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Today I’m doing a review of Social Robot. But for this review I decided to do things a little differently and also interview one of the product vendors Mike Thomas. Honestly Mike has interviewed me several times about my own products and it was nice to be able to be on the other side of […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of Social Robot.

But for this review I decided to do things a little differently and also interview one of the product vendors Mike Thomas. Honestly Mike has interviewed me several times about my own products and it was nice to be able to be on the other side of an interview for a change.

Ok so what exactly is Social Robot? Well we all know that in order to get Google rankings you need to have back links. This is one of the triggers that Google uses to rank the importance of a website. Google assumes that sites with back links are more likely to be good sites since people have taken the time to link with them. This is logical when you think about it.

The problem with this is that now so much content is added to to the internet every day and it takes time to get natural back links to that content. Because of this a very standard SEO practice is for the publisher of the content to build their own back links to their URLs themselves. This is why people do social posting, guest blogging, forum posting, and a ton of other things to build back links to your site. Simply put you need them.

The thing with building back links to your site yourself though is that its a ton of work and lets face it no one likes to do a ton of work. In fact I don’t spend much time at all building back links to my site or to my videos even though I know I really should. I don’t do it because its boring, time consuming, and frankly just a pain.

Social Robot is designed to to do all the back linking for you. I always say that software is a tool and a good tool is one that makes something you would normally do yourself (or should be doing) more easy. Well it does not get much more easy than ‘do it for you’ and because of this I was interested in testing this software. So I got my review copy and went to trying it out.

The very first thing that Social Robot is designed to do is create accounts for you on the book mark sites. Normally in order to post a link to them you will need to create an account with an email address and confirm a link in an email that you get sent after you sign up. Social Robot can do this automatically for you.

To get it to do this I needed two things. First I needed an email account. For my testing I followed Mikes tutorial and created a free HotMail email account. I also followed his additional instructions that made sure all the emails I was sent ended up in my inbox. This is to ensure that the confirmation emails dont accidentally get sent to spam. Setting up a HotMail account took about 3 minutes and was very painless.

The second thing that is needed is a way to solve captchas.  These are those little text boxes where you enter text to continue. This software cant solve them so you need a different way to solve them. Fortunately it does integrate with several captcha solving services.


Now I want to be clear that these services are not free. However they are so low cost that they might as well be free. The one I decided to use was called ImageTyperz and cost $1.65 per 1000 captcha’s solves. As I said this is basically nothing. Once I had my email and captcha service set up I was ready to get going.

I was testing the very basic version with any upgrades that comes preloaded with 50 sites that you can post back links to. There is a better version that has 100 preloaded sites. As well as a OTO that lets you get several hundred more sites into the system. But I wanted to test with the most basic version.

Following the instructions I created my link and my post in the software. You can manually enter your own post content for the back link it makes to the book marking sites or you can just enter some keywords and Social Robot will pull in some relevant text content for the link. I decided to go the easy way and just click the button to have it pull in content automatically.

Once I had my content I entered the URL of a YouTube video I wanted to build back links to and pressed the one click, do it for me button. Now I will admit I was a little concerned about something Mike said in the interview. That no software like this can have a 100% success rate. Because of this I was really keen to see how many of the sites this would actually be able to sign me up for. How many of the emails I get it would be able to automatically verify and finally how many of the back links would get correctly posted.

The first thing this software needed to do was go to all of the book mark sites. As I said I set this to do 50 back links so that means it needed to sign me up for 50 book marking sites.


It took about 2 minutes for it to create all of the accounts for me. It then took another 100 seconds or so to confirm all the emails. The email confirmation naturally took longer because the software had to wait for the emails to arrive. Of the 50 sites I wanted to post to it was able to signup and confirm 46 of them. This is a 92% success rate. I was happy with that.

The next thing it needed to do was post all my text and back links to each of these book mark sites. This process took about 2 minutes total. Of the 46 sites that it was able to signup for it was able to post links to 37 of them.


This means that it was able to successfully post to 81% of the sites I had signed up for and 74% of the original 50 sites I wanted links to. Basically, over all, it was successful 2/3rds of the time. Not super awesome but not bad at all. Especially when you consider that I didnt have to do anything myself.

The end result was that I got 37 back links to my video without in a few minutes without me having to do anything. I was sitting here just watching it work because I was timing everything for the review but I could have left the computer or done something else if I liked.

