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4/ 5

Creator: Neil Napier
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Very mobile friendly, can build an entire funnel


Integration with your site is a bit of a pain.

Today I’m doing a review of the new Video Lead Box software. So what exactly is Video Lead Box? Well its a pop up builder. Now I know what your thinking .. oh great another pop up builder, just what the world needs! Ok your probably not thinking that. Your probably thinking that you have […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of the new Video Lead Box software.

So what exactly is Video Lead Box? Well its a pop up builder. Now I know what your thinking .. oh great another pop up builder, just what the world needs! Ok your probably not thinking that. Your probably thinking that you have seen pop up builders before. But Video Lead Box actually has some features that make it stand out from the others I have seen.

First though I want to talk about the interface that you use when you build your pop up.


Its a very easy to use, widget based drag and drop system. Simply select the widget you want to add from the many options on the left and drag it into your canvas area. Double click the widget to edit its settings and right click it to copy, duplicate or delete it. Each widget can be resized or rotated and has a lot of options for customizing its look and functionality and there are a lot of widgets for just about anything you could want to add. In short the interface is well done, easy to use and extremely flexible.

But lets be honest a good drag and drop interface is nothing new. We have seen drag and drop interfaces before. However there are other features about this Video Lead Box that really sets it apart.

First is the way it handles mobile sites. Video Lead Box is very mobile friendly. The templates and designs you create are mobile responsive. But this software actually takes it a step further and gives you a ‘mini editor’ that lets you tweak the mobile layout to ensure it looks great on a mobile device.


I have tested several pop up builders (and even wrote one of my own) and in my experience very few of them allow you to create mobile responsive designs. Of the few that do, none of them had a feature that lets you tweak your pop up the way Video Lead Box does.

By now everyone (even me) knows and accepts the importance of being mobile friendly. This software is one of the most mobile friendly builders I have ever seen.

The second thing that sets Video Lead Box apart from the competition is actually even better than its mobile friendliness.

Before I dive into that to much, first let me make sure we all understand the basic optin funnel. Generally what you do is send traffic to a squeeze page where they can enter their email address in exchange for a free gift. After they signup you send them to a ‘thank you page’ where they can get their gift. Then you would normally send them over to a low ticket ($7) paid product to try to convert them from freebie seekers into paying customers. This is a basic funnel and there are two big problems with it.

First setting it up is a lot of work. You need several pages and each page has to be linked together. Also you need to make sure people cant find the pages in Google or through some other means and jump into the middle of the funnel. For example you need to ensure that people cant go directly to your thank you page without opting in first.

The second problem is that Google never ranks a squeeze page well. Because of this people cant get organic / SEO traffic to their squeeze page and must constantly be trying to find ways to drive traffic in just to get the signups in the first place.

Video Lead Box solves both of these problems.

First it has a built in system that allows you to create steps:


With these steps you can build out your entire funnel right inside of the pop up. This is not only a lot faster and much more easy since you dont have to create tons of separate pages, but its also makes your funnel much more secure. This is because unlike a web page Google and the other search engines cant read or index the pop up.

The fact that Google cant read the pop up is a good thing for another reason that also solves the problem of squeeze pages not ranking well in the search results. Because this is a pop up it would normally be put over a blog post or other article. Google can see the article but not the pop up. What this means is that if I write a good, relevant article I can get organic traffic to the article who will then see my pop up and may go through my funnel.

For example, lets say I wanted to give a free training on making money online in exchange for a signup. Then I wanted people to go over to a low ticket product that gives additional training. First I could build all of this right inside of Video Lead Box. Then I could write a blog post about making money online and put my lead box on it as a pop up. Since Google cant read the pop up all it will see is my well written article. It will index the article and I will get free traffic from the search engine results. Since the entire funnel is in the pop up people will in essence also be seeing a squeeze page. Every visitor I get to the article for free from the search engines is a free click to my squeeze page. Also they are targeted clicks since both myΒ  squeeze page offer and my blog post are on the same subject. It does not take much imagination to see how this can be a huge benefit.

One think I did not particularly care about is the way your lead boxes are integrated with your site. You see this software comes with a couple of licensing options. I believe they are 1 site, 10 sites and 500 site licenses. Because the licenses are per website you have to add each domain you want to use this into the software.


You then have to add a special code that they provide to your site if you have a HTML site or install a plugin that they provide if you have a WordPress site.

