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Creator: Todd Gross + Cyril 'Jeet' Gupta
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Uses a tactic that has been proven to work for other venue's


Its easy to get 'over excited' and become a spammer. So be careful!

Today I’m doing a review of a new desktop software called Tube Traffic. So what exactly is Tube Traffic? Well honestly that is the question I had myself at first. When I started looking at this several days I go I went into it blind. I had not seen the sales page preview, I had […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new desktop software called Tube Traffic.


So what exactly is Tube Traffic? Well honestly that is the question I had myself at first. When I started looking at this several days I go I went into it blind. I had not seen the sales page preview, I had not seen the JV page, and I had no idea what problem this was designed to solve. So I asked Cyril to do a quick Skype call, give me a full demo, and answer some of the questions I had.

First let me explain the problem that Tube Traffic is designed to solve. Then I will tell you how it solves this problem and talk about my thoughts in it.

So the problem it solves is that YouTube is massive! Ironically that is also one of the best things about YouTube. There are over 4 billion videos on YouTube. Yea thats BILLION with a b! As in 4 thousand million videos! These videos are watched by over 1 billion regular YouTube users. On average there are 300 hours of total video watched every 1 minute on YouTube, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In short there is a ton of users who are watching a ton of videos all the time on YouTube.

The size, scale, and sheer number of users on YouTube is one of the reasons people look to using YouTube for marketing. It would be foolish to ignore a platform that has over a billion active users who keep coming back over and over. However this fact is also the problem for the new marker. Your videos are not just one in a million, or one in a billion even, they are one in 4 billion. The size of YouTube means that is its very difficult for a new person to even make people aware of their videos or their channel. You end up being one person in a crowd of 4 billion others all shouting ‘watch me’! Not very effective. And of course if no one is even aware of you, no one is going to watch your videos, and if no one watches your videos guess what, no one is going to click your links your videos. In short, no awareness = no views = no clicks = no money πŸ™

This is the problem that Tube Traffic is designed to solve. Its designed to make people aware of your videos, because when people are aware of your videos they can then watch them. When people watch them then they can click any links you have in annotations or in the description. When they click the links you can make money, and it all starts with getting noticed in the first place. That’s what Tube Traffic does. It gets your videos noticed.

When I understood the problem that Tube Traffic is designed to solve I instantly became interested in testing it more. Just about anyone can make a video these days. There are all kinds of sketch video creators, screen cast programs, explainer video builders etc. on the market and chances are that most people own at least one of them. But all of those tools, while great tools, leave you short on one thing. They let you make a video, but your still just one video in a ocean of videos. You don’t stand out. That is what Tube Traffic wants to do, it wants to make you stand out. Here is how it goes about doing it:

Tube Traffic is a desktop software that gets people aware of your videos and / or channel using a very old tactic that has been proven to work in other marketing venues. It does it by posting comments (with an optional link) on other peoples videos. This is something people have done with blogs for quite a while. They do it with Facebook groups, and they do it with Twitter. Its also something that people do with YouTube right now. Only Tube Traffic makes it fully automated. Let me explain how it works.

Tube Traffic has two main functions:Β  Harvest and Interaction.


Harvest is where you find videos to comment on. There are a few ways to do this. You can find videos based on a specific YouTube user. You can find based on a specific page / channel. Or the most common method that people are going to use most often. You can find videos based on a keyword search. You can find videos from multiple sources and all of the videos you ‘harvest’ will be added into your ‘harvested videos’ list.

The interactions section is where the actual auto posting / commenting is done.1

In here you can create comments that will get auto posted to the videos that you have harvested.Β  This can get you noticed on two ways. First of all your name in the comment will be clickable. Second of all you can have a link inside of your comment. Now I would strongly suggest that people do NOT include an affiliate link or even any link off of YouTube. This is spammy, stupid, and is not likely to get you much results. Instead if you are going to include a link you should link to one of your own videos on YouTube. Keep in mind that this is a software that is designed to get people to be aware of and visit your YouTube videos. Its not an affiliate link spamming tool.

A good tactic would be something like this. Lets say your in the weight loss niche (this tactic will work for any niche, but we are just using this for an example), you make a weight loss related video with a link in the description for monitization.Β  You could ‘harvest’ other weight loss videos, then auto post comments into them that say something like “Hey, great video. Thanks for sharing! I also made a quick video as well where I talk about my experience with weight loss. {link to your video}”. That is a nice comment, its not spammy, its not aggressive, and it also sticks to the nature of YouTube. Its social. People like to watch videos on YouTube and all this is doing is sharing another one with them. Be social, share your videos, and resist the urge to spam affiliate links. Remember this is Tube Traffic: for getting traffic to your videos, not be a jerk and spam the hell out of videos with your affiliate link.

