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Creator: Luke Maguire
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Very powerful tool for marketers


Must post live broadcast to your timeline

Today I’m doing  review of a new software called : LiveLeap Live Leap as you might have guessed is related to Facebook Live Videos. Now for anyone who has not heard of Facebook live. This is where you can stream live videos over Facebook to your timeline, group and to your fan page. What you […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing  review of a new software called : LiveLeap


Live Leap as you might have guessed is related to Facebook Live Videos. Now for anyone who has not heard of Facebook live. This is where you can stream live videos over Facebook to your timeline, group and to your fan page. What you might want to be asking yourself though is why would you want to do this? Well the answer is simple. Because that’s where the people are. One of the things that people find most difficult is getting traffic. The build a blog, they build pages, etc but they cant seem to master traffic. Well Facebook already has traffic, more traffic than you could imagine in fact. So by streaming live, your not trying to get people to your website to see your video. What your doing instead is putting your video right on Facebook where millions of people already are.

By now we probably all accept that video marketing is a super powerful tool. Well I can assure you. In fact I feel comfortable 100% guaranteeing that live video is the future of video marketing. Its going to be the most important thing in marketing since video itself. I truly believe that. Also I don’t say this without some actual testing to back it up. I have videos on blog posts, which I mailed links to over 10,000 people that got 600 or so views. I also have videos that I broadcast using Facebook live that have gotten hundreds more views. Believe it or not, its true, I have gotten more views on Facebook live broadcasts (which is free) than I got emailing the video to thousands of people. That’s the power of Facebook live!

Now you might be saying to yourself. Ok so great I can get views to a video, how does that help me? Well what you need to realize is that a Facebook live video is actually a post as well. What this means is you can put some text in the post when you start your Facebook live, and more importantly that text can have a clickable link in it. Now your not going to be able to put in JVZoo links and honestly its probably not a good idea to link directly to a sales page anyway. But you can link to a review, a bonus page, or a squeeze page. In short you can use live videos on Facebook to not only reach people but also to build a list, get sales, and generate traffic.

There is a downside to Facebook live though, and that is that your live video will only go to the one place you select. For example if you post to your Facebook timeline that is the only place your live video will be. This is where LiveLeap comes in. The LiveLeap software will automatically detect every time you go live on Facebook and then syndicate your live feed to any Facebook group  you selected, it will post links automatically to Twitter and LinkedIn that direct people to your live feed. If you use SendGrid it will even automatically send out an email to your list letting them know that you are doing a live broadcast. Heck if you Twilio it will send out a text message to people for you. (I believe the OTO purchase is required for Twitter, LinkedIn, Email and SMS, the FE only syndicates all over Facebook, this is the functionality I tested and used, I did not test the OTO functionality)

In short LiveLeap takes a regular Facebook live broadcast which would normally be in one place and spreads it all over the place so even more people can see it. Lots more.

What surprised me about LiveLeap is how easy it is to set up as well. In my testing what I wanted to do is go live on my timeline and then have it share automatically to several of the groups that I belong to or run as well as to my fan page. To do this first I had to log into my LiveLeap account. Then I had to click to connect my Facebook account to the system. This required me to authorize the LiveLeap (which has been reviewed and approved by Facebook incidentally) permission to post for me (since that’s what its doing). Finally I simply checked the pages and groups that I wanted my live broadcasts to also post on and I was done.


Its super easy and you only have to do it once. In fact its so easy that when I first set it up I thought I missed something. I even made Luke come on a live Skype with me to show me what I missed. But there was nothing, that’s all I needed to do.

To test the effectiveness of LiveLeap I ran a few live broadcasts. In fact I used on one tonight, just a couple hours ago as a final test and I would like to share my results.


In only 2 hours I have already gotten 370 views to my video, 21 likes and 47 comments. I actually got more comments and likes but it only shows 21 and 47 because this is just the ones on this particular place and I used LiveLeap to have it broadcast in several places on Facebook. The views are total for all places though.