While this is not terrible, given that most people are going to get the 500 site license (which is basically unlimited) I found having to do this a bit of a pain. Not horrible, but worth mentioning.

So what do I think of Video Lead Box over all. Well its a good builder and a quality software. Its fully drag and drop, has expected features like split testing and it works very well. However none of those things are special. What makes it stand out is how very mobile friendly it is as well as the fact that you can build a lot more than simple optin forms inside of a pop up. You can build an entire funnel. If it did not have these features I would not have been interested enough in it to even do a review on it. But it does have these features and they work very well. Because of this I think its a very solid investment for anyone interested in making money online.








Neil has genourously provided these bonuses to anyone who picks up Video Lead Box though my link. You will get instant access to these additional products right inside of the Video Lead Box software.



Click here to get Video Lead Box and these free bonuses!


 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hey Brett,

    It’s time that you stop all your lies !
    This software is shit, I tested it my self yesterday. Neil is one of the biggest scammers like all the others, I put my trust on you, but not anymore, you keep disappointing me launch after launch .

    Sad fact but true, you become one of them now !

    Guys, don’t buy this $%*! !


      Stop all my lies? Believe me if I wanted to lie I would make a lot more money. I pass on thousands of dollars a month by being honest and I put myself in a position where I am often ostracized by other people in the IM business by being so honest. Trust me it would be so much more easy, and profitable if I didnt have morals.

      You say you tested this product yourself and it was bad. Well that was not my experience. The difference between you and I though is that you are just spouting off profanities and not giving any reasons you did not like it, you gave no real info and did not even point out what you did not like. Honestly I kind of think your just trolling here. If that is the case then please seek your entertainment somewhere else.

      Neil Napier

      Hey Adam – we released the software today – so not sre how you tested it yesterday? And mind telling me why I am a scammer – would love to hear stories I’ve never heard before πŸ™‚


      Hey Adam,

      Why don’t you give some specifics of what you don’t like and why? Otherwise what you are saying makes no sense and is rude to Brett and NN πŸ™‚


    I just bought it but I was not happy when I found out that Geo country feature only available for OTO version despite showing the feature inside the video of the front sales page .. and OTO is very expensive $57 !!!!
    Brett, can you please contact them and recommend them to add that feature to the front offer since they show it inside the video of the front page ..just a try


      I can, but its unlikely that they are going to change their funnel just because I told them to. Frankly Geo country does not excite me at all though, I dont think is a very useful feature.

      Neil Napier

      Hey Zane – there might be a confusion…country IS part of the main offer. Upgrade – $57 includes location maps + flags πŸ™‚

      Hope that clarifies your question!


        that cannot be clarifying when you show a video on front sales page talking about all features make me believe I will get everything in video since its on front page sale on front price

        you misleading your customers by showing them full features on video located inside front page BUT then on OTO page you tell them to pay extra to get the feature that you showed them already on video located on front page to be honest this is not nice

        I saw GEO country feature , tee spring feature, amazon feature on video on front page before I even decide to buy the front offer how can you justify this ?!!


    what is the difference between this one and Engagifire?


      I have not used Engagifire so I cant say.


      The engagifire similarities jumped out at me right away as well. If it is as good as engagifire and you don’t have another popup up app like Karthik’s lead monster or similar…this one looks like a good buy. You really only need one of these types of products and when utilized the right way can be effective.


    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for this review. I haven’t had much luck with a couple of products I have purchased recently because the vendors have provided inadequate or poor information (often misleading information!) in their sales presentations. In consequence I have found the products don’t do what I thgought they would or are not very good at what they do. And so I have requested refunds. I don’t like doing this because it’s a waist of time for both me and the vendor.
    Reviews like yours make the whole business of purchasing a product on-line much easier. Please keep up the good work.


      I noticed a lot of people say they are doing ‘reviews’ but they always promote everything they ‘review’. I realized there was a need for an actual review site, which is why I created this blog.


        I really appreciate your reviews. I think a review of the front end and each OTO w/ current pricing is essential and I appreciate your reviews.


    Hi Brett,

    I just purchased the main product and the OTO1 products from your link and I’m excited
    to start using them. I like the idea of the capability to tweek the mobile & the funnel. You can do a lot stuff at one location.

    And the OTO1, to me is definitely worth the price $57.00. But the price will be going up very soon. You get a lot of capability.