One thing that I will point out though is that the over all process took about 5 minutes for just the 50 sites. What this means is that if you are going to post to a lot more sites, hundreds for example, it might take quite a while to complete. Also I noticed that it took a good but of my CPU usage to while it was working. Because this is CPU intensive and could take a while it might be best to set this up at night before you go to bed and let it do all the back linking while you are asleep. When you think about it that’s not a bad deal actually. Have your own ‘robot’ software post back links for you while your in bed. Hey you still have a computer while your sleeping and your still getting internet service even though your asleep and no one is using it. Why not put that ‘dead time’ to work?

Ok so what about the software itself? Its very well designed and coded. I tried to break it but I was unable to. There where no errors or problems that I could see. One thing I did notice is that it has a lot of customization options which can be a little intimidating. However for most people, probably about 90% of them, these options are not going to be needed. Most people are just going to be clicking the do it for me ‘one click post’ button like I did.

If you want to know what the options are though, if you have a problem with the software or need support there are several ways you can get help. This has ‘quick tips’ that show when the software loads. It has a users manual you can read. It has a quick start video you can watch. It has a forum you can visit. It has a way to contact their support. All of this is built right into the software. So yea I’m going to say that they have the support thing covered.

It also has a button that you can click which will automatically check for any update to the software. If one is available it will download and install the update for you. This is a nice feature that I was really glad to see they included.

Now I normally do not review the OTO’s but in this case I know what it is and I questioned Mike about it so I at least want to mention my thoughts on it. Depending on the version of Social Robot that you buy it will come with either 50 or 100 book marking sites preloaded into it. The OTO is a monthly fee service that constantly crawls the internet and adds new sites to your software that you can post links to.

Because they have a dedicated server running 24 hours a day crawling the net it needs to be a monthly fee so I can understand that. But the question becomes: is it worth paying a monthly fee for? Well honestly I dont know. I dont know because I have not had this software for several months so I dont know how many new sites its going to add each month. What I do know is that currently there are an additional 900 or so sites in the system. I also know that if you decided to opt out and cancel furute monthly payments you dont loose the sites your have already had added to your software. Because of this I think that the OTO is worth buying for at least 1 month. Get it for the first month just to get the extra 900 book marking sites that their crawler has already found. Then after that you can decide if it is worth paying for future months.

Ok so what do I think of Social Robot over all? Well first I want to be clear this is not a magic button. Its a tool. But it is a tool that automatically does a very tedious and time consuming task that we all really should be doing if we want to rank. While it is not perfect in that it does not have a 100% success rate as a developer I know that 100% is just not possible. I actually thought its success rate would be somewhere around 50% but in my tests it was 74% which was above my expectations.

Anyone who has followed my blog have heard me say that the good products are the ones that are tools. The ones that will make your life easier. This is one of those tools and it is well worth considering.







The Jack Jacker (gold) bonus is no longer available.

 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

About the Author

Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Mike From Maine

    Hey Brett,

    I had a great time being on the OTHER end of the interview. I also appreciate you going through the software and trying to “break” it before we launched, as it’s important for me to only attach my name and brand to quality products.

    I’m here to answer any questions that your audience may have 🙂

      john jacobs

      mike….great webinar with brett….i bought the product over 3 months ago and sent 15 emails to support with out a response. i need help to set up and configure our system. social base is loaded. we started 2 projects but we dont think we can get it configured with all the back end stuff (captcha, proxies, and all the other stuff you mentioned?
      Please help! any suggestions? also, put me on your email list…i rather buy from you!

      Coleton Wright

      Mike, I purchased Social Auto Bot, but for some reason when I got to to run it the program always stops working; Do you have any idea why this is?

    David F

    What is the quality of the social bookmark sites that the software posts to? PR 3 and above?


    Brett link appears just to hang unless issue at my end may want to double check – cheers


    Great review and interview !!!
    I am in all the way, FE & OTOs !!!
    Thanks Brett (& Mike)


    Ever since I bought fb notification pro and entered the list of Brett I have always bought anything I want through him if I had to buy even if I am on the lists of the product creators.
    The bonus here seem too good to be…. loollzzz. Well, one lesson I have learnt from Brett is that honesty + sincerity in internet marketing is = more trust which is = more money. More grease to your elbows.
    Is the bonus automatically delivered?


      Yes its inside of JVZoo for you to download. If you have trouble accessing it please send me an email and I will also forward it to you.


        Just purchased front end plus the upsell bi billing plan, fortunately for me I already have their link indexer from you the last time you reviewed it but has only used it once, but I hope its going to be useful for me now.


    Does this only work for videos or can you use any URL?


    Hi Brett

    What happened to the listing of the video that you promoted? I know it has not been a long time since you tested the software.