You will also notice that I put a link to by blog in the post text. This is a clickable link that takes people to the freebies section of my blog. In there I have several posts where people can get free plugins if the optin. Basically that section is a bunch of squeeze pages. Lets take a look at my Google Analytics account see if I got any traffic from it.


So you can see I was getting the normal traffic from SEO that I normally get all day. Then something happened right at 9pm, I got a huge spike in traffic. Guess what I started my live broadcast with LiveLeap at 9pm. This traffic spike continued for the next two hours (Im writing this two hours later) but still ended up at a level that was well over double what I had to start with. Also I believe that the traffic spike slowed down a little because its getting fairly late right now. I have no doubt that I will get quite a bit more traffic tomorrow from the automatic replay recording that Facebook makes of my live broadcast. So far I have gotten about 140 or so new vistiors in the two hours since I did my broadcast and I expect to get a few hundred over all.

Now there where a couple of things that I did not like about LiveLeap. The first thing I noticed is that on the syndication posts that it creates it will say that the post was made with the ‘Live Leap app’. These words are clickable and link to the LiveLeap site. While I know as an experienced Facebook developer that this is unavoidable because Facebook automatically adds this itself unless something has changed with their API it is possible to make the link redirect to an unbranded site. This would have been better so that your posts are not also advertising their system and its something I’m going to suggest to the vendors. Though if its not possible for them to change this, for me at least, its not a ‘deal breaker’.

The other thing that I noticed is that in order for the syndication to work and for LiveLeap to detect that you went live, you need to make your post to your timeline. Posting a live feed to your timeline is what triggers LiveLeap to work its magic. For most cases where your doing a broadcast for branding, list building, or for traffic this is going to be no big deal. However if your doing something private like a training or something you might not want it to be on your personal timeline for all to see. But then again having as many people as possible see your live feed is what LiveLeap is all about so once again this is not the end of the world.

Over all I’m quite impressed with LiveLeap. I was genuinely surprised by how easy it was to set up. It worked very well and allowed me to get my live broadcast in front of a lot more people quickly. We all understand how important video is in marketing. Well live video is the next evolution. Its going to be huge. Faceboook live broadcasts are a fantastic way to generate traffic, build a list, brand yourself and create a following. Its also 100% free. LiveLeap takes Facebook live broadcasts which are awesome and actually makes them better by spreading your broadcast all over Facebook and other places automatically without you having to do any extra work. This is powerful stuff guys and its a great investment for anyone serous about internet marketing.

Update: It has been 5 days now since I made my live broadcast with Live Leap. In this time I have now gotten over 1200 people to view my video and over 350 clicks to my website all 100% for free!


These results are even better than I expected, and I feel confident in saying that if your not doing this yourself your missing out on a huge opportunity.








BONUS: Most people do Facebook live broadcasts with their mobile device. However as a special bonus my partner Mike and I are going to show you how to do live broadcasts from your computer, using your webcam, using screen share, and we will even show you how to do live broadcasts that are actually pre recorded videos (so you get the benefits of being live without actually having to be live). We are also going to give you some tips and ticks on how to monetize and do list building with live broadcasts and how to build up hundreds or thousands of members to a Facebook group fast. We are going to be doing this as a special invite only webinar available only to people who buy LiveLeap though my (or his link).

You will also get all of these special bonuses which the vendors of LiveLeap have provided for me. This will be instantly available right inside of the members area:


Click here to get LiveLeap as well as all the bonuses (the bonuses in the graphic will be right inside of the members area) and you can signup for the webinar training bonus by clicking the Access Bonus link when viewing  your receipt in JVZoo.





 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    This looks pretty nice… Just one question, does it also broadcast to groups that you have no admin rights that you’re only a member?

    Ronny Howell

    Hi Brett, I recently purchased Ray Lane’s FB LiveWire. I’ve been getting used to the OBS Studio software and am planning to do a live broadcast in a day or so to advertise my graphic design business.