Tube Traffic does use the proper YouTube API for its operations however one concern I had was that even if you are being friendly in your comments, just the fact that you are making them quickly and automated might trigger a spam response from YouTube. Cyril, the developer behind this software, had already thought of that though.


The software has very detailed, built in throttling. That lets you calibrate how fast it will perform its different actions. This way you can slow it down and make your interactions (and even your harvesting) look more natural and organic to avoid triggering any spam response. It also means that you can set up a whole bunch of different actions and then just let the software work on its own without you doing anything more. Now this is a desktop software, so that does mean that you will need to have your computer turned on and the software running for it to keep working. However you can minimize it the the desktop tray, and it will keep working in the background. When testing TubeTraffic used minimal system resources and did not slow down my machine at all.

So what do I think of Tube Traffic over all? Well I think that the problem it aims to solve is very real. YouTube has gotten so huge that its unlikely that your going to put a video on it and magically get traffic. There is just to much competition. I know that the way that it solves the problem has been proven to work on other venues such as blogging, Facebook groups, and Twitter and because of this I think that provided you can resist the urge to misuse this software (by spamming affiliate links on comments) this can be something that could really help you get noticed, get visitors to your videos, and make you stand out. With its very reasonable pricing and its 30 day money back guarantee I think its well worth at least trying.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Mike Quinn

    Thanks as always Brett!
    Just wanted to add it’s a Windows software so to use on a Mac one would need to use a Windows emulation software πŸ™‚
    So that includes peeps such as myself. I don’t have anything like that right now so I’ll have to skip this one. Just thought it might save time for others like myself πŸ˜‰
    Cheers and be well!


    I appreciate your in-depth reviews and the straight up honesty you provide on the products you review, but I have one request if I may….If there is any way you could incorporate into your reviews whether there is a funnel and how long it is, # of upsells, downsells, etc – I would appreciate it as I’m sure your other fans would as well. I started to be lazy and ask you how many there were, but instead decided to log into my JVZ affiliate account and take a peek. It currently has up to 7. Lengthy sales funnels are obnoxious, and that’s no fault of yours, but knowing up front for the experienced shiny object collector like myself, might cause me to pause and think about it before deciding to purchase.


      I sometimes do that. When the OTO’s are relevant. However I very strongly believe that the purchase decision should be based on the value of the front end offer alone. Either it is a good value or it is not. What you are offered later is normally not relevant. FYI: Being a ‘shiny object collector’ is not a good thing.

    Jason Hale

    Hey Brett, awesome review as always! I just picked up Tube Traffic from you.

    Jason Hale


    I’m imagining proxies play a part in this equation, especially if using multiple YT channels to comment on different niches. How does that work?

    Alvin B

    Hi Brett

    I have not seen a demonstration video that walk us through how the software works. I see videos that tell you that if you put in “Dentist” or ” Doctors” as the keywords it brings back Videos for those particular keywords. Why not just set up a dummy site and show us exactly how the software works? Are they hiding something? With the tons of software being released daily there are so much junk peddling going on. I would like to see a full step by step demonstration of the software and not the creator telling us what it supposed to do.


      Please dont take this the wrong way but you sound kind of cynical. You must have had some bad experiences in the past. However you need to be aware that not everyone is a bad person. Also I’m not sure what your talking about with ‘set up a site’. As I clearly say in this review, this is a desktop software, for YouTube videos. So what exactly would a ‘site’ have anything to do with this?

    Alvin B

    Brett, thanks for your prompt response. Yes, my friend, you are right. I bought so much garbage in the past (books, reports and software) if I had put my money in a bank account I would have reached my IM dreams. I am sure there are others who have same experience. Now I only get burned 10% of the time because I question and research the hell on everything before I buy. When a marketer spends 10+k on a one page sales letter it is no longer about the product it is to by-pass your brain and get to your credit card.

    Anyway, as for the mock site I was suggesting that on his own desktop he open an actual demonstration site and show in details how the software works. Instead of saying the software can pull videos from Youtube. He could actually use the software to pull the videos and place them on the mock site and do the other features in the same way so that we can see the details of how it really works. Nothing beats showing an actual site that it works on. Thanks for your time, this is just my opinion.


      I think your confused about what this does. You might want to pass on it honestly. You keep saying a ‘site’ and this has nothing to do with websites.