    Warmest regards


      It got some extra hits but is not page #1. To be honest though I picked a really bad video to test on that I knew would never be able to rank. It was a review video I did for a software several months ago called “The Final Countdown” .. the problem with that is that there is also a classic move called “The Final Countdown” and a popular 80’s song called “The Final Countdown” so when you search for those words you always get the movie or the song in the results. So honestly my test was not a fair assessment of its ranking ability since I chose the worst possible video to try to rank. I did get some video views though which was nice 🙂


    Hey guys, I love the reversed roles…nice to see Mike being interviewed for a change.
    This sounds like a great seo product. Josh has now established himself as one of the top SEO guys out there. Having Mike backing up the product is also very positive.
    I like the fact that Mike has created the training material, being a teacher in the
    past makes him a good trainer.
    thanks Brett for clearing the issue about the maximum project thing, I’m glad that the software doesn’t stop after hitting the maximum allowed. As I understand, you can have the maximum, then if you want further projects you just remove existing ones.
    With all my respects to Josh and Mike, I’m going for this product mainly to get your plugin with resell rights. I’m not an SEO person, I just pay for traffic when I need it, but this may all change, if this helps me to get free traffic. So two birds with one stone, I get the plugin and a great seo product. I’m heading over to the Zoo now. good luck with the rest of the launch. Kami


    A very good offer giving this plugin away as a bonus
    One ?
    It is possible to change the name (Jack Jacker) due to a lot of people will be reselling it with the same name I mean somebody as you said can sell it for $1 but to differentiate and get the maximum benefit



      Yes! You can change the name, the logo, add your own name / link as the creator. The only way to get this is as a bonus for this launch and I wont be offering it again in any way, so really the total number of people who get it will be fairly small (relative to if I did an actual launch selling it). But you still have full rights to modify it if you like with your own branding. In fact I encourage you to do it.


    Hi Brett.
    social robot can work with IFTTT Backlink Commando FE 1
    for best results?


    whadya get when you combine an intelligent/honest review + a useful bonus?
    a buy through your link!

    hopefully it offsets all the stuff you ya talked me out of buying 😉


    You mean I can do a bunch of posts like this?

    My cousin Ralph just made over $7000 in only three hours using this proven new system. Check here: {link removed} for proof! It’s amazing!

    How do you make 900 posts seem like you’re responding to whatever the posts are talking about?


      I have not tried posts with links in them. What you have to understand though is that these social book marks will include any link you want as well under the text. Also just being honest, but I hope you would never make a post like that. It looks very spammy and is not going to do you any good other than to make you look bad.

        Largo Lagg

        that was pretty much my question… any post that is posted as-is to even a hundred sites is bound to come off a little spammy.. or maybe, like my example, a lot.

        So in the end, what good is it?


          ‘bound to come off a little spammy’ is not much of a technical statement. With respect it is one that is made with no experience or knowledge. How can I or anyone answer the question of ‘what good is it’ when your already making assumptions and drawing conclusions without any experience. The only thing that could be said is. Your wrong. Thanks for the comment though.

    John Lowe

    Hi Brett

    My question is: how is it different from other similar softwares that build backlinks or social bookmarks? I’ve bought some of these and they’re a pain cuz you still gotta sign up fpor dozens and dozens of sites and get a spinner ( a good one) and proxies and whatnot and its just sooooo much work….is it the same here?

    question number 2: Would it work with a language different than English?



      Well I cant speak for the other software products because I have not tested them. However if you read through the article you can see that this one does not require you to sign up for sites or anything. It does all of that for you: Signs you up for the sites, confirms the signup, posts the links. You dont have to do any of that.

      I only speak the English language so thats the only thing I tested with. But I dont see why it would not work with other languages. Software does not care about language 🙂

    Michael Rytter

    I’m actually kinda freaked out by this.

    Social Robot is not a new software by any stretch…I have had it for about a year, (and it’s probably been around for a couple years more), and was unaware that it had been sold to Zamoura. (that is the part that freaks me out!!) I don’t know what the sale today was about…I was going to go thru it to see, but had too many other things in the fire…

    I also have Social Base (additional subscription which is good for 6 months). This (Social Robot), is really good software folks…..It REALLY freakin’ works….I just hope it stays that way (working)…I know Zamoura is pretty big with ranking videos and markets some pretty liteweight video ranking “software” and methodologies….I just hope he makes the effort to keep this one (which is actually real software) updated and cutting edge….

      Michael Rytter

      It says up top that Joshua Zamora (I spelt his name wrong in my post above) is the creator…when I bought, I don’t recall his name ever being mentioned. I just took a look at the sales vid, and it is the same software.


