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4/ 5

Creator: Karthik Ramani
Type: Cloud based software


Worked very well in my test


Branding in the quiz footer

Watch the video below for my full review of Quiz Funnels. You can also see the results I got with this software when I ran a live test where I was able to collect over 80 leads in less than half a day (and get over 50 clicks to my sales page after I got […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Watch the video below for my full review of Quiz Funnels.

You can also see the results I got with this software when I ran a live test where I was able to collect over 80 leads in less than half a day (and get over 50 clicks to my sales page after I got those leads)


QuizFunnels Review summery:

Quiz Funnels is what you would probably guess. Its a quiz software. Now at first I admit that does not sound very exciting. However this is actually a lot more than a generic quiz. Its a system that allows you to give dynamic results based on the answers the taker enters. It also allows you to build your email list and finally present them with specific offers based on the answers the give.  It has three main parts.

First it has the actual quiz. The core of the product where you ask people questions and they enter answers. The quiz can be a serous one or a humorous one depending on your niche. In my example, since I’m in the IM niche I ran a quiz that would tell you how likely you are to succeed in internet marketing. These kinds of quizzes  are much better than just the generic ‘polling quiz’. People like taking questions that will supposedly tell them something about themselves. Just think of all the quizzes that young ladies use to take in magazines. Or all the quizzes you see people taking on Facebook like “What Game of Thrones character are you?” You see them all over, you see people sharing them, and taking them because unlike a boring poll they are entertaining. Now your quiz does not have to be super funny or anything, with a little bit of imagination you can create an entertaining, yet serous quiz for any niche.

Second comes the lead capture.  Quiz Funnels allows you to capture leads on one of two different ways. You just show people a signup form that lets them add their email address or you can use the log in with Facebook option. Personally I like log in with Facebook. Its fast, easy, and since its getting the email from Facebook its much more likely to be a real email (since Facebook confirmed it).

The system also asks for the email at the perfect time. Right after people complete the quiz but before it shows them their results. This is when people are most likely to agree to give you their information. After all they just made a commitment both mentally and with their time.  They where interested in your quiz in the first place. They went through it. Now just as they are about to get their results they only have to give you their email first. Its the perfect moment to collect leads.

Finally is the offer section. Quiz Funnels allows you to create multiple results for your quiz. The result that is displayed depends on the answers that the user selects in the quiz. Besides showing the user their results you can also present them with a custom offer via a call to action button (which can lead to a sales page, checkout page, or affiliate product) that is tailored to the specific result that they got from the quiz.

Now all of this is well and good, but the question is does this actually work? Well the only way to know for sure would be to run a live test. So thats exactly what I did. I created an actual quiz. I used the Quiz Funnels IFRAME embed option to put it in a post on this blog and sent traffic to it by posting a link to my Facebook group and running a Facebook ad. The results where surprising to me. Why? because they where much better than I expected.

First of all I was getting a 4% CTR rate on the Facebook ad, which is very good. But it makes sense since as I said, these kinds of quizzes are fun and people like to take them.

Of the 161 people who took my quiz 95% of them finished it

Of those people that finished it 82 people opted in, providing me with their email address, in order to see their results.

Of those 82 people 54 of them clicked my call to action link and went to my sales page

So in summery in about 6 hours or so I got 82 optins and 54 clicks.  Nice!

I think the results speak for themselves. QuizFunnels works well. Its something that I can guarantee you I will be using to get leads, traffic, and clicks and its something that I think is well worth investing in for anyone in the IM space.









Bonus: The vendors of Quiz Funnels have allowed me to give away this generous bonus pack to anyone who buys it through my link. You will get instant access to the bonuses right inside of the software members area:



Click there to get Quiz Funnels and instant access to these bonuses (right inside of the software members area)






 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

About the Author

Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    how does this software differ from another product called Mints App, any idea?… they seem very similar.


    I purchased Mints App through you link and it’s a great program. Would you recommend owning both and if so what advantage would I get from getting Quiz Funnels? Also you didn’t mention if the version you reviewed was the base offering or if there’s a OTO.



      Im not sure who you bought Mints App through, but it was not through my link… I know that because I did not review or promote Mints App.


        Humm… I usually buy through you for other great products so I trust your advice. So not to belabor the point but would you recommend owning both and if so what advantage would I get from getting Quiz Funnels? Also you didn’t mention if the version you reviewed was the base offering or if there’s a OTO.


          Unless I say so in the review, its always the FE that I am testing. I cant advise you on this vrs Mints App since as I said I did not review it in depth. Sorry.


    Hi Brett, even though you don’t review the OTOs/upsells, it would nice if you could mention what they are and how much. I for one like to know the full scope before I press the buy key. It shows transparency,IMHO.