      Ray Holt


      I 100% understand your request, even though, as Brett said it may not apply to this particular product. So many products (or about all of them) give that amazing sales pages with a sales video ( not a demo video ) and somehow forget to show the meat of the product. Even a bigger beef is when they have a ‘training webinar’ on the product and ends up pushing another $1000 product. So far this product has not done that. I did purchase this product and so far it seems what it and Brett has said. There is a training YouTube that somehow is not linked inside the member area and so far does what it is suppose to do. Alvin, it was not that long ago where we had ‘text-based’ sales pages and great “Complete’ (no Pro OTO’s) upgrades, for actually decent prices. Those days seem to be gone for now. Tube Traffic seems like a good product, as reviewed, without the OTO and should provide some needed notice of your YouTube’s.

        Alvin B

        Thanks for helping me out man, very good observation.


        “Even a bigger beef is when they have a β€˜training webinar’ on the product and ends up pushing another $1000 product”

        You get free training in exchange for listening to a short sales pitch at the end of the free training. You have no obligation to buy from the pitch, or even to continue to listen to the pitch (you can leave when the training part is over) . Personally I think anyone who cant see the value in that is insane, and anyone who bitches about that small trade off is full of entitlement. Not trying to sound insulting, but that’s just how I feel.

        Ask any professional, a lawyer, an accountant, a doctor to give you an hour of free training about their field and not try to sell you anything and see how that goes. Incidentally: many people in IM make more than many people on all of those fields.


    Hello. This looks like a cool software and I’m considering trying it out, but doesn’t it seem unethical to post comments on videos you don’t even watch? What if someone replies back to you and you don’t even know what video of theirs you watched in the first place?

    Also, is commenting on YouTube channels the only thing this software does? Or can it get you views by another means if someone doesn’t feel comfortable auto commenting on other channels?


      I can almost 100% guarantee you that no one is going to reply back, and if they do, so what? Its not like your going to have a deep in depth discussion about the video. YouTube is not a book club πŸ™‚ As for ‘ethical’ that is for each individual to decide. I will say that this tactic has been used for blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other venues for years though. This just automates something people already do. As for other ways it gets traffic, mostly this is what it is designed for as I described in this article.


        Thanks for getting back to me. I think I am going to give this software a try. So if no one replies back to you and you just post your comments (keeping them generic of course) on other videos, other people will see your comment and click on your link and you’ll get views that way? Or is this more about building back links to your YouTube videos on other videos to help it rank more? Now that I think about it, it doesn’t seem unethical to me anyways. The majority of people aren’t going to comment back, which is why I’m also wondering about how this actually gets views.


          I dont know how to explain it any differently than I already did in this article.


            Hey, I ended up buying through your link. Thank you for the $5 discount and the bonuses. I watched his YouTube training but he didn’t mention if the auto comment knew when to stop posting multiple comments on the same channel. Let’s say for instance you harvest a bunch of videos from the same channel. Will Tube Traffic no when to stop posting comments on the same channel over and over again? I’m not sure if you know this, but i thought I’d ask. This concerns me because this would look like spam to a channel owner. I emailed Jeet about this, so hopefully he’ll get back to me.

            Also, do you know if there is a way to set your own number to how many comments get posted? Right now I’m only seeing 5, 10, 25, 50, etc. I was wondering if there is a manual way to input this information, but it looks like not.


              I think it would be best if you sent them a support ticket for clarification. I believe the system rotates the comment: so you kind of decide by the number you harvest, and the number you post, for example if you harvest 50, and post 100, that is 2 per video. Also I dont believe there is a way to select a specific number like 37 for example. However their support is going to be the best to confirm this as they are the ones who can give you a 100% correct answer.



    Just bought. I am using WP Fan Machine 2 to do something similiar on Facebook, also bought on your recommendation.

    Now up to over 900 likes on Fb page, with very little input from me.

    Ray The Video Guy

    I have spent the last week or so using Tube Traffic for a couple channels, and the results have been really, really good!

    Not o ly have I seen more subs and views, but for one of the channels, I used the channel commenting tool to each out to the channel owners about an offer I had, and a number of the channel owners got back to me about it.

    Robin Carlisle

    Just to clarify a few things… building channel authority is probably THE most important habit to master if you want your videos to rank with or without doing all the time-consuming seo work. And Cyril Gupta has mastered the art of building channel authority on his numerous channels.

    His Building Channel Authority course on Udemy is par exellence, a must-read for YT marketers. At the end of that course, he allows you to download one of his channel authority building software products for free. Very useful, but very different from his current product you just reviewed.