    -ebook cover creator
    -paypal buy sell any product you want
    -tee spring marketing
    -sell Amazon products
    -developer unlimited rights sell light boxes
    -unlimited personal installs
    -split testing
    -28 additional templates
    and more…


    Can you explain what you mean by difficult to integrate with your site. I use WordPress and would like to know if this product is going to be easy to integrate or if not, why. Thanks


      Using WordPress you have only to install the WordPress plugin they provide you with and then add that site to your list of approved domains. Honestly I did not mean to scare anyone with the integration its not that bad, I just would have preferred if they had a code snippet you could cut and paste into any site. But that might be just because Im a coder so I like that way of integration better.


    Not really sure how to put the pop up “Over an article” would be great if you do a quick video showing the actual steps when you refer to over an article?


      Well as I said the pop up is a squeeze page. By putting it over an article Google will see the article and index it, which will let you get organic SEO traffic. This cant happen with a traditional squeeze page, which Google never ranks well.


    Hi Brett

    Thanks for the review it help us to make a decision
    by the way how you guys make the video like the one you
    did right now stop and stay right before it shows the rest of
    the youtube videos



    Hi Brett

    thanks for the review! For what it’s worth, I always wait for your review to come through before I purchase. Often times I am really hoping that you approve something and find myself disappointed (yet relieved I waited for your review) if you don’t give some products above 3 stars, especially if I have been really ‘wowed’ by the sales page!

    This one looks good, and I like most of the stuff from Neil…thank you. Please keep doing what you do, because of you I have several tools in place that actually do what you said they would do…



    Bret, first of all thank you for your contribution to evaluate each product you recommend.

    I think it’s very important to describe each product OTO, because one is based on what the video shows, really intended to buy the product but with the comments about the OTOS, for me it is important to know what is actually offered for the price of U $ 27 … thanks

    Google not speak English translator


      I dont review OTO’s because quite frankly I dont have the time to do it. Unlike most people I spend several hours testing the products I test. If I had to review the OTOs it would take me forever to get the reviews done.

      I did ask Neil what the difference was between the upsell version and the front end version was though, here was his response.
      Pro has 28 templates…unlimited sites…dev license…marketing widgets.


        Bret, the basic version has the function of funnel (step 1, step 2, step 3) ????



        I am going to ask for a refund because

        1. I sent a support ticket it has been 2 days and no answer

        2. I dont consider the seller is honest when he show you all features inside video located at the main front page offer but at end you get surprised that you have to pay OTO inorder to get them !!!

        3.I would have respected him if he apologize for this mistake and gave me free full access as thank you for pointing this error I would have not ask for a refund at all

        sadly how internet sellers are behaving these days


          Not sure where your sending support to but here is their help desk:
          I’m still not sure what ‘features’ you are talking about that they show in the sales video that are not in the FE but I di find it very interesting that you said if they gave you an upgrade for free you would not refund. Interesting indeed. As for how internet sellers behave. I’ll be honest there are bad sellers, but I see it from both sides, there are also very bad buyers.


            I will make it short and clear showing front and oto features inside video of the front end page is Not honest and here are features

            Country flag

            When you show me those and say its only for 37 dollar but actually they are not included you just mislead buyer

            The seller should never talk about these features in fron end page if he decide to offer it at oto price

            Clear enough Brett


    So is it only compatible on WP sites? If not, how easy is it to use on non WP sites?


    Hey Mr Brett and thanks for reviewing this product.
    we had a long weekend here in the UK and I’m just now catching up with everything.
    I was shocked when I saw the statement above from Adam.
    I thought that was quite strong and inappropriate.
    Credit for you for publishing the comment, as it’s good to see other people’s views and opinions
    No one here believes that you are like the others…yes we are all here to make money some how, but I will never think that you would lie intentionally just to promote one product, knowing that if it doesn’t sell you will simply jump into the next one.
    I can’t speak for everyone but I’m pretty sure that the majority of the readers are here because of your honest reviews. I’m also sure even if your judgment is wrong about a product which can happen, it would have been un-intentional..
    Please keep up the good work, I’m sure that the majority are appreciating your work.
    I rarely go myself for OTOs I don;t have a problem there.
    If there is one remark I could make is the timing of your reviews, as sometimes I get offered pre-launch prices and early bird prices with some vendors, and by the time I buy the product it would have been too late to read the review…may be it’s too much to ask, I can imagine the time it takes to test the product, make the video then write and publish the review then email your prospects, but a review a day or two before the launch day would be great….
    Going back to Neil’s products, I’ve bought few including the bitcoin stores etc…they always looked good but I never had the time to test any because of my offline marketing activities, so I can’t comment on the effectiveness of his products. This one looks pretty good, I like the mini funnel capabilities, the price sounds reasonable and if you have tested it and approved it then I suppose it’s a good product. thanks for reading this comment. Over and out.


