How to make money with things that you have re-seller rights to

Posted December 30, 2017 by Brett Rutecky in Training Articles

Today I am going to explain, step by step, a proven way to make money online with things that you have re-seller rights to:


In the internet marketing space there are a lot of different forms of reseller rights. Sometimes you get a copy of the software or training with the right to sell it. Sometimes you get an everything done for you system like my ‘agency access’. Sometimes you are actually an affiliate but get paid 100% commissions. Honestly though, regardless of which kind of reseller rights you have, if you have it for a few products you have a massive resource and opportunity in front of you. In this article I am going why I always tell people to grab reseller rights whenever they can and explain how to capitalize on them:

To follow this method you are going to need a few things:

1) Something that you have giveaway rights to (this should not be a problem as there are plenty of places to get PLR and software with give away rights)

2) Reseller rights to one or more products. One is ok, but more is better. In fact the more you have the better.

3) You need a bit of a budget. Not $5, you need at least $50 and preferably $100-$200.If this is a problem then your not ready to be running an online business right now anyway so save up and come back when its not a problem.

4) A squeeze page to give away the free gift (there are lots of page builders)

5) An email system that allows you to send out scheduled emails


To start off with we are going to set up a new email list in our email system. We are then going to set up an email follow up sequence for that list. The first email in the follow up sequence will go out in about one day and it will be a welcome email that thanks them for their interest in your freebie and tells them how to contact you should they have any questions about the free gift. The additional emails will be scheduled to go out every 3-4 days and will offer the subscriber to buy one of the products that you have reseller rights to. Here is an example of one of my follow up sequences.

What we now have here is a traditional funnel. You drive traffic to your squeeze page. They opt in to get your free gift and after they do they are auto sent a follow up sequence with offers. Once you have this set up you do not have to do anything else but focus on getting traffic.

But how are we going to get traffic? Thats the big question and stumbling block that everyone always has and ironically enough its probably the most easiest part of this whole thing.

The answer is simple, we are going to use Facebook ads and that is where the budget we need comes into play. Notice I said you need at least $50 and preferably $100-$200. You might be wondering why I said that when there are so many marketers pitching Facebook stuff and saying ‘you can get started with just $5’. Well, the truth is that people saying that are being very misleading. You CAN get started with $5 I guess. I mean it is possible. But your chances of success are MUCH less if you have a small budget. In fact the larger your budget the better. $5 is technically possible, but its also technically possible to become a multimillionaire by playing the lotto (but I sure would not count on it). What we are doing here is running a business not gambling, so your going to need a reasonable budget.

Our Facebook ad is going to lead to our squeeze page of course and because of this we need to keep a few things in mind with the squeeze page. It can not have any income claims on it. You can say things like “I make money online” or “I run a successful online business” etc. But you cant have specific claims like “Make $500 a day” etc. Any videos on your squeeze page can not auto play. You should have a privacy policy in your footer or a link to one (this can be as simple as saying ‘We will not rent, share or sell your personal information’) and its also a good idea to mention that your page is not associated, endorsed or affiliated with Facebook. Here is a link to one of my squeeze pages that I send Facebook traffic to that has all of these things that you can use for an example: Click here to see it

Now we are ready to create our ad. It is going to need two things. First an image. This is easy. Simply head over to and you can find thousands of free images that you can use for commercial purposes without needing to credit the creator. For your text, just describe what your giving away. No need to be super hype or miss leading. Being miss leading is actually counter productive because while it may get you clicks (that Facebook will charge for) those people who click are not likely to optin.

Here is one of my Facebook ads, one that I actually use to drive traffic that very squeeze page I linked to earlier:

Notice this ad is not super hype. It just tells them what I am offering and has a free image from PixaBay. The image does not even really relate to what I’m giving away. For my interest targeting I simply selected people interested in things like “Make Money Online” , “Digital Marketing”, “Online Marketing” etc. Basically I used common sense and targeted people with interests that are likely to want a product related to internet marketing and making money online. For my location targeting I selected the ‘big 4’:  United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia.

So far on this ad I spent $20.59 and got 52 clicks. That’s just about 40 cents per click. My landing page is converting at about 22% which means I got 11 optins into my funnel for that $20.59 and am paying $1.87 per optin. At this cost, since I have a nice funnel offering multiple products I would expect it would not be to hard to make a profit on my ad spend, and indeed I already have. In fact I have more than doubled my money from this ad. FYI: This is why the more products you have with reseller rights the better, because that means a longer funnel sequence and more chances to make a sale from each subscriber.

There is something I want to point out though. Recall I said a $5 budget is a gamble and you really need a larger one, at least $50 and preferably $100-$200 (though bigger is always better). The reason is that all clicks are not equal. You might run an ad for a day and spend $5, get 20-30 clicks and get zero optins. At this point your budget is gone and your thinking this does not work. You never know if or when people who click are actually going to opt in and when you stop your ad because you had a small budget like $5 you never know if tomorrow might have been the day that a ton of people who click end up on your email list. Because of this you need a large enough budget so that you can run your ad for a few days (I spend $15 a day normally) so you can reach a large enough sample of people to get real aggregated data and see if your ad is really working over the long term. With just a small budget that is not even enough for a good day you are only reaching a small number of people and its really just a coin toss. Will you get lucky and reach interested people who might become buyers or not, who knows. Because we are interested in running a business and not gambling you need a large enough budget to run your ad for several days so you can a good picture of the over all results.

Beyond that you need to understand that you might not make your money back right away let alone make a profit right away. The follow up sequence I showed above lasts for 17 days and offers 5 different paid products to the subscriber over that time period. Given that I am paying just under $2 a subscriber if any product in that sequence is purchased by the subscriber I will make at least 12X my money back. This might happen right away, it might happen in a week, or even in two weeks. For some subscribers it might never happen, however the ROI being at least 12x cost means that I only need some subscribers to make an actual purchase at any point in the funnel to still be profitable. This again is another reason why you need a large enough ad spend to run your ad and feed people into your funnel for a decent length of time. If you quit after $5 or $10 well for all you know the next person to signup might have been the one to make a $47 purchase on the 3rd product in your funnel a few days from now and get you double your money back.

If you have products with reseller rights then you for sure should be setting up an automated funnel to offer them for sale. If you need traffic then Facebook ads are a great way to get it provided you have the fortitude to stick with them long enough to be effective. I know for sure that you can make a profit doing this. I sell my own software with these automated funnels every day and I do it largely by using my own ‘agency’ system (my special version of reseller rights). There is no reason why anyone else can’t do the same thing with products that they have reseller rights to.A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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    David F

    Great post. Many IM guru’s gloss over the details of how to implement a strategy. This post goes into a lot of detail


    Shantanu Ghosh

    Very nice,iv’e never read an honest post like this ever,i am inspired by your post

    Reg E.

    Thanks for the insight on how it’s done Brett!

    Chito P.

    This has been a very helpful article. Just perfect on how to go about resell products. I have quite a number of resell agency rights products. Also recently got the idea of using JVZoo affiliates & tap them to sell as well. I’ve prepared and ad using your Image Maker Pro (thru “Group Traffic Profit”) and intend to start ball rolling with FB Ads. Lets see what happens … Thanks Brett.

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