    This new software simply automates the SAME standard system most pro vid marketers have used for years, a very time-consuming, boring, repetitive habit that most folks stop doing over time. So Cyril’s new software keeps on helping you build authority long after you get reeeeeeally tired of doing it.

    But why should you care? Ever notice how sometimes you can NOT outrank some stupid video that is NOT optimized at all? If you check out the Moz Page Authority Score for that video url, it may or may not be 48 or above. But if you plug in the channel url for the user who created that video, you’ll probably find the Moz Channel Authority Score IS 48 or higher.

    A user with high channel authority can easily rank their vids WITHOUT seo… so often do as little seo as possible. And Cyril Gupta is a MASTER at building channel authority.

    I personally prefer a previous competitor’s channel authority software because it goes overboard to emulate random human behavior in watching, liking, disliking, commenting, and subscribing to channels and videos… and there is ZERO chance of ever creating a traceable footprint with that software.

    BUT, I’ll definitely try Cyril’s tool, too. Like I said… Cyril is THE longtime master of building channel authority… and he’s well-known for his massive channels with extremely high channel authority. So whenever Cyril creates/shares anything YouTube related, folks should listen… very closely… and copy whatever he’s doing. Just fyi… πŸ™‚

    Robin Carlisle

    BTW, just because a machine can leave 25-150 comments per day on related videos in your niche, do NOT allow it to do that. Truly, I would NEVER leave more than 5-6 comments in one day… not ever! And I’d NEVER leave the same number of comments two days in a row.

    Steadily increasing your channel authority over time is your goal, so plan your plan FIRST… and make your campaign around six weeks long for ONE channel. Youtube won’t have a clue what YOU are doing and will actually be impressed with what YOU are doing… even if YOU are really automating this with your own Mini-Me automated bot.

    Consistently Persistent Random Robin… that’s MY name… or actually, what I call my Mini-Me-Bot, lol. So I’d definitely also recommend Cyril’s cool new tool, BUT I’d definitely NOT leave 25 comments in a day. Best to stay far lower under YouTube’s radar… πŸ™‚


      Great advise, I also tried to make it clear that you dont want to abuse a tool like this. This tool is like a hammer, you can build something with it, or you can smash something with it, it all depends on how you use it πŸ™‚

        Robin Carlisle

        THAT is a GREAT analogy, Brett. Yes, Cyril’s tool is definitely a HAMMER… used to build OR destroy… so best used wisely. πŸ™‚

      Busted Now

      Well then why in the world would anyone need a program then????? I can leave 5 or 6 comments myself in a few minutes no need to spend a dime for that lol just sayin….


        Lets say it takes you 1 minute to find a relevant video, and 20 seconds to type a comment.
        Now multiple that by 200 videos. Leaving aside the fact that it will continue to get more and more difficult to manually find relevant videos and take more time as you go. Thats still 4 hours of your time.
        If you want to do more comments it will take longer, if you want to do that number each week it will be that amount of time a week.

        Tube Traffic costs about $28. So even if you only do 200 comments one time (but you will likely want to do it weekly) saying you would prefer to do it manually as opposed to spending the $28 means that you are valuating your time and by extension an hour of your life at $28/4=$7. I don’t know about you. But I personally feel my time and my life are worth a lot more than $7. If you do not value your time or your life at more than that paltry amount, and if you only want to do a couple hundred comments on videos one time then it might make sense to do it manually.

        Robin Carlisle

        Hey, Busted. I learned early on with YouTube… that the more I did the same thing by habit… which was good for me… YT penalized me… thinking I was a bot. Not kidding. I’m very fast at doing mundane things online and every dang time I do something manually, I’m accused of being a bot. So for me, the bots that “emulate” human behavior actually help me appear as “human,” lol. But the sad fact is, the more a human sets up a routine and pencils in a time so they don’t forget to do these channel-building exercises manually themselves… the more they appear to be a bot to YouTube.

        Real humans, according to YouTube research, do things randomly, rarely on schedule, and rarely at the same time daily. The mere fact that a human could actually follow a schedule online makes YouTube suspicious of you.

        Time and time again… when folks get upset and want to know why YT banned their channel… I’m not kidding when I say that after a group of us dissect what they’ve done daily there… 9 times out of 10, the channel owner was very, very meticulous, always followed a schedule, and did the same things or same kinds of things daily around the same times.

        Wanna get banned or suspended fast? Do that, too. Wanna prevent that, but still want to build channel authority? Use a Min-Me human emulation bot that does everything randomly, lol. Not kidding, as it’s actually the safest way to go.

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