    I have purchased the product and OTO and have some valid comments (appeared to be not tested).

    – loses my Entrance and Exit Animation after saving’
    – takes long time (2min+) reload Saved page on pressing “Start Builder”
    – preview mode nothing happens
    – adding my domain to settings – website does not appear

    Neil perhaps you can look into these bugs..

    Regards, Blenheim


      The builder runs on your machine, in the browser, but your browser is actually running it locally via the browser cache. It sounds like your machine is slow in general. The 2min+ to load is a good indication that the problem is with your computer.

      Of the issues you reported I have confirmed one, that is the animations not saving properly. Not sure how I missed that when I tested, but what is happening is that they are saving, its just they selection is not showing when you go back and edit. This is a simple GUI issue that Im sure that they will correct. I just sent both Neil and his developer a Skype message asking them to look at it.

      For the last one make sure you are entering your domain as the show in the example, just {}

      Finally I want to note that even though Neil does read my blog Im quite sure that he does not monitor it for support issues on his products. One thing I did not like about this was that there was no link to support in the software itself, I complained about this to Neil and he added it at my suggestion. If you click the support link it will take you directly to their help desk.


    Am I “allowed” to say this?…

    My paypal account hasn’t even had time to cool down after I just bought ENGAGIFIRE *AND* CLICKS-IT — and now “everyone” is saying I gotta run right out and BUY this VLB T-O-O?!?

    They all seem pretty much identical to each other!

    The real question is, where does all this end?
    I (and my bank account) can’t keep up!

    That’s 3 almost identical products — ALL claiming to be absolute “MUST-HAVES.”
    ALL launching within 2 weeks time. What’s a lowly product-buyer to do? Should I buy all 3, then pick the best one, and refund the other 2?

    Any honest assessment of all 3 that would compare + contrast the pros + cons of each one, that I can look at out there???

    — TW


      No Tim an honest assessment of all three would not nessisarly compare the pros+ cons of each one. For example I have not tested either EngagiFire or Clicks-It, but I have tested VLB. Are you saying I can’t possibly be honest about VLB unless I also test all its competitors and compare them? When you think about it that makes no sense at all.

      EngagiFire came out 8 weeks ago (not two), Im not sure when Clicks-It came out, but there is a bigger issue that I’m noticing. You seem to feel like your somehow obligated to buy because people are promoting. Your not. If you have something that works, dont buy another similar product (unless the new one has additional features that make it work the new expense)

      No you should not buy all three, pick the best one and refund the other two. That’s very uncool. What you should do is buy a product, use it, and only buy an additional one if you need some additional feature the new one provides. This is why I do reviews to let you know exactly what the new product is about so you can decide if its worth spending more money on. I have never once said a product is a ‘must have’ by the way.

        Michael Rytter

        I soooo agree….

        @Tim: NOTHING is “MUST HAVE”… unless….wait for it…….wait for it……YOU ACTUALLY NEED IT!!!!!!

        Yes you! Be at least a little more self aware of what YOU need to make your tasks easier, what YOU NEED to help you get the job done.

        Don’t just buy for the sake of buying, or, because a complete stranger who knows NOTHING about you, nor anything at all about what you are doing, (other than the fact that you are on his list), tells you that YOU must have HIS PRODUCT in order to be successful!

        And I HAVE to add this….DON’T EVER just be a “lowly product buyer”…that is NOT a vocation with a future….be a PRODUCT CREATOR / VENDOR! If you are, (a lowly product buyer), that’s on you! And use what you buy!! It sounds like you don’t really know what the items you purchased really do, or don’t do.

