again for always hookin’ us up.


    How will this work on membership sites? If a member is logged in, would not want to hide content. 🙂


    On your DEMO page, I see all the non-sensical text. y ’m gng c pp w b m s f f.

    I never saw anything to optin or anything telling me what to do to be able to read the page.

    I am using FIREFOX.

    Is this an issue?


    Hi Brett,

    For the mail It Plugin, does it come with a broadcast sequencer feature?

    I remember it was not available in the initial launch.

    michael williams

    Hi Brett, it’s Michael, I hope you are well. I don’t have a website. Can I use this plugin on a WordPress blog?


    Can the shortcode be used with, ‘In The End’ plugin, to lock up everything in one go?

    If not, is that be a feasible update?

    Avy Barnes

    Did I seriously just purchase a plugin that took me 3 minutes to install, figure out, and have it up and running… and then it actually worked?!

    I don’t usually leave reviews, but I just got to say this is an amazing product. Genius!

    Also, a little tip for those that decide to put this on your sales page: Along with the text that says “enter your email to unlock this page”, perhaps also say “… and get a X number percentage off your order. Then, when the sales page unlocks, have right up top something like “Congrats, you’ve received X number percentage off”… or something along that line. You can build a list, and maybe even increase sales as well? Just an idea. I haven’t tried it yet.

    Thanks Brett for an awesome product!


    Really good plugin – highly intuitive for using!

    Sorry, if already suggested.

    Is it possible, to structure it, to permit the page to offer a little “tease” content…..say the first 100 characters or something [variable to the article size I guess]

    A tease factor, something to “wet peoples lips” for reading more?

    Just a suggestion.

    Thank you again.


    Hi Brett,

    Will this plugin works for locking video on screen, please advise ? Thanks !


    Just purchased the plugin — once again Brett amazing work ….love the way you analyze a problem and are able to create a plugin that solves the issue or makes something work better. AND I especially like it as a list builder solution for us newbies! Looking forward to your next ‘ light bulb ‘ idea …

    take care


    Helton Mino

    Hi Brett, great plugin. Are you considering updating the plugin to instead of visitors submitting their email to unlock the content they sign in with their FB login? I think that will be a great to ensure that visitors use real email address (FB Login) vs fake email.

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