The first webinar that I ever ran (still my favorite though)

I realized that it has been quite a while since I added a freebie to this blog, almost 6  months actually so I wanted to give something extra special away.

Many times I have given free software away which kind of makes sense because I am a software developer as well as an internet marketer but this time I decided to do something a bit different.  I made this decision because of something I have often tried to get people to understand. Software is a tool, and while good tools can be awesome, what really empowers people is ‘know how’.  Knowledge is power so I decided to share some of mine with everyone today!


Below your going to find a replay of one of the first webinars I ever ran on my own. Even though it is the first one I ran its still one of my favorites because it gives a lot of insight into how I built up my business and how I think about the internet marketing business. This is one webinar in a 4 part series that a lot of people payed for back in 2015, however its still every bit as relevant today as it was back then.






Want to learn the REAL way to start a profitable online 100% for free? Watch the video below!

  1. Robin Lauscher, 30 July, 2017

    I love your site Brett…all sorts of helpful tips and tools everywhere. Love the article about Traffic Problems i just recently understand ‘traffic’ sources but your article made it even more clear…Thanks for doing what you do

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