      They dont matter. Either the FE is a good value worth buying or its not. What you are offered later has no bearing on that. I honestly cant understand why people cant understand this 🙂 Perhaps you can explain it to me?


        Oh sorry I should have mentioned, if you really are interested in the funnel though you can do this. Go to MunchEye.com and look up the JV page for the product your considering. This will give you a lot of info, not only about the funnel but also about what the affiliates are getting compensated for their promotions etc.

        Raymond Knapp

        Brett to me its nice to know what the OTO’s are before you make a purchase of the main product. For one thing many times the main product does not tell you that you can only use it on one website and that to use it on more then one website you need to buy the OTO and spend additional money on it. If I knew in advance that I had to buy the OTO to use it on other sites I may or may not have made the purchase


          That makes sense, there is no reason why I cant start showing the funnel I guess. Though I still strongly believe that the main consideration when making a purchase is the value of the FE.


    Hi Brett. Thanks for the review. I notice that the buy options say it is good for 5, 10 or 50 campaigns, depending on the level you buy at. Is this limit monthly, lifetime, something else?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


      Sorry for the delayed reply, I had to wake for Karthik to wake up to speak to him (he is on the other side of the world from me) .. so the way it works is that its the number of quizzes you can run at any one time. Not a total number ever, just the number of simultaneous that can be going on at once.

      Hope that helps.

    Tom McGaughan

    Actually…I found that the whole offer was slightly deceptive. On the sales page, most would assume, from the videos, that the templates (or a few of them) were included in the FE pricing.
    I didn’t get it until I purchased…and was presented with the OTO. I guess it didn’t help that you didn’t pick a template to demo although the ‘success’ pic you chose looked like template quality…!!
    No worries…it is still a good deal without the templates.


      Honestly I would not use a template anyway. For me they where kind of a pain, since you have to delete the sample questions etc. Sorry I should have been more clear about that in the review, but I got kind of excited by my test results and focused on that.


    Hi Brett,
    Thank you for the review.
    I discovered that both upgrade offers allow for custom logos in the quiz footers along with the ability to create unlimited quizzes.

    Mike Rytter

    Absolutely love this!!

    Really well done…a TON of training and support inside…. AWESOME product …..so many ideas for this!

    I DID grab the OTO as well, not only are there templates, but it (the OTO), includes an SAAS developers option….you can sell this to clients and they get set up with their own dashboard etc….. There is a 3rd OTO, which is the white label edition, but it is costly, I honestly think it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to sales versus the SAAS, in fact maybe the opposite, as with the white label version, you install it on your own server, and you have to provide your own support, which, from experience, (I just ditched my webhosting biz because of that….but that’s a story for another day!), can be a time-sucking money pit!

    I don’t agree with Brett 100% on his comment above about the templates….they provide an excellent script to learn from when creating the quiz, especially for people who haven’t done this before…..not as easy as one might think when starting from scratch! (Of course, that is what I attempted on my first try….when my mind went blank just trying to create the outcomes, I switched over to working from a template pretty quick! LOL!)

    The tutorials just rock though…..but….I would have to watch them several times before doing this from scratch without a template! For example, your questions have to fit your outcomes, both in number and in content, and there are some other things that have to match up correctly for your quiz to work or even make sense. (Brett’s just one of those weird people who can do things like this from scratch the first time they see it! 🙂 )

    All in all, an awesome product!!

      Mike Rytter

      There is just one thing i would put on my wishlist for this product: a way to add in the code for our own autoresponders like Mailit or Mailx….

      But other than that… 🙂

      Andrew Speers

      The templates are great and thats not all there is much more in the pro as you say the SAAS . Happy Kathik’s software has a real good feel to it and its seen in all he produces just gets better . OH Brett I did buy through you so do how to get the great bonuses .. should I put that in the comments ?


    Hi Brett – took your survey and it looked good, but at the end the javascript Check Results to go to FB didn’t work.

    But was pleased to see the survey could be run on your own blog and not just on FB itself.


    So can this be used for surveys? or is it simply an engagement-quiz maker? I really have the need to collect the data taken. Some of these platforms don’t actually collect the data.

    Also, does it assign tags to autoresponder subscribers? This would be useful for segmentation once they actually opt in.


      I don’t believe it assigns tags. However it does indeed collect the data, if you check out the review video at around 17:10 I show that.


      Oh I just realized , you might be asking if it stores the actual answers to each individual question. In that case, no I dont believe it does. This would mean its probably not very well suited for a survey.


        Thanks again Brett. I almost purchased this as I’m using a survey platform that’s costing me around $100 per month and I don’t do surveys that often.

    Jack Bluni

    Hey Brett! Can these quizzes be published as a Facebook Post on a Facebook Page? Is it just a matter of putting the link on the post and it will show the Beginning of the Quiz?


    Do they have a WP plugin?

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