    I understand that LiveLeap will syndicate my feed to more than just one feed/page/group. My question is, is that the only difference with the front end product compared to OBS Studio?

    I’m trying hard not to purchase everything that comes out, trying to be productive and stick to one method. You did a good job selling FB LiveWire so I’m questioning whether I need LiveLeap or not.

    Thanks – Ronny


      Yes thats the functionality of this, its a syndication tool. I leave it to you to decide how valuable that will be for your personal business / goals etc. But you are correct this is not a posting tool like OBS, its a syndication tool.



    Does this work to fb group that I do not own (I’m a member of the group)??
    or only to the group that I own?


    I bought thru your link. I dont see the bonus in the member area.


    Great review again Brett .. Thank you for identifying the timeline thing – this is important, as I have a couple of FB groups I would want to be delivering things to exclusively .. annoying as it is to realise that LiveLeap won’t allow me to do that (without also broadcasting to my timeline too) .. It’s useful to know this in advance, rather than fighting with the system and working this out myself!

    kami ilmane

    I did get few emails about this and to be honest I binned all of them but as always I do open your emails. Thank you Brett, for clarifying what this software does.


    I just notice that I don’t have fb live in my android phone- will it work if I want to do fb live from my android?
    About the capability to do fb live with computer camera – does that required additional paid tools or just free tools?


      Well my training is going to teach bonus will teach people how to do FB Live with their computers, and no it does not use paid tools, the method I use is 100% free.

    James Reilly

    I was just reading emails about this today but I wanted to find out more about it,

    Thank You Brett for your very helpful insight to what this does and how it works.




    Curious to know if your training bonus for those who purchase Live Leap through you is going to be any different than what was laid out in Ray Lane’s course a few weeks ago?

    Mel Hirsch

    Hey Brett,
    Thanks for the great review.
    Couple of questions.
    I have not used any FB live video streaming to date so am not completely clear on a few things.
    So, if I do a fb streaming event and the links get posted several places, do those posts/links stay live forever or is there a certain time frame that the videos work? Once it is syndicated, could I delete it from my timeline and it would stay in the other areas I post it to?
    If the link is posted to linkedin (with the OTO) can people without fb accounts still watch the live streaming or do they have to have a fb account?
    We are looking at doing some training events for a local business and need a way for people to be able to access the video/training live or later after the event too.
    Thanks in advance.
    As always, your reviews are powerful, valuable and trusted.


      They will stay, but no you cant delete from your timeline, doing that will make it unavailable everywhere else I believe since the syndication is automatic share of your original timeline post. FB Live videos automatically get recorded by Facebook. I did not review the OTO, but honestly I think there might be about 50 people in the world that have internet access and don’t have a Facebook account 🙂


    Could you please clarify where the traffic to your Live Broadcast is coming from? Is this simply coming from friends and people who have previously liked your pages and joined your groups?

    Or is the traffic coming from Facebook’s newsfeed or someplace where they show all the Live Feeds available, like how you can see a list of all the Periscopes being done?

    In other words, is there actually any NEW traffic created, or is this simply traffic that is connected already to your fanpages and feed?

    If so, how did this NEW traffic find out about your Live Broadcast?

    Not sure how it all works, thanks for any clarification.

    hal weinshank

    Brett, I purchased. Only thing Luke does not mention clearly is the basic model ONLY posts to Facebook. It takes a $197 upgrade to post to Twitter, LinkedIn and email. OUCH! that’s a bit misleading in his sales letter and video and a hefty pricetag.


      Well I do say that in this very review. In fact I say:
      “(I believe the OTO purchase is required for Twitter, LinkedIn, Email and SMS, the FE only syndicates all over Facebook, this is the functionality I tested and used, I did not test the OTO functionality)”

    Alex Arauz

    Hello Brett,
    If we can’t make the live training webinar, will a replay be available?

    Phillip Lopez

    Hey Brett, silly question but just making sure.

    Is your bonus still available?

    Thanks man.

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