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Creator: Stephen Gilbert
Type: Video Training


I know for sure its possible to make money this way


Best for 'first money' or 'extra money'. You probably wont make 'job quitting' income from this.

Today I’m looking at a new training called Shareify Check out my interview above where Stephen and I talk about exactly what Shareify is, or if you like you can go right to the summery below:   Shareify is a training that teaches a way to make money online that I 100% for sure know […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m looking at a new training called Shareify

Check out my interview above where Stephen and I talk about exactly what Shareify is, or if you like you can go right to the summery below:


Shareify is a training that teaches a way to make money online that I 100% for sure know works. How do I know it. Because I actually launched a similar training with someone who does the exact same thing that Shareify teaches. (He made the training, I built the website and members area).

So what exactly does it teach? It teaches how to create simple training videos on sites like SkillShare that you can sell to people.

Now this might sound scary at first. You have to create a training course. But you need to understand that you don’t have to create these huge in depth prize winning courses. You can teach very simple things. Things like: “How to bake the perfect Apple pie”, “How to train your dog to fetch”, “How to build a bird house”. SkillShare is just what the site name says it is. Its a site for people to share skills that they have. While the things I mentioned here might seem like basic, simple things to you, the truth is that the world is a big place, and no matter what skill you have to share with it, because of the sheer size of the online world, the odds are that somewhere there is someone who wants to learn what you know.

But why use a site like SkillShare in the first place? Why not get your own website, build your own members area, and just do it on your own? Well if you have the skill to do that and to also drive traffic to your own site then that is a good way to go. However if your not a tech person, cant build your own site, cant drive traffic than using SkillShare (and similar sites) is the way to go. They already have traffic and active users. They already have the members area built. Its all done for you. You just create a simple training course that teaches a skill that you have (remember it can be almost anything) and your all set.

Now I want to be clear. Your probably not going to get rich doing what Shareify teaches. Even the vendors say this. In fact they say that while they have had some months where they made as much as $1900 the vast majority of the time their income hovers around the $3-400 range. Now lets be honest. $300-400 a month is probably not life changing income for most people. But it could be the payment on a new car. It could be a savings for a nice vacation at the end of the year. It could be some ‘mad money’ that you use to treat yourself to something every month, or it could be money you use to invest in a greater online business.

If your thinking that a few hundred dollars a month is not a lot, you also have to consider that this can be ongoing income, from one time work. That’s the great thing about Shareify. With it your creating assets. Let me explain it by comparing it to another site that people often think of when they are looking to make side money online, Fiverr. With a site life Fiverr you get paid a small amount for doing a small job. So you might get paid $4 ($5-$1 fee) to make a simple logo or a voice over for example. Thats great and a lot of people make a lot of money like that. However your only getting paid when you actually do a job. In short your just selling your time. However with Shareify your building an asset. You create a training one time, and get paid over and over every time someone takes your training course. It does not take much imagination to understand how working once and building an asset that pays you over and over is much better than selling your time away by doing jobs. Thats the power of a system like Shareify which teaches you to use sites like SkillShare.

But what about the training itself?



Well Shareify is a video course made up of 8 main videos and one introduction video (9 total). The videos are done in the normal screen cast style with the present speaking as he shows you his screen. They are clear and easy to follow and thankfully they are not long winded or boring. Most of the videos are between 4-11 minutes long. They get right to the point, show you what you need to see, teach you what you need to know, and then move on to the next step. I don’t think anyone will have a hard time following along with them or understanding them. Also they teach most everything you must know. From how to get ideas for courses to make, to creating your course, to marketing it yourself (in order to get extra customers).

If your already making money online this is probably something you can skip. However if your just getting started, if your looking for side income or income that you can invest in other ventures than this is something well worth considering. I know for sure that there is money to be made with this system for anyone willing to take action on it.









Bonus: There are a bunch of bonuses that everyone will get regardless of who they buy through, however I wanted to give something extra special. As I said I launched a similar training a while back, well as my special bonus you will also get the training I launched 100% for free.



Only you wont just get the training course, you will get agency access to it that will let you sell it as your own product (with everything done for you).

Selling your own digital product is the #1 to make money online, and now with my agency bonus you can sell a premium product as your own, without doing any of the hard work!


Click here to get Shareify and my “Video Course Cash Kit: Agency” bonus (I have added the bonus right inside of Warrior Plus so you can get instant access)

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    I bought my very first ‘online product’ from Stephan Gilbert (I think it was called SP12)
    I learned a lot more than what he was actually teaching just by thinking outside the box.

    He obviously knows what he’s doing and this is going to be a good course that will definitely have a good ROI.

    Nice interview guys. I like this method and think it will appeal to most newcomers looking to make a little $$$…(or a lot) 🙂

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