        Joshua is the person promoting this, he did not code it. (most marketers are not coders, Im a rare exception) The very first thing the sales video says is “Hey guys: Joshua Zamora here .. “

          Michael Rytter

          When I bought it, he was not promoting it…this was a year ago.

            Michael Rytter

            and yes, when I looked yesterday, he did introduce himself in the video. He also said “My NEW software” a few times, if I remember correctly…this lead me to believe he had bought the original guys out. The words “My NEW” usually indicates recently aquired……


      Not sure whats ‘freaking you out’ .. you just said it was a good software.

        Michael Rytter

        Uhhmmm….perhaps because I immediately assumed (wrongly?) that it had changed hands. You yourself know that software like this has to be constantly updated in order to maintain its functionality. So new owners would be an unknown entity….. 🙂

        ANYWAY 🙂 Don’t wanna beat this to death! LOVE THE SOFTWARE…It indeed does exactly what they claim it will do (and more!…)

        My advice to everyone purchasing….If you are pulling the trigger on this one, get Social Base too! It is completely 150% worth it! It ramps this tool up to another level!


          I spoke to Mike last night. Joshua is just the new person doing the marketing, its still the same developer, he was unhappy with the old marketer he was working with, so now he contracted Joshua to do the marketing, the same developer still owns and maintains the software.


    Any chance of finding out the pricing for the monthly OTO? Already have quite a few monthly payments, so not sure I really need to add another, but it might be worth picking this up.


      I think its $27 per month. Also I think there is a 2x a year option. Honestly I suggest people get it at least for the first month just to get the hundreds of extra sites that are available right now. If you cancel after the first month you still keep them.


    Hi, I run a test with 50 sites and here’s my result:

    Accounts created – 29
    Mail confirmed – 3
    Content posted – 18
    Links verified – 0

    Not really good results.

    Anyone tested the links?



      Did you follow the set up instructions properly? This is way different from my results when I tested. Especially make sure you set up the HotMail account as they instructed.


        Hi Brett,

        I used yahoo email, but I think the big problem is not about the number of account created but about the links the software said succesfully created but any of them is live and working.

        Did you check yours links?


          Yes I checked my links. In your post you said your accounts didn’t get created reliably. I tested with Hotmail which is what Mike suggested and it worked very well.


            Tested again with a private email account and it worked better (there was something wrong with previous installation, i had only 50 sites for example).

            Do you think his a bad idea to use same project setting (account created and verified) to post different content, instead of always create new project and account?

            For example:
            I create a XYZ project, sign to the sites and then post not just 1 video to the social sites, but use same account to post different ones?


              I dont see any reason why you cant use the same settings for a new posting. But you could also send in a support request and ask the creators what they suggest.


    Didn’t have time to watch the interview, would like to do so latter.

    I did take a quick read through, I was ready to purchase at another promoter when I saw your bonus….. you hooked me, what an awesome bonus. I think I would have purchased just for the bonus you offered. But this software gets high ranks from some of the top seo dogs I tend to listen to …….I don’t eat a while I guess 🙂

    Thanks for your hard work Brett….. really appreciate it and really appreciate the bonus! Anyone who sees this would be foolish not to pick it up just for the bonus 🙂

    Take care…..have a good Memorial Day Weekend and we all need to remember those who have sacrificed the ultimate sacrifice so we can do what we do and live where we live!

    Best Wishes



    Don’t know if you are familiar with Social Link Machine, which was released recently as V2. If so, I’m just wondering if one is better than the other, or if they are different in what they do.


      Never heard of it, sorry.

      Steven Bell

      Ken – I use Social Link Machine and also purchased Social Robot. These are 2 different methodologies.

      SLM is a plug-in for your Word-Press blog that works in the background posting snippets from your blog posts to various social networks and web 2.0 sites like along with a backlink to your SLM blog.

      In version 2’s OTO there’s also secondary links that point at the posts on those sites. Another OTO allows you to exchange backlinks with other blogs in the same categories. Their snippets show up in your web 2.0 and social accounts and yours show up in theirs.

      Social Robot does not really require you to have a Word-Press blog at all. As Brett’s review shows, you just configure a project with URL, title, description and tags, set up a 1-time gmail account, and post hundreds of submittals to different social bookmarking sites.

      There’s a SEO risk in using this software directly on your main blog unless you use the scheduling feature, so some marketers recommend you use it on your videos or secondary sites. There’s probably no risk using it to direct link to affiliate offers since Google would see nothing unusual about a site like Clickbank suddenly having a few hundred new backlinks pointing at one of it’s URLs.