        Sorry Brett…..really none of my business….Just had to jump in here. This is probably one of my biggest peeves….and there are sooo many folks out there like this. They buy buy buy and never use any of it…..then they claim that “internet marketing is a scam” or “just doesn’t work”


    UPDATE: I have to say my problem with the products have been solved by support staff..thanks πŸ™‚



    I bought Video Box Lead core; NOT include the following:

    1) Powerful A / B Split Testing
    2.) Skyrocket Your TeeSpring Campaigns
    3) Built-in eBook Cover Creator
    4.) Sell Anything With PayPal
    5) Promote Amazon Products
    6.) The Geolocation Technology
    7.) Install Developer and Unlimited License
    8.) Unannounced bonus


      Im not sure what you mean by ‘core’ but the sales page does have a little chart I see that explains what you get with each of the licenses. I will agree with you though that the sales page can be misleading you have to read it carefully, unfortunately it was not available to me at the time of the review. My opinion of the product over all has not changed.


    I got to this site because of Brett’s generous offer of the free Jack Jacker plugin. Video Lead Box seems like a good idea to get people into a funnel, but wasn’t reading your page content their original reason for coming to your site?

    If so, doesn’t sending them off into your sales funnel divert them from their reason for visiting the site in the first place? How do people react to this kind of bait and switch scenario?


      Wow Raymond your so negative. Yes your content is what gets people to your site. But a pop up / lead box is in no way a ‘bait and switch’ because people choose to click it or not to click it. Thats like calling a link on WikiPedia a ‘bate and switch’. After all people come to WikePedia to read about something specific and then it has links that take them somewhere else. Your not sending them off to a funnel ‘you are inviting them to go to it’ as I said they can close the pop up, just like they can not click a link on WikiPedia. Honestly your being overly negative for no reason.

      FYI: This is a real bate and switch: An online store offers a amazing value on a product they are selling, when you get to the online store though the cart says they are ‘sold out’ of that product, but they have a slightly different one (a different brand for example) which of course is sold at the regular price and not the amazing price that the other product which you came to the online store was sold at. This is a classic ‘bate’ (bate you with the great priced product) and ‘switch’ (switch you to a different product not so great priced)


        Brett, I don’t think my comment was negative. I was merely trying to point out how some might perceive being presented with a popup that asks for their contact information before even welcoming the visitor to their site.

        Perhaps a timed delay, or being able to configure it as an exit pop before the popup appears would be good features.

        I would hope that people can disagree about how to use popups, content locking, etc. without being branded as negative a negative person.

        In fact, one of the points made on their sales page is that you can lock the content by removing the close button.

        I watched your entire review, and this is something that I would use myself, I’d just prefer the flexibility mentioned earlier.

    Captain Lou

    Great reviews, Brett. Does VideoLeadBox facilitate Digital Asset Delivery of a “lead magnet” (ethical bribe) such as a pdf. report that’s emailed to the prospect after opt-in, like LeadPages does? Or…would I have to try to set that up to come from my auto-responder? I don’t want to just re-direct to a download page that can be easily found or shared.


      I have not used LeadPages (that service is over hyped and over priced) .. but VLB does let you deliver your digital download via a redirect or you can send people to your download page via your auto responder. As for this: “I don’t want to just re-direct to a download page that can be easily found or shared.” That makes no sense at all when you think about it. So you dont want people to share your download page. Well what is to stop them from sharing your digital product? Nothing.

        Captain Lou

        Good point, Brett. One example: I’m using LeadPages “digital asset delivery” (where I’ve uploaded a huge pdf) to email buyers of my new book an unadvertised bonus “digital version” on the thank you page, that I’ve also created in LP. When the buyer opts in to get the download, they are dropped into a book buyers list on MailChimp, and redirected to a second thank you page (also created in LP) that offers them the opportunity to click through to reserve one of our upcoming cruise events. So, I’m redirecting the front end book buyer into a stronger offer instead of sending them to a download page for the book. They’ll get THAT by email from LP. Of course, like you said in your review, this involves creating several pages and linking them all together -vs- setting up the whole “funnel” in VLB as “steps” and BAM you’re done! With the only step missing being the instant “digital asset delivery” by email. Ahhhh…but in a perfect world……. πŸ™‚

    Captain Lou

    ….so in this particular scenario my buyer MUST give me their correct email address to get their digital bonus (by email only) and then redirect to my upsell, bigger offer, etc. so they are not distracted by a download page. BTW, I cannot add video’s to LeadPages’ LeadBoxes which is what brought me here to look at VLB.

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