How to build squeeze pages that actually convert

Posted September 4, 2015 by Brett Rutecky in Training Articles

In this real life case study I’m going to show you how to avoid some big mistakes when building your squeeze pages.

A couple of days ago one of my blog readers send me an email telling me he was following my advice and using Facebook to send traffic to his squeeze page in order to build a list. He was giving away my Click Bar WordPress plugin (which you can get by clicking here) and following my advice on using Facebook to send traffic to your squeeze page.

He was getting good results on the Facebook ad and was able to send over 600 clicks to his squeeze page for under $19 in ad spend. The problem is people where not opting in and he was not building his list? The question of course is why. There really are only three possibilities.

Was the traffic bad?

Was the offer bad?

Was the squeeze page bad?

So I asked him to send me screenshots of his ad, ad targeting, ad results and to also send me a link to his squeeze page. After looking into it I noticed a few things. First his ad targeting could have been a little better. He was targeting people under the age of 18 and people over the age of 65 which makes no sense really. But his major problem was the squeeze page. It was really bad.

What made it so bad? Simple, he did not put any effort into it. The header text simply said “Free: watch the video below”. The video was poor and did not describe why people would even want his free gift. The overall page design looked like it came from 1998. Even worse he did not understand the one major concept that everyone needs to understand if they want to build a squeeze page that converts.

A squeeze page is a sales page. Sure its not a big long sales letter, but never the less it is a sales page. The goal of the squeeze page is to make the site visitor want the free gift you are giving away bad enough that they are willing to pay for it (with their email address).

Once you accept that a squeeze page is a sales page then you can start building squeeze pages that actually convert. You will understand that you need to have an attention grabbing headline text. You need to have a ‘sales’ style video that explains the problem and explains how your free gift is going to solve the problem. You need to have scarcity and a strong call to action.  The days of slapping up a generic video and an optin form you got with your autoresponders form builder are long gone. People know that when they enter their email they are going to be getting marketing messages from you. You need to sell them on your free gift and make them want it bad enough that they are willing to enter that email and get a few marketing messages from you in order to get it. In short you need to sell them you free gift. Not just tell them what it is and tell them its free.

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Carlo Magno Viana

    Another great tutorial Brett. In relation to this list building technique about the upsell to click bar gold, what will be the compelling reason why people who got the free click bar will buy the click bar gold if there is no difference in functionality from both versions ?



    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for the tutorial. Excellent as always.

    Have you tested which one has a better conversation: NotificationPro or the traditional optin form, i.e. entering your email address and click send?



      Well explaining Notification PRO is a bit out of scope for this tutorial, but in my testing they are about the same, the process is no different, you need to make your prospect want your free gift bad enough to optin either way.


    Hi Brett

    During one of your videos I believe, I understood you to say that we could use your video explaining click bar. Am I miss understand in how you were referring to using the video.
    If so, I will not take this squeeze page live.

    Do you recommend going to fiverr for a video, I don’t have the video editing tools to make one.


      You could use my video explaining click bar. The guy Im talking about in this case study did not use that though, he used a tutorial video and cut out any explanation, leaving just a generic demo. For best results though you should make your own video. If you dont have video editing software then you need to get some. Its a must have. Sceen-Cast-Omatic is like $15 and AVS video editor is like $60. These are what I use.


        Thanks Brett,
        I will get some editing software and do that. By the way did you have chance to look at the squeeze page I made using SqueezeMatice? Is there a way to add background color or images to the page itself using the software? I when into setting an added a image, but I would like it to impact the page and not the background site page.




    Hey Brett do you recommend always using a picture or video in your squeeze pages? I see a lot that are still pretty catchy with just the text because they have the call to action and scare tactic to it. But I just wanted to get your opinion on this as I am trying to create squeeze pages for my affiliate marketing? Any advice on this would be awesome thanks man!


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