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A useful tool for helping you quickly generate copy


The copy wont be perfect, you will likely have to tweak it.

Today I’m doing a review of a new software tool called Script Engage   There are all kind of products out there, from the super hype machines to the practical and realistic tools. While the sexy insta rich quick products (that never seem to work) generally get the most amount of excitement the truth is […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new software tool called Script Engage


There are all kind of products out there, from the super hype machines to the practical and realistic tools. While the sexy insta rich quick products (that never seem to work) generally get the most amount of excitement the truth is that its the practical tools that solve an actual problem that are the good investments. Today I’m reviewing Script Engage and if I had to say where it falls in the spectrum, I would say it defiantly falls on the side of practical tool. Though it is not without things to get you excited about.

At its core script engage is designed to be a time saving / money saving tool, and I say tool because that’s what good tools do, they save you time and or money. Script Engage does both. It is in essence a copy writing script. It’s a system that is meant to help you quickly and easily write effective sales copy, email copy, ad copy (think Facebook ads) and several other kids of copy as well.

At first this may seem like a pretty basic task that anyone can do. You just talk about your product, or the thing your promoting or advertising right? Wrong. Good copy can make all the difference in the world. Good copy can get you more sales. Good copy can get you more email opens and clicks. Good copy can get you more optins on your squeeze page. Also regardless of what you think, honestly the chances are you can’t write good copy. Don’t feel bad about that either, neither can I and I am a well established and experienced marketer. In fact I have personally paid anywhere from $500 – $2500 just for a single sales copy.

Script Engage is based around what it calls ‘avatars’ which in this case is a combined description of both the product you are promoting and the audience you are targeting. In order to get started with the system you have to fist create an avatar.

This is a 6 step process that basically consists of answering questions about what you are promoting and who you are promoting it to. Its fill in the blank questions and you want to be as detailed as possible here. You really want to take your time when you create your avatar because the better you describe what your promoting and who you are promoting it to, to Script Engage the better copy it will be able to output.

What you may be thinking right now is that this is going to be tedious and if you have to do this why not just hire a copywriter? Well as a person who has worked with professional copywriters (and paid them thousands of dollars) I can tell you from first hand experience that you have to do this exact same thing with them anyway. When you hire a copywriter you have to provide them notes about what your promoting. You have to explain who your target audience is, and in fact you will often have to do this more than once as it is likely they will have questions or need clarification. At least with the software you only ever have to tell it once, it never forgets, it never does not hear you right, and it never loses its notes.

After the avatar is created you your ready to select the kind of copy you want it to create. You can have it create multiple types of copy from a single avatar and there are plenty of choices to fit just about any kind of marketing situation. In fact Script Engage can generate so many different kinds of copy they had to make it a two step process.

First you select the general type of copy:

Then you select the specific copy type you want:

The graphics above are probably going to show a bit small on my blog and its not practical to show screen shots of every choice in every category but I’m going to ask you to trust me when I say that it does not matter what your doing, selling a product, writing an email, running an ad, working with local business, or just about anything else, you are going to be hard pressed to find a situation where Script Engage can not generate copy for you.

But how does it actually generate the copy? Like where does the text come from?

Script Engage was designed and created by experienced marketers. The way it is able to generate copy is by taking the information you entered when you created your avatar and combining it with a huge library of tested and proven scripts to output product and situation specific, customized text copy that is proven to work well.

Now I do want to be clear on one thing. You are likely going to have to read over the copy yourself and tweak it. While I listed that as a negative in this review, honestly I only listed that as a negative because I could not think of anything else negative to put in that review section. The truth is that its not really a negative because even with a professional human copywriter (that costs thousands of dollars) your still going to have to proof read and tweak the copy you are given. Why? Well first of all because you should always go over anything your going to put your name on, but more importantly because even the best copywriter in the world is still human, and no human is flawless. So really while I do want to point out that with Script Engage you are going to have to proof read and tweak the output, you would have to do that anyway with a human writer.

So what do I think of Script Engage over all? Well one thing I have said more times than I can count is that a good software is a tool and good tools save you time or money. Script Engage does both. If your working online at all you are in the business of selling. Now you might not realize that but you are. Selling your own product is obvouse, but affiliate marketing is also selling, sending out promotional emails is selling, building a list is selling (what is a squeeze page if not a sales page designed to get someone to buy something with their email address). If your selling something (and as we just established, if your working online you are selling something) you are going to need copy. Unless you are a professional writer that also has experience in marketing material you should not be writing it yourself either. Good copy makes a massive difference in sales, clicks and optins. Good copy can make the difference between a sucessful campaign and one that totally flops. If you have hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of dollars to hire a professional human copywriter then that’s great and something you might want to do, however if you don’t have that kind of budget script engage is a viable alternative.


UPDATE: Use coupon code 5offscript for $5 off the advertised price (I dont know how long this will last for though)






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    Anish krisna

    What is it ? Is similar to funnel builder


    Will you be using this software for any future copywriting needs you may have?


      Honestly, sometimes I will be. For OTO’s etc when I launch a product I will be using it. For FE sales pages probably not. Why? Because frankly I do $100,000 a month in gross sales, not only do I not mind spending $2k on FE sales copy but the tax write off comes in handy. If your in a position where spending 4 figs for a human writer to create your copy is no big deal then you might want to do that. If your not, as I said, this is a great alternative.

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