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Posted March 4, 2014 by Brett Rutecky in Reviews

Hey everyone Brett here with a review of the latest product I was invited to promote. Well this is actually the second product I was invited to promote today. The first one was so bad that I didnt even do the review (the seller took my advice and is reworking it, so Ill get back to that one).  

This one is called Facebook Auto Connect PRO.

Ok so the basic concept of this software is this. It uses Facebook connect to capture peoples names, email address’s and other public information. What you do to get this info is you put a button on your site or squeeze page. It in essence replaces your traditional opt in form. Instead of a Aweber or GetResponse form for them to signup they simply have to click the button, approve the app to give their email, and you have their email and their basic public info (such as age, sex, etc). It then has an admin area that basically acts like its own auto responder. Allowing you to send emails, messages and Facebook notifications to the people who sign up. So in essence it is an in itself an auto responder based around Facebook signup.

So for this one I was provided with a demo to test with. Lets take a look at the script itself:


Ok so first impressions, well lets be honest, its not the most stylish of designs. The icons are kind of ugly and there are some strange things that happen. For example when you mouse over an option, the options text turns white which makes it vanish against the white background. However to be fair this is a back end admin, not something that your customers or contacts will ever see so I can understand why style was not of major importance. (besides style is a personal preference anyway, some people think my stuff is ugly Im sure)

Fortunately for us however what this software lacks in style it more than makes up for in functionality and ease of use. I found the layout to be quite intuitive and easy to follow. From any section of the software you can easily access the other areas. Each area is also simple enough to use and understand that I actually did not have to watch the quick start video that is on the home page. I was able to get started right away with ease. Still its very cool that they have that video right there on the landing page.

As for the features itself, I wont go over them all in this review, however I will say this does exactly what its suppose to do. Its basically an auto responder, with all the trimmings you would expect from any auto responder. However there are 2 things that it can do, because its Facebook integrated, that most AR’s cant.

The first is that it lets you set your emails to go out with some extra filtering. Such as my the persons sex or location. This is possible because Facebook makes this kind of data public to apps without any special permissions. Its a very nice feature that allows you to write your emails in a different way to appeal to specific segments of your list.


The second thing that it can do that you cant do with a normal auto responder is also shown in the screenshot above. Have a look to the right. You can send a normal email, which is what we would expect. You can post to the users wall which is cool. But you can also send a notification to the user! This is awesome! Why is it awesome? Well first let me make sure that everyone knows what a Facebook notification is. That’s where you log into Facebook and there is a little red number in your Facebook header. Like this:


Guess what 95% (or more) of people do when they log into Facebook and see that there is a notification? You guessed it, they click to view it.  With this software you can send out mass notifications. While your limited to 180 characters (its a Facebook limitation) you can include a link in your notification. This is going to get your message to more people than regular email ever did. Just imagine getting ‘open rates’ of 95%! If this software did nothing more than just this I would buy it.

Even though this product was easy enough to use and understand that I did not need to watch the tutorials I always like to check them out anyway just to see how they are. First off this gets points for having a overview video right on the home page. In addition I was pleased to find that it has a built in support ticket system , so if you have questions there is a method right in the app to contact support.

I think that being a long term Facebook developer myself I have a particular interest in Facebook products. This one I have to say is a winner. In fact the only thing that I really hate about this software is that I didnt think of it myself first.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps:

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 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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    Thanks Brett! always appreciate your opinion. I was going to ask you to review this for us. You beat me to the punch. Thanks again


    Wow, Brett, it looks very interesting that fb integrated autoresponder ever exists. I am definately interested. Is any review copy available to try out for few projects to see and
    feel how it really work. Thanks for this heads up!!


    Thanks for posting this, Brett. I’ve always been curious to know what percentage of people are actually willing to approve an app such as this vs. simply entering an email. That “allow this app to post on your behalf” window is pretty daunting and I never agree to it – unless I’ve paid for a product that needs it. Any insights on this?


      Hey Eric. The posting on your behalf does often get skipped. But the great thing about this is that this is not required. Posting on the users behalf is only required for the Facebook wall post option. Which is cool, but not why I endorse this product. When the a user approves the app just for the basic permissions you get their email address and the ability to send them Facebook notifications. Thats the important thing (especially the notifications in my opinion). While, to be honest, its very likely that the ability to post for them will be skipped, the basic permissions will be approved at approximately the same rate as any regular optin form (since people are giving you nothing more then what they would type into the form anyway)


    Thanks Ken. Is there and any OTO and if so, what is it and how much?


      Who is Ken? Are you speaking to me? Last review I did you called me ‘Bruce’. Just a FYI my name is Brett. Its in the website URL, brettrutecky.com 🙂
      As for the OTO, not sure if there is one honestly. I dont review OTO’s at all. Also just a FYI an OTO or upsell should have NO bearing at all on your decision to purchase. You should NEVER judge a product by the availability of an OTO or not. Judge the offer that is presented to you as it stands.


    How would you compare this to Notification Pro or are they two different animals?



      They are quite similar actually. When I first came across FB Auto Connect I was quite impressed as you can see. However it had some shortcomings. It was self hosted which meant that the users did not get automatic updates to the software (this is a big thing given that Facebook likes to change their API often). It had limits on the number of notifications you could send and you could only send notifications for up to 60 days. Further it had no way of creating sales pages on Facebook. I created Notification PRO to correct these shortcomings and improve on the concept of FB Auto Connect.


        Which is why I just purchased Notification Pro, but I noticed it was a sales funnel, but I didn’t get the OTOs, just took me straight back to JVZoo.

        Now I know your take on OTOs, but you usually offer some great ones and are always worth a “look-see”. I have some other questions but I’ll send those to the help desk,

        Thanks Much,


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