      So to summarize, SLM is best used on your main site to syndicate your posts and Social Robot is best used for secondary properties, videos, and direct linking.

    moses zee

    I have been reading your review. I surely appreciate them.
    How do I purchase your products?. I have no access to PayPal,


    Hi Brett, thanks for the review. Will this also be used for posts as well or just for youtube/ videos?

    I’m currently paying a monthly for a link indexer. I sure would like to get out of paying monthly fees.

    Is this software a good alternative?


    Seann Valen

    I purchased the front end for $44.95 and 6 mo of Social Base for $77. I didn’t buy Link Indexr at $77 1x for the launch. (regular price is $47 p/mo.)

    I was disappointed to hear in the pitch for Link Indexr that the results for link juice without the indexing push are only around 25%. With it could push that to 75% for just $77 more taking my purchase to just under $200. Nice to know on OTO2! I’m sure Josh’s Link Indexr is a good product. But hey, I thought that was backhanded. Hit me on OTO 2 for $77 on a scarcity offer (after spending $122 up front) telling me the front end product only gets minimal results without his Indexr. Come on Josh!

    So… Brett…using hundreds, even thousands of bookmark sites as I will with Social Base, my results % should go up without using Link Indexr.
    What do you think? Am I on or off base here?


      I believe you will get results without the Link Indexr, though I do believe you will get better results with it. We have to be fair to Joshua though, he is a marketer, and marketers try to sell, so its natural that he is going to try to hype up the Link Indexr OTO. I do not think its required though, if it was something you needed (and was not included in the FE) I would not have approved this launch.


    Anyone selling Jack Jacker Gold yet?


    Hi Brett,

    I’m ready to purchase social robot pro and oto1 from your link.
    But I have a question about 2captcha, or other alternatives captchas. Do you know if they accept paypal or not. I only use my credit card for emergency use only? I need to know this before purchasing?

    Please reply!


    I have been trying to install this since I bought it but I keep getting an error that the installation file is corrupt…., any body experiencing this or its only me? Is there any advice?


    what a KILLER bonus Brett – I already bought Social Robot, but am buying AGAIN just for your plugin + reseller! Keep them coming man!


      Hey Ken can i buy your 1st purchase from you at a reasonable price of coarse so you can recoup some of your money and as well as same me some cash as well as i missed the launch please see if this is possible to do…


    I got in with 3 minutes to spare. Got the Professional version.
    And its true immediately after the clock turn zero, price increased by $20.
    This is what I call integrity, which is far lacking in many product marketers today.

    Wasn’t intending to buy the product, since I am not into video marketing.
    But your “bribe” was the turning point. Absolutely love Jack Jacker Gold.
    Will somehow figure a way of using Social Robot and charging clients for this service of getting back links to videos.

    Brett, you know what will make your “bribe” from great to greatest? A sales page to help us sell Jack Jacker Gold. Or perhaps a video to that effect. Your video playing on this page would be great. But it says its free. We cannot have that playing when we are selling it right?


      I think you read my mind. Are you on my list? If so did you get the email I sent out yesterday telling everyone I just instructed my designer to make a sales page for everyone 😉


        Cool. Very sweet. Yes Brett, Am on your list. I remembered reading your mail about buying the product for the reseller / white label bonus of ack Jacker Gold. But may have missed out reading about the bonus sales page too. Appreciate that.


    Hello Brett… is your bonus Jack Jacker (gold) – with sales page still avalable? Right now i read your email!!! I want it!!!

    Thank you!!!


      Sorry no, as of the time Im responding to this comment, it is not available. The promo ended 5/24/2015 at midnight EST.


        So then how can we get JJgold then if this is no longer part of SR bonus? I was just about to purchase SR just for your bonus (have other tools for bookmarking). Thx.

    john jacobs

    we purchased social robot 3 months and cant get support to help us set up the system. we have the social base but we are so confused as to how to set and configure the system to get our first video out.
    do you have any kind of instruction video? their support system hasnt responded to 15 of my emails.
    keep up the good work!


      Im sorry its not my system however I am going to send Joshua a Skype message right now with your email letting him know he needs to chastise his support for letting you go unanswered so long. What you just said is not ok by me.

    shobhana saxena

    I bought this product yesterday and installed and trying to use this product but at the point of email confirmations it says that 1 email confirmed for the rest it says not confirmed .I opened support ticket twice,but no reply.I don’t know where I am wrong.


      Well the first thing your doing wrong is not being reasonable or patient, you bought it yesterday took time to set it up had an issue and emailed support. So it has been less than one day and already your here publicly posting that you got no response. What I would suggest is that you wait for support to respond to you, and if you dont get a response in 24-48 hours (not counting weekends) you